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A Cappuccino for You!

Well, it’s official, I WON!! First of all, you’ll have to excuse my excessive use of exclamation points in this post but…Pinch My Salt is officially the Best New Food Blog of 2006!! I would like to thank everyone who took a moment out of their day to go vote for me! And I would especially like to thank my friends who not only voted, but went out of their way (through blog posts and e-mail campaigns) to encourage others to vote as well, especially Emon, Jessica, Sandi, and Karen!

Another big thanks goes out to the Well Fed Network for hosting this great competition! There were so many great blogs nominated and my list of daily food blog reads has grown considerably since this whole thing started! And of course, I never could have won if I hadn’t been nominated, so a big thank you to Rachel for the nomination! In fact, Rachel’s blog, Coconut and Lime, won Best Original Recipes so some congratulations are in order over there too!

So once again, thanks so much to everyone for all the love, encouragement and support! And next time you’re in Sicily, you’ll have a cappuccino on me!

Ok, now that I’m done gushing, please take some time to go check out some of these other winners because there are some really amazing blogs listed below! But remember to stop back here soon because now that I’m through winning awards for a while and my houseguests are safely on their way back to the states, I’ll be busy posting lots of new recipes to start this new year off right!

2006 Food Blog Award Winners

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