Addicted to FoodPorn? A New Place to Get Your Fix

Pineapple Frozen Yogurt

Moving back to the United States has been a mixed blessing. I still think about Sicily every day and I miss so much about it. But living overseas wasn’t always easy and wonderful. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything, but I will say that we endured enough stress and hardship in those four years to last a lifetime. From burglaries to natural disasters to lengthy separations, we did it and we survived.

So, as I was saying, it’s a mixed blessing being back. I miss the markets, I miss the travel opportunities, I miss walking via Etnea on a sunny day with a pistacchio gelato in hand. But I love being back in California because I’m close to my family again. I love that I will be able to spend time at the cabin this summer. I love that I was finally able to take my first photography class. And I am really excited that I have been able to meet and become friends with some really great people here in San Diego.

I already talked about the Food Blogger Meet Up at Eclipse Chocolat, but since then, I’ve had several mini meet ups with some really great bloggers! First, I had lunch in Del Mar with Kathy, the blogger behind Panini Happy. We hit it off and spent a fun afternoon eating sandwiches at an outdoor cafe and telling stories about what made us start writing about food. Then Justin and I had a fun evening eating dinner with Roger of The Fifth Deadly Sin and Amanda and Tyler of What We’re Eating. We had some good food and a lot of laughs.

Most recently, I had the pleasure of spending yet another afternoon with some of my favorite bloggers. Kalyn of Kalyn’s Kitchen was in town visiting some old friends and she contacted a few of us to organize a lunch. I became friends with Kalyn last summer at the BlogHer conference in Chicago, so it was really fun to meet in person again. I also got to meet Susan of Food Blogga for the first time. I have been reading Susan’s blog since she first started, so it felt like meeting an old friend. Also at the lunch were Amanda from What We’re Eating and Alice from Alice Q. Foodie, both of whom I’d already spent time with. Alice picked a great restaurant in La Jolla and it turned out to be a really fun afternoon filled with great food, great conversation and great creme brulee! Kalyn recently wrote about the lunch and included photos of us and all the amazing food.

So where was I headed with this post? Oh yes, new friends and FoodPorn! Just as I was hoping would happen, we have really hit it off with Tyler and Amanda of What We’re Eating. I have been reading and loving their blog since I first discovered food blogs. The combination of their crazy banter, Amanda’s creative recipes, and the excellent food photography had me hooked right away. And since their personalities in person are pretty much exactly the same as their personalities on the blog, we’ve obviously had a great time hanging out with them.

So when am I going to get to the FoodPorn??

Well, Tyler and Amanda have had a FoodPorn project in the works for longer than I’ve been able to comfortably use that term (it still makes me blush a bit). When they decided to share it with me a while back, I was just blown away by the gorgeous photos and simple design of the site. But it wasn’t until they asked for me to actually participate in the project that I got really, really excited!

So what’s the new project? It’s simple: big, gorgeous, luscious, drool-worthy photos of food. A new one each day. Click on the photo and you’ll see another. Keep clicking and you’ll eventually end up back at the beginning. Then come back the next day and you’ll see another new one. But I bet you can’t stop yourself from clicking through the old ones again. Just try.

That’s it. Foodporn, daily. Because sometimes, it’s enough just to look.


  1. Annie Jones

    FoodPorn is wonderful!! I linked to it on my blog to help spread the word.

    11:23 am  Jun 18th, 2008
  2. PaniniKathy

    Hey Nicole – we should definitely get together again soon! Gorgeous photo (and clever title graphics!!)

    11:28 am  Jun 18th, 2008
  3. Tyler

    Thanks for the kind words, Nicole! It has certainly been fun hanging out with you guys and other food bloggers from San Diego and elsewhere. I can’t wait for some more good times and good food! Oh, yeah, and maybe we’ll take some pictures if we get around to it 😉

    11:39 am  Jun 18th, 2008
  4. Nicole

    Annie Jones: Thank you SO MUCH for spreading the word on your blog!
    Panini Kathy: We definitely do need to get together again soon. Maybe Little Italy like we talked about!
    Tyler: Yes, yes. More pictures!

    11:50 am  Jun 18th, 2008
  5. Tempered Woman

    Very fun~ I love the dish name drizzled in the picture~ too great!

    12:00 pm  Jun 18th, 2008
  6. Summer

    Subscribed immediately. Thanks for sharing it with us…

    12:16 pm  Jun 18th, 2008
  7. Nicole

    Tempered Woman: It’s a lot of fun playing with the description and inserting it right into the photo. Took me a while to get the hang of it and I’m still learning!

    Summer: Hooray! Glad you like it! 🙂

    12:45 pm  Jun 18th, 2008
  8. steamykitchen

    how did you get the photo SO perfect?? I’ve never been able to photograph frozen treats well

    1:25 pm  Jun 18th, 2008
  9. Kalyn

    Great photo of the yogurt. It’s in the 90’s here so it looks very tempting. It was really so much fun seeing you again and meeting the other bloggers in San Diego. I’ll definitely be back! Now, off to check out Food Porn Daily.

    1:44 pm  Jun 18th, 2008
  10. Ruby

    Looks like fun!!!

    6:03 pm  Jun 18th, 2008
  11. sharon

    I thought the demise of Tastespotting would free up a lot of my time, but now I’ve been spending all my time checking out all the new great sites!

    9:45 pm  Jun 18th, 2008
  12. Genie

    I love it, Nicole — what a great idea and such a fun project for the three of you!

    7:02 am  Jun 19th, 2008
  13. Nicole

    SteamyKitchen: For some reason, I’ve managed to have pretty good luck with ice cream photos. My routine is that I scoop it into the bowl then pop the bowl right back into the freezer while I figure out exactly what I’m going to do with the shot. Then I just try to be as quick as possible!

    Kalyn:Thanks! We’re having record breaking high temps here, too! And unfortunately we haven’t moved into the house with AC yet. I’m thinking that I should try making some frozen yogurt again…although it looks great in the photo, I wasn’t that happy with it last time.

    Ruby: It is!

    Sharon: I can’t believe how fast some new Tastespotting clones popped up! And they’re really great sites, too!

    Genie: It is a fun project and it’s helping me get back out of my food photography slump!

    8:57 am  Jun 19th, 2008
  14. michelle @ TNS

    great, like i need to spend MORE of my day perusing food porn. i have a job, people!

    i love where you stuck the copy in your ice cream pic!

    12:08 pm  Jun 19th, 2008
  15. Kristen

    Oh you got to meet up with some of my most favorite bloggers! How fun!

    8:05 pm  Jun 19th, 2008
  16. Connie

    The photos are lovely, Nicole. So, so tempting (and such torture! LOL) for someone whom the doctor ordered to go on a low-fat and low-sugar diet.

    3:32 am  Jun 20th, 2008
  17. kellypea

    Such a cool idea on the foodporn! Who doesn’t love to look at a giant photo of droolworthy food? No calories! I’ll definitely be checking in!

    7:51 am  Jun 21st, 2008
  18. Rhonda

    I am going to go close the blinds, lock the door and click on that link 😉

    Thanks for sharing!

    11:41 am  Jun 21st, 2008
  19. Whitney and Katie McFadden

    I’ve seen the foodporn pictures and they are ridiculous. I’m wondering what kind of lens can take those luscious pictures. The food porn is what every blogger aspires to obtain. We just started our blog and have our first post up. We are definitely trying to get food porn worthy photos. We’re making progress.

    4:26 am  Jun 22nd, 2008
  20. robin

    The site looks so great, Nicole! I love the words running through the food. Amanda and Tyler did a fabulous job!

    10:39 am  Jun 22nd, 2008
  21. Jonathan

    Fuck yeah! Why didn’t I think of the name foodporn?? Better than Rub my chicken or Heady Pepper!

    10:18 am  Jun 25th, 2008
  22. nibblepig

    Wow, that site is awesome. Did you ever subscribe to TasteSpotting before it got shut down? Now there’s instead.

    3:31 am  Jun 27th, 2008
  23. Tickled Pink

    Now if I could just click on the picture and find out how to make it or where to buy it, I could get some REAL satisfaction!! Outrageously gorgeous!

    12:29 pm  Jun 27th, 2008
  24. Nicole

    nibblepig: I loved Tastespotting and couldn’t believe that it shut down! Food Gawker has been a great replacement and once Tastespotting starts up again, I’m sure I’ll be visiting both!

    Tickled Pink: I admit it’s almost torturous to look through all those photos without being able to click on a recipe or find out where to get the food! Changes will be coming. But for now, think of the photos as inspiration!

    1:16 pm  Jun 27th, 2008
  25. Deviled

    I love me some “FoodPorn”! LOL

    Please tell me what camera you are using.

    9:29 pm  Jul 29th, 2008
  26. Leesa

    Hi Nicole….

    One thing I really miss about San Diego is going out to all my fav. restos!! I know that Paris is supposed to be culinary capital but for someone vegetarian like me, it’s a little different!! I do miss my Mexican food but also the good Indian restos and Thai restos, as well.. I do a lot of cooking myself and prefer that to going out to restaurants here- which are VERY pricey and not very impressive!!! Take care… Leesa

    6:48 am  Sep 13th, 2008
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