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Peter Reinhart’s Fresh Cut Corn Bread with Bacon

I first made and fell in love with this corn bread two summers ago when I was diligently working my way through Peter Reinhart’s book for The Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge.  It was a fantastic bread – rich and sweet and moist with sweet corn bursts and bits of salty bacon.  The texture was unlike any corn bread I had ever experienced, thanks to Mr. Reinhart’s method of soaking coarse ground cornmeal in buttermilk overnight before making the bread.  Yes, it takes a bit of planning, but it’s worth it. Continue reading →

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Honey Almond Mini Cheesecakes with Raspberries

Mini Honey Almond Cheesecakes with Raspberry

I’ve always been known for my mini cheesecakes, but it’s been a while since I’ve created a new flavor.  I’ve been staying away from sweets for a few months now and when I do start adding the occasional dessert back into my life, I plan on avoiding refined sugars as much as possible.  With these cheesecakes, I tried using less-processed, more natural sweeteners like honey and sucanat.  I honestly wasn’t sure how they would turn out. Continue reading →

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Crustless Quiche with Ham, Asaparagus, and Gruyere

Ham and Asparagus Quiche Hot from Oven

Thanks to the National Pork Board, I have ham leftovers before Easter this year!  I was given a free ham for myself and the opportunity to give away a ham to one of you – just in time for Easter.

While there are a million ways to use leftover ham, I think one of the best is to bake it up in a simple crustless quiche.  I decided to brighten up my usual ham and cheese quiche with some tender green asparagus.  I know that ham and asparagus are a classic combination, but this was my first time making a ham and asparagus quiche for myself. Continue reading →

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Cheddar, Parmesan, and Cracked Pepper Scones

Cheddar, Parmesan, and Cracked Black Pepper Scones

These are amazing.  I’m calling them savory scones, but you might recognize them as a rich version of cheddar biscuits.  I really don’t care what you call them as long as you make them for someone special. Continue reading →

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Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge: Panettone

Bread Baker's Apprentice Panettone

I’m sad to report that I have now had my very first failure in the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge.  I’ve made mistakes and had a few problems with some of the earlier breads, but they all managed to pull through and turn out pretty great.

Then I met Panettone.

Panettone is a traditional Italian Christmas bread that originates from Milan and is popular throughout the world.  I’ve always loved it.  My first experience with panettone was when I worked for Lenscrafters in college.  Lenscrafters is owned by an Italian company and our Christmas bonuses came in the form of this sweet, rich, and fruity bread.  Not everyone liked it, so there were always extra boxes of panettone sitting around the Lenscrafters break room in December.  But I loved it.  I would toast big hunks of it (under the broiler because it was too big to fit in my toaster) and eat it dripping with butter.  It makes great french toast, too!  I also ate my share of panettone while living in Sicily.  It’s sold everywhere in Italy – little shops, big grocery stores, from the back of trucks on the side of the road. Continue reading →

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Whole Wheat Persimmon Bread

Sliced Persimmon Bread

Like most places around the country, autumn in California’s San Joaquin Valley is a beautiful time of year.  While we might not have as many vibrant colored leaves as other places, we do have fruit trees.  Pomegranates, persimmons, lemons – these are our fall colors.  Take a drive through the country or just about any older neighborhood and you’re bound to run across some of these beautiful trees with their red, orange, and yellow fruit.  Persimmon trees are my fall favorite.  The trees drop their leaves as the fruit ripens, leaving nothing but the spectacular glowing orange orbs – it’s quite a beautiful sight. Continue reading →

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Praline Pumpkin Cake with Whipped Cream Frosting

Praline Pumpkin Cake

You won’t believe how easy this cake is.  Delicious, too!

I usually have a couple of boxes of yellow cake mix in my pantry in case I need to whip up one of Nana’s Lemon Jello Cakes – it’s just good to be prepared.   But last night I was craving pumpkin cake.  I had planned on throwing together a quick pumpkin spice cake from scratch until a Google search led me to this Praline-Pumpkin Cake from Betty Crocker. Continue reading →

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Food Blog Friday: Caramel Apple Pear Cake from Zoë Bakes

Caramel Apple and Pear Cake from Zoe Bakes

It’s definitely time for another installation of Food Blog Friday and this week I’m featuring a gorgeous Caramel Apple and Pear Cake recipe from the wonderful baking blog Zoë Bakes, written by pastry chef and cookbook author Zoë François.

Even if you aren’t familiar with her blog, you might recognize Zoë as co-author of the popular bread baking books Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day.  The books are great and so is the Artisan Bread in Five blog, but it’s really been a pleasure getting to know Zoë through her personal baking blog over the past few years. Continue reading →

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