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Backyard Adventures

I drove up to Eugene, Orgeon yesterday to visit family and get out of the Fresno heat.  Well, I thought I’d be getting out of the Fresno heat, but I got up here just in time for an Oregon heatwave!  Oh well, it’s still cooler here than in Fresno and even at the end of summer, Oregon is still green and beautiful.  Hot or not, I’m really happy to be here.

I brought Smack along for the ride because he has some Boston Terrier cousins in Oregon he needs to catch up with.  Much to his surprise this morning, he discovered he has some new cousins here in Eugene as well… chickens!

We woke up today and met my sister-in-law Katie’s backyard flock.  They’re so much fun!

Smack has never met chickens before and I must say that he handled the experience surprisingly well.  But once he figured out that they will run if you chase them, the race was on.

We’re all having a blast so far.  Besides the chickens, Smack has Ella and Charlie to play with and a couple of cats to chase around.  I have a feeling he won’t want to go back home with me after a week of adventures in this back yard!

I had my own fun this morning, too.  I fed the chickens by hand and followed them around with my camera for a while.  I have a feeling I’ll be doing that a lot while I’m here.

The best part of the morning so far was the big plate of scrambled eggs that were provided by these lovely ladies.  We kept chickens when I was a kid, but it’s been years since I had eggs this fresh!  If I had a house with a yard right now, I’d seriously consider starting my own flock.

Ella seems to get along with the chickens just fine, so I’m sure Smack could learn to handle it.  Even the cats don’t mind sharing the yard with the birds.  It’s one big happy family around here!

Tomorrow I’m heading up to Portland to meet up with a bunch of other food bloggers and have some more adventures.  The trip to Portland is being hosted and has been arranged by Travel Oregon. They have lots of fun planned for us!  You’ll be hearing more about that soon.  For now, I’m off to hang out with the chickens again.