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Blueberry Biscuits?

Life has been crazy lately.  The days that I would love to be cooking, baking, and blogging, I am busy with these crazy life things. The days that I have free, I end up sick in bed or busy playing catch up around the house.  You’ve had months like that, right?  Well today I decided to turn things around and give myself the entire day to play around in the kitchen and get inspired again.  When I need a lift, baking is always a great place to start.

My cousin Corinne, who is currently pregnant with a little girl (yippeeee!) had a craving for blueberry scones recently.  She didn’t tell me about it until after the craving had passed, but we decided that it would still be a good idea for me to bake some scones as soon as possible.  As much as I love baking scones, it’s kind of crazy that I’ve never made them with fresh blueberries.  Today I decided to change that.

I adapted this recipe for Buttermilk Cranberry Scones by omitting the cranberries, adding a cup of fresh blueberries, and increasing the liquid a bit to help the blueberries adhere to the batter.  It seemed to work perfectly.  The batter came together well and although a few blueberries did escape and roll across the counter while I was gently folding them in, I managed to catch them before they fell on the floor (much to the disappointment of my Boston Terrier, who happens to love blueberries).  I was so happy with the progress of my scones that I bombarded everyone kept everyone updated with photos via instagram, twitter, and facebook.

I put the scones in the oven and waited patiently for 14 minutes while my whole apartment filled with the scent of buttery baked goods.  I took them out, congratulated myself on what looked to be a perfect batch of buttermilk blueberry scones, and started thinking about mixing up a lemon glaze.  All I needed was lemon juice, powdered sugar… wait.  Sugar?  Sugar!  I forgot to add the sugar when I mixed up the scone dough!  Sigh.  Maybe next time I should concentrate a little more on what I’m making and a little less on sharing photos all over the internet.

So I started out making buttermilk blueberry scones, but instead ended up with a batch of pretty darn good blueberry biscuits instead.  Split open and slathered with butter and pomegranate jelly, I’m perfectly happy with the end result and I’m sure that Phil will be more than happy to devour a few when he gets off work.  But now I’m even more determined to make a batch of buttermilk blueberry scones, slightly sweetened and drizzled with a tart lemon glaze.  Stay tuned!