Bye bye Oven :-(

I guess it will be a while before I can bake anything again. Today the glass door on my oven exploded into a million pieces. I was about to put a couple loaves of sourdough in and I was filling a pan with hot water to create some steam for the bread. As I was closing the oven door, it exploded. Some of the water must have splattered onto the inside of the door (I assumed that an oven door was built to withstand such things but apparently not this one). When I say exploded, I mean it exploded into a million pieces that flew both into the oven and out of the oven, all over the floor and even melted into my kitchen rugs! How it is that both my husband and I escaped unscathed, I don’t know! It was safety glass but that glass was HOT (close to 500 degrees I would guess).

I have been warned about exploding oven lights but have never heard of an exploding oven door. I even did an extensive search of the Web trying to find someone with a similar story but no luck! I don’t know how long it will take to have the oven replaced, but it’s been so hot that it’s probably better that I don’t bake anything anyway.

So much for the lovely sourdough that I had been working on since last night!

  1. SumisuYoshi

    Ack! That’s no good.

    I had never thought about that before, I guess I need to be careful of that when I put water in too.

    Just even more makes me want to get a cloche, since the water from in the bread is supposed to make the steam for the loaf in those.

    I’m going to try focaccia on a stone on the grill tonight, we’ll see how it turns out.

    12:46 am  Jun 26th, 2006
  2. elskermeg

    The entire oven door is glass, not just a window like most ovens I’ve used. It was also heated to 450 degrees. I guess I’ll have to be more careful! Usually I’m more concerned about burning myself than about spilling water in the oven! At least it’s saftey glass so the pieces that came flying at me weren’t sharp.

    11:24 am  Jun 26th, 2006
  3. sandy

    Sorry to hear about your oven! Hope you get it fixed quick. You could make sourdough english muffins in a skillet, I did that when I had a broken oven heating element.

    10:27 pm  Jun 26th, 2006
  4. elskermeg

    Thanks for the suggestion! I love sourdough english muffins. I still have some in the freezer from my last batch though. I think my oven is going to be fixed tomorrow…yeah!

    10:33 pm  Jun 26th, 2006
  5. julia

    Ooh! What a fabulous blog. Love the bread / foodie posts.

    2:03 am  Jun 28th, 2006
  6. Nancy

    What happened to you is (unfortunately) all too common. Go to and visit the Gallery. There you will see more than a few ovens and the havoc they caused! Feel free to contact me for more information.

    4:50 am  Apr 14th, 2007
  7. Kerry

    Welcome to the club. As Nancy said this is more common that you would think. There are over 60 responses to my post about my ‘shattering’ experience. Some people have the inner window go, some the outer door (like mine). Our oven was out of warantee so we didn’t get anything done with it and didn’t get involved in the law suit (forgot to actually). I hope yours is taken care of.

    4:51 am  May 4th, 2007
  8. Meghan

    the glass exploded because the water was so much cooler than the glass. When the little bit of water hit the glass it quickly cooled the glass and caused a fracture. This reaction happens quickly and can cause an explosion. I was at a good friend’s house when his mother did the same thing. It happens.

    2:43 pm  Sep 19th, 2011
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