Cracked Wheat Bread


Back to the bread! I have had a couple of (undocumented) unfortunate breadmaking experiences lately so today I decided to go back to basics and make some good sandwich bread. I started a sponge for some sourdough tomorrow and hopefully it will work out. Last week I had my first really bad experience with sourdough and had to throw the dough out but I’m determined to keep trying until I can reproduce the last good loaves I baked.

  1. Pinch My Salt » Blog Archive » Cinnamon Swirl Bread

    […] I’ve been baking bread since I was small. My mom baked bread a lot when we were kids and my sister and I used to have fun helping (dressed in our matching chef’s hats and aprons, of course). At some point, I took things into my own hands and started baking my own bread. Cinnamon Swirl bread, to be exact. For whatever reason, once I learned how to make that, it was the only bread I made for years. It wasn’t until we moved overseas a few years ago that I was bitten by the breadmaking bug (actually, attacked is more like it!). I will never stop making the cinnamon swirl bread but I’ve since branched out into all types of bread from standard whole wheat sandwich loaves to focaccia to sourdough (my latest obsession!). […]

    12:43 pm  Aug 12th, 2006
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