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Five Things to Eat Before You Die

Jennifer over at Bake or Break has tagged me to participate in The Foodblogger’s Guide to the Globe, a joint project started by Melissa at The Traveler’s Lunchbox. The goal is to compile a comprehensive list of foods from around the world that everyone must try at least once. The hard part is that each foodblogger must limit their list to five things so that it doesn’t get completely out of control!

It was extremely difficult to limit my list to five things, especially since I think there are at least ten “must-eat” things in Sicily alone! But I tried to diversify the list a little bit and limited Sicily to only two slots on the list.

1. Original Yumm! from Cafe Yumm! in Eugene, Oregon: Cafe Yumm! is famous for their Yumm! Sauce and they very well should be. This stuff is awesome. No, I really don’t know what it is but just go there and order a bowl of Original Yumm! and you will understand why it is on this list. The Original Yumm! consists of brown rice, red and black beans and the famous Yumm! sauce. The whole thing is topped off with organic salsa. It is so tasty and it is definitely the healthiest thing on this list!

2. Sweet Potato Tempura with Spicy Plum Sauce: My favorite restaurant in Eugene, Oregon is Ring of Fire. They serve Thai and Pacific Rim cuisine and although I haven’t tried anything there I didn’t love, my absolute favorite is the Sweet Potato Tempura appetizer served with a super yummy spicy plum sauce. These things are amazing. And if you can stand some heat in your drink, I also highly recommend the chili margarita to go with!

3. Grilled Tri-Tip: Although it has definitely gained in popularity over the years, I still run across people who have never heard of tri-tip. It’s a wonderful, lean, tender cut of beef that needs nothing more than a simple rub of garlic, salt, and black pepper (and occasionally some parsley). I grew up in central California where tri-tip is very popular.

4. Almond Granita with Brioche in Catania, Sicily: Granita served with a side of brioche is THE thing to have for breakfast in Sicily during the summer. Almond is my favorite and I think they do it best in Catania!

5. Pizza in Sicily: It doesn’t matter what kind. Just come here and eat some. Now!

    Now it’s time for me to tag five other foodbloggers to make lists of their own. If any of you have already been tagged, let me know and I’ll update the list. Have fun!