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October Unprocessed: Take the Challenge

October Unprocessed 2011

Andrew at Eating Rules is asking his friends and readers to commit to eating only unprocessed foods for the month of October.  Because I think Andrew is a terrific guy who really cares about helping people learn to eat better and because I’m trying hard to remove processed foods from my life, I signed up for the challenge. I will be writing about the experience and sharing recipes for healthier alternatives to processed convenience foods throughout the month of October.

It’s not going to be easy.  October is the only month of the year where it’s completely acceptable to binge on store-bought candy.  And in Fresno, it’s fair season as well.  I think the hardest part for me will be to go without a corn dog at The Big Fresno Fair.  I might have to skip the fair altogether to avoid temptation, although that would mean missing out on a ZZ Top concert.  Hmmm.  Maybe I’ll go get a corn dog at the last day of The Old Town Clovis Farmer’s Market this Friday to make up for missing out on one next month.  Or maybe I’ll have to break down and make my own corn dogs – Deliciously Organic featured a recipe earlier in the summer.

If you’d like to learn more about the October Unprocessed Challenge and perhaps sign the pledge, head over to Eating Rules to read all about it.  I’m hoping that some of you will join us.

I’ll be back later this evening with another sourdough update!

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Summer Fest: Creamy Peach and Greek Yogurt Smoothie

Creamy Peach Smoothie

I’m joining in on Summer Fest again this year, but I can hardly believe it’s summer.  In some ways, it seems like I just moved back to Fresno, but as the temperatures recently started up into the hundreds, I had flashbacks to last year and realized that this is my second summer here.  I’ve been back here, in the place where I grew up, for more than a year.  Well, it’s definitely starting to feel like home again and I’m happy to be here. Continue reading →

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What I Learned in Mexico

Riviera Maya

I have recently returned from Food Blogger Camp 2011, which took place near Cancún at the amazing Grand Velas Riviera Maya all-inclusive resort.  It was my first time to the area and my first time staying in a resort of any kind.  It was also my first Food Blogger Camp.

It’s hard to believe that it actually happened, but there I was in the middle of paradise surrounded by a fantastic group of food bloggers that I respect and admire.  Good people.  Warm people.  The kind of people you want to surround yourself with all the time.  It was so much more than a vacation (though I really needed that, too).  It was an inspiring week filled with learning, sharing, blossoming friendships, and laughter. Continue reading →

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Want to Learn Food Photography?

Food Photography LogoI am so excited to announce that Curt of Bucky’s Barbecue and Bread and Nika of Nika’s Culinaria have collaborated to create an online food photography course called Food Photo 101.

The course objective is to guide interested budding food photographers through the technical and creative barriers they may be experiencing with their Point and Shoot or DSLR cameras. In other words, this course will help you learn how to take better food photos with whatever camera you are currently using! Continue reading →

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Attention New York Food Bloggers!

I was just catching up on my food blog reading and I found some exciting news! Matt Armendariz, food photographer extraordinaire, will be teaching a class called ‘The Ins and Outs of foodblogging’ at Whole Foods Market Bowery on July 15th. I really really really want to attend that class! I was planning on visiting New York City (for the first time EVER) at the end of July but now I’m thinking about changing up my travel plans a little so that I’m there for the class!

Although I probably don’t have to tell you guys this, Matt is an amazingly talented photographer and writer. His blog is one of my favorite reads and I’ve been following his photography on Flickr for quite some time. If you are a food blogger in New York, you should definitely try to attend this class! I just checked and registration is only $25 for a 2 hour class.

Visit Matt Bites for information on how to register for the class.

UPDATE:  I just registered for the class!  I’m not quite sure how I’m going to rearrange my travel plans, but I’ll figure out something.  Now I just need suggestions on where to stay in New York 🙂

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It’s Strawberry Time!


If you’ve had a chance to visit any of the outdoor markets lately, you’ve seen them. Piles of bright red berries, gleaming in the sunlight, just waiting to be taken home and devoured! There are a variety of strawberries here in Sicily, from the impossibly tiny fragoline to the gigantic fragolone, and every size in between. Although strawberries are a wonderfully healthy, low-calorie treat when eaten plain, I look forward to strawberry season for another reason: Strawberry Shortcake! Continue reading →

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Herbed Tuna Salad with Feta and Pine Nuts


There’s a weekly food blog event that I have been meaning to participate in for quite some time now. It’s called Weekend Herb Blogging and it’s a great way for people who enjoy using fresh herbs to share tips, ideas, information, and recipes with one another. The event, now on it’s 82nd week I believe, was founded by Kalyn of Kalyn’s Kitchen and is still hosted there the first weekend of each month. During the other three weeks, the event roams around the food blog community, hosted by different bloggers each week. If you wish to participate, simply write a little something about a fresh herb and/or post a recipe featuring fresh herbs. Put it on your blog sometime during the week (any week, every week) and then e-mail the link to the person who is hosting the event. All of the links are compiled and then posted together at the end of the week by the host. Like all food blog events, it’s a great way to learn something new, find recipes, and also discover new food blogs. Continue reading →

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Calling All Strawberry Lovers


I have noticed that I am not the only one who has been enjoying fresh strawberries lately! I will be posting a homemade strawberry shortcake recipe soon and thought it might be fun to add some links to other fresh strawberry recipes that are floating around the blogosphere right now. So, if you have recently posted a fresh strawberry recipe or plan on doing so this weekend, send me your link in the next couple of days and I’ll include it in my strawberry recipe round-up! I would really love to see some fresh strawberry pie recipes — I’ll be making one as soon as my aunt tracks down my mom’s old recipe!

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