Goodbye Green Backyard, Hello New Home!

Green Backyard

Well, I had planned on this being another wordless Wednesday, but I think I owe you a few words since I haven’t had the chance to write much about food lately.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we recently purchased our very first home, but haven’t said much about it since.  In fact, I haven’t said much about anything lately! That’s because the majority of our time the last few weeks has been split between Lowe’s, Home Depot, and the new house.

We’ve ripped out flooring and baseboards, patched drywall in several places, cut out and replaced some subfloor, painted the entire inside of the house, and dealt with a surprise termite infestation that was somehow missed by the termite inspection during escrow.  It’s been a busy few weeks and we haven’t even begun to pack, though our moving date is only a few days away.


I know all the hard work will be worth it and we will eventually have a house that feels like home.  But at the moment it’s hard to see past all the work we still have ahead of us.  The yard at our new house is currently a mess.  There is no landscaping and at the moment it’s filled with a giant pile of debris that seems to get larger each day.  And though there are many reasons I’m ready to move out of the house we are currently renting, I am sad to leave our nice big, green backyard with the large shade tree on one side and fruit trees on the other.

Smack in Backyard

And I think Smack is going to miss it, too!

But I have no problem trading a green backyard for a home to call our own, especially in an area where water is as precious as gold.

Our new yard will be a new kind of green.

You won’t be hearing much from me during the move but I’m looking forward to soon sharing things from a kitchen that will finally be my own! Unfortunately we don’t have any money to spend on the kitchen, but I still plan on customizing it a bit with the help of my very handy husband and a couple cans of paint.  And don’t worry, there will be photos!

Wish us luck!

  1. kickpleat

    good luck with the move! wow, sounds like a lot of work! congrats on your new home and i’m sure you’ll be putting your kitchen to good use.

    9:55 am  Jul 23rd, 2008
  2. Kim U

    Good luck with the move! The work now will surely pay off in the end.

    10:10 am  Jul 23rd, 2008
  3. Su-Lin

    Good luck with the move! And Smack is adorable!

    10:13 am  Jul 23rd, 2008
  4. Genie

    Good luck with the move! And get all that work done, please, so you have time to attend BlogHer ’09. Kthx. 😉 (In other words, we all really missed you at BlogHer ’08. I saw your doppleganger, in fact, and said hi to her as if she was you, and she was not amused.) Can’t wait to see the pics from the new place!

    10:30 am  Jul 23rd, 2008
  5. Maria

    We just bought a house so we will be going through the same thing. We are excited though!

    10:41 am  Jul 23rd, 2008
  6. robin

    Having your own to enhance and customize is worth all the work.
    Good Luck and have fun!

    11:15 am  Jul 23rd, 2008
  7. Jason

    Enjoy your move. Maybe we will come help, as Corinne seems to think we have the ability to come down there this weekend.

    12:10 pm  Jul 23rd, 2008
  8. Ruby

    Smack looks so cute. Emma still asks for him all the time, it’s funny. She opens her arms out wide and SLAPS her hands together and says “Momma where’s Smack?”!!
    Have fun moving!!!

    12:33 pm  Jul 23rd, 2008
  9. Susan C

    Congratulations on your new home, sweet home.

    Wishing you loads of happy memories in the new abode.

    1:43 pm  Jul 23rd, 2008
  10. Sandy

    Great news, Nicole! I am looking forward to seeing it. I know, with your eye for style, and your husband’s abilities, that your yard and kitchen will soon look wonderful. Congratulations on your new home.

    2:12 pm  Jul 23rd, 2008
  11. HoneyB

    Oh, there is nothing so nice as living in your own home! We have been in our own place a little over a year now and we are so much happier! Good luck!

    3:47 pm  Jul 23rd, 2008
  12. Joy

    Oh, how exciting! Good luck on your move and oh boy…having your very own kitchen that you can customize and play with is the icing to the cake. 🙂

    4:09 pm  Jul 23rd, 2008
  13. Capree

    Congrats on the new home! Home ownership definitely has its challenges! 🙂 I must say that Smack is the cutest dog ever! I’m getting a boston terrier soon myself! I love them!

    5:35 pm  Jul 23rd, 2008
  14. Rayrena

    Best wishes as you guys get settled in! Just think, you’ll be cooking Christmas dinner in your very own kitchen!

    8:55 pm  Jul 23rd, 2008
  15. Steph

    We are so happy for you Nicole! Im sure it is difficult to leave a green backyard that you were “renting”….but now you are going to create a new green backyard and it will be yours. Congrats to you and Justin..oh and Smack and Thumbelina:)

    9:54 pm  Jul 23rd, 2008
  16. Susan

    I well remember our first house with dirt for a back yard. After more than 20 years of TLC it is flourishing. So good luck, keep at it, let us see your progress, and above all, congratulations for taking the plunge into home ownership (esp. in these perilous times). It doesn’t all have to be done in a week. Or a month. Or even 5 years! It just needs to be done with love and care.

    9:11 pm  Jul 24th, 2008
  17. White On Rice Couple

    Congrats to you on your new home! I can imagine how hard it would be to leave your garden. My garden is my life and just can’t imagine life without it, but at least it is in a home that I own. Now that you own your home, your future garden will flourish and be so special because it it now yours and no one can take that away from your!

    Your excitement brings back memories for me when we first moved in to our home and our desolate backyard. It took us a long while to gut out the whole house and backyard. All the hard word has paid off now. Again, I’m really excited for you!

    10:52 pm  Jul 24th, 2008
  18. Anali

    Good luck and congratulations on the new house! : )

    10:44 am  Jul 26th, 2008
  19. Kristen

    Congrats on the new home! I hope the move is flawless and you get to cook in your new kitchen very soon 🙂

    8:39 am  Jul 27th, 2008
  20. Cynthia

    Moving is so much work and I can tell you have done a great deal just getting your new home ready. Take care and I hope you get lots of rest after the move.

    Looking forward to seeing the new digs.

    4:36 pm  Jul 27th, 2008
  21. Renne

    I wish for my own kitchen for quite sometimes – I always get quite mad when someone cooked and live the place with dirt and oil. But, since I still live with my parents, I have to buy my own to achieve that 🙁 .

    I always love green yard in our place as I grew up with it. BTW, we had that flower tree on the right in our first home – miss it.

    Waiting for your next article 😉

    2:07 am  Jul 28th, 2008
  22. swirlingnotions

    Congrats and good luck! That yard will be a luscious garden in no time at all . . .

    4:05 pm  Jul 29th, 2008
  23. Shera

    Good luck on the move! My husband and I just moved about 6 months ago with similar feelings – but it was well worth it, and our yard was green in no time (despite the water restrictions)! P.S. your precious Smack is absolutely adorable! We have a Boston named Miss Emma, and she got used to the new place in no time 🙂

    10:46 am  Jul 30th, 2008
  24. Connie

    Congratulations, Nicole! I’m in the same boat having moved not a month ago. The work is hell, the mess even more hellish but as the house gets transformed everyday, the feeling is just indescribable. I miss your food entries but I am looking forward to reading more about your house. Cheers. 🙂

    6:00 pm  Jul 31st, 2008
  25. shivapriya

    Congrats Nicole, lately i’m also sailing on same boat, house hunt is taking big chunk of time. Gald you fond really soon. Take care and enjoy.

    2:12 pm  Aug 7th, 2008
  26. Pearl

    Hope the move is going well. Exciting times. 🙂

    8:49 am  Aug 10th, 2008
  27. Melanie

    Good Luck–you will soon have herbs growing outside–if you can remake a house–you can definately make a garden–good luck always–

    7:28 am  Aug 11th, 2008
  28. Robin


    Moving sucks so much, I’m just finishing cleaning up after ours, and that was only an apartment move! I’m so excited that you’ve landed yourselves in the new home-buyers dream! I’m sure Smack will understand – he knows how important it is to have one’s own territory to mark!

    2:32 pm  Aug 12th, 2008
  29. Hazel

    Enjoy your new home and fix it just the way you want it.

    7:55 pm  Aug 12th, 2008
  30. Maria

    We are going through the exact same thing! We start painting tomorrow, we have to do the whole house…get new carpet in the basement, etc. Plus we still have to pack and move! It is a process, but we are excited. I hope everything goes well for you! Good luck!

    12:24 pm  Aug 13th, 2008
  31. Jonathan

    I think you might need some artwork.

    7:19 am  Aug 15th, 2008
  32. almost vegetarian

    Ah, the joys of moving. We have not done that for awhile, but it looks like we may. And soon.

    I hate the drudgery of it, but I love when it is done the and place is just right (I keep telling myself that to get through the drudgery part).

    It gets better, Truly.


    11:21 am  Aug 15th, 2008
  33. Alejandra

    Congratulations on your new home!

    11:23 am  Aug 22nd, 2008
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  35. David

    A new home, definitely great news.

    Looking forward to the new recipes that will come from your kitchen.

    11:13 am  Aug 24th, 2008
  36. Anna

    Good Luck on the move. I was looking for a good potato-leek soup recipe and found your blog. Great site. I look forward to reading you more.

    12:03 pm  Aug 29th, 2008
  37. Deborah Dowd

    You buy a house, and you make a home! Congratulations, it is so great to have a place of your own (to work endless hours on and go into debt over…) and your new yard will be just the way you want it in no time!

    5:24 pm  Sep 8th, 2008
  38. Mae

    Congratulations and good luck with the move! Enjoy your new kitchen… 🙂

    5:51 pm  Sep 13th, 2008
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