Happy Carrot-Ginger Soup Day (a.k.a. Valentine’s Day)!

Carrot Ginger Soup

So, what does Carrot-Ginger Soup have to do with Valentine’s Day? Absolutely nothing. I had been planning on posting this soup recipe a week ago, along with some Whole Wheat Cheddar Onion Muffins that I have been working on. But, it just didn’t happen. I’m happy that the Naughty Ice Cream Sandwiches were such a hit because it makes me feel a little less guilty about my little two week break!

Actually, I lied, I don’t feel guilty at all. There’s a reason why I’ve been distracted for the last couple of weeks. Today was supposed to be a pretty big day. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day and all that but I’m not really into making a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. It was going to be a big day this year because my husband, who has been serving in Iraq for half a year, was scheduled to come home today. Finally, I thought, an end to the non-stop worry and fear, an end to the loneliness, and, most importantly, an end to the insane amount of stress that he’s been under. Well, you’ve probably already figured it out, but I’ll tell you anyway. The end isn’t here. And, as I found out a couple of weeks ago, the end is no longer in sight. He’s been extended in Iraq and this Valentine’s Day has turned back into an ordinary day, a soup day.

I shouldn’t have used the words ‘ordinary’ and ‘soup’ in the same sentence because this Carrot-Ginger Soup from Veggie Cookbook, while easy to make, was far from ordinary. It’s one of the best new soups I’ve tried in quite some time!

I had a ton of organic carrots in the fridge and two ideas of what to do with them. First, I wanted to create a new whole wheat carrot muffin recipe (I’m still working on that one) and second, I wanted to make some carrot soup. I’ve seen some great carrot soup recipes around lately but when I saw this recipe at my new favorite vegetarian food blog, I knew I had to try it! Although it’s unusual for me to strictly follow a recipe these days, I made this soup exactly as instructed and I’m really glad I gave the original recipe a chance.

What really sold me on this recipe, and made this different from other carrot soup recipes I’ve seen, was the addition of ground coriander, and especially the idea of serving it with fresh lime juice and fresh coriander (cilantro). Serve me anything garnished with lime and cilantro and I’m happy!

So, I highly suggest head over to Veggie Cookbook for the soup recipe and while you’re there, make sure you check out what else she has to offer!

And while we’re on the subject, here are a couple other carrot soup recipes that I would love to try soon:

Dreamy Carrot Soup from Stevi of Bread and Butter
Creamy Ginger Carrot Soup with Lemon Cream from Meeta of What’s for Lunch, Honey?

Check back soon for the new whole wheat muffin recipes, I’ve got some really great ones in the works!

And finally, I’d like to end this on a serious note. Today is a day when people who are in a relationship feel pressured to go overboard to prove their love through showerings of silly, and often ridiculously expensive, heart-shaped gifts while those who aren’t in a relationship feel shunned by a culture that still places so much importance on being part of a couple. Some couples will probably get in fights today because one of them didn’t do enough to prove their affection while some single people are sitting at home crying because today is nothing but one giant reminder that they are missing out on everything in life because they haven’t yet found Mr. or Ms. Right. And what I’m writing isn’t going to change any of it. But, for a minute, can we stop and think about the fact that people all over the world, right now as you’re reading this, are dying. Women are losing their husbands, men are losing their wives, children are losing their parents and perhaps worst of all, parents are losing their children. What is most important is not that you remember to buy big presents for the ones you love. What is important is that they know how you feel every day. Because in this world, you never know which day will be the last. We all have someone to love, whether it’s a parent, child, friend, or lover. Call them today and let them know.

Please, by all means, celebrate love. But remember to do it every day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy

    Ciao Nicole – I agree entirely – since I left the States I haven’t celebrated V-day once…and I don’t miss it at all. I am glad to be away from that pressure of showing how “creative” and “inventive” and “real” your love is on this day.

    Thanks for the reminder about more important things. I am sorry your husband hasn’t come home…Happy soup day.

    2:49 pm  Feb 14th, 2007
  2. ksklein

    nice entry. sorry, that your husband can´t be with you. one thing i noticed, is that valentine´s day is really going overboard in the states. here in germany people don´t take this so serious. it´s a fun day.

    3:48 pm  Feb 14th, 2007
  3. ksklein

    oh… and the soup sounds delicious. i guess I¬¥ll try that one today.

    3:48 pm  Feb 14th, 2007
  4. Shawnda

    The soup sounds terrific!

    4:25 pm  Feb 14th, 2007
  5. Patricia Scarpin


    What a beautiful post – I’m sorry that you and your husband can’t be together today – only physically, I’m sure, ’cause I know you two are together in thoughts and through love.

    The soup looks delicious and very healthy, too!

    4:34 pm  Feb 14th, 2007
  6. Amy K

    I came for the food and am here to comment on something else. My best friend, David, is in the infantry. He did his first tour of Iraq this summer. He is in Ranger school right now, and he is expected to head back to Iraq this fall. Emotionally, I can empathize with you. I hope that you have a good support system to help you. I do, but at times I still often felt alone. If you ever need to vent, I offer an ear, because in the end we all are family when the ones we love are in the military. I will say a prayer that your husband returns home soon, and I send you a virtual bowl of soup to warm your day!

    4:34 pm  Feb 14th, 2007
  7. sarah

    i meant to comment on the soup as well. it sound deliciously different. one to put on my list to try!

    5:11 pm  Feb 14th, 2007
  8. sarah

    i’m sorry, i’ve tried commenting about your last paragraph twice now. it’s not showing up. anyway, my original comment was too long so i made it into a post. stop by my site to check it out.

    5:15 pm  Feb 14th, 2007
  9. Emon

    I’m chucking the bow and arrow…right now. Happy soup day, Nicole!

    5:54 pm  Feb 14th, 2007
  10. Ruby Berry

    Your post brought me to tears Nicole.
    That being said, the soup looks very good.
    Happy V-Day.

    7:19 pm  Feb 14th, 2007
  11. Nic

    My love and I don’t do Valentine’s Day. Lots of people from my country (the Netherlands) don’t, some do. We celebrate our love spontaneously, not when commercialisation forces us too..

    7:44 pm  Feb 14th, 2007
  12. Corinne

    Just so you know, I love you, and your food! Happy soup day, I think we should officially change this day to soup day!

    8:18 pm  Feb 14th, 2007
  13. courtney

    I am so sorry to hear that your husband won’t be able to be with you right now. Please know that we love and appreciate your family for the sacrifice that you BOTH give to us each and everyday, and that we are praying for those in Iraq, right now and for strength for you.


    9:11 pm  Feb 14th, 2007
  14. amanda

    nicole, i’m so sorry to hear that your husband tour has been extended. 🙁 i’m sure he know how incredibly deeply you love him and wishes it were all over. i agree, that people should celebrate love…everyday, not just on one specific day of the year. (btw, that soup does look amazing – it’s been ages since i’ve been to veggiecookbook, i’m definitely due for a visit!)

    9:16 pm  Feb 14th, 2007
  15. Cltgrace

    Hey…I saw an exerpt from this post on Sarah’s. HOpe you don’t mind…I’ve shared it with my blog readers. Great post~ My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family as your husbands serves us all. Blessings~

    10:56 pm  Feb 14th, 2007
  16. Susan at Food "Blogga"

    Simply beautiful. Thank you, Nicole.

    12:36 am  Feb 15th, 2007
  17. ksklein

    The soup was delicious. The whole family loved it. Looking forward to more delicious recipes.
    I wish you a Happy Valentine´s Day too!

    1:28 am  Feb 15th, 2007
  18. Terry B

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Nicole. I hope your husband is home soon.

    My wife and I do celebrate Valentine’s Day, but we don’t go overboard. Our gifts are always modest but heartfelt. Sometimes we cook for each other—tonight we had dinner in a lovely little French bistro in Chicago. And yes, we do remind each other of our love every day.

    5:04 am  Feb 15th, 2007
  19. Steph

    Ok…so I did stop by. And wow…I cant agree w/you more. Never really have liked the sappy Vday either and all the red and pink. And being a counselor for women of domestic violence..today was a very difficult day for them and I can only imagine so many others.
    So Nicole thank you for your words. And of course your recipe. And …heard something on a radio show the other day that made me think of you.. said “that women married to military men are some of the strongest women in our nation.” So very true. Hang in there Nicole.

    5:08 am  Feb 15th, 2007
  20. sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

    Did you check out my naughty sandwiches? Great minds think alike.
    I love your sentement. You are so right. My daughter has always refered to it as VD day…wonder why?

    6:07 am  Feb 15th, 2007
  21. Fer

    Hi Nicole-What a great post. I just want to echo what was said above in the comments about hanging in there. That takes deep courage and strength. I am glad you are back! Happy Soup Day!

    6:27 am  Feb 15th, 2007
  22. Jessica

    *Hugs* Nicole. 🙂 I was totally thinking of you and your darlin’ man yesterday as I often do. I know you miss each other and really hope this next extension goes by quickly and safely, so that you can be back together soon.

    11:31 am  Feb 15th, 2007
  23. Jessica

    Yummy!! the soup sounds so delicious. Can’t wait try it out. Just love ur blog!!Keep blogging!!Jessica

    11:49 am  Feb 15th, 2007
  24. Renee

    May your husband comes back safe and sound. May he be safe the while he is in Iraq.

    12:37 pm  Feb 15th, 2007
  25. Veron

    Hugs Nicole. Your hubby shall come home to you safe and sound. The soup looks lovely!

    1:00 pm  Feb 15th, 2007
  26. Connie

    carrots and ginger, great flavor combination! and it looks so creamy and warm

    3:57 pm  Feb 15th, 2007
  27. tracie b

    i’m sorry to hear about your husbands delayed return…in boca al lupo 🙂

    9:03 pm  Feb 15th, 2007
  28. madchilli

    Nicole, That must have been disappointing that your husband couldn’t make it back. I totally agree with you about V-day and how commercial it’s all got. Best to show love to your partner everyday than once in a year. All the best. Thanks for sharing the story and great recipe.

    8:51 am  Feb 16th, 2007
  29. a.

    Hi! I just found your blog! I’m so sorry to hear that your husband was required to prolong his service in Iraq. My warmest wishes to you both. Also, thanks for this lovely carrot-soup recipe. Today has been a particularly “soupy” kind of day. It’s been gray and quiet here in Paris so I made cucumber soup. Now I’m off to the market to buy carrots. 🙂

    2:39 pm  Feb 16th, 2007
  30. misslionheart

    I’m all souped out! I bought cup-a-soups for my daughter’s flask! May feel the urge again soon.

    I hope Hubby is home now/soon… 🙄

    10:02 pm  Feb 16th, 2007
  31. Julie

    Hi, Nicole — I’ve only read your blog a few times and never commented before but wanted to today just to say that I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like having your husband in Iraq — much less what it would be like to find out he wasn’t coming home when scheduled. This is truly the most poignant Valentine’s Day post I read. His safe return is in my thoughts.

    And (on a far lighter note) I also made a carrot-ginger soup with lime on Valentine’s Day. Must have been something in the air. Yours looks delicious and that’s a wonderful picture.

    5:37 am  Feb 17th, 2007
  32. peabody

    One of the best soups around.

    1:20 pm  Feb 17th, 2007
  33. Pearl

    Love how the herb is caught in the surface tension.

    4:21 pm  Feb 17th, 2007
  34. Caroline

    I will try this recipe for sure. Love carrot and ginger. I am so sorry to hear about your husband. When I saw you were in Sicily, I wondered if you were at the base there. I had a friend who worked there for two years.
    Love to you and your family.

    4:18 am  Feb 21st, 2007
  35. rob

    I’m sorry to hear you can’t spend Valentine’s with your husband. I also think you’ve got a great perspective on the day. The carrot ginger soup looks wonderful, however, and I can’t wait to see your carrot muffins.

    4:20 am  Feb 23rd, 2007
  36. janelle

    I must smile, because on valentines day I posted carrot curry soup:) and felt the guilt of a non-holiday post. Here for fun: http://talkoftomatoes.com/2007/02/14/curry-carrot-soup/

    1:37 am  Feb 24th, 2007
  37. Cassie's Kitchen

    I love Carrot and Ginger soup. I also like carrots with coriander, freshly chopped and thrown in at the last minute to give maximus flavor punch.

    My favorite vegetable to use to make soups is the winter squash. I have a couple of good recipes here, if you want to check them out:

    6:40 am  Feb 24th, 2007
  38. shivapriya

    Hey Nicole
    You changed ur blog’s design. Looks really cool.

    6:15 pm  Feb 26th, 2007
  39. Nicole

    Yes, wordpress.com introduced a new theme yesterday and I’m giving it a try 🙂

    7:07 pm  Feb 26th, 2007
  40. courtney

    Love the new design. Can’t wait to see what you have been working on in the kitchen recently.

    6:00 pm  Feb 27th, 2007
  41. misslionheart

    I’m on a diet, visiting your site is difficult! The new theme looks good, although I do prefer the other.


    2:02 pm  Mar 1st, 2007
  42. cherie

    Oh, that’s georgous! I love all of the vegetable-based dish pictures that you have. You really make nice garnishes and use some of my favorite fruits and veggies!

    2:12 am  Mar 13th, 2007
  43. shivapriya

    HEy nicole
    Where are you. Its been month and I haven’t seen any new post or updates. I’m sure you must be busy. Take care.Mail me when you get time.

    5:32 am  Mar 13th, 2007
  44. experienceaurie

    I am definitely in a soup mood.

    9:38 am  Mar 15th, 2007
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