Happy Halloween!

Jack O’ Lanterns

Since we were stuck sitting outside for two days while our house was packed up, we managed to get some pumpkins carved in time for Halloween this year! I’m happy to say that the hard part of our move is over but I found out today that we will be stuck in our empty house for two more weeks. Surprise! These are the things you get used to as a military family 🙂

Although it will be strange camping out in our empty house, I’m happy to have the extra time here to do some last minute traveling! And, I’ve already picked up some cheap kitchen supplies from the thrift store on base so there will hopefully be some new recipes popping up soon!

In the meantime, here are some photos of my dog Smack dressed up in his very first Halloween costume. I don’t normally put clothes on my animals but I couldn’t resist this glow-in-the-dark skeleton t-shirt I saw at Old Navy last year when I was in the states. I had completely forgotten about it until I found it during the moving process. I think he actually likes wearing it!

Justin Carving Pumpkin

We discovered that Smack likes to eat pumpkin guts, including the seeds. We managed to stop him before he ate much but he did enjoy licking the jack o’ lanterns after they were carved!

Smack Licking the Pumkin

And here he is, patiently waiting for the Trick or Treaters to show up. Unfortunately he doesn’t stay this calm when people actually show up at the house!

Waiting for Trick or Treaters

Hope you all have a happy Halloween!

  1. MyStarbucks

    Love the pumpkins but more than that, I love your dogs sweater. That is fabulous! Happy Halloween!

    8:14 pm  Oct 31st, 2007
  2. Meryl

    your dog is SO cute!

    8:42 pm  Oct 31st, 2007
  3. Sandy

    Good job with those pumpkins! Smack looks sweet in his outfit. It is just getting dark now, so expect my first trick or treaters within the hour.

    9:14 pm  Oct 31st, 2007
  4. Ruby

    Okay, cutest pics ever! Smack is such a sweetie!!!
    Your pumpkins turned out awesome! We carved ours last night, Ron went crazy and carved “The Scream” on one of them (took long time) and a Mickey Mouse one for Emma…haha! We also did a standard Halloween Jack-o-Lantern. I’ll have to share the Scream photo with you, its a trip.
    We also got Avery a costume (funny huh), she is going to be a dog witch. Little black collar with gold and purple stars with a witch hat.
    So 2 more weeks in Sicily eh? Looking foward to more posts! 🙂

    9:48 pm  Oct 31st, 2007
  5. Susan

    Smack is a show-stealer! Happy Halloween from another Boston lover.

    10:02 pm  Oct 31st, 2007
  6. Maryann@FindingLaDolceVita

    Loved the post. I used to have Boston Terriers! I also used to be an army wife. The pumpkins look great and the dog is so scary! haha Happy Halloween 🙂

    12:10 am  Nov 1st, 2007
  7. Alice Q. Foodie

    What a doll baby of a dog you have! I just love that picture, and the shirt is hilarious. Happy Halloween!

    12:45 am  Nov 1st, 2007
  8. Kirsten

    Is that a Boston Terrier. They are sooooo cute.

    2:21 am  Nov 1st, 2007
  9. sheila

    I LOVE Dogs – and yours is a cutie- love the costume1 the jack o lanterns are pretty awesome, too.

    3:32 am  Nov 1st, 2007
  10. Laurie Kendrick


    Congrats on being named a Finalist in the Best Food Blog category in the Blog Awards!

    I think it’s most deserved. I LOVE your blog! I’m not alone either. But with all the recipes, it’s going to give me a huge butt.

    Congrats again,
    Laurie Kendrick

    9:54 am  Nov 1st, 2007
  11. Nicole

    MyStarbucks: I wish I would have bought a couple of the skeleton shirts! I want to keep him in it all the time now 🙂

    Meryl: Thanks 🙂

    Sandy: Did you get a lot of trick or treaters? We didn’t get as many as we were expecting so we have quite a bit of candy left over (darn!) 🙂

    Ruby: It doesn’t surprise me at all that Ron went all out with the pumpkin carving again! I have no patience for patterns and intricate designs!

    Susan: He is a show stealer, that’s why he’s never been featured on my blog! Hahaha!

    Maryann: Sounds like you can relate on many levels! 🙂

    Alice Q. Foodie: I agree he’s pretty cute and I like the shirt so much that he’s still wearing it today!

    Kirsten: Yep, he’s a Boston all right!

    Sheila: Thanks! Our jack-o-lanterns aren’t too fancy but they were fun to carve!

    Laurie: Thanks and congrats to you, too! I see that you’re a finalist in the funniest blog category and I must say it’s well deserved! I’ll be voting for you!

    10:57 am  Nov 1st, 2007
  12. Butters

    Cute! I know you said the pup was licking the guts and stuff but were you able to save any of the insides for cooking?

    2:38 pm  Nov 1st, 2007
  13. RYLEY

    Oh my gosh!! How cute is that puppy!!!
    Before you know it, you’re going to be a dog clothes person! I have a miniature schnauzer that only has a couple sweaters for the winter when he’s cold.. but he ALWAYS has a halloween costume!!! He looks so comfortable in it!
    He sure is a show stealer.. you should showcase him more often!!!


    3:43 pm  Nov 1st, 2007
  14. RYLEY

    forgot to add..
    We can’t keep our dog away while we carve pumpkins..
    He LOVES to eat the pumpkin guts!
    I never would have imagined that dogs like pumpkin.
    and i hope its safe for them, we always give him the big chunks that we cut off!
    It’s his favorite halloween treat!

    3:44 pm  Nov 1st, 2007
  15. Nicole

    Butters: I briefly thought about roasting the pumpkin seeds but we just had too much going on with the move!

    Ryley: Haha, I think you’re right! Smack is still wearing the t-shirt and I’m already thinking that maybe I should find him a year-round one! He actually loves wearing it, that surprised me! And it also surprised me how much he loved the pumpkin! Although I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised because he’ll eat just about anything that’s on the ground!

    8:41 pm  Nov 1st, 2007
  16. David

    No guest quarters until your actual departure date?

    My mom put together 2-1/2 full cookware sets plus extras when my dad was on active duty. My wife did the same when I was on active duty (and still have it). Fortunately, our traveling days are over.

    Have a good trip back. (We put in our vote for you as best food blog.)

    7:21 pm  Nov 5th, 2007
  17. Nicole

    David: They used to let you stay in an apartment or hotel after your stuff is packed up but they’ve recently changed the rules to save money. Instead, we now have to stay in our house with loaner furniture. But I was surprised to find out that the loaner furniture doesn’t include anything at all for the kitchen. Luckily I kept some things and we have a thrift store on base where I was able to pick up some cheap mixing bowls, etc. I’m still learning, I’ll get it all figured out eventually 😉

    Thanks for the vote!

    9:50 pm  Nov 5th, 2007
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