Help Me Name These Cookies!

Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookies

So here’s the deal.  I made these dark chocolate cherry cookies as an experiment over the weekend and they were delicious!  I made them again yesterday, tweaked the recipe a bit, and now they’re even better.  I really want to share the recipe with you, but I need to name them first!  The only thing I’ve come up with is Dark Chocolate Cherry Chunk Cookies.  But, I don’t like that one.

Since I haven’t been able to come up with a good name for them myself, I decided I would ask you guys to chime in.  I want to post the recipe tomorrow so you’ll have to act quick if you want to participate!  I’ll describe the cookies and post more photos below and if you think you have a better name for them than the one I came up with, just leave a comment and tell me.  If you think of multiple names, please leave them all.  If I like one of the names enough to use it, I’ll send you a surprise package of goodies!  I’m leaving this contest open to everyone around the world.  And I’m not excluding my friends and family this time.  I just really want to name these cookies tonight!

Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookie

These cookies are made with a fairly basic chocolate chip cookie dough but I added some almond extract along with the vanilla extract.  Instead of chocolate chips, I chopped up some good quality dark chocolate and I also added some chopped dried cherries.  The almond extract is almost imperceptible, but it really compliments the cherries.  The cookies kind of remind me of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream.  But last night my husband said they reminded him of a cherry cordial.  Actually this is what he said: “These remind me of a cherry cordial, but better because they don’t have that gross liquid inside.”  He’s right.

The cookies are made with real butter, and they bake up flat and chewy.  Although they contain small chunks of dark chocolate and cherries, I wouldn’t describe them as  a chunky cookie.

Chocolate Cherry Cookies

I want the name of the cookie to be descriptive, but fun.  Nothing too outlandish, please.  I just want a name that will make people want to bake these cookies, because they’re really good!  I hope you can help me out.

Cherry Chocolate Cookies

Now let’s hear what you’ve got!

Update: I chose a name!  The recipe for Dark Chocolate Cherry Chews can be found here!

  1. Amber

    Cherry Chocolate Delights?

    11:39 am  Dec 17th, 2008
  2. Nicole

    Amber: I knew this contest would work! Even the very first one is better than I could come up with! 🙂

    11:43 am  Dec 17th, 2008
  3. Amy

    Cherry Garcia Cookies?
    C3s? (for cherry, chocolate, cookies)
    Bon Bon Cookies? (named for chocolate covered cherries)

    11:46 am  Dec 17th, 2008
  4. TheBon

    Hmm. My first impressions were going to be to suggest something like Cherry Cordial Cookies [C Cubed!] or something relating to Cherry Garcia but then you talked about both of those things.

    On thinking, what about something like Queen Anne Cookies? Queen Anne is the brand of cherry cordials that my dad always bought my mom for her Christmas stocking.

    11:48 am  Dec 17th, 2008
  5. Elle

    Cherry Kissed Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

    11:49 am  Dec 17th, 2008
  6. Abi


    11:52 am  Dec 17th, 2008
  7. Sandy S

    Cordial Cherry Chipsters. Love me some puns! (But managed to reign myself in and avoid “Cheery” and “Chipper.”)

    11:53 am  Dec 17th, 2008
  8. Shari

    They sound delicious! How about “Choco-Cherry-Chunkers/Chipsters”?

    11:54 am  Dec 17th, 2008
  9. Anali

    Those look so good! I like the French word for cherry – cerise. And the red is festive for the holidays. What about Cerise & Chocolate Festives?

    11:58 am  Dec 17th, 2008
  10. Kristin A

    Cherry Chocolate Chip?
    Chunky Cherry Dunkers?
    Cherry Kisses?
    Chocolate Cherries Jubilee?
    Cherry Chocolate Chunkies?

    11:59 am  Dec 17th, 2008
  11. Elle

    Black Forest Cookies, a shout out to the cherry chocolate cake.

    11:59 am  Dec 17th, 2008
  12. Jennifer

    Cigliegiolo is another name for cherry liquer. Maybe a play on that?

    Chewy choco-cherry cookies?

    What about just “Cherry Garcias?”

    12:01 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  13. Ruby

    Triple C or C x 3

    12:02 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  14. Carrie


    ChocoCherry Decadence

    Chocolat et Cerise

    Okay I suck at this. Good luck!

    12:03 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  15. Aimee

    I was thinking Cherry Garcia too – like the ice cream. They look delicious.

    12:05 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  16. KimberlyT

    Chewy Choco Cherry Cookies!

    “smooth dark chocolate melds with sweet cherries in a cookie dough of chewy goodness”

    I’m trying to make the title simple but fun! I can’t wait for the recipe. I LOVE dark chocolate.

    12:10 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  17. Lauren

    Chocolate Cherry Bombs???

    12:12 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  18. KimberlyT

    WHOA, so apparently while i was typing up my previous post, a whole bunch of people posted the same names ahead of me. i guess great minds think alike!

    I can’t really think of any other name. I like chewy choco cherry cookies. or to highlight the dark chocolate in a funny way, you can parentheses in the title

    chewy (dark!) choco cherry cookies.

    12:13 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  19. julo

    “Chunky Sweet Chocolate Cookies” or “Chewy Cherry Chocolate Chunk Cookies”

    Or for a holiday spin: “Santa’s Cherry Christmas Cookies”

    How fun!

    12:13 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  20. Dayna

    This is so fun!

    Cherry Chocolate Chewies
    Black Forest Cookies
    Cookie Covered Chocolate Cherries

    I can hardly wait for the recipe!

    12:14 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  21. kayce.

    if i were you, i would call them “decadents” ~ sounds like decadence, but like one cookie would be called a decadent. “cherry chocolate decadents” would work, too, tho i prefer it w/ out the descriptive words, LOL. anyway, i chose this b/c that’s what choc-covered cherries are to me: pure, delish self-indulgence!

    12:15 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  22. erin

    I was going to submit something, but as I read through the list I realized that I have to vote for Sandy S’s “Cordial Cherry Chipsters.” I love it! It’s both clever/punny AND descriptive.

    12:19 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  23. n0s0ap

    How about something simple like Cherry Cordial Cookies. Or you could bring the chocolate in with Dark Chocolate Cherry Cordial Cookies. Holy crap my mouth is watering, I need to eat these cookies.

    The “like a cherry cordial but not” statement is what really won me over. Can’t wait to try these!

    12:22 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  24. Annie Jones

    How ’bout “D@#% Good Cookies” LOL!

    12:25 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  25. Sarah

    Hmmm…I am not very creative, but here is what I have come up with…

    Cherry Chunkers
    Cheery Cherry Chipsters
    Chocolate Cherry Surprise Cookies
    Nicole’s Very Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Glad I prefaced this by saying I wasn’t creative…fun anyway!

    12:25 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  26. leslie

    Chocolate Cherry Gimme Gimme’s

    12:27 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  27. Elle

    What about Cherry G. Cookies, that way Ben & Jerry’s wont’ come knocking on your door, hehe.

    12:32 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  28. Plumpest Peach

    Deep Disco Cookies, Dark Chocolate and Cherry Crunchies, Dark Gooey Goddesses, Classic Choc-Chip with Cherries, but I also really like the Queen Ann suggestion!

    12:35 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  29. Phoo-d

    Chocolate Bing King Cookie

    12:36 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  30. Liz

    This is fun-
    Cherry Chocolate Chewies

    Sweet and Dark Cherry Confections

    Holiday Snog Cookies

    Merry Cherry Chocolate Chunks

    So Good You Won’t Have Any Left For Santa Cookies

    Bing Chocolate Cookies

    12:42 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  31. Haley

    I think I need to taste one of these before I can help name them 🙂

    Chocolate Cherry Surprise Cookies??
    Chocolate Cherry Chews??

    12:46 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  32. KBarr

    Mon Coco Cheri (or Ma Choco Cherie)
    or Coco Cherie
    or Chocherry
    or Cher-Chocks

    12:48 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  33. Melanie

    chunks of delight

    12:53 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  34. ang

    cheerfully cherried chocolate kissed cookie – the first time i looked at it, it made me want to share it with the person that makes me happy just by waking up next to them every Christmas morning… corny? =)

    12:54 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  35. radish

    at the risk of sounding totally boring – i like of like chocolate cherry chunk as a name. i think “dark” is what throws the name off…

    12:57 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  36. Caitlin

    My general feeling is that this is a sexy cookie. Though It’s chocolate chip cookie roots mean it is sexy and fancy without being pretentious at all. Cherries and dark chocolate..hubba-hubba.
    I say,

    Black and Bings

    12:59 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  37. Karen

    Chewy Chocolate-Cherry Cookies
    Chocolate-Cherry Delights
    Chocolate-Cherry Chews
    Chocolate-Cherry Christmas Chews
    Chewy Chocolate-Cherry Christmas Cookies
    Choco-Cherry Chews
    Cherry Christmas Chews
    Chocolate Christmas Chews
    Merry Cherry Christmas Chews

    I’m glad I don’t have to choose a name – everybody entered such interesting names for these cookies!

    1:00 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  38. Didem

    mon cherry chocolate chips
    cherry cherry choco chips
    darkly dreaming cherry
    cherry in choco land.

    1:08 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  39. Felicia

    How about CC’s?

    1:14 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  40. Leeza

    Cherry Delight chocolate chunk cookies

    1:21 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  41. michele

    Dark Cherry Bliss

    1:28 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  42. Jo

    Cherry Delicious

    1:30 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  43. Rachel

    Dark chocolate loves (get it? Like the cherry is a heart?)
    Dark chocolate love

    1:33 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  44. Amber

    Something just occurred to me (and yes, this is Amber from the very first comment)… if you’re using Bing Cherries, you could totally call them Bing Crosbies. Who doesn’t hear the name Bing Crosby and think Christmas?

    1:40 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  45. trupeach

    tough, as there are a lot of good suggestions thus far.
    chocolate cherry chews
    sweet and sassy cookies

    1:46 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  46. mary grace

    Chocolate Cherry Jubilee?
    or Choco-Cherry Bliss?

    although if I’m voting for one other than mine (which is actually counter-productive to my winning!) I’d have to go with the Queen Annes Cookies since those are the chocolate-covered cherries my grandpa always used to eat as well 🙂

    1:51 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  47. Emon

    Cherry ‘Hussein’ Chocolate? 😉

    Anyway, I don’t expect to win, so I’ll have a little fun.

    The InCherrible Chunk

    Cherry de la Chocolate

    Cherry Chase

    Cherry the Chewable

    Chocolate Suit, Cherry Tie

    Choc ‘n Roll

    My Cookies Belong to Cherry

    Chocolate Cherry Symphony


    Oh Cherry Young

    Cherry Surprise


    Chew Are So Cherrible!

    Cherry Fine Chocolate

    Cherrybreak Cookies

    Cherry by the Chunks

    A Very Cherry Chocolate

    Chunky Cherry’s

    ……stop now? Okay. 🙂

    1:58 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  48. Jon

    Chocolate Cherry Decadance Cookies
    Chocolate Chip Covered Cherry Cookies
    Coveted Chocolate Cherry Cookies

    I have to give Amber kudos for the Bing Cosbies, but I would ammend to Chocolate Bing Crosbies.

    Thanks for the fun brain exercise and keep the kick-butt recipes coming!!

    2:07 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  49. Dawn

    How about Sinful Cherry Delight?

    2:09 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  50. E'beth Garren



    2:10 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  51. Chrys

    I like a lot of the names people already mentioned. I was thinking of the same ones.

    Cherry Garcias
    Bing Crosbies
    Choco Cherry Delights
    Choco Cherry Chews
    Cherry Cordial Chews

    2:13 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  52. Teagan

    how about midnight cherry delight?

    2:15 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  53. E'beth Garren


    2:16 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  54. Linda

    I was going to say Chocolate Cherry Delights but someone beat me to it.
    They sound delicious. Can’t wait for the recipe.

    2:21 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  55. Kathy

    I’ve got it…. Cherrylicious … !

    2:37 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  56. A.


    2:45 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  57. Leslie

    Cherry Chunkies
    Cordial Chunkies
    Chunky Cordials
    ChocoCherry Cookies
    CherryChip Cookies

    Can’t WAIT for the recipe!

    2:45 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  58. Season To Taste/The Secret Ingredient

    Shoot, someone beat me to the Dark Chocolate Cherry Jubilee (or something like that)….or what about
    Bada-Bing Chocolate Cookies
    Cherry-Good Chocolate Chews
    Merry Cherry Chocolate Chews (or Crisps, depending on the consistency!)
    Fun idea—I might use this concept on my blog too! 🙂
    Good luck!

    2:50 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  59. Kathryn

    I like Amber’s suggestion of Bing Crosbies, and I like Jon’s suggestion of Chocolate Bing Crosbies even better, but I would amend it even further to “Dark Chocolate Bing Crosbies.” To me, the fact that it’s DARK chocolate makes all the difference. These would not appeal to me nearly as much with milk or semi-sweet chocolate, so I’d love to see “dark” in the recipe name.

    2:56 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  60. E'beth Garren

    Chocolate Hum-Bingers?
    What about tweaking Teagan’s to “Midnight Cherry Chews”, a nice rhythm to it. I also like “Chocolate Bing Crosbies” because it counteracts all the “White” (Christmas) I associate with Bing the crooner

    3:00 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  61. E'beth Garren

    Dark Chocolate Cherry Chews
    maybe mundane, but they make me want to bake them, or
    Midnight Chocolate Cherry Chews
    After Dark Chocolate Cherry Chews

    3:13 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  62. Marion

    better than sex cherry choc delight cookies

    3:15 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  63. Fit Bottomed Girls

    Dang, a bunch of my ideas have already been named, but what about:

    Life is just a bowl of dark chocolate cherry cookies!

    Too long? 🙂

    3:23 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  64. Paula B.

    Dark Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies
    Chocolate Covered Cherry Chip Cookies
    Chocolate Cherry Chunk Cookies
    Cherry Chocolate Chunk Cookies (my favorite of the four)

    3:43 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  65. Betty D


    3:47 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  66. Caroline

    Cherry Chunk Heavenly Delight

    3:52 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  67. Caroline

    Cherry Chunk Heavenly Delights

    3:53 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  68. maggie

    orgasmic cookies
    sorry if its rude, but they really look like!

    4:05 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  69. Sara

    Well, I haven’t read all the other comments, so just ignore me if I repeat any names…

    – Choco-Cherry Midnight Dance
    – Dreamy Choco-Cherry Madness
    – Secret Blossom Cookies
    – Midnight Cherry Kiss Cookies

    The cookies look delicious! Made me wanna try the recipe even though I’m not a huge fan of dried cherries.

    4:21 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  70. Emily

    Mmmm these look simply amazing… And there have already been a boatload of awesome names suggested, but I’ll throw my measly one out there.

    Garcia Delights!

    4:44 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  71. Mary

    Cherry Chocolate Bliss

    Can’t wait to get the recipe, sounds fantastic!

    5:00 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  72. Hayley

    Cocoa Cordials
    Chocolate Cordials
    Cherry Bittersweets
    Cherry Chewies
    Chocolate-Cherry Chewies
    Cocoa-Cherry Chewies
    Forget-Me-Nots (since they were almost too good to name)
    Jane Doe’s (again too good to name)

    Good luck with this! What a fun idea for a blog post, I’ll have to try it out.

    5:07 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  73. Rita

    I didn’t read all comments (71 so far…) but I am sure someone else must have alrwady suggested Black Forrest. That’s what cherries and chocolate remind me of.

    5:10 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  74. Hilda

    You have so many wonderful suggestions, I am just going to wait for the recipe to come out. I am excited.

    5:12 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  75. Azita

    Ultimate Chocolate Cherry Cookies

    5:22 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  76. Rachel

    Scrumptious CC Cookies
    Chocolate Cherry Bomb Cookies
    Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies

    I can’t wait to see the recipe and try them out myself.

    5:53 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  77. Mischelle

    This is crazy cool!! Everyone has been so creative…Many of the same names have swirled through my mind! Dreyer’s had a specialty ice cream – Cherry Chip Bada-Bing…have a few of us eatin a pint or two. Bing Crosbies, Queen Anne both resonate with me– maybe add ‘Delights/Decadence/Devine’ to the name BingCrosby Delights or Queen Anne Divines…

    Cranked up the oven and waiting ’til tommorrow!!!
    Mele Kalikimaka!!

    5:53 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  78. Kim

    Cherry chocolate chews
    cherry chocolate chips
    Best of Both cookies
    chewy chip surprise

    6:26 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  79. kristen

    Hmmm . . . so many good ones already . . .
    Chewy ChocoBings
    Dark and Tart Delights
    Decadent ChocoBing
    Dark Chunc-o-Cherry cookies
    Cherry chunkolat cookies (say it with a french accent) ooh I like this one!! Although you said they aren’t that chunky?? hmmm . . .
    Can’t wait to see the recipe!

    6:35 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  80. Claudia

    cherry-bomb chews?

    I guess now the challenge is to choose between all of these suggestions . . .

    6:43 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  81. kristen

    chewy cherry chocobombs

    6:45 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  82. kristen

    Dark Cherry Bombas

    6:46 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  83. Melanie

    a local bakery has a similar cookie with the addition of sea salt sprinkled on the top of each cookie. the combination of the dark chocolate chunks, the sour dried cherries, and the surprising coarse sea salt is out of this world! wow. you might want to consider trying this too…

    as for a title:
    cherry chocolate chunk (cookies)

    i like all the “ch’s”

    7:02 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  84. Natalie

    chocolate jubilees

    7:26 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  85. kristen

    Chococherry Jubilee
    sorry for the multiple posts, but I keep getting random ideas 🙂

    7:28 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  86. Kathy

    Chocolate Cheery Cookies?
    or just Chocolate Cheerys ( I know I spelled it weird… I didn’t want it to look like Cheerios.)

    Maybe kind of corny, but they really sound like cheerful cookies, so that’s what popped into my mind. Lots of good names here!

    8:34 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  87. ttfn300

    choco-cherry chews 🙂 (i didn’t scroll through, sorry if it’s not original!)

    8:36 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  88. jeremy.

    dark cherry chews.
    cherry midnights.
    midnight cherry chews.
    midnight cherries.
    midnight cherry cookies.
    chewy cherry midnights.

    … hope that helps!

    8:51 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  89. nsr

    Cherry On Top!

    9:05 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  90. Cathy

    Cha, Cha, Cha’s

    9:10 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  91. Sarah

    Chunky chocolate cherry chippies?

    9:12 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  92. jun

    oh dear, now I’ve got cookies on the brain >_<
    Chewy Cherry Chocolate Chip
    Bittersweet Chocolate Cherry
    Chewy, Dark and Red
    Devilishly Good

    9:12 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  93. andrea

    My blog reader says 10 comments – I get here and there are almost 100! I couldn’t read through all of them, so my ideas may already be out there (weren’t in the first 10 though). 🙂

    Black Forest cookies
    Cherry Meet Chocolate cookies
    Cherry-Chip cookies

    Fun idea and can’t wait for the recipe tomorrow – I’ll make them whatever they are called!

    9:19 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  94. Cecily T

    This is my favorite combo…dark chocolate and cherries, yum! My favorite chocolate bar is that combo…

    Yeah, there are a ton of entries here, so no promises this is unique. I’d go with Chocolate Cherry Heaven cookies, b/c that’s what they sound like to me. I hate cookie names that don’t give you a clue what’s in them, I rarely click through for recipes like “Auntie Mae’s Awesome Cookies”, so I think the highlight ingredients need to be in there.

    Can’t wait for the recipe!

    9:27 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  95. Melodi

    How about Cheridoodles?

    9:29 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  96. Billie Jo

    Gourmet chunk chocolate and cherry cookies
    cherry chocolate gourmet cookies

    9:54 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  97. Bettye

    I like Kristin A’s “Chocolate Cherries Jubilee”

    10:06 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  98. Leah

    Hi Nicole,

    What about Chewy Cherry Truffle cookies?

    10:45 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  99. Bekah

    cherry choco drops
    cherry cocoa cookies

    10:49 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  100. Mare

    How about “Bing Me More Cherry Chocolate Cookies” ?

    11:24 pm  Dec 17th, 2008
  101. Sherrie

    My first thought when I saw them was oh those look so nice an chewy. Then I read the ingredients ( and I can’t wait to try them btw). I say Chewy Choccie Cherry Cookie or (the 4 C’s).

    12:03 am  Dec 18th, 2008
  102. sallie

    How about a play on your blog name?


    12:05 am  Dec 18th, 2008
  103. Tone

    Chewy Cherry chip Cookies
    Chrunchy Cherry Cookies

    1:37 am  Dec 18th, 2008
  104. Nicole

    Wow, these look so good. my vote is for Cherry Chocolate Bliss by Michelle.
    I’d write it in my Book, Cherry Chocolate bliss cookies

    2:54 am  Dec 18th, 2008
  105. Jonathan

    Chocolate Cherry Poppers!

    2:57 am  Dec 18th, 2008
  106. Jonathan

    Or…um… Chocolate Chip Cherry Poppers. Better Alliteration!

    2:58 am  Dec 18th, 2008
  107. Judy R

    what about Better N Cherry Cordials
    or Chocolate N Cherry Garcias

    I can’t wait for the recipe!

    4:20 am  Dec 18th, 2008
  108. Jo

    They are Black Forest Cookies! Yummy!

    4:33 am  Dec 18th, 2008
  109. Trudy Medrano

    I think you should call them Chewey Chocolate Cherry Cookies

    5:32 am  Dec 18th, 2008
  110. Doron

    Queen Anne cookies? (might even get an endorsement/sponsorship!)

    7:38 am  Dec 18th, 2008
  111. Darb

    Bing & Chip’s Special

    8:11 am  Dec 18th, 2008
  112. Heather

    Well, my first two thoughts were chocolate covered cherry cookies and black forest cookies – I see it’s a common theme. 😉

    They sound awesome, and I’m gonna make some for Christmas!

    8:33 am  Dec 18th, 2008
  113. Minako

    Lovely Combo Cookies
    Yummy Cherry Cookies
    Sweets Lovers Cookies
    Cherry & Chocolate Cookies

    8:39 am  Dec 18th, 2008
  114. Nick

    Dark and Cherry Twosomes
    Worth the Weight Cookies

    Can’t wait for the recipe!

    8:41 am  Dec 18th, 2008
  115. Nancy M.

    Hmm. Chocolate? Cherry? Almond? Sounds a little bit like Dr. Pepper. How about “Dark-tor Pepper Cookies” – a nod to the dark chocolate?

    9:41 am  Dec 18th, 2008
  116. Tristan

    They remind me soooo much of a sand dollar. So, Chocolate Cherry Sand Dollars.

    10:21 am  Dec 18th, 2008
  117. Sara

    Buttery choco cherried cookies!

    11:15 am  Dec 18th, 2008
  118. ingrid

    Chocolate cherry bliss!

    11:25 am  Dec 18th, 2008
  119. Regina

    “Dark Chocolate Cherry Fatale”

    The combination of dried cherries, chunks of dark chocolate and butter says (to me) lush, dark, and voluptuous, like the best film noir femme fatales.

    12:44 pm  Dec 18th, 2008
  120. Dennis

    CherryChip Kisses

    1:14 pm  Dec 18th, 2008

    Cherocolate Chewies?

    1:35 pm  Dec 18th, 2008
  122. AF

    What about Cordially Yours Cookies, Cherry Cordial Cookies, Jubilee Cordials, Cordial Jubilees or Cherry Gracias Cookies – a twist on Garcia and it means thank you.

    2:11 pm  Dec 18th, 2008
  123. Gina

    Love At First Bite cookies (I have Twilight in mind)

    2:12 pm  Dec 18th, 2008
  124. Melissa

    Pro-beny cookie, Since almonds and cherries and dark chocolate are all good for us, they cookies are good for us, I just liked the pro part, the benny was for beneficial. I think I could use some in my mouth right about now.

    2:22 pm  Dec 18th, 2008
  125. dawn

    cherry garcia cookie chunks

    4:41 pm  Dec 18th, 2008
  126. Teah Petersen

    My favorite entries so far are:
    Queen Anne
    Black Forest
    Secret Blossom

    My submission is
    Cherry Blossom (Festival?)
    Dark Cherry Blossom

    I love Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival. And Cherry Blossoms (to me) leave a hint of almond floating on the air. It makes me feel alive and happy.

    5:49 pm  Dec 18th, 2008
  127. Katherine Jones

    How about Rudolph’s favorite cookie: cherry chocolate chip

    6:03 pm  Dec 18th, 2008
  128. Leslie G.


    6:13 pm  Dec 18th, 2008
  129. Julie Venturi

    Sweet Chocolate Cherry Surprise……Cause they look so good and the almond is the SURPRISE!!!!!

    7:13 pm  Dec 18th, 2008
  130. Faye

    How about Cherry Choco-lot

    7:52 pm  Dec 18th, 2008
  131. Linda

    Chocolate Chew-licious Cookies

    9:08 pm  Dec 18th, 2008
  132. TRISH


    7:29 am  Dec 19th, 2008
  133. Jana

    I think you need to have the dark chocolate referenced somehow. Like Midnight Cherry Cookies. 🙂

    9:55 am  Dec 19th, 2008
  134. Dorothy

    How about Dynamite Delights!!!

    11:15 am  Dec 19th, 2008
  135. Esther

    Cherry + Chocolate= Cherricolate cookies! YUM!

    12:12 pm  Dec 19th, 2008
  136. Leslie

    Something about these just screams “Valentines Day”
    so, in that regard

    Midnight Cherubs
    Choco Cherry Cherubs
    Cherubs Delight
    Cupids Delight
    Choco Cherubs

    1:40 pm  Dec 19th, 2008
  137. Carolyn

    Choco Cherry Crispies!

    11:59 am  Dec 21st, 2008
  138. L. Pedersen

    ChoChe cookies, or CheCho cookies.

    2:32 pm  Dec 21st, 2008
  139. kanku

    chocks! of chox =)

    4:21 pm  Dec 21st, 2008
  140. Amanda

    Choco Cherry Chunks

    1:26 pm  Jan 8th, 2009
  141. Steve


    9:06 am  Jan 12th, 2009
  142. neysa

    The Black Forest led to me to think of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, so CHERRY NIGHT COOKIES.

    1:09 pm  Jan 13th, 2009
  143. Ryan Montague

    Cherry Chippers
    Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Very Cherry Chip

    4:58 pm  Jan 14th, 2009
  144. desi

    i think they should be called…… chocolate cherry suprise…..or…… cherry-chip cookies! 🙂

    10:45 pm  Jan 23rd, 2009
  145. Billy

    Cherry-choc chunkers;
    Chocolicious cherry cookies;
    Chocolate cherry flavoured cookies
    Choc-cherry masterpieces
    Special cookies
    Biscuit heaven
    Heavens treat

    10:28 pm  Jan 24th, 2009
  146. Lisa

    Dark Chocolate Cherry Chunk

    Chewy Cherry Chocolate Chunk

    10:39 am  Jan 25th, 2009
  147. Lisa

    Ooooh, I like that noir image…good one!

    Cherry Chocolate Noir Chip

    10:42 am  Jan 25th, 2009
  148. Hazel

    How about…
    Dr. Peppers
    Jack & Jills
    Cherry Blossoms
    Chocolate Amandines
    Charisses [chocolate and cerise]
    chocoladekers [dutch for chocolate and cherries]

    6:52 pm  Jan 27th, 2009
  149. Joy Brown

    Toll-tal.-ly cherry cookies…Yes, it is cheeky like Toll house cookies but …hey, they are cookies and should be fun!
    Have made something close for years and love them!


    10:26 pm  Apr 19th, 2009
  150. Emmy K.

    Cherry Chocolate Chewies!

    7:24 am  Jul 9th, 2009
  151. june

    cholate chip dlights

    11:53 am  Sep 11th, 2010
  152. Ahad

    the best cherry cookies
    chochco puffes

    7:54 am  Aug 19th, 2011
  153. Liberty

    I was thinking coco cherry best delights ever!!!!!!!

    12:23 pm  Sep 17th, 2012
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