How to Roast Whole Artichokes

Roasted Artichokes

I grew up in central California where I certainly ate my fair share of artichokes over the years.  And during those four years I spent in Sicily, I probably ate way more than my fair share.  Sorry, it couldn’t be helped.

My standard way of cooking/eating artichokes is to steam them whole then peel off the leaves one by one, dipping each into mayo before scraping off the tiny bits of artichoke “meat” with my teeth.  I continue to do this until I have ingested way more mayonnaise than any person needs to consume in one sitting (as evidenced by the huge pile of artichoke leaves towering in front of me by the time I’m done) and I have made my way to the heart, which I carefully trim and clean before eating it with even more mayo.  Don’t judge.

In Sicily it was different.  There, I mostly ate smaller artichokes that were drizzled with fruity olive oil and grilled over an open flame.  Delicious.

Of course I eat artichokes in lots of other ways, too.  I love stuffing them with a mixture of bread crumbs, garlic, Pecorino, and fresh herbs.  I love artichoke hearts prepared just about any way you can imagine (especially breaded, fried, and drizzled with tart lemon-butter).  I love cheesy, bubbling artichoke dips.  I love artichoke soups.

While I do enjoy eating artichokes in a variety of ways, I haven’t branched out much when cooking whole artichokes.  I’ve steamed them and boiled them and occasionally finish partially steamed or boiled artichokes on the grill – but that’s about it.  So when I ran across this method for Simple Roasted Artichokes yesterday, I knew I had to give it a try.

Artichokes in Wooden Bowl

I started with these gorgeous artichokes that I picked up at a fruit stand in Gilroy the other day.  I love living in California.

Cut top from Artichoke

First, I sliced off the top third of the artichoke with a sharp knife.  All of that is inedible, so you aren’t wasting anything by doing this.  Plus, it looks so pretty!

Cut Stem from Artichoke

Next, I cut off the stem right at the base of the artichoke.  The stem is edible if peeled, so you can save it if you want.  Mine didn’t come with much of a stem anyway, so I didn’t bother saving it.

Trimmed Artichokes Rubbed with Lemon

With the stems cut this way the artichokes will sit up nicely on their own.  Aren’t they cute?

Artichokes Stuffed with Garlic

Now tear off a large square of heavy duty aluminum foil, drizzle it with a few drops of olive oil, and smear it around a bit.  Place one artichoke in the middle of the foil and open up the leaves a bit with your fingers.  Tuck a few peeled garlic cloves into the artichoke.  Sprinkle kosher salt all over it then squeeze lemon juice and drizzle olive oil over the top.  I used half a lemon per artichoke and probably drizzled a tablespoon or so of oil (maybe more).

Artichokes Wrapped in Foil

Once you’ve seasoned it, wrap the foil up around the artichoke, sealing it well.  If you don’t have heavy duty aluminum foil, wrap it with an extra sheet of the regular kind.  Repeat with as many artichokes as you want.  Place wrapped artichokes in a pan and roast in a preheated 425 degree oven for one hour and 15 minutes.  If you are using small artichokes, one hour is good.  Jumbo artichokes might take an hour and a half.

Unwrapped Roasted Artichoke

After removing them from the oven, let artichokes sit until cool enough to handle, then unwrap.  The garlic will be soft and sweet and delicious – you’ll probably want to eat that first.

Artichoke Heart

Next, start peeling off the leaves one by one, and enjoy the garlicky, lemony, salty olive oil as you scrape each one with your teeth.  I didn’t even need mayonnaise!

Down to the Artichoke Heart

If you’ve never dealt with a whole artichoke before, you might be a little confused/intimidated when it comes to finding the heart.  I’m here to help.  Remove all the leaves until it looks something like this.

Pull off remaining small leaves all at once

Grab the remaining leaves with your fingers, grasp the bottom of the artichoke with your other hand, and pull.

Fuzzy Choke Revealed

The whole thing should pop right off like a cap, leaving some furry-looking stuff behind.

Scoop out the furry part

Take a spoon and gently scrape out the fur (no, it’s not actually fur).

The Heart Remains

What you have left is what I call the heart, but might be more accurately described as the artichoke bottom.  Whatever you want to call it, it’s my favorite part!

Ready to Eat

The fork is only there for show – I always eat the entire artichoke with my hands (licking my fingers along the way).

The End

While they did take a long time to roast, these artichokes were definitely worth the wait!  They were simple to prepare and simply delicious.  Next time I’ll probably add even more garlic cloves because the roasted garlic was one of the best parts.

In case my photos weren’t enough to illustrate the process, here’s a video that shows you the exact same method.  Give it a try!

  1. Jenn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog)

    I haven’t had an artichoke in so long. I bought some this spring but they turned bad before I could prepare them. 🙁 Roasted sounds absolutely wonderful, I have to try this when I have some again. Artichoke hearts are heavenly! 🙂


    3:36 am  May 27th, 2010
  2. Phoo-D

    I’ll have to try this method! I’m with you in that our usual route is with mayo and steaming. We love artichokes so much that this would greatly improve the health factor and support eating them more often.

    5:19 am  May 27th, 2010
  3. KathyCalculates

    I’m from the Midwest and have not been exposed to artichokes so when I received a couple in my farm delivery, I had to search for a way to cook them. I just happened to come upon this roasted method and I’m so happy I did! An old shoe would have tasted good with the olive oil, lemon, salt, and garlic but the artichokes were pure bliss! Now I can’t wait to do more of them. I refuse to tell my husband how good they are because I want them all for myself!

    5:56 am  May 27th, 2010
  4. Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday

    We usually stuff our artichokes with pine nuts and ground meat and cook them in tomato sauce.
    I’ll have to try the roasting method, if I can find chokes as pretty as those!

    5:59 am  May 27th, 2010
  5. Sandra

    Thanks for this new method. I have always boiled/steamed and really like the idea of roasting them instead.

    7:31 am  May 27th, 2010
  6. Pat

    I have never had nor attempted an artichoke. Now that I have this for a reference I will definitely give it a try. Always have to surprise my husband with something new!

    7:38 am  May 27th, 2010
  7. Rayrena

    Okay, that looks like it’s worth eating! I’ve only had them steamed before and it didn’t blow me away. Have you tried roasting them on the grill?

    8:49 am  May 27th, 2010
  8. DessertForTwo

    I’m a California transplant and I might just stay here for life because of the artichokes. They are THAT good. I steam mine whole then dip them in a sauce made with melted butter, dijon and a splash of white wine. I’ve never been into the mayonnaise dipping sauces (even though I like my french fries dipped in mayo). Beautiful photos!

    8:50 am  May 27th, 2010
  9. Natalie

    Absolutely wonderful! I’ve been getting into artichokes lately, and the only way I knew how to cook them was the “boil” or “steam” method. I’m definitely going to try this! Thanks for posting!

    8:56 am  May 27th, 2010
  10. leanne

    I love artichokes, but I usually steam them because I’m too impatient to wait for any other method! But this looks so yummy, I may have to try it. Maybe I’ll steam an artichoke to eat while waiting for the others to roast!

    9:14 am  May 27th, 2010
  11. Barb

    Thank you for posting this. My artichoke plant has about 10 artichokes that are ready to be eaten, so I’ll definately be roasting them tonight. When I steam my artichokes, I spread chopped garlic (fresh or the kind in the jar) all over the artichokes before I steam them. While they’re steaming they smell sooo good and when they’re done, the garlic has almost a nutty flavor. Then we eat with mayo-lemon. YUM. Can’t wait.

    9:15 am  May 27th, 2010
  12. Gigi

    Loved your article. I especially enjoyed reading about how you eat your artichokes, because I enjoy them the EXACT SAME WAY!!! Definately steamed and definately with lots and lots of Hellman’s mayo….I, too, was raised in California where artichokes are not hard to find. Let’s just say, I am FAMILIAR with artichokes….LOL Now I live in Louisiana, where artichokes are practically unheard of, small and cost around $3.00 EACH!!!! No, I am not kidding. On occasion, I splurge and buy a few and hoard them all to myself. I dare not even let my family try them or they might like them too…

    9:20 am  May 27th, 2010
  13. Kristina

    Thank you so much for this, I absolutely have to make these, sounds yummy and dead easy because your pictures are great! They’re so helpful AND beautiful at the same time. Now I need to find good artichokes. And tons of garlic, yeah! Keep on the good work!

    9:34 am  May 27th, 2010
  14. Jennifer Jo

    Believe it or not, I’ve never eaten a (fresh) artichoke. They intimidate me, but, thanks to this post, that’s not the case anymore. I’m bookmarking this page. Thanks!

    11:33 am  May 27th, 2010
  15. Grace

    OH MY!! This looks amazing and totally worth the wait. I cannot wait to try it. THANK YOU!

    12:52 pm  May 27th, 2010
  16. Kalyn

    I am seriously drooling!

    1:21 pm  May 27th, 2010
  17. Charles G Thompson

    Just like you I grew in central California and we ate a lot of artichokes exactly the way you describe: boiled with (way too much) mayonnaise. I need to try the roasted method which I intend to do now that I’ve read your post. Thanks!

    1:26 pm  May 27th, 2010
  18. Mrs. L

    Ahem, don’t judge but I tend to eat much to much mayo when I steam an artichoke too. I’ll have to try this roasting version, it sounds wonderful!

    3:01 pm  May 27th, 2010
  19. 12th Man

    That’s where my share went … you ate them!!

    3:31 pm  May 27th, 2010
  20. Julie (Bananas for Bourbon)

    Oh my! I have eaten my fair share of artichokes (the good ol’ American mayonnaise method), but never roasted and oh my sweet goodness does it ever sound fantastic!!!

    3:35 pm  May 27th, 2010
  21. Wanda

    I am so glad to get your instructions. I love the artichokes I’ve had, but I’ve never prepared them myself. I’m giving yours a try! Thank you.

    6:50 pm  May 27th, 2010
  22. Kitty

    I wish I lived closer to Gilroy. I love picking up all the artichoke permutations at the Giant Artichoke store. My specialty is Moroccan cuisine, and we include artichoke hearts in many tagines. Great tutorial!


    4:47 pm  May 28th, 2010
  23. Heidi

    my grandparents are from california, moved to oregon and here is were i have been all my life. Reading this was like reading a story i wrote myself. I would really love to try this way of cooking an artichoke, but i am afraid i never will, I LOVE artichokes boiled with mayo(add a little sugar in the mayo and you will never go back, or don’t, cause you’ll never go back) I always think, i’ll try something new, but then i can’t. I will save this recipe cause it sounds fantastic. I want to try it….

    2:25 pm  May 29th, 2010
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    4:42 am  May 30th, 2010
  25. Keers

    This looks amazing. I can’t wait to try it! We always steam, then dip in lemon butter. Mmmm, but this is so beautiful that I am stoked to invite someone over to impress them with it. 😀 Thanks!

    6:29 pm  May 30th, 2010
  26. Sarah

    I love artichokes but have never had them roasted. I am totally trying this!

    7:26 pm  Jun 7th, 2010
  27. Lan

    I always boil my artichokes as well but am roasting some your way right now! Can’t wait to try it 🙂

    5:08 pm  Jun 9th, 2010
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  29. cinzia from Stile Mediterraneo Italy

    I love artichokes and I will definetely try this recipe! It’s artichokes time in Puglia Italy!
    I love your blog and recipes……

    1:26 am  Jan 16th, 2011
  30. Jenell

    FABULOUS recipe! One of my favorite foods.

    4:41 pm  Apr 21st, 2011
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  35. Susan

    These are wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration:

    10:57 am  Jun 15th, 2011
  36. Shelley

    I had roasted artichokes at a restaurant recently that were fabulous and wanted to replicate them. These look even better. Trying it for a dinner party tonight. Thank you!!

    9:21 am  Jun 24th, 2011
  37. izzy

    i tried the recipe and were fantastic!

    2:21 pm  Jul 3rd, 2011
  38. Captain Danger

    These are amazing. I’ve made them, from this recipe, many, many times. Sometimes with homemade sauces (a chicken gravy sauce did not improve the artichoke’s health benefits; it did, however, make them even more decadent;), sometimes without.

    Tonight they accompanied oven roasted wild Alaskan Salmon (I’m from Seattle) marinated in a combination of olive and peanut oil, cilantro, fresh garden cherry tomatoes and a variety of spices. Topped with a cilantro tomato salsa, fresh greens salad…

    Anyway, I could drool all over the keyboard going on about it, and the marvelous artichokes, but really, a heartily felt, “Thank you very much for this amazing recipe and the forethought to share it on the internet,” should suffice.

    – Cpt. Danger

    10:10 pm  Sep 1st, 2011
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  40. Gill

    these look stunning! I think I will have to source a better greengrocer, the 2 I bought were clearly very old compared to yours. I’ve oiled them up and they’re in the oven, hopefully they’ll work ok. I’ve been wanting to try this for ages.

    12:23 am  Sep 13th, 2011
  41. Kathy W.

    I love your tutorial. I’ve always eaten them the same way as you described, but I think I will branch out and try this idea. I actually have 2 in my fridge right now. I grew up in Gilroy, but I’ve lived in Arizona for 28 years. Sadly, I can only afford artichokes when they are on sale here. Thanks for the tutorial.

    8:47 pm  Oct 1st, 2011
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  43. Jade Flamenco

    the recipe is great! the video helps gather a better understanding, so i appreciated it being there. i will take these directions to the grave. i previously tried steaming artichoke, and the difference is noticeably greater when roasted.

    5:03 pm  Oct 21st, 2011
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  45. Magic and Mayhem

    Okay, I have to try these. I started out in California too and LOVE artichokes. My daughters now love them too and we fight over them. We eat them with the leaves dipped in melted butter though (sometimes with a bit of garlic) and I can’t imagine anything tasting better. Artichokes cost a fortune here but I’ll have to invest in a double load soon so we have some for our traditional way and some to try this way. 🙂

    11:29 pm  Nov 19th, 2011
  46. Sean

    Great photos and tutorial, roasting is about the best thing that can be done to an artichoke, next to eating it…..we’ve recently started dipping in a mayo with soy sauce and a touch of tapatio or other hot sauce and its awesome. Thanks!

    7:38 pm  Dec 15th, 2011
  47. Rachael

    Thanks so much for posting this! Also I’d never eaten an artichoke heart before tonight and my god was it delicious. Great recipe and thanks for the video and photos too- it really helped with the process. I dipped mine in balsamic vinegar =d

    6:29 pm  Jan 15th, 2012
  48. PhotosInAJar

    I just made these tonight, what a wonderful aroma and taste! Fabulous 🙂

    3:45 pm  Feb 4th, 2012
  49. Danielle

    So glad that I found this today. I was looking for something new to do with artichokes. This was delicious. I will be recommending this to everyone who will listen.

    10:39 pm  Feb 6th, 2012
  50. Caitlin

    Maybe this is a really dumb question…but do you wash them first?? This looks so delicious and easy I can’t WAIT for artichokes to be in season!

    1:39 pm  Feb 7th, 2012
  51. Nicole

    Caitlin – not a dumb question at all! I do rinse my artichokes well before starting the recipe. Enjoy!

    2:22 pm  Feb 7th, 2012
  52. Margie

    My husband and I had steamed artichokes for dinner tonight at our (currently unpopulated) resort, along with tilapia baked in pesto. He said it was wonderful, and suggested I plan it for dinner with yams or rice for when we do have guests in the resort. I noted that just the one artichoke, which I split in half and steamed, took up a large steamer, and I just didn’t have the pots to make a large quantity. We both wondered if it was possible to roast them, since we’ve really loved roasting all the other veggies. How lovely to find this website and this method! Now I can’t wait till the season gets under way so I can try it with 20 of the yummy things! Thanks.

    8:13 pm  Feb 29th, 2012
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  56. Zipporah Bird

    Thanks! I have some in my garden that I need to harvest soon and this looks less labor-intensive than boiling them.

    8:13 pm  Apr 24th, 2012
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  58. Nadia Solange

    I have lots of artichokes growing in my garden – absolutely love them! I was looking for a way to cook many at once, yet retain and enhance their wonderful flavor. This fit – and they’re in my oven now; the anticipation is hard to take…
    Thank you for this recipe and video…

    10:41 pm  May 6th, 2012
  59. Amanda Ace

    OMG! I had these for the first time at Chicago Fire Pizza in Sacramento, CA, only they add parmesan cheese and ceasar dressing… I will be trying this tonight!!

    7:55 pm  May 7th, 2012
  60. Kirie

    Ah artichokes…my husband has been pestering me for AGES to make artichokes. Now, we have two very separate ways to cooking them. We’re both from Italian families, but his are west coast Italians and mine are east coast Italians. His family (Californians) steam/boil theirs and do the balsamic vinegar mayo dip (gross…lol) while my family (Philadelphians) roast theirs with garlic (minced), parm cheese, bread crumbs, and butter all shoved into the leaves. Now, I KNOW my version wins over his, but he’s undecided…tonight will prove him wrong! Thanks for the website for a refresher on how low to cut the top and settings (I always forget!)

    5:50 pm  May 19th, 2012
  61. Kris Agerbeek

    I just finished my first roasted artichoke and I have to say you have absolutely ruined me for cooking an artichoke any other way! Never again will I ever boil/steam a choke. Thank you ever so much for sharing this recipe!

    10:40 pm  May 20th, 2012
  62. Leslee

    This looks amazing! I LOVE artichokes and I just bought 5 the other day (so what if there ate only 2 people living here?!) because they went on sale (I love in Vegas and that rarely happens!) I’m super excited to try this, but do you think I could grill them instead of doing it in the oven? If I have my oven on for that long at that temperature I think my whole little house will melt into a puddle! Any help or advice is appreciated! And thank you again for posting this! I am super excited to try a non-boiled or steamed version. 🙂

    3:18 pm  May 29th, 2012
  63. Paul

    Thank you for this method! If you’d like to know exactly how long to cook any sized artichoke, The Perfect Artichoke is a cooking time measuring scale that can be found at It takes the guesswork out of cooking artichokes! 🙂

    4:14 pm  Jun 2nd, 2012
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  66. Stephanie

    I LOVED this recipe. I actually just finished TWO artichokes by myself. 🙂

    Personally, I would definitely use more lemon. The flavor didn’t seep through enough. I will probably be going to the store for more artichokes and making this again very soon!

    4:35 pm  Jun 20th, 2012
  67. Lauren Wise

    I’m making mine as I type! Thank you for the detailed instructions. I am “new” in the kitchen!

    6:02 pm  Jul 15th, 2012
  68. Danielle

    I love that you live in the Central Valley, because I live in Fresno. We have so many great farmer’s markets (Clovis, River Park, etc.), and I can’t tell you how many fantastic dishes I’ve made with them.

    I can’t wait to try this. I’m tired of relying on butter for flavor. I have a feeling that the garlic, salt and olive oil will bring amazing flavor to it.

    Can’t wait to try it!

    10:53 pm  Jul 30th, 2012
  69. Lori

    Thank you for sharing this! I LOVE artichokes but find that steaming them just takes too much work to make them a regular food. I cannot wait to try this. Hopefully tonight!

    7:07 am  Sep 15th, 2012
  70. Carissa

    Thank you for sharing this! I recently had my first artichoke, and now I am hooked 🙂 It gets so tempting to eat them before they are done when my place starts to smell of tasty artichokes. A tip though for the fuzzy center is I used tongs to pull off the fuzzies instead of scooping. Comes out in clumps and clean artichoke heart 🙂 Yum!

    6:47 pm  Sep 21st, 2012
  71. Beverly

    I found your recipe several months ago and love your version… I make them 2 or 3 at a time in the toaster oven (takes less energy than the regular oven). I’ve got one roasting right now (your version again!!!) Thanks for posting.

    3:36 pm  Sep 23rd, 2012
  72. Christine

    I’m soooo excited to be able to try this out!! Loved your pics and tutorial!!! With out it I may have never tried it!!!! Great job! And great reviews

    12:16 pm  Oct 8th, 2012
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  75. kat

    Thank you so much for showing pictures of the heart/choke/butt…whatever. I saw a recipe for these on another blog with fewer photos, and it didn’t explain how to get to that part!

    2:04 pm  Nov 26th, 2012
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  77. Lynnette

    My truest love will love these artichokes as much as me ! And they’re so good for you too.

    6:05 pm  Jan 29th, 2013
  78. L.A. Lady

    Thanks for this post! Most of the roasting recipes I came across did not go into as much detail with the preparation or the heart. And I love love love roasted garlic! I’m so doing this!

    12:00 am  Mar 13th, 2013
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  83. Allison

    This looks delicious! Pinning this now and plan to use it soon.

    1:13 pm  Apr 18th, 2013
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  87. karingkare

    I tried this a year ago… great recipe from

    1:50 pm  Jul 5th, 2013
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    3:02 pm  Oct 2nd, 2013
  92. Jessica

    Made these tonight for dinner, fantastic! The garlic was delicious also and I too will probably put in more next time. Thank you so much for posting this!

    6:18 pm  Oct 18th, 2013
  93. Bella

    Omg!! They came out insane my husband couldn’t stop telling me how they are seriously better than this amazing Italian resturant that makes these insane roasted artichokes. That is a huge compliment! I have tried replicating them several times but I always boiled them first because that’s how the resturant told me they do it… I am in artichoke heaven. Thanx

    8:00 pm  Dec 2nd, 2013
  94. Sarafina

    I’m Sicilian and have eaten these gems all my life in every way. I think using mayo is a crime and have always used good EVOO. The stems can easily be included in the packets by paring off the tough outer layer and cutting in half lengthwise. Sprinkle with salt and add a bit of the olive oil. Tuck in along side the artichoke and wrap tightly. Yum.

    4:03 pm  Jan 10th, 2014
  95. Jill

    I try to avoid cooking my food with aluminum because it leaches into your food. Have you ever tried wrapping them in parchment paper first, then foil? I really want to give this recipe a try but would hate to ruin some great artichokes with a failed experiment.

    12:00 pm  Feb 23rd, 2014
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  99. Katy McCoy

    I grew up eating articholkes, steamed. I tried roasting them tomight – OMG! Seriously, delicious. I know what roasting does for cauliflower – I can’t believe I didn’t think of this. I do beets the same way (although without the garlic!). This is my new go-to! Thanks!

    8:36 pm  Apr 14th, 2014
  100. Katy McCoy

    I grew up eating artichokes, steamed. I tried roasting them tonight – OMG! Seriously, delicious. I know what roasting does for cauliflower – I can’t believe I didn’t think of this. I do beets the same way (although without the garlic!). This is my new go-to! Thanks!

    8:37 pm  Apr 14th, 2014
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  102. Joyce

    This is the BEST way to cook artichokes period. OMG, my husband and I are both original Californian artichoke lovers and thought the steamed way was the only way. Now we will never go back to the steam method. Great job on sharing this recipe – our family and friends love it, too!

    5:24 am  Apr 22nd, 2014
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  104. Lynette

    Can these be made a few hours ahead and kept warm in a warming drawer?

    11:13 am  May 17th, 2014
  105. Megan

    This artichoke recipe is incredible! I’ve always thought I loved artichokes and then I tried this recipe! So glad I found this recipe, thanks!

    5:50 pm  May 29th, 2014
  106. Cinthai

    im going to go try this right now!! lets see how it goes. (:

    3:01 pm  Jul 6th, 2014
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  108. Christine

    Thanks for this recipe. I definitely did not need any mayo with the artichokes! Very simple to make yet delicious.

    1:10 am  Aug 4th, 2014
  109. Heather Adams

    Did you find that roasting them for such a long time made them dry? I’m just wondering if I should add 1/4 cup chicken stock to the foil packets.

    5:55 am  Sep 7th, 2014
  110. Nicole

    Heather- I really don’t have any problems with them being dry. Enjoy!

    8:17 am  Sep 8th, 2014
  111. AwesomeSauce101

    I love how she did this, it is soooo neat 🙂 😉

    2:10 pm  Nov 4th, 2014
  112. toni

    I can’t wait to try this! I’m an Italian American and I have enjoyed stuffed artichokes for ages. I never heard of eating them with mayo.

    12:04 pm  Nov 11th, 2014
  113. Juan

    Hi, I stumbled upon this recipe in desparate search for an easy recipe with some artichokes I recently purchased out of sheer curiosity. I want to thank this site for this recipe. It worked wonderfully! I have now lost my fear of cooking and eating an artichoke.

    10:24 am  Nov 13th, 2014
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    This was such a useful post! thank you! I was about to cook some artichokes and had no idea what to do with them so this was perfect! xx

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    I was looking for another way to cook artichokes, I just found your recipe. Great explanations and good recipe.

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  123. June

    Just found your website anxious to try roasted artichokes…if I can find any decent ones in market…live in Carmel…will have to travel I guess to Castroville. Been disappointed in what I’ve found in markets locally.

    12:07 pm  Aug 9th, 2016
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