I’m a Finalist in the 2007 Weblog Awards!!


That was the look on my face when I found out, except I had two eyebrows!

2007 Weblog AwardsAs a couple of you have been so nice to point out, I am officially a finalist in the Best Food Blog category of the 2007 Weblog Awards. There are ten finalists in this category and I must say that I am extremely honored to be listed up there along with those nine other amazing sites!

Here is a listing of the finalists so you can see what kind of competition I’m talking about!

This is the first year that food blogs have been recognized by these particular Weblog Awards (not to be confused with The Bloggies) so I’m extra excited to be a part of this.

So here’s how it works. Polls are open for the next week (closing Nov. 8). You may vote once every 24 hours until the polls close. Yes, that means you may vote (for me) more than once, but only once per day. Of course I have already cast my vote for today so now it’s time for you to vote!

In addition to the Best Food Blog category, there are tons of other categories to explore (48, I believe). There are some really great blogs that are up for other awards and I’m especially excited to see that a food blog has been named a finalist in both the Best Video Blog category and Video of the Year category!! The Heady Pepper (the blog formally known as Rub My Chicken) features improvisational food videos and has been nominated for Best Video Blog. The Heady Pepper’s Seafood Surprise video has also been nominated for Video of the Year! Way to go, Jonathan!

And I just noticed that another wonderful foodblogger is a finalist in yet another category! Confessions of a Pioneer woman–I know you’ve been to Ree’s foodblog, The Pioneer Woman Cooks–is a finalist in the Best Photo Blog category! Come on foodbloggers and food blog fans, let’s get out and show our support! Vote Confessions of a Pioneer Woman for Best Photo Blog!

Another finalist that I am excited about is BlogHer! BlogHer is a wonderful online community for women who blog and they are an official finalist in the Best Online Community category. Woohoo!

And finally, I want to show my support for Laurie Kendrick, a finalist in the Funniest Blog category. You have probably seen some of Laurie’s posts pop up in the “What I’m Reading” box on my sidebar from time to time and that’s because her blog is the place I go when I need a good dose of smart funny writing (usually daily). Good luck, Laurie!

And Smack’s back with a warning, “Don’t forget to vote! — I have a tongue and I’m not afraid to use it!”


Special thanks to Laurie of Laurie Kendrick, Emon of Emonome, Jason of MacGyver’s Roll of Duct Tape, Charbarred of The Plugg for nominating Pinch My Salt for Best Food Blog! I wouldn’t have made it as a finalist if I hadn’t been nominated!

  1. Kalyn

    Very exciting Nicole, Congratulations!

    12:59 pm  Nov 2nd, 2007
  2. Summer

    Congratulations!!! I’m a new reader, and I guess this means I chose wisely… 😉

    1:03 pm  Nov 2nd, 2007
  3. Jonathan

    You ROCK!!! You’re kicking ass in the polls. Way ahead of Epicurious! It’s so exciting. And thanks for the plug! I got you on my pages as well. We fooders have to stick together like olive oil to a pan. OK that’s a little strange, but…anyway I hope you win.

    1:21 pm  Nov 2nd, 2007
  4. Charbarred

    I had a look at the other sites and there’s no reason you shouldn’t win it by a landslide. Your site kicks ass!

    1:31 pm  Nov 2nd, 2007
  5. Lisa (Homesick Texan)

    Very cool, Nicole! Congratulations!!

    1:31 pm  Nov 2nd, 2007
  6. Emon

    Yay! Congratulations!

    You will win this, Nicole! I won’t need to bet any body parts like I have last year 🙂
    All your readers know you have the best blog on that list!

    1:46 pm  Nov 2nd, 2007
  7. Nicole

    Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the support and votes! I wish I could say I was as confident as you but there are some really great food blogs on that list including a couple of my own favorites (Heidi’s 101 Cookbooks and Rachel’s Coconut & Lime). It’s really an honor for me to be up on the list with them!

    Kalyn: Thanks so much!

    Summer: Welcome, I hope you stick around! 🙂

    Jonathan: You rock harder with your TWO nominations! Congrats, and of course, I’ll be voting for you!

    Charbarred: Thanks for the nomination!

    Lisa: Thanks!

    Emon: Thanks again for the nomination! I wouldn’t have even known about these awards if it weren’t for you!

    1:56 pm  Nov 2nd, 2007
  8. VeggieGirl

    Ahh, Nicole!! Congratulations on the nomination!! How exciting!! You’ve got my vote for sure!!

    Oh and I loooove the picture of Smack :0)

    3:31 pm  Nov 2nd, 2007
  9. Anali

    Woo hoo!! Congratulations! I just voted for you!

    And I’m especially happy to hear that you still had both your eyebrows when you heard the news. ; )

    3:51 pm  Nov 2nd, 2007
  10. Nicole

    VeggieGirl: Thanks so much! That’s my favorite photo of Smack 😉

    Anali: Thanks for the vote!

    4:06 pm  Nov 2nd, 2007
  11. matt

    Holy moly CONGRATS!

    5:14 pm  Nov 2nd, 2007
  12. Corinne

    Congratulations! I’m honored to be related to someone with so much talent! It must run in our blood! Again, Congrats, congrats, congrats!

    5:37 pm  Nov 2nd, 2007
  13. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Big congrats! I voted for you!

    5:44 pm  Nov 2nd, 2007
  14. shivapriya

    Thanks for the update info Nicole, I went and voted again… 😀 Congrats!!

    7:45 pm  Nov 2nd, 2007
  15. Nicole

    Matt: Thanks 🙂

    Corinne: Yes, it must! What’s your talent again? Hahahahaha! Just kidding, your talent is being the best cousin in the world (hope the others aren’t reading this!)

    Aimee: Thanks so much!

    Padmaja: Thank you!!

    8:03 pm  Nov 2nd, 2007
  16. falzaabi

    cool I hope you win


    9:06 pm  Nov 2nd, 2007
  17. Katie

    what an honor, congratulations! 🙂

    2:18 am  Nov 3rd, 2007
  18. Ruby

    Congrats on the nomination!!! Of course you have my support 🙂

    6:17 am  Nov 3rd, 2007
  19. nika

    your in the lead! 🙂 Was happy to vote for you this AM

    12:49 pm  Nov 3rd, 2007
  20. Nicole

    Falzaabi: Thanks! 🙂

    Katie: It is an honor!

    Ruby: Thanks!

    Nika: I’m trying to stop myself from obsessively checking the polls…good to hear I’m in the lead! 🙂

    2:35 pm  Nov 3rd, 2007
  21. MyStarbucks

    That is awesome! You so deserve it!!

    6:54 pm  Nov 3rd, 2007
  22. Shea

    Congratulations! Yours is the first food blog I ever visited and it’s still my favorite. Hope you win!

    11:43 pm  Nov 3rd, 2007
  23. Nicole

    MyStarbucks: Thanks!

    Shea: Wow, that means a lot! Thanks 🙂

    7:08 am  Nov 4th, 2007
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    2:52 am  Nov 5th, 2007
  25. turi


    7:26 am  Nov 5th, 2007
  26. Nicole

    Turi: Grazie! 🙂

    8:36 am  Nov 5th, 2007
  27. gaistadap

    Well, of course, Tammy is Nikki’s friend. Those are massively showpieces.

    10:58 pm  Feb 17th, 2008
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