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Loaded with Lemons

Our Meyer lemons are just about ripe and we have a ton of them.  This lemon monster was pruned back quite a bit before we moved in but it definitely got away from us again.  The tree is so loaded with lemons that the branches sagged to the ground and just started growing out along the pavement!  It needs a lot of thinning, but we just can’t bring ourselves to cut off any of the unripe lemons.

There are lemons on top of lemons on top of lemons.

Most of them are still a bit green, but I’m expecting them to be fully ripe within the next couple of weeks.  When that happens, we’ll start thinning it (and handing out lemons to whoever will take them) and try to turn it back into our pretty and happy little lemon tree.  Meanwhile, I just realized that we still have one last basil plant.  It looks like I’d better come up with some recipes using both lemons and basil while I still have access to both!