Made it to San Diego!

Finally, the traveling is over! We arrived in San Diego this morning and are now getting settled in at my sister’s house. The best news? I have a fully stocked kitchen at my disposal and two more people who are willing to eat my experiments! New recipes coming soon!

  1. Steff


    5:26 pm  Nov 17th, 2007
  2. Jennifer

    Glad you’ve made it safely thus far. Have fun cooking again!

    5:50 pm  Nov 17th, 2007
  3. bethany actually

    Doesn’t it feel good to be staying in a house with furniture and pots and pans again? 🙂 From one Navy spouse to another, I hope your move goes really smoothly!

    7:05 pm  Nov 17th, 2007
  4. SoozieQ

    Glad you all made it safe and sound!!! Can’t wait to see more recipes & pictures 🙂

    8:39 pm  Nov 17th, 2007
  5. Ruby

    Glad to hear your safe at home!! 🙂

    8:39 pm  Nov 17th, 2007
  6. amanda

    it’s great you are in san diego! we are going to be out of town for the next week but tyler and i would love to get together with you. let us know if that’s something you would like to do. 🙂

    1:19 am  Nov 18th, 2007
  7. Toni

    Welcome, traveler! Glad you made it and that you’ve got a kitchen again. Look forward to future posts!

    1:44 am  Nov 18th, 2007
  8. Rose

    Glad you made it back in the states safely. Dustin is in San Diego when the last we heard from him. He was just coming back off the ship. You might of crossed paths…:) Small world that it is. Looking forward to more of your yummmmmmy recipes!

    7:11 am  Nov 18th, 2007
  9. VeggieGirl

    This is such wonderful, exciting news, Nicole!! It’s always a nice, warm feeling being home again – especially with a fully stocked kitchen!! ;0) I can’t wait to see your latest recipes/food photographs!!

    7:42 am  Nov 18th, 2007
  10. Jonathan

    Welcome home!!!! If you ever make it over to this neck of the woods I’d be more than willing to try your experiments. You must be so relieved. Congratulations!

    8:17 am  Nov 18th, 2007
  11. Steven

    Nicole – WELCOME HOME! The recipe I’m interested in seeing next is your version of an airplane meal. PPPUUULLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!

    1:50 pm  Nov 18th, 2007
  12. shivapriya

    Glad to see u back in US. Do you have any plans visting east coast, If so do lemme know. Hope everything went smooth.

    2:57 pm  Nov 18th, 2007
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