My Favorite Halloween Cookie Recipe

Happy Halloween, everyone!  If you’ve been reading Pinch My Salt for over a year, this recipe might look a little familiar. And that’s because I posted it the day after Halloween last year.

Yes, it was a little late then.  And yes, it’s a little late this year, too!  But hey, at least the holiday isn’t completely over this time!

I’m sharing the exact same Halloween cookie recipe this year because it’s my all-time favorite.  And these are the only Halloween cookies I ever make!  In fact, as soon as I finish writing this, I’m off to bake this year’s batch!

The ghost cookies are made from my mom’s basic sugar cookie recipe (the best sugar cookie recipe I’ve ever tasted) and are decorated simply with a delicious cream cheese frosting.  As usual, nothing too fancy here!  Just a cute and tasty cookie that has been a Halloween tradition in my family since my sister and I were young.  I’ll probably keep posting this same recipe, year after year, and hopefully they will someday become a tradition in your family too!

I was really excited to see that Elizabeth over at Strawberries in Paris made the cookies this year! And her ghost cookie cutters are much cuter than mine!

Ready to bake some ghost cookies?  Here’s the recipe!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

And remember, keep an eye out for ghouls!

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  1. kickpleat

    I’m having a Halloween party this year and if I feel up for making these cookies, I will! They look perfect and I’m sure they taste amazing! I don’t have ghost cutters tho…maybe gingerbread “zombies” will have to do!

    10:00 am  Oct 31st, 2008
  2. Elizabeth

    Thanks Nicole! Wally world definitely helped me out! Definitely going to become a tradition for me too!!

    10:08 am  Oct 31st, 2008
  3. sharon

    These are adorable! i’m sure I can find some ghost cookie cutters on sale in a day or so. Post-Halloween cookies are always tasty too 🙂

    10:33 am  Oct 31st, 2008
  4. Nicole

    Kickpleat: Your gingerbread zombies idea made me laugh out loud! I’ll get you to make these one of these years 😉

    Elizabeth: Yay! I’m going to check the after-halloween sales this year for some new cookie cutters…it’s fun to have lots to choose from 🙂

    Sharon: I see nothing wrong with eating Halloween cookies all year round! Although I do use this same recipe for all seasons…just change out the cookie cutters. The only thing I reserve for Halloween is the cream cheese frosting.

    10:51 am  Oct 31st, 2008
  5. sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

    I posted my holiday cookies earlier. That is a fun tradition!
    Yours are boo-tiful~

    11:08 am  Oct 31st, 2008
  6. patsyk

    Those cookies look adorable! So fun and festive! Your dog’s costume is hilarious!

    11:53 am  Oct 31st, 2008
  7. Marilyn

    Nicole – so cute! I mean, the cookies are terrific – but oh, the dog. Can’t wait for the pooch costumes tonight. Happy Halloween.

    12:27 pm  Oct 31st, 2008
  8. RecipeGirl

    These are super cute…next year for sure. I’ll need to be on the hunt for a ghost cookie cutter. Happy Halloween!

    12:43 pm  Oct 31st, 2008
  9. Nicole

    Sandi: I see you made ghost cookies, too! 🙂
    Patsyk:Thanks! He’s been wearing the same costume for two years! It’s the only article of clothing he owns 🙂
    RecipeGirl:I’m sure you’ll be able to find some cute ones on sale tomorrow!

    2:10 pm  Oct 31st, 2008
  10. maris

    These cookies look unbelievable. I usually stick to round shapes with orange icing for my halloween cookies because when I move the dough from the cookie cutter my dough always gets misshappen. These are like a work of art!

    And i like your dog’s costume! 🙂

    2:19 pm  Oct 31st, 2008
  11. Fit Bottomed Girls

    Too cute! Love the dog, too. 🙂

    3:23 pm  Oct 31st, 2008
  12. Kathy

    As soon as I saw the ghost cookies I smiled ! What a happy memory.

    7:31 pm  Oct 31st, 2008
  13. JODY


    7:42 pm  Nov 18th, 2008
  14. Anonymous

    […] to add a frightful thing to my surrounding decor, Gadora is ALWAYS up for a cookie. Thanks Pinch My Salt for posting. I may get into the spirit after […]

    8:27 pm  Oct 21st, 2009
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