My Favorite McCormick Gourmet Spices and a Big Giveaway

McCormick Spices

I have a question for you.  What are your favorite dried herbs and spices and how do you like to use them?  I use so many, so often, it’s really hard for me to pick favorites, but I thought I’d share a few that I seem to turn to most often lately.

Smoked Paprika – I sprinkle smoked paprika on all kinds of things when I want to add a smoky flavor without any heat, but one of my favorite ways to use it is on deviled eggs.  Delicious!  It was also really great mixed with butter and brushed over the top of these Cheddar, Parmesan, and Cracked Pepper Scones.

Roasted Saigon Cinnamon – If you’re a cinnamon lover, you have to try the McCormick Gourmet Roasted Saigon Cinnamon. I love it in both sweet and savory dishes and the extra intense flavor means that just a sprinkle goes a long way.  I love it on oatmeal or stirred into sweetened Greek yogurt.  It was fantastic in these Sour Cream Cinnamon Streusel Muffins with Pecan Filling.

Roasted Ground Cumin – I really am in love with the entire line of McCormick Gourmet Roasted Spices.  In my kitchen, cumin is probably the most-used spice.  I used to toast cumin seeds and grind them myself, but now I don’t have to!  Give it a try in these Smoky Spiced Black-Eyed Peas with Bacon.

Roasted Ground Coriander – It took me a while to appreciate and understand how to use coriander, but now it’s one of my favorite spices.  I love the intense warm citrus flavor in this roasted version.  It tastes great with carrots, especially mixed with butter.  If you’re new to coriander, try it in these Spiced Turkey Burgers with Green Olives and Feta.

Chinese Five Spice – I’m new to using Chinese Five Spice, but I fell in love with it the second I opened the bottle. Although traditionally used with meats and in stir-fry dishes, I’ve been using it to flavor these Sweet and Spicy Chinese Five Spice Roasted Almonds.

Mediterranean Spiced Sea Salt – Now that grilling season is here, I have to mention this spiced sea salt.  It’s a spice blend with natural sea salt and Mediterranean spices, including garlic, basil, oregano, lemon peel, red bell pepper and a hint of red pepper.  When I don’t have time to marinate chicken breasts, I just brush them with olive oil, add a squeeze of lemon, and sprinkle them with Mediterranean spiced sea salt before throwing them on the grill.  Quick, simple, and delicious!  You could also try it in this Mediterranean White Bean Bruschetta.

So, how would you like to win a new supply of McCormick Gourmet spices, including this cool rack!?  Well, I’m giving away THREE sets of spices!  This is definitely the most exciting giveaway I’ve ever done, and if you like to cook, you understand why I feel that way.  McCormick Gourmet will send three lucky winners a box full of their spices and a stainless steel, swiveling spice rack to store them.  Follow the directions below to enter the drawing – each of you can enter up to three times!

McCormick Spice Rack

How to Enter The McCormick Gourmet Spice Rack Giveaway:

UPDATE: The contest has ended and the comments on this post have been closed. Winners will be notified by e-mail.  Thank you!

1. For your first entry, leave a comment telling me about your favorite dried herb or spice and how you like to use it.

2. For a second entry, follow Pinch My Salt on Twitter then come back here and leave a second comment telling me you’ve done so (if you already follow me on twitter, that’s fine, just say so in the second comment).

3. For a third entry, follow Pinch My Salt on Facebook then come back here and leave a third comment telling me you’ve done so (if you already follow me on Facebook, that’s fine, just say so in the third comment).

4. Contest ends Sunday, May 1 at 8pm Pacific.  Three winners will be randomly chosen (using and will be notified by e-mail.  Giveaway is provided by McCormick Gourmet.

Disclaimer: I have been chosen by McCormick to participate in the McCormick Real Gourmets program. I have been paid by them and I received a big box full of McCormick Gourmet spices. I have been using McCormick Gourmet for years, and am thrilled for the opportunity to explore more of their spices and blends.

  1. haley

    I love curry powder. It always gives just the right kick.

    4:49 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  2. haley

    I follow you on Twitter.

    4:50 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  3. haley

    … and I follow you on Facebook!

    4:51 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  4. Stephanie F.

    My favorite is ground ginger! Thank you for this chance to win. I have my fingers crossed!!!

    4:51 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  5. autumn

    Definitely Smoked Paprika! It’s so versatile and unique. I love it on eggs and potatoes.

    4:52 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  6. Glenda The Good Foodie

    My favorite is cumin. It adds a smoky kind of flavor to my meatless dishes.
    I am vegetarian and cumin helps out the deeper seasoning

    4:52 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  7. Jessica

    Cinnamon, without a doubt…and am hoping to try the saigon cinnamon but can’t find it in my supermarket!

    I put cinnamon on basically everything, my favorites being my morning oatmeal, moroccan food and to give late-night chocolate treats that extra something!

    4:52 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  8. autumn

    i follow you on twitter

    4:52 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  9. Heather

    I love putting a bit or oregano on a cheese pizza. It really brings out the flavor. yum!

    4:53 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  10. Karly

    My favorite spice is onion powder. It’s lovely to add flavor without texture to things like scrambled eggs.

    4:53 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  11. Julie K

    Red pepper flakes! Makes everything better 🙂

    4:53 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  12. Heather

    I follow on Facebook

    4:53 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  13. Karly

    And I follow you on FB. 🙂

    4:53 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  14. Gayle

    I think my current fave is turmeric. I love It with my scrambled tofu.

    4:54 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  15. Regina

    I’m also a big fan of the spiced sea salt for grilling.

    4:54 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  16. Julie K

    Also, I started following you on FB 🙂

    4:54 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  17. Ali T

    I have been on an oregano kick lately. Love to use it, as it’s so very versatile. Great addition to sauces. I’ve been wanting to try smoked paprika; I have heard a lot of great things about it.

    4:54 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  18. Gayle

    I follow you on twitter. @monkeythreads

    4:55 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  19. Ali T

    Follow you on Twitter!

    4:55 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  20. Ali T

    Liked your page on Facebook. =)

    4:56 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  21. Laura

    my favorite dried herb/spice is my italian blend. I love sprinkling it on pasta, pizza, over veggies. It’s best when sprinkled on some roasted potatoes.

    4:56 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  22. Pamela

    I love the Roasted Saigon Cinnamon! I use it in French toast, gingersnaps, anything pumpkin……….LOVE IT!

    4:57 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  23. Kimmy @ Lighter and Local

    I’m with you on the smoked paprika. I use it in EVERYTHING. It goes into eggs, soups, salads, pretty much anything in our house.

    4:57 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  24. Walter

    Thyme adds to so many savory dishes from soups to egg/tuna/chicken salad to stews

    4:57 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  25. Walter

    Already follow on Twitter

    4:57 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  26. Dani

    Curry powder is my favorite! It has such a deep warm flavor. I love it!

    4:57 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  27. Pamela

    I follow you on Facebook, too!!

    4:57 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  28. Jamie

    I love Italian Seasoning. I use it in several recipes.

    4:58 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  29. Josie

    I follow you on F.B.

    4:58 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  30. Jamie

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    4:58 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  31. Jamie

    I follow you on twitter. @rangersbraves

    4:59 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  32. Zahreen G.

    I love the smoky flavor of chipotle seasoning for any of my mexican dishes, like guacamole or flavoring my taco meat.

    4:59 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  33. areyes

    How do i sign up for the Spice giveaway.

    4:59 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  34. Josie

    Choosing one is difficult, I have several favorites, I especially love oregano.

    5:00 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  35. Karen

    I LOVE cinnamon in my oatmeal!

    5:01 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  36. Nanna

    I love oregano! I use it on beef, spaghetti sauce.

    5:01 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  37. Marisa @ Loser for Life

    I LOVE dried thyme and use it on everything from chicken and fish to potatoes and roasted veggies!

    5:01 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  38. Jack Mercer

    I LOVE Cumin. I use it in anything I can! Almost as much as salt!

    5:01 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  39. Marisa @ Loser for Life

    I follow you on Twitter!

    5:02 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  40. Zahreen G.

    And I already follow you on Twitter.

    5:02 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  41. Holly

    My go-to is herbs de Provence.

    5:02 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  42. Marisa @ Loser for Life

    I liked you on FB!

    5:02 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  43. Zahreen G.

    And I also follow you on Facebook!

    5:02 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  44. TheBon

    I use dried dill constantly. My favorite use is in spaghetti sauce.

    5:03 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  45. TheBon

    I also follow you on twitter

    5:03 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  46. Kate

    I love Hungarian Hot Paprika, because it goes in everything and adds a depth of flavor and some spice.

    5:04 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  47. Alexis (from MN)

    My favorite spice(s)/herb(s) change almost daily so it really depends. Lately though I’ve been using a lot of paprika. I may be using it a lot because of the the season and all the deviled eggs we’re plowing through for snacktime at our house. But, I’ve also been cooking several different Chicken Paprikash dishes and they use quite a bit of it too. Either way I’ve been plowing through the paprika.

    Prior to the paprika I was on a curry run……lol. It just depends!

    5:05 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  48. Gayle

    I like you on facebook

    5:06 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  49. becca

    My favorite dried spice-probably oregano-it goes in everything-my Greek, my Mexican, my Italian. 1rst runner up-would be cumin-love the flavor it adds to just about anything.

    5:06 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  50. Stephanie

    I think the spice that seems to run out the fastest in my rack is defiantly garlic powder. I use it on and in everything. I like to added to things that are cooked low and slow because it adds a sweet undertone. I even love it on my kettle popped popcorn at night. Gives it a nice little bite. 🙂 My poor fiancée hehehehe.

    I added you on Facebook: Stephanie the one who mentioned

    I added you on Twitter: realPYT

    5:06 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  51. becca

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    5:06 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
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    5:06 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  53. Kimmy @ Lighter and Local

    I already follow you on twitter 🙂

    5:07 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  54. Hannah at FleurDeLicious

    I’m simple…dried oregano. I love it sauteed with some garlic in olive oil, tossed with pasta and parm! yum!

    5:07 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  55. Laurie

    I’m with you on the smoked paprika—it adds such a lovely, deep flavor. Plus, the color of it is fantastic.

    5:07 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  56. Ladette

    I love onion powder. I use it alot, ’cause I love the flavor it adds, but my kids “don’t like” onions. 🙂 OP allows me to sneak it in on them!

    5:08 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  57. Kimmy @ Lighter and Local

    *and* I just liked you on Facebook 🙂

    5:08 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  58. Erin

    I LOVE smoked paprika. It’s a new found love in frittatas and using half smoked half regular in my chicken paprikas recipe!

    5:09 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  59. Sarah

    I love to use smoked paprika on chicken or in rice. It imparts this rich smokey flavor.

    5:09 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  60. Ladette

    I follow you on Twitter.

    5:09 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  61. Sarah

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    5:09 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
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    5:09 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  63. Erin

    I follow you on twitter RinnieEats

    5:09 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  64. Alexis (from MN)

    I’ve got ya on FaceBook but can’t remember my Twitter name ‘cuz I never use it! LOL

    5:10 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  65. Linda

    Cumin! It’s used in so many different cuisines.

    5:10 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  66. Hannah at FleurDeLicious

    I already follow you on twitter (@CakeLust)

    5:10 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  67. Ladette

    I follow on FB.

    5:10 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  68. jmk

    I love thyme. I use it in almost everything – salads, vegetables, soups, stews. Just a little adds that ‘something’, a lot adds that ‘thyme’ flavor….

    5:10 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  69. Linda

    I follow you on Facebook.

    5:11 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
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    5:11 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
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    5:11 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  72. Hannah at FleurDeLicious

    I’m a fan of Pinch My Salt on facebook too!

    5:11 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  73. Stephanie

    Crushed red pepper! It’s good on almost anything and kicks the flavor up a notch!

    5:11 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  74. Amy

    My favorite spice is garlic powder. On everything. 😉

    5:12 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  75. jmk

    I already follow you on twitter!

    5:12 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  76. Amy

    I like your blog on Facebook (A. Mace).

    5:12 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  77. d.liff @ yelleBELLYboo

    Without a doubt, crushed red pepper. I put it on every savory dish I make – stuffed red peppers, pizza, asian lettuce wraps…I can’t get enough!!

    5:13 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  78. Amy

    Following you on Twitter @neverdene.

    5:13 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  79. Nicole

    I love to use thyme because it’s such an earthy and woodsy herb I use it in a ratatoile it’s a French vegetable dish and it goes well with all the flavors and then I make a nice focaccia bread

    5:13 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  80. Bluestbutterfly

    I like any kind of dulce (mild) paprika. McCormick Paprika is good…I think that I currently have both their regular paprika and Spanish Paprika. I also really like (authentic) Hungarian paprika. We use paprika for many recipes. Mixed in with Hollandaise Sauce on top of a pasta dish we made up. As a part of “Sauteed Fruits” (served with steak) from “The Joy of Cooking.” By the way, getting paprika up your nose is horrible.

    5:16 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  81. Karen

    I love using the italian spice blend with EVOO as a dipping sauce for with fresh baked french bread. Yummm….

    5:17 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  82. Ashley

    I love Rosemary because it’s so savory and can bring such dimention to any dish!

    5:17 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  83. Kathleen P

    Cinnamon! My family loves cinnamon rolls and bread.

    5:17 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  84. Karen

    And I follow you on twitter….

    5:18 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  85. Janis

    Smoked paprika, I tend to use it in place of part or all of the chili powder called for in my favorite spicy recipes… my dear bf can’t handle the heat!

    5:18 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  86. Karen

    And….facebook. 🙂

    5:18 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  87. NotBeyondHope

    McCormick cinnamon and basil are two staples I can’t live without. Try putting a pinch of cinnamon in spaghetti sauce- just a pinch- adds a new dimension to basic spaghetti. And basil- if I don’t make glazed carrots with brown sugar, butter, and basil at least once a week I feel like I’m missing something!

    5:18 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  88. Ashley

    I already follow you on twitter @joshashleyworld! I don’t have fb but I’ll have my dad follow you on twitter @snewbird63

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    5:19 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  89. Bluestbutterfly

    I was surprised to see that I was not following you on Twitter. That is (happily) corrected now.

    5:19 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  90. Bluestbutterfly

    I follow and talk to you on Facebook. 🙂

    5:20 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  91. andrea @ chocolateandoranges

    Cinnamon is my absolute favorite, I use it on practically everything (oatmeal every morning and on veggies are favorites). Cinnamon is closely followed by cardamom!

    5:21 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  92. Janis

    i follow you on Twitter!

    5:21 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  93. Vanessa

    These all sound great! I’m a smoked paprika fan, but my most commonly used spice is garlic. You can never have too much garlic. It’s a sickness. 🙂

    5:21 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  94. Patty

    Tossup between nutmeg (goes on every latte) and oregano.

    5:21 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  95. Janis

    I follow you on Facebook

    5:22 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  96. Vanessa

    And I already follow you on twitter. I’m vanessadadams on there!

    5:22 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  97. Liz

    I use paprika all the time! My favorite use is on home fries.

    5:22 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  98. Liz

    I’m not on twitter so I can’t follow….

    5:23 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  99. Liz

    I’ve liked you on FB… So here’s my third entry!

    5:23 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  100. kathryn

    I absolutely agree with you on the wonders of cumin!

    5:25 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  101. JenniferC

    I use a variety of herbs and spices on everything I make. One of my biggest pet peeves is bland food so I love finding new spices to use!! Smoked Paprika is one of my current favorites. But I am always on the lookout for more!

    5:26 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  102. nina

    i also love red curry powder, i use to make chicken apple curry! and curried soups too

    5:27 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  103. Meighan @ Cooking With Abandon

    I love cumin, rosemary, thyme. I don’t think I could cook without them! Oh, and basil!

    5:27 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  104. Christine

    I LOVE cinnamon. It’s my fave 🙂

    5:28 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  105. Christine

    I follow you on facebook 🙂

    5:28 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  106. Ellon from Chef Barbie Cooks

    i can’t decide what is my favorite. i love paprika, but i also love the mediterrainian sea salt.

    5:28 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  107. Christine

    And I already follow you on Twitter.

    5:28 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  108. Ellon from Chef Barbie Cooks

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    5:29 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  109. Ellon from Chef Barbie Cooks

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    5:29 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  110. kathryn

    Just tweeted the giveaway!

    5:29 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  111. Meighan @ Cooking With Abandon

    also a friend on facebook, please “like” me too!

    5:30 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  112. Embla


    Especially after I’ve discovered the savory/sweet use of cinnamon in Algerian/Moroccan dishes. Mmm~!

    5:30 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  113. Embla

    I already follow you on Twitter. 😀

    5:30 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  114. amber

    I love cinnamon, cumin, dried oregano, and sea salt. The only spice I don’t love is dried thyme.

    5:32 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  115. amber

    I follow you on FB too! Thanks for the give away.

    5:32 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  116. Patty

    I’m following on Twitter.

    5:35 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  117. adelaide b

    I have been super into dill lately. Makes my chicken salad nummy.

    5:36 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  118. Alessa

    Chili powder makes everything better….from mexican beans to roasted chicken breast.

    5:36 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  119. Shannyn

    I have been pretty addicted to cumin lately…though my go-to is definitely italian seasoning when I’m feeling lazy and want to whip up something easy and quick!

    5:37 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  120. Michelle

    My favorite is ginger-I love adding it to oatmeal and quinoa for breakfast!

    5:37 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  121. Michelle

    I also already follow you on twitter 🙂

    5:37 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  122. Kim

    Smoked Paprika is my favorite–love a sprinkle in so many dishes as a final touch!

    5:38 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  123. Kim

    I already follow you on Twitter! Thanks!!

    5:38 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  124. Carol

    Its hard to pick just one, but I guess it would be pepperblend… And garlic. 🙂

    5:41 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  125. John

    I love when my girl and I go to the outside market and smell all the spices and scents…I would have to say cumin with it’s smokey goodness is our favorite. We use it in home made chili, smoked fish, fish tacossss! and chicken, roasted vegatables…I could go on all day. Peace please!

    5:41 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  126. Carol

    I follow you on twitter…

    5:41 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  127. Carol

    You are on my facebook! Love the recipes! 🙂

    5:42 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  128. courtney

    My fave spice is cinnamon! I have a huge sweet tooth!

    5:42 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  129. Chandra Nicole

    I use a pinch of Cayenne in almost everything… I loves me some spicy, Kicky foods!!

    5:43 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  130. Leigh Ann

    I like to use curry powder…in chicken salad and to add pizzaz to couscous on occassion.

    btw…I like you on FB already 🙂

    5:44 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  131. Chandra Nicole

    I already follow you on Twitter 🙂

    5:44 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  132. Chandra Nicole

    …. and Facebook!

    5:44 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  133. Luisa

    Hi! Here are my top 5 (I hope you don’t mind could not just pick one – I’m a spice & herb freak!)

    1. I totally agree with everyone’s popular choice of smoked paprika, especially for deviled eggs! I also use dried dill in the filling:

    2. Ground Cumin – it’s used a lot in portuguese cooking and adds a deep smokey linger to my red lentil soup:

    3. Whole Nutmeg – freshly grated into béchamel, creamed spinach, quiches, and butternut squash filling for homemade raviolis… the list goes on and on. I could not live without it!

    4. Ground Cinnamon & Cinnamon Sticks- of course it’s great for sweet baked goods like cinnamon rolls and carrot cake but when you add cinnamon to a savory dish, it suddenly becomes exotic and so incredibly fragrant – filling for a Moussaka or a Moroccan dish like this:

    5. Saffron – a spice that costs more than gold per pound! It’s a must have for paella and Persian rice but another surprise is using it in a dessert, like Saffron Panna Cotta:

    5:45 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  134. Jalanda

    Ground cumin is my favorite dried spice!

    5:49 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  135. Luisa

    I just now finally joined Twitter for ya! 🙂

    5:49 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  136. Jalanda

    I’m now following you on Twitter!


    5:50 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  137. Luisa

    I already follow you on Facebook. Thanks for this very nice giveaway!

    5:51 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  138. Jalanda

    Third criteria met! I’ve liked your page on Facebook and am now following there as well.

    I want those spices! I’m a die hard foodie! LOL

    Great giveaway!

    5:52 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  139. jessica

    garlic salt-I use it on/in everything I would put granulated garlic in. sometimes there just isn’t time to chop garlic and we don’t go through enough in our house to keep it around fresh all of the time.

    5:54 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  140. jessica

    follow on FB!!!!

    5:54 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  141. Lori

    I follow you on Twitter 🙂

    5:54 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  142. jessica

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    5:54 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  143. Eva

    I love cinnamon. Cinnamon rolls of course!

    5:54 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  144. Lori

    I follow you on Facebook 🙂

    5:55 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  145. Eva

    I also follow you on twitter.

    5:55 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  146. Jen S

    Fantastic giveaway. Thank you McCormick! My current favorite spice is cardamom. I’m having so much fun grinding the seed pods myself with a mortar and pestle. It is great in sweet and savory dishes from chai, or coffee bread, to meat sauces and curries.

    5:56 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  147. Jen S

    I also follow you on Facebook. This is how I read about your giveaway.

    5:57 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  148. Misty

    Chili powder is a constant in my kitchen! What an awesome giveaway!

    5:57 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  149. Danielle

    My fav is regular Paprika I use it on my Paprika crust potatoes. I take small potatoes boiled and soft cut them into 1/4. I take a frying pan and heat up some butter. I put in the potatoes and fry just slightly. Add the Paprika and toss. heat untill it becomes a slight crust. MMMMM so good!

    5:59 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  150. Misty

    And I follow you on Twitter.

    5:59 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  151. Dena

    My fav comment, I cannot cook without garlic and onion powder, a must have in my kitchen,loved the info on the other spices,will try those soon.

    5:59 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  152. Julie (Bananas for Bourbon)

    It’s a toss-up between cumin and smoked paprika. I put both in so much of my food. I love dried spices, they add so much great flavor!

    6:00 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  153. Danielle

    I follow you on twitter and facebook! Great giveaway! PLEASE Pick me!!!

    6:02 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
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    6:05 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
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    6:05 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  159. Alison

    Too many favorites! I love cumin and nutmeg…very versatile!

    6:05 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  160. Jen

    I love the Italian blend. I use it for sauces and salad dressing!

    6:07 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  161. Lynn

    My favorite is cinnamon…I’m sure that’s so simple and everyone loves it too but I put it on anything humanly possible!

    6:08 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  162. Jen

    I already follow you in Twitter 🙂

    6:08 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  163. Lynn

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    6:09 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  164. Lynn

    following on facebook too!

    6:09 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  165. Jessica

    My secret weapon is mint– especially paired with oregano. They work great together in meatballs, and even on salads!

    6:11 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  166. Lindsey

    cardamom in lamb meat balls. so good.

    6:11 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  167. Jessica

    And I already follow you on Facebook. : )

    6:11 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  168. Jessica

    And Twitter, too!

    6:12 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  169. Jacqueline

    This is a hard one. I think I use basil the most. I toss it in everything. My favorite way to use it is on a toasted piece of bread with fresh tomatoes an mozzarella. Garlic would be a close second.

    6:14 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  170. Jacqueline

    I like you on Facebook!

    6:15 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  171. sara

    My favorite spice is probably cardamom – I love the unique scent it has. I love to use it in a fantastic cardamom-chocolate chip coffee cake that I’ve been making since I was in college. It’s also a fun way to spice up applesauce cake or anything else where you would usually just use cinnamon.

    6:17 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  172. sara

    I follow you on twitter! I am @cupcake_muffin

    6:17 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  173. sara

    I also like Pinch My Salt on facebook! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

    6:18 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  174. Kathy - Panini Happy

    Awesome giveaway! My current favorite spice (well, blend) is garam masala.

    6:18 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  175. Kathy - Panini Happy

    I follow you on twitter

    6:19 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  176. becca

    crushed red pepper flakes in everything, i love my spice!

    6:19 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  177. Kathy - Panini Happy

    I like you on Facebook

    6:19 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  178. Debbie

    Lemongrass, I like fresh but have made my own dried. I use it in my Thai spicy prawn salad and my Thai lemongrass chicken stir fry. I love spices and I love to grow them and dry them also!!

    6:19 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  179. Kendra

    I’m a cumin junkie. I add it to lentil or black bean soups.

    6:22 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  180. dineindiva

    Love Chinese Five Spice as a dry rub for chicken thighs and as a sub for cinnamon in certain dishes, like fig gelato.

    6:22 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  181. silvia

    I put cumin and chili powder on pretty much every meat I cook!

    6:22 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  182. Kendra

    I like Pinch My Salt on Facebook as well : )

    6:22 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  183. dineindiva

    Now a Facebook fan.

    6:23 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
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    And a Twitter follower

    6:24 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  185. Rachel Elefson

    I love to use just about anything, but curry chicken and rice is my favorite.

    6:29 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  186. Rachel Elefson

    I foll you on facebook. 🙂

    6:30 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  187. Corisa

    I absolutely love something simple like sprinkling CINNAMON and sugar on buttered toast ! YUM !

    6:31 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  188. Kizzy

    Well the ground spice I use the most right now is cayenne pepper, It gives a great kick to most everything.

    6:31 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  189. Kizzy

    I follow you on Facebook.

    6:32 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  190. Heather

    My favorite is pumpkin pie spice. I love to use this when making your pumpkin spice scones!

    6:33 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  191. Scott

    My favorite spice (spices?) is Mrs. Dash original. I use it on nearly everything!

    6:34 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  192. Carly

    My favorite is between cinnamon and curry. I use them both soo much! Cinnamon goes into any baked good and my favorite meal in the world is a coconut curry dish.

    6:35 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  193. Chris

    My favorite spice would be either curry powder or Italian seasoning. I use Italian seasoning in a lot of my dishes and I just love the flavor that curry brings to anything.

    6:35 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  194. Chris

    I followed you on Twitter!

    6:36 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  195. Carly

    Just “liked” the facebook page too!

    6:36 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  196. Tammy Sharp

    I love Italian Seasoning when cooking chicken, for just about anything.

    6:37 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  197. Chris

    I liked you on Facebook, too!

    6:37 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  198. Debbie

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    6:37 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  199. Jennie

    I love chervil and tarragon on meat salad.

    6:38 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  200. Linda Van Der Werf

    My favorite is cinnamon. I use it in my coffee, in cakes, in scones, muffins, etc.

    6:38 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  201. Lynn J

    I have a bottle of McCormick Red Pepper Flakes that I use daily, eggs, potatoes, pasta, pizza…everything. I also love Smoked Paprika and cumin, which I’m enjoying on some roasted sweet potatoes this evening. Thanks for the contest, love your blog and recipes!

    6:39 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  202. Tammy Sharp

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    6:40 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  206. Jessica

    Some may scrunch their noses up at this, but I love dried dill. I love it on bagels with cream cheese, in tuna salad, on toast with goat cheese and tomato. Love it!

    6:40 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  207. melissa

    Cayenne! We use it on just about everything.

    6:41 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  208. Lisa~~

    I love Jamaican curry powder and I use it all the time on meats & veg as it gives a great kick to everything.

    6:42 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  209. Lisa~~

    I follow you on FB.

    6:42 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  210. Jessica

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    6:43 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  211. Jessica

    I follow you on facebook and that is how I heard about this!

    6:43 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  212. Martha

    My 87 year old father just got put on a LOW sodium diet, so I’m trying all sorts of new spices. Trying to give his food a little bit of flavor.

    6:46 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  213. Alyse

    Oh, I would have to say smoked paprika, for now. I use it in my rub for meats.

    6:49 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  214. Meredyth H

    I like cinnamon best! I put it in every dessert I make, and sprinkle some on my cereal every morning!

    6:49 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  215. Beth

    Cinnamon it is, there are not many baked goods that I won’t try it in. It always adds such depth.

    6:49 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  216. Beth B

    I love thyme. It adds just the right flavor to many savory dishes. I also love cinnamon, especially in french toast caramel casserole.

    6:50 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  217. Leah

    My mouth is watering. I will use them all. And I’m dying to try the Chinese 5 Spice.

    6:50 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  218. Martha

    I’m following you on Twitter now!

    6:51 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  219. carmen

    cinnamon! i love to put it in my oatmeal everyday.

    6:51 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  220. Leah

    Just followed you on Twitter.

    6:51 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  221. Amber

    I probably use oregano and basil the most, then cinnamon, i want to try that new cinnamon, it sounds fantastic!

    6:51 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  222. Emily G.

    My favorite spice at the moment has to be cayenne pepper. spices up brunch in a great way! (I’ve used it in home fries, and with brown sugar on bacon.)

    6:52 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  223. Amber

    I liked you on Facebook!

    6:52 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  224. Beth B

    I love thyme in savory dishes and cinnamon in sweet dishes, like caramel french toast casserole. I now want to try the Mediterranean flavored sea salt.

    6:52 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  225. Leah

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    6:53 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  229. david k

    i’d have to go with the smoked paprika – i use it in rubs, and it goes fast.

    6:53 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  230. Emily G.

    And liked you on Facebook (and shared the contest there as well!)

    6:54 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  231. Susan S

    I guess I’d have to agree with a few of your other commenters: I love to add curry powder to lots of things, especially to a thick, creamy sauce. I also love cinnamon in hot chocolate, oatmeal, and crisp toppings.

    6:55 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  232. Susan S

    I am now following you on Twitter.

    6:57 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  233. Amanda

    I’ve recently become slightly obsessed with dried summer savory. I love it’s subtle flavour with roasted/steamed veggies, pasta dishes & in salad dressings.

    6:57 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  234. Susan S

    And I’m following you on Facebook.

    6:57 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  235. Amanda

    I’m following on twitter. (@Ulixis)

    6:57 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  236. ladywild

    Chili powder. I put it in hamburgers, chicken, vegetables, lots of things.

    6:58 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  237. Lynn J

    #2 I dont tweet anymore
    #3 I friended you up on Facebook at Thanksgiving when I made your Sweet Potato Buttermilk Rolls, which were fabulous and sure to be repeated for this years feast.

    6:58 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  238. Amanda

    I like you on facebook (Amanda Giesler) – I hope I win! This would be SO awesome (& a great way to organize my cluttered spice cabinet)!

    6:58 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  239. Londa

    I love thyme! Can’t get enough of dill either!

    6:59 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  240. Londa

    I follow you on twitter!

    6:59 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  241. Sarah

    I love spices! I probably use red pepper flakes (love the heat, allepo pepper is awesome) and cumin the most. Sometimes I put red pepper flakes on my meal just so I don’t have my kids asking for bites every other second. Is this bad????

    7:00 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  242. Sarah

    I follow on twitter!

    7:00 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  243. Sarah

    I follow on FB! Sweet giveaway (or savory, I guess :)~!

    7:01 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  244. Debbie

    Freshly grated nutmeg is one of my favorite spices–it adds such a nice depth of flavor.

    7:01 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  245. Stacy

    I’m a traditionalist with this one – Garlic Salt is a main stay in our house. We use it in almost everything, but I love it when we make flat bread. You melt a little butter, shake in some garlic salt and a little herbs de provence then brush it on flat bread and toast on a hot griddle, brush the second side and turn. DELISH!

    7:03 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  246. Shirley

    My favorite spice is definitely fresh nutmeg- love it on fruit crumble, especially blueberry, but wait, apple – no strawberry/rhubarb – love it all !

    7:03 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  247. Stacy

    I just “followed” you on twitter

    7:03 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  248. Stacy

    I’m already and fan of your facebook page.

    7:04 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  249. Rebecca

    I would say I have two favorite spices right now, but more because they are the newest thing I use. Cumin – I decided I was tired of being one of those people who buys a package labeled “Taco” for their taco seasoning, so now I make my own. And Chili powder, because I wanted to make my own chili from scratch and I like being able to choose the flavor and heat by adding my own seasoning.

    7:04 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  250. Erin

    Cinnamon on EVERYTHING! breakfast, lunch & dinner

    7:05 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  251. Val

    Zata’ar is the best spice mix! I like it on freshly baked flatbread with olive oil, then dipped in lebni. Delicious! If it has to be a singular herb/spice, I’ll go with lavender — I love it in cookies.

    7:07 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  252. Malika Walker

    I love cardamon! It’s great in a chi tea mix and I’ve recently started using it with brown rice dishes

    7:09 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  253. Laura

    chinese five spice on anything sweet like oatmeal, applesauce, or rice pudding!

    7:10 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  254. Malika Walker

    I follow you on Facebook already

    7:10 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  255. danielle

    I hate having to pick, but based on use I have to say cinnamon.

    7:10 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  256. Laura

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    7:10 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  257. Malika Walker

    I would follow you on twitter if I could afford it on my phone plan~~ LOL

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  258. danielle

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    7:11 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
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    And facebook. 🙂

    7:12 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  260. Rebecca

    Didn’t know you were on Facebook, but I do now!

    7:13 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  261. kathy

    What treat to have so many fresh spices all at once!!!
    Cumin is one of my favorites!

    7:13 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  262. Priti

    I like to use cumin for almost all the things I make …simply flavorful and aromatic.

    7:14 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  263. Priti

    Following you on FB

    7:14 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  264. Laura J

    Cinnamon is my most used, but paprika is probably my favorite flavor. you have to use a lot, but the flavor is great

    7:16 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  265. Laura J

    I follow you on facebook

    7:17 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  266. Jill

    Smoked paprika! I sprinkle it over hummus after drizzling with a little olive oil. Also a great topping for deviled eggs.

    7:20 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  267. Phyllis

    Just a little crushed red pepper is wonderful in salads, soups, casseroles and makes the ordinary dish very special.

    7:20 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  268. Jill

    Already a FB fan!

    7:22 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  269. Patti W

    Cinnamon is my favorite spice. Eat it on oatmeal every morning.

    7:22 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  270. Sarah

    My favorite spice of all time is Cinnamon. I always up the amount in oatmeal cookies, and add it to plain-old oatmeal. It’s also amazing in coffee.

    7:22 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  271. Sarah

    I follow you on facebook! Love reading about the newest recipes as they’re created!

    7:23 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  272. Sharon

    My favorite is cinnamon. I love to use it in coffee cakes, muffins, cakes, and of course cinnamon rolls.

    7:23 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  273. Patti W

    I already follow you on twitter. @patti1075

    7:23 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  274. Sharon

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    I follow you on facebook. Thanks for chance to win the spices.

    7:24 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  276. Sharon

    I follow Pinch My Salt on facebook.
    (Sharon Olivier)

    7:25 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  277. Cathy

    I love cinnamon. I like to bake apples with brown sugar and cinnamon.

    7:25 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  278. Andrea

    My favorite all purpose spice is ginger. I like it in sweet and savory dishes. I also use smoked paprika a lot, too.

    7:28 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  279. win l.

    My favorite herb is star anise~ I love to do chinese braises with it.

    7:29 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  280. Wolf

    I use a lot of the same spices/herbs you do. I particularly like their Roasted line alot, and their sea salt blends.

    My fav herb is Tarragon. I like it for its hint of spice and the bright green color.

    7:31 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  281. winn

    My favorite herb is mustard seeds. I love to do Indian dishes with it.

    7:31 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  282. Wolf

    I already follow you on Twitter (DantesSpirit)

    7:31 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  283. Emily

    I use tons and tons of cinnamon. I bake a lot so it goes into many different baked items that I make. One of my favorite ways of using it though is for cinnamon sugar toast in the morning!

    7:31 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  284. Wolf

    And I already follow you on Facebook (and we’re Daring Bakers together as well. Wolf SilverOak)

    7:32 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  285. Emily

    I follow you on Twitter!!

    7:32 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  286. Emily

    I follow you on Facebook!!

    7:32 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  287. SallyBR

    Very hard to pick a favorite, but I’d say herbes de Provence are one of the mixes I use the most, because I make croutons from scratch at least a couple of times per week (we are Caesar salad addicts) and a sprinkle of herbes de Provence over the croutons as they brown is all I need to make them special

    and a touch of salt, of course…

    7:34 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  288. Chantel

    I absolutely adore cinnamon. I love the warm-sweet smell, and it’s just great in so many things. I use it in yogurt and oatmeal, for baking cookies, breads, and other goodies, and have even used it to flavor pork! It’s just an all-around amazing spice.

    7:35 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  289. Schib02

    I LOVE using fresh thyme in just about ANYTHING. I like it most in a pumpking white bean soup that I make. So yummy!

    7:36 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  290. Schib02

    I’ve been following you on twitter for a while!

    7:36 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  291. Chantel

    I’m following you on Twitter (Berry_Black). 🙂

    7:36 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
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    And now I’ve joined you on Facebook!

    7:36 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  293. Chantel

    Following you on Facebook (Chantel Selcer) !

    7:38 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  294. Elizabeth

    LEMON PEPPER!!! A generous sprinkle into a mix of olive oil, lemon juice, fresh crushed garlic and kosher salt makes a salad ZING! Love it. Make it in the bottom of the salad bowl before adding the greens, then toss and eat! Or on halibut or salmon before baking, yum…..and it looks great too.

    7:43 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  295. Tari

    My favorite Dried Herb is Thyme. I like to mix it with butter and stuff it under the skin of a Chicken. I then roast it over root vegetables. The Thyme butter flavors everything wonderfully!

    7:59 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  296. Jennifer H

    I love curry powder and cumin–they add great depth and flavor to all my winter soups.

    7:59 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  297. Tari

    I follow you on Twitter!

    7:59 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  298. Tari

    And I follow you on Facebook!!! 🙂

    8:00 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  299. Wendy Sejour

    I love tarragon, especially on fresh green peas, a wonderful taste of spring.

    8:00 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  300. Wendy Sejour

    Now following you on twitter!

    8:01 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  301. Wendy Sejour

    I’ve been following you on facebook for a while now.

    8:02 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  302. Christine

    Cinnamon! the smell, the taste, the health aspect. What’s not to love? I use it wherever I can, hot drinks, sprinkled on oatmeal, in baking, on yogurt.

    8:06 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  303. Amanda Thompson

    I love Porcini Sea Salt ~ it adds so much flavor to everything, from steaks to pasta dishes to Caprese salad! 🙂

    8:06 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  304. Jules

    Nutmeg! I use it whenever I can 🙂

    8:14 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  305. Jules

    I follow you on Twitter!

    8:15 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  306. Dorothy at Belle of the Kitchen

    I absolutely love McCormick’s Red Curry Powder (and it can be tough to find, so I’m pumped about this giveaway!). I use it for all curry dishes, but it is a bit more pronounced than regular curry. I also love dried lavender for baking and my favorite, creme brulee!

    8:20 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  307. Tatiana

    Smoked paprika! I love to use it on sauteed cabbage, onions and bacon…SO GOOD!

    8:21 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  308. briita

    I love nutmeg, fresh ground! And garam masala. and am always trying to find new ways to use them.

    8:23 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  309. Carmen

    My favorite is garlic salt. I have three boys and the oldest two (5&6) absolutely love for me to make bread in the oven toasted with garlic salt on it to dip in our chili, that I also put garlic salt in!! My youngest ( 7 mths) is too little for spices, but I am sure he is going to love it too!

    8:28 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  310. Ivy

    My favorite dried spice is definitely crushed red pepper flakes. I don’t even know what we’d eat without them.

    8:31 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  311. janeywan

    This is tough to name just one, I’ll go with cinnamon.

    8:32 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  312. Julie C

    There’s a marinade recipe my Grandma pulled from a magazine years and years ago that’s now “Grandma’s.” That marinade uses ground mustard, ground ginger, garlic powder, and black pepper in a soy sauce base for a marinade that is delicious on both beef and chicken. 🙂 And since I used the last of my mustard when I made that delicious egg salad the other day, I could really use a fresh jar. 😉

    8:32 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  313. Julie C

    I follow Pinch My Salt on twitter. 🙂

    8:33 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  314. janeywan

    I liked you on FB.

    8:34 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  315. Julie C

    And I like Pinch My Salt (a lot) on facebook!

    8:34 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  316. Jem

    I love cinnamon on my oatmeal.

    8:34 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  317. Jem

    I follow you on Twitter.

    8:34 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  318. Jem

    I liked you on Facebook!

    8:35 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  319. janeywan

    Following on Twitter!

    8:37 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  320. Yoyomax

    I love cinnamon, it is wonderful in so many desserts and even in jerk chicken!

    8:37 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  321. Virginia

    My favorite is cinnamon. I use it in lots of foods-oatmeal, muffins

    8:37 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  322. Yoyomax

    I follow you on twitter!

    8:37 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  323. Yoyomax

    I follow pinch my salt on facebook

    8:39 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  324. Lauren

    I love love love freshly ground nutmeg and use it virtually every morning in my plain yogurt with sliced banana. However, freshly ground black peppercorns is the most ubiquitous spice in my diet. As a child, I used to dunk and roll warm hard boiled eggs in pepper, essentially encrusting the egg. Heavenly!

    8:42 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  325. Sarah

    since my passion is baking I use cinnamon the most – I love it!

    8:45 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  326. Kristen

    smoked paprika is my favorite! It’s great on scrambled eggs and in burgers!

    8:49 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  327. DocLauraB

    I follow you on twitter.

    8:51 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  328. DocLauraB

    I like dill in any white cream sauce.

    8:52 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  329. Sarah G

    I love cumin! I use it in/on practically everything.

    8:53 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  330. DocLauraB

    Follow you on FB.

    8:53 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  331. Sarah G

    I don’t twitter, but I’ve been a fan on facebook for a few weeks now 🙂

    8:54 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  332. Nerissa A

    I love blending parsley, basil, oregano, rosmary, and thyme in my lasagna and ANY pasta dishes. I’ve tried other dried herbs, and McCormick herbs taste the closest to fresh when I don’t want to buy a whole bunch that I can’t use up in a few dishes. 🙂

    9:02 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  333. Nerissa A

    I love blending parsley, basil, oregano, rosemary, and thyme in my lasagna and ANY pasta dishes. I’ve tried other dried herbs, and McCormick herbs taste the closest to fresh when I don’t want to buy a whole bunch that I can’t use up in a few dishes. 🙂

    9:02 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  334. Nerissa A

    Followed you on FB 🙂

    9:03 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  335. diane

    Cumin is the spice that I use on many foods. I’ve put it in chicken salad, lima beans, lentils, mexican dishes, I’ve even added cumin to deviled eggs and they were really good. I’m all about flavor and I’ll have to say that I can usually count on cumin to spice it up.

    9:04 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  336. Nerissa A

    Followed you on Twitter 🙂
    **Sorry about the double post of what I like to do with the herbs… IE was being uncooperative**

    9:04 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  337. Mama Pfief

    Cinnamon is the most delicious, mouth-watering spice. While it’s great in many Mediterranean dishes, my favorite use is in classic Cinnamon Rolls. It’s not a holiday if I haven’t made Cinnamon Rolls, according to my family. While I use Saigon Cinnamon, my current brand is not McCormick, so I would like to try their herbs.

    9:07 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  338. Kay Nicholas

    My fav is dried basil. I’m intrigued by all the smoked spices. Will be trying some of them soon.

    9:12 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  339. April Kofler

    I follow you on facebook

    9:12 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  340. April Kofler

    Oh my favorite is hard…Love nutmeg, there is not a baked item I do not add it to, well besides peanut butter cookies.
    Love dried chives, I add it to my blue cheese burgers, cumin might be my all time favorite, for chili, my chulpa dish, rice…. Oh I just love them all. :o)

    9:15 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  341. Kay Nicholas

    I already follow you on Twitter!!!

    9:16 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  342. Kay Nicholas

    I’m already enjoying your daily posts on Facebook!!!

    9:16 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  343. RC Liley

    My favorite spice is Cayenne! If my blog title didn’t make it obvious enough….

    9:22 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  344. RC Liley

    I follow you on twitter and enjoy your tweets too!

    9:23 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  345. cheryl

    Hmmh! Let me think a moment… I ‘m thinking my fave spice would be an Italian blend, as I frequently roast grape tomatoes with olive oil, garlic, basil pesto, oregano, sea salt and Italian seasoning. Absolutely superb flavours!

    9:25 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  346. RC Liley

    I have completed the 3 quest and happy to do so. I follow you on Facebook.

    9:25 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  347. Ani

    Oregano! For breakfast potatoes: slice ’em, cook ’em with sliced onions and tons of dried oregano, salt and pepper. Reminds me of Sunday mornings growing up.

    9:29 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  348. Ani

    I already follow you on Twitter. 🙂

    9:29 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  349. Ani

    And I follow you on Facebook. 🙂

    9:29 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  350. Yan

    1. My favorite is rosemary on potatoes!

    9:32 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  351. Yan

    2. Followed you on FB 🙂

    9:35 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  352. evey

    my favorite dried spice is definitely cumin. It adds such a unique spicy smoky flavor to many things. Try it in scrambled eggs with a bit of sharp cheddar cheese and chives.

    9:53 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  353. Christina C.

    I love Dried Rosemary. I use it to make roasted potatoes.

    9:55 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  354. Kelly Meyer

    Cinnamon all the way! Its amazing in almost everything! Especially if I use it with apples. duh!

    10:00 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  355. Kelly Meyer

    I totally follow you on facebook!!

    10:02 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  356. NotBeyondHope

    2nd entry- I already follow you on FaceBook!

    10:08 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  357. Anne B.

    My favorite spice is cinnamon. I use it on sliced apples, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, and many other things. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    10:14 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  358. Claire

    For savory dishes, cumin! And for sweet treats, cinnamon and ground ginger! I know that’s more than one, but it’s too hard to choose! This is a great giveaway, thanks!

    10:20 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  359. Anne B.

    I’m a fan of Pinch My Salt on facebook.

    10:22 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  360. Richard Haber

    Which is your favorite child…erm, spice? Hard to narrow it down to one since each is a favorite for different situations. The most used, however, is probably cumin, whose flavor seems to bridge the flavors of many different cultures. But I love all you others, too…

    10:26 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  361. Richard Haber

    I’m already following you on twitter, which is where I found this giveaway.

    10:27 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  362. Richard Haber

    And now I’m following you on Facebook, too…

    10:29 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  363. Dana

    My go-to spice is almost always cumin — but I also love smoked paprika and chipotle chili powder. Maldon Sea Salt is also a staple, and I always have my eye out for Fleur de Sel….

    10:31 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  364. Dana

    Count me as already a member of your Facebook family, I always enjoy your ‘what I had for lunch’ posts 🙂

    10:32 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  365. Helen

    I love crushed garlic and peppercorn. I also follow you on twitter!

    10:35 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  366. Anne B.

    Now following Pinch My Salt on twitter.

    10:36 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  367. Dana

    …and now I’m part of your Twitter family too…

    10:37 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  368. Shiyiya

    My most-used on absolutely everything would be garlic powder.

    10:54 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  369. Aza

    My favorite has got to be garlic powder, or perhaps Italian seasoning. I put them both on everything!

    11:12 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  370. Aza

    I follow Pinch My Salt on twitter.

    11:15 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  371. Aza

    …And I’ve liked you on facebook too.

    11:17 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  372. Esi

    Tough choice but my fave is cinnamon, mostly in sweet treats like baked goods and oatmeal

    11:27 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  373. AnnaLyon

    Smoked paprika is the best!
    I use it in hummus, cream sauces, meat marinades,and chocolate cake, among others…

    11:31 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  374. deb

    cinnamon is used at least once daily around here – always in my breakfast foods: oatmeal, pecan waffles, pancakes,etc., but also in my chili, along with cumin, cayenne and chili powder! i love to zing up recipes by pairing ‘sweeter’ spices with savory dishes and savory, earthy or warm spices with sweet dishes….!

    11:34 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  375. deb

    following you on facebook….!

    11:40 pm  Apr 29th, 2011
  376. Kimberly A.

    Garlic Powder. I seriously flavor everything from my meats,veggies, butter, etc. I love the taste of Garlic!!

    12:35 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  377. Kimberly A.

    I follow you on twitter.:)

    12:38 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  378. Kimberly A.

    I follow you on Facebook as well!

    12:40 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  379. julie

    my favorite spice is cinnamon, for tasty cinnamon baked goods!

    12:42 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  380. Kath

    I love marjoram, it always smells so fresh and sweet, almost like out of the garden. I use it on meat, eggs, veggies, sauces. I follow Pinch My Salt on facebook.

    12:51 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  381. Ali

    My favorite is ginger. Living in Alaska we eat a lot of salmon, and ginger is a great compliment.

    1:22 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  382. Ali

    I follow you on facebook!

    1:23 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  383. Erica

    Cumin. I use it in absolutely everything. I have to buy it in bulk just to make sure I never run out!!

    1:57 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  384. Erica

    I already follow you on Twitter!!

    1:58 am  Apr 30th, 2011
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    1:59 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  386. marissa @ the boot

    i’m a huge fan of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice…in oatmeal!

    2:11 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  387. Natalia

    Lately I’ve been adding cinnamon to almost every dish I make: oatmeal, meatballs in tomato sauce with cinnamon, moroccan lentil soup with cinnamon, pancakes with cinnamon, etc. 🙂

    2:22 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  388. jennifer t

    Right now I am with Dill. I use it on all potato dishes, eggs, pastas…if I could find a way to use it in a baked good, I would 😉

    3:57 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  389. Liz

    I love to use just a hint of ground cloves in tomato based soups and stews. It really brings out the flavor. Also use a lot of smoked paprika and recently found smoked sea salt.

    4:09 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  390. Michelle@eatwellwithmichelle

    I love cumin! I use it on eggs and to give coleslaw a different twist!

    4:10 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  391. Michelle@eatwellwithmichelle

    I followed you on twitter!

    4:11 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  392. Broche

    I’m a huge fan of gourmet salts, especially anything with a smoky flavor. I use it when I make hamburgers, putting it right into the meat, or sprinkle it on steak or chicken when cooking those. I also like to use them in my salad dressings, especially when I make the dressings and bottle them before hand with the salt and let the salt infuse the dressing with flavor over time.

    4:11 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  393. Michelle@eatwellwithmichelle

    I follow you on FB.

    4:12 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  394. Kristin

    Right now I’m in love with herbs de Provence…the fragrance is amazing. It’s especially good in a spring/summer ratatouille with eggplant, zucchini, peppers, and tomatoes. Yum!

    4:13 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  395. Jack Chandler

    My favorite dried herb is thyme. I use it in a LOT of dishes but really think it shines when cooking mushrooms in olive oil with a bit of white wine.

    4:15 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  396. Broche

    Now following you on Twitter!

    4:17 am  Apr 30th, 2011
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    And now following you on FB. Great contest, thanks!

    4:18 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  398. Jack Chandler

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    4:23 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  399. Kerri Garza

    I follow you on Facebook. Which Spice is my favorite it is so hard to choose because there are so many that are my favorites. Sometimes when I am a little down and I use a certain one it will put a smile on my face. I have food allergies to quite a few different things so cooking with the McCormick Spices and the fact that they dont have anything added makes my day. One of my favorites is the Red Pepper Flakes, because of my Food Allergies I make my own Salad Dressing and that gives it an awesome added flavor..

    4:32 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  400. Ino

    I love oregano (I am Greek after all!), it’s great sprinkled over pizzas, salads or in tomato sauces.

    4:32 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  401. Ino

    I follow you on Twitter too! (@22kitchen)

    4:34 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  402. amyg

    my favorite spice lately is my chipotle chile powder from McCormick…love the smoky flavor!

    4:37 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  403. amyg

    oh…and I’m following you on Twitter!

    4:38 am  Apr 30th, 2011
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    and “like” you on facebook!

    4:39 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  405. Reuben Ware

    I love all spices but Turmeric is one of my favorite. I love it on boiled eggs, it makes them tasty qne colorful but best of all it is healthy for yout heart. I even take turmeric capsules daily.

    5:04 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  406. Reuben Ware

    Facebook. I can’t leave a note on Facebook or Twitter because I don’t use any social networks.

    5:06 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  407. Julie

    I guess garlic powder would be my favorite. I’ll put it in/on most anything when I’m out of the real thing. I love trying new spices and may have to get me some of the ones you mentioned.

    5:21 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  408. Liz

    Cumin! I use it every time I make curry. Which is way too often. Also I have spices that are 10+ years old. I need new spices!

    5:23 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  409. Julie

    I follow you on Twitter.

    5:23 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  410. Liz

    Follow you on Facebook as well.

    5:24 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  411. Julie

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    5:24 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  412. Veronique

    It has to be the smoked paprika. I discovered it not too long ago, maybe a couple of years, and now, I use it everywhere.

    5:27 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  413. Sharon

    Cayenne pepper – on macaroni and cheese, chicken, and many other savory dishes

    5:28 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  414. jonquil

    basil, hands down…love basil in everything savory, especially potatoes!

    5:30 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  415. jonquil

    i follow you on facebook! what an awesome giveaway!!!

    5:30 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  416. Erica

    Ahhh what a great giveaway! My boyfriend and I are moving into our first apartment this summer–this would be such a great starter kit for our kitchen! I think my favorite spice is nutmeg–I love how it adds an extra something to cinnamony baked goods.

    5:39 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  417. Erica

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    5:40 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  418. Erica

    …and on Twitter!

    5:41 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  419. Erin

    I love white pepper. It has such a unique flavor and really adds a little pizzazz to a bland dish.

    5:41 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  420. Erin

    I follow you on twitter

    5:41 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  421. Erin

    I absolutely follow you on Facebook.

    5:42 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  422. Matthew John

    A big ol’ serving of cumin in my mother’s chili recipe!

    5:42 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  423. Matthew John

    I also now follow you on Facebook.

    5:42 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  424. Matthew John

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    5:43 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  425. Maria

    I absolutely love cumin. Its by far one of the most used spices in my house and I add it to a lot of the enthic inspired dishes I make. Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, black bean burgers with avocado aioli, lentil coconut curries SOOOOGOOOD!…mmmm its just so versatile!!!

    5:52 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  426. Anastacia

    LOVE smoked paprika and so happy McCormick is enhancing their “smoked” product line! Thank u McC!

    5:54 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  427. Anastacia

    Following on twitter

    5:55 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  428. Jodi

    Lemon Pepper. My go to spice!

    5:55 am  Apr 30th, 2011
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    5:56 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  430. Maria

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  432. Jodi

    I follow on FB! Thanks for the great giveaway Nicole! So fun!

    5:56 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  433. Emily

    I love curry powder. It adds a spectacular zing to my asian-inspired tuna salad.

    5:58 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  434. Emily

    And I now follow you on twitter (but I don’t tweet all that much. I’m a facebooker.)

    5:59 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  435. Emily

    AND now I like you on FB.

    And I’m spent…


    5:59 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  436. Karen

    I’m high on smoked paprika too! What a difference it makes in my arroz con pollo!

    6:05 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  437. Karen

    I follow you on Twitter (I’m @wisekaren).

    6:06 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  438. Jessica

    We use TONS of paprika in this house. And we’ve followed you on Twitter and Facebook!

    6:16 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  439. Diana Wilsey Geer

    I love me some lemon pepper! I use is on a number of foods in lieu of salt. I make a mean lemon pepper chicken wing.

    6:19 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  440. Diana Wilsey Geer

    Facebook follower, oh yeah

    6:20 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  441. Sarah

    Cinnamon. I love to make baked apples!

    6:21 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  442. Jennifer

    I love oregano. I use it on almost everything!

    6:33 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  443. Vasudha

    Turmeric. I use it in pretty much everything, so much so that I sometimes forget it’s technically a spice. It’s sooooooo good for health too – I’m really glad I learned all the different ways turmeric can be used in both cooking and healthcare as a small child, so that it feels innate now.

    6:39 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  444. Chris

    Paprika. Definitely Paprika. I put it on everything, but a recent nice example is sauteed green beans with lemon, olive oil, and hungarian paprika. Sooooo good.

    6:41 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  445. Chris

    You have been followed on Twitter 🙂

    6:41 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  446. Anna Vieyra

    I love the Cinnamon. I put it in my cereal, oatmeal, and my secret thing is to put it in frostings for a great taste and it looks so pretty!

    6:46 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  447. Laurie

    Well garlic is always a favorite of mine, but I LOVE the italian seasoning…so may options!!

    6:47 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  448. Jim

    Beau Monde in White Sauce.

    6:47 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  449. Anna Vieyra

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    6:48 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  450. Jennifer

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    6:54 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  452. Anne Prescott

    rosemary – love it in my ‘rosemary bread’ or in my turkey on tday or on chicken or…

    6:54 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  453. Steph

    My favorite dried spice is cumin, smells wonderful, goes with everything.

    6:55 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  454. Steph

    I also follow you on twitter.

    6:55 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  455. Heidi

    My current favorite is Cumin. It’s kind of become a gateway herb..

    7:04 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  456. Heidi

    I follow you on twitter.

    7:05 am  Apr 30th, 2011
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    7:05 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  458. Katie

    I currently have an obsession with thyme, but don’t have the time for plucking the tiny little fresh thyme leaves off the stalk. I think it’s the essential ingredient for great spaghetti sauce.

    7:10 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  459. Heather

    My favorite spice is rosemary. I love it in an Italian tomato soup.

    7:19 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  460. Andrea I

    I have a smoked sea salt that I use all the time in the winter…it is the perfect way to get that BBQ taste without being out on the grill!

    7:23 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  461. Heather

    I am following you on twitter.

    7:25 am  Apr 30th, 2011
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    7:27 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  463. Sherri W

    I am relatively new, but I do love Herbs de Provence…

    7:28 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  464. Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean

    curry powder! to make curried roasted sweet potatoes 🙂

    7:29 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  465. Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean

    i follow you on twitter!

    7:29 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  466. Sherri W

    I “liked” you on facebook! 🙂

    7:30 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  467. sally ebeling

    One of my favorite spices is ancho chili powder. I love the smoky heat that is not too hot and I use it to spice up my turkey burgers.

    7:40 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  468. Leslie

    I use a lot of cumin and smoked paprika. Also love Italian seasoning.

    7:42 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  469. Caren

    Oregano & Basil on my pizza of course! 🙂
    I follow on Twitter
    I like on FB

    7:43 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  470. Caren

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    7:44 am  Apr 30th, 2011
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    7:45 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  472. Lizanne

    I love to saute plain tofu in melted butter and cumin.

    7:46 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  473. Stacy M.

    I love Dill! It goes great with most fish, sprucing up sauces for veggie trays and almost any type of salad – macaroni, potato, cucumber & tomato. These remind me of growing up and the dishes my mom would randomly whip up with the ingredients she had one hand. My mom used McCormick spices and they line my cabinet today – especially Dill Weed!

    7:48 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  474. Roberta

    I love cumin. We use it a lot here.

    7:48 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  475. Roberta

    I follow you on twitter!

    7:48 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  476. Stacy M.

    I get my Pinch My Salt fix on Facebook!

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    7:50 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  479. Stacy M.

    When I’m mobile, I catch Pinch My Salt on Twitter!

    7:50 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  480. Diane Scott

    Love your site! Many great fo ideas. Love to use curry, basil and thyme. Thanks for all your hard word.

    7:57 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  481. BettyC

    My favorite all time is Garlic Powder!! You can doctor up anything with it. My next favorite would be Saffron. But my cabinets are full of many different herbs and spices. I love to cook and you can change so many dull dishes just by a pinch or two of something new and different.

    7:58 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  482. Cate

    I put curry powder on as much as I can get away with… I’m obsessed with it!

    7:59 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  483. Doris Mullen

    I love garlic powder on almost everything. Also use ground black pepper and curry powder on many foods….eggs, meat, poultry. Cumin is a favorite as we love Indian food.

    8:05 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  484. Doris Mullen

    I already follow you on tritter too.

    8:07 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  485. Doris Mullen

    I already follow you on twitter too.

    8:08 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  486. Lisa

    I love tarragon, I use it on chicken and in vegetables. So lovely.

    8:13 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  487. Lisa

    I follow you on twitter

    8:13 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  488. Lisa Ann

    My favorite is cinnamon. Can’t have too much of it.

    8:14 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  489. Lisa

    I follow you on facebook too

    8:14 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  490. Lisa Ann

    I LIKED Pinch my Salt of Facebook

    8:17 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  491. Elissa russell

    My favorite is cumin! You can’t make a good guacamole without it!

    8:27 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  492. Chung

    My favorite is cumin. I use it on anything and everything.

    8:29 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  493. Julie

    Cayenne is my magic go-to dried spice. Typically, I prefer to add flavor with herbs and spices, rather than fats and oils and cayenne packs a lot of flavor and heat. For example, I used it in this recipe in both the chicken cakes and their sauce:

    8:31 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  494. Julie

    I already follow you on twitter!

    8:32 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  495. Julie

    and now on facebook as well….

    Great giveaway! Thanks.

    8:33 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  496. Rachel H

    My favorite these days is thyme–I already used it frequently, but you won me over completely with the bacon, leek, and thyme mac and cheese recipe!

    8:35 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  497. Danielle

    My favourite is probably rosemary. I LOVE rosemary on pork, lamb and especially roasted vegetables. So delicious!

    8:38 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  498. Danielle

    I follow you on twitter!

    8:38 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  499. Heathercicle

    Toasted cumin, red pepper flakes and just plain fresh black pepper make it into most of my meat dishes and some of the others. YUM! 🙂

    8:46 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  500. Bruce W

    I love crushed red pepper flakes. Use them in many dishes, but my favorite is my Thai Pad Cashew stir fry. Provides a great kick! Yum!

    8:47 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  501. Connie Pruitt

    I like to use smoked paprika on my deviled eggs.

    8:47 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  502. Heathercicle

    I don’t know if there is a technicality issue here because I don’t use Twitter at all but I definitely follow you on Facebook! 😀

    8:48 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  503. Rachel H

    I just “liked” Pinch My Salt on Facebook as well!

    8:48 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  504. Susan

    My favorite McCormick Gourmet spice is nutmeg (ground or grated from whole). I use it several times each week in baking cookies, cakes, pies (fruit or sweet custard pies and savory quiches, in particular), breakfast strata, ice creams, eggnog, scalloped potatoes and gratin dauphinois, marinades, dressings and sauces. Its delicious, distinctive flavor and aroma seems to have a comforting influence. Maybe because it reminds us of holidays spent in my Grandmother’s Baltimore kitchen. She introduced our family to McCormick nutmeg.

    8:51 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  505. Bruce W

    Following you on Twitter!

    8:52 am  Apr 30th, 2011
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    8:53 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  507. Debbie Rogers

    I LOVE McCormick curry powder. One of my favorite ways to use it is to sprinkle on chicken thighs and fry them slow. I also use it in chicken salad.

    8:53 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  508. Debbie Rogers

    I have “liked” you on my Facebook page Debbie Murdock Rogers. Thanks!

    8:58 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  509. amy

    I love smoked paprika. It’s great added to almost anything. On the sweet side my fav is cinnamon.

    9:04 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  510. Kara

    I love using bay leaves when I cook my mother’s pasta fagioli recipe.

    9:07 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  511. amy

    I also just liked you on fbook!

    9:07 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  512. HammockGal

    I love making quick easy desserts for my family. They always think I slave away in the kitchen doing it, but I know the truth. I mix up 3-4 ingredients and throw it all in the oven. By the time dinner is finished, dessert is ready. Nutmeg & cinnamon usually play a role in it! They bring out the vibrancy in desserts, yet are never over the top. They make the original flavors stand-out, shine, if you will. And that is what good spices do. They don’t overpower, but give a boost. :o)

    One of my mainstays is that I can usually make something from scratch, and it not only tastes better, but it ‘is’ better, since I know what is going in it. Like, grinding up my own wheat. Nutritionally, you cannot top it, but, it also truly tastes better. I love making ‘take-out’ Chinese, so I go through a lot of ginger, garlic and onion powder. So worth it though! And Spanish foods, whether it is Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, doesn’t matter… garlic and cumin! But we cannot forget the ‘lowly’ oregano. And yes, that is tongue-in-cheek, since we go through tons of it. Throw some garlic powder and oregano in with your rice as it is cooking and it really is a heavenly treat to eat! Making tortilla’s? Garlic and oregano assure that even plain, they are amazingly delicious.

    No, I cannot pick one particular spice… and I’m glad. It would be a boring world if I did.

    9:09 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  513. HammockGal

    Follow you on Twitter : @downbythehearth 🙂

    9:12 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  514. Fran

    I’d have to go with garlic powder – I’m pretty sure it goes in just about everything I make for dinner!

    9:13 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  515. Nicole

    i love using cinnamon. im a baker so i’m always trying to find ways to incorporate it into everything lol

    9:13 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  516. Fran

    followed you on Twitter (@franniebeth)

    9:14 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  517. Fran

    and! I liked you on Facebook 🙂

    9:15 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  518. Shawna

    So many to choose from! I got it narrowed down to Basil, love it on a salad with Mozzerella and Tomato. And also Vanilla! I just love a Panna Cotta!

    9:17 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  519. Shawna

    already following you on Twitter, @kuklagirl.

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  521. Natalie

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    9:20 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  522. Nama

    I love cumin, mostly because I love Mexican food. So anytime I’m making anything resembling Mexican food, I throw in a bunch of cumin. So delicious!

    9:24 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  523. Kim L

    Smoked Paprika – fell in love with that over Easter. What a great collection to get!

    9:25 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  524. Nama

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    9:26 am  Apr 30th, 2011
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    9:27 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  526. primecortex

    I’ve always enjoyed in general your recipes …. although at times you get way to gabby and conversational ….

    What to me is really starting to detract from your web sit is how you have sold your soul to McCormick ! Every recipe now you are stumping to the point of offense. showing pictures of the McCormick spice bottles you use. I assume that its probably a requirement in your contract.

    Honestly, it detracts from the integrity of the recipe and cheapens the whole thing to the point of distasteful . I know you won’t change a thing, and your foodies cult will bash me for saying this , but your McCormick gig is becoming pretty hard sell and brash !

    9:27 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  527. Lisa T

    I love basil on just about any Italian dish. I’d love to try the spiced sea salt, it sounds like it’d be a wonderful addition to any grilled dish.

    9:28 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  528. Lisa T

    I’m a Facebook fan.

    9:29 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  529. PlumGaga

    Cinnamon, though I find I increasingly mix it with cardamon for a more complex flavor.

    9:45 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  530. Ayala

    I like dry chilli flakes and salt, it goes on everything for me!

    9:46 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  531. Ayala

    I liked you on facebook! 🙂

    9:47 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  532. ride&cook

    Black pepper, I love the nuance it gives.

    9:58 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  533. Chelsea

    My favorite flavor in the entire world is definitely cinnamon, especially in oatmealz 🙂

    10:30 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  534. Chelsea

    just liked you on fb too!

    10:31 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  535. melissa@IWasBornToCook

    Crushed red pepper…I use it on almost EVERYTHING!

    10:47 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  536. Valérie

    It’s a tie between fleur de sel, cumin, and Espelette chili pepper. Although if I had to take one on a deserted island, it would probably be fleur de sel, as it goes with so many things.

    10:48 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  537. melissa@IWasBornToCook

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    10:49 am  Apr 30th, 2011
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    10:49 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  539. Mary

    I love dried tarragon and add it to pasta dishes, shrimp and chicken salad. Try it!

    10:58 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  540. Heather Hicks

    Cinnamon’s my favorite! I like it in oatmeal with maple syrup and a touch of salt.

    11:00 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  541. Melody Negus

    Garlic I put in everything.

    11:01 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  542. Melody Negus

    Twitter follower

    11:03 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  543. Courtney Elam

    I follow you on Twitter! My handle is “cocoelam.”

    11:09 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  544. Arien

    It varies, but lately I’ve been using nutmeg in everything. It’s so good! I used it most recently in a batch of creamed chard. Smoked paprika is another favorite.

    11:09 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  545. Grace

    Recently I’ve been digging chipotle. It’s crazy delicious in chocolate desserts and for a little different flavor than chilli powder in mexican food.

    11:10 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  546. Grace

    Following on FB

    11:11 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  547. Ashley

    I love Cinnamon – in savory dishes or desserts – its very versitile

    11:13 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  548. Mary

    I follow you now on twitter. Thanks for all the great recipes!

    11:17 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  549. Mary

    Now following on Facebook too. Forgot to add turmeric – I love it sauteed with cabbage and mustard seed.

    11:19 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  550. Kiki

    I’d have to say curry powder. I love it on all sorts of things…lately it’s been curried egg or chicken salad.

    11:25 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  551. Horatio P.

    I follow you on twitter! I like you a lot on Facebook! And my favorite spice is thyme, though mainly because of the way it’s spelled, but also because it tastes good!

    11:27 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  552. Kiki

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    11:28 am  Apr 30th, 2011
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    11:29 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  554. Frann R

    I love Lemon Pepper, I put it on almost every thing. I also like cinnamon and may try some of the uses that have been suggested by your followers here. Thanks for a great blog!

    11:34 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  555. Sarah

    I love red pepper flakes, they give a special zip to almost anything!

    11:35 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  556. Frann R

    I’ve followed you on facebook and look forward to your posts!

    11:35 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  557. Carol

    LOVE cumin! I use it in a lot of stuff but I have a fish recipe that I used to cook all the time that really uses cumin well. I should find that recipe and make it again soon!

    11:36 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  558. Frann R

    I am following you on Twitter, ArmoredHearts!

    11:39 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  559. Emily G

    I love basil in everything! Pizza crust, soups, Italian bread… delicious. 🙂

    11:50 am  Apr 30th, 2011
  560. susitravl

    Chipotle Powder – great smoky taste with the heat we love to spice up soups, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese (really), and we use it in rubs for steaks, pork loins and burgers.

    12:06 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  561. SmilynStef

    Apparently I haven’t been down the spice aisle in a while … all of these spices sound awesome. My most used dried spice/herb is cilantro, since it’s difficult to find fresh in the winter in Iowa. Thanks for the chance to win.

    12:13 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  562. SmilynStef

    I’m following on Twitter – SmilynStef

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    I’m following on Facebook … thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize.

    12:14 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  564. Quisicosa

    I love using ground orange peel. I recently used it in couscous with carmelized onion and added it to my steamed cod.

    12:22 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  565. Quisicosa

    I follow your FB page.

    12:24 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  566. Ny-Ying

    My favorite spice is cumin–adds some great dimension to dishes. 🙂

    12:29 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  567. Ny-Ying

    I follow you on twitter

    12:29 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  568. Veronica R.

    cinnamon is my favorite, my must have spice!

    12:30 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  569. Marcy S.

    I love Cummin!

    12:38 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  570. deb G

    I can’t imagine not using nutmeg or red pepper, but then cinnamon, too.
    I guess my favorite pick would be red pepper.

    12:38 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  571. Marcy S.

    I like on FB

    12:39 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  572. Cecilia

    Curry powders have been the go to lately with us trying to limit the fact content without losing flavor.

    1:01 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  573. shay

    I love to use cumin for white bean chili!

    1:09 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  574. Kristen @ Chocolate Covered Kristen

    I follow you on twitter

    1:31 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  575. Kristen @ Chocolate Covered Kristen

    My recent obsession has been sprinkling s&p and smoked paprika on veggies before roasting. Such great flavor! I also love adding allspice to baked goods – it’s such an underrated spice!

    1:34 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  576. Agnes Jenkins

    Mustard goes great with eggs and chicken breasts.

    1:34 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  577. Jason

    Homemade curry powder is my favourite.

    1:56 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  578. Meredith

    Without a doubt, rosemary!

    1:56 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  579. Jenelle

    I love fennel seed. I love the licorice flavor and I think it fancies up simple lunches like tuna salad. Some times I sprinkle it with some salt, pepper, and oregano on my ham and cheese sandwiches. Just right on top of the mayo and it makes me feel like I am eating gourmet!

    2:14 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  580. stephanie

    I don’t think I could live without a bottle of garam masala anymore. I make these rad chicken turnovers with some in there. Nom!

    2:14 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  581. Jenelle

    I also follow you on Twitter and Like you on Facebook! @one_apron

    2:15 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
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  583. stephanie

    And I like you on facebook. Yummy pictures!!

    2:16 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  584. Kelly

    Just liked you on fb. Love this blog! Fave McCormick spices currently are the Smoked Paprika on quesadillas made with pepperjack cheese. Italian Herb Grinder: on anything needing a wonderful spicy herb boost: melted butter (or olive oil) to dip sourdough bread in, lately we love it in this Broccoli, Red Onion, sunflower seed salad tossed with fresh parm & a little balsamic and some brown rice and some chicken breast, a little mayo, dash of hot sauce …….And of course add a Pinch of Salt!

    2:40 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  585. Joyce McManus

    I love cumin because of the wonderful it gives to chili.

    2:51 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  586. Cara

    First off, I love this blog! Like yourself, I’m also in love with the Roasted line from McCormick. I love using the Roasted Saigon Cinnamon to add flavor to my coffee (rather than sugar). I mix the Roasted Ground Cumin with Chili Powder, Sea Salt, parmesean cheese, spinach, and greek yogurt to make a raw spinach dip. It’s also a great add with Roasted Coriander in spiced turkey burgers.

    2:52 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  587. Cara

    I already “like” you on Facebook!!!

    2:53 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
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  589. Wendy

    Love Chinese Five Spice… We make a delicious Five Spice soup…

    2:59 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  590. Wendy

    And I follow you on Facebook!

    3:00 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  591. Elisa

    My favorite dried spice is cumin — love it in Mexican/southwest dishes and curry.

    3:01 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  592. March

    I discovered smoked paprika a few years ago and have been hooked ever since! As a matter of fact, my chicken is roasting in the oven right now with a generous coating s & p, smoked paprika and a little olive oil… It’s great on most meats, potatoes, rice, stews, dips and more. Thanks for the opportunity to share!

    3:02 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  593. Sarah M.

    Follow you on Twitter and Facebook!

    I like to steep saffron threads in about 1 1/4 white wine. I use this as the cooking liquid for rice and peas. It adds a nice color hue to the rice, absolutely beautiful!

    3:04 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  594. March

    Also liked you on fb! Thanks!

    3:05 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  595. Melissa K.

    I love garlic powder! Fresh is always better, but it’s great when I’m being lazy.

    3:06 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  596. Melissa K.

    I liked you on Facebook!

    3:07 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  597. Kathleen B

    Cumin and coriander are my most-used spices (I put them in black beans, and then use the black beans for EVERYTHING.) I also use quite a lot of cinnamon, zaatar (which is a middle eastern blend of oregano, thyme, sesame seeds, and salt), black peppercorns (I blow through those like they’re water) and dry mustard.

    3:20 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  598. Kathleen B

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    3:21 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
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    3:22 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  600. Penny

    My sister got me into Thyme – I put it on everything now!

    3:29 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  601. Charlotte


    Stir fried okra (sliced very thin) with tumeric, salt and pepper. Yumm!

    3:32 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  602. Andrea @ Fork Fingers Chopsticks

    Like you, #1 cumin #2 Cinnamon #3 Garlic #4 All Spice

    3:36 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  603. Andrea @ Fork Fingers Chopsticks

    Already follow you on Twitter

    3:37 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  604. Claudia Lima

    My favorite spice is cinnamon. I use everywhere I can.
    Thank you for the opportunity. 🙂

    3:39 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  605. kateq

    Five Spice Powder is my current favorite. I use it in corn/squash bread and muffins and in spiced walnuts and pecans and in other things as well.

    3:41 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  606. Dawn

    I follow you on Facebook ; )

    3:42 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  607. Dawn

    I use cumin a lot. One of my favorite recipes using cumin is my chicken nachos.

    3:44 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  608. kateq

    I’m now following you on Twitter!

    3:58 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  609. Gwen

    I make homemade pizza every Friday night, and always sprinkle it with dried oregano.

    3:59 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
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    4:02 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
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    4:05 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  612. Cori

    Red Chili Flakes! On my pizza, in my sauces, in chili, on meat…

    4:14 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  613. kateq

    and now I follow you on Facebook

    4:14 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  614. Ayesha

    I love using dried rosemary on everything–it’s perfect for giving vegetables flavor, and for seasoning meat!

    4:16 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  615. Lauren O.

    I love to use cumin in all my Tex-Mex dishes. It’s definitely my favorite!

    4:16 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  616. Ayesha

    I follow you on facebook.

    4:16 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
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  619. primecortex

    this blog needs to change its name to

    McCormickPichesMy PurseString. com

    4:21 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  620. Leanna

    I go through cumin so quickly in my house. I use it in beans, Mexican rice, quesadillas, salsas, guacamole, enchiladas, taco salads, as well as in curries, and other Indian dishes.

    4:45 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  621. Lynda McMillen

    Oregano – since I’ve been making pizza and pasta alot lately.

    4:48 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  622. Lynda McMillen

    I follow you on twitter @mypinkmixerblog

    4:50 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  623. Callie

    I am not sure I have a favorite spice. I love most of them since they give my food such flavor and can be used in so many fun ways.

    4:51 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  624. katie r

    love cumin! 🙂

    4:52 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  625. Heather VZ

    Dried Cumin is my absolute favorite, I put it on almost everything and replace it the most often 🙂

    5:11 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  626. Lindsey

    I also love cumin on everything! But I find that dill is in some of my favorite seasoned dishes – roasted carrots, cucumber salad – too! Hard to pick just one!

    5:12 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  627. Amy

    I am in desperate need of new spices! My favorite all time is tarragon. I love it fresh, but dried it adds just the right something. It’s a must in beef stroganoff!

    5:18 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  628. Mona

    I love Chipotle powder…a little goes a long way, and it adds a nice spicy smoky flavor to many dishes. I make a rosemary walnut recipe for Christmas presents with added chipotle. Everyone loves it and no one knows what is in there!

    5:39 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  629. Jen

    If I could only choose ONE, it would have to be cayenne. It’s a great little kick for everything from mac ‘n cheese, to guac, to eggs….

    5:51 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  630. Mattie

    I love the roasted cinnamon you talked about. i use it in my pancake mix. A little of that and some Nutmeg really adds a lot of flavor. I am new to cooking and love reading your posts and recipes. thanks for the inspiration!

    5:53 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  631. penny

    Mustard seeds. I have brown, black and yellow and I’m not sure why I deemed it necessary to have all three.

    5:54 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  632. Mattie

    fallowing you on twitter!

    5:56 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
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    fallowing you on facebook! thanks!

    5:56 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  634. Cheryl Newton

    Cumin — in my fave chili recipe!

    6:01 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  635. Genevieve

    Red pepper flakes, especially the ones I brought home from italy that have a little smokey-ness. They’re so simple yet can spice up anything, sauces, marinades, pizza, pasta, brussel sprouts, salad dressings!

    6:10 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  636. Genevieve

    And I now follow you on twitter!

    6:11 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  637. Genevieve

    And now facebook too, cant wait for twice as many delicious menu ideas!

    6:13 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  638. Amy's Cooking Adventures

    I have 3 favorites: dried basil, marjoram, & oregano – I love to use them in homemade pizza sauce – yum!

    6:14 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  639. Amy's Cooking Adventures

    I am following Pinch my Salt on twitter @amyscookingadve (love you name, byt the way!)

    6:16 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
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    on Facebook

    6:18 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  641. Sarah

    My fave spice is rosemary – i love it dried – but not so much fresh. It’s my secret pizza sauce ingredient!

    6:18 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  642. Sarah

    I’m a twitter follower! 🙂

    6:19 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  643. Sarah

    and I’m now a facebook follower!

    6:21 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  644. Vanessa

    I love cinnamon! I stir it into my morning oatmeal, sprinkle it onto apple slices for an afternoon snack, mix it into my favourite sweet potato stew (and other Moroccan-style stews), and use it to spice up my favourite desserts!

    6:21 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  645. Vanessa

    … and I am now a facebook follower! =)

    6:22 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  646. Joanna

    Cinnamon! I put it on everything: oatmeal, applesauce, PB + banana sandwiches, buttered toast, squash, sweet potatoes.

    6:39 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  647. Rachel J.

    Love dried basil- sometimes even more than fresh!
    But I would love to try the Roasted Saigon Cinnamon.

    6:40 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  648. Rachel J.

    Following on Twitter…

    6:40 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  649. Rachel J.

    and Facebook too.

    6:40 pm  Apr 30th, 2011

    Roasted Ground Cumin. I just recently started using Cumin after making guacamole. Liked it so much I have been adding it to other dishes. Delicious!!

    6:59 pm  Apr 30th, 2011

    Following you on Facbook. Thanks!!

    7:00 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  652. Lorene

    Cumin – I put it in my husband’s breakfast burrito and use it throughout the day. I love cumin seed in hash browns. I love adding spices to everything!

    7:02 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  653. Juliana

    Hard to pick just one favorite spice…really always love Oregano though. It’s one that is good fresh, but almost better dried. So versatile…yummy Greek food, spicy mole sauce, interesting rub for pork….love it!!

    7:21 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  654. Jenni

    Basil- Fresh, dried I’ll take it however, but I have an amazing pesto salad dressing that I use the dried stuff in.

    7:26 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  655. Jenni

    I follow on facebook

    7:27 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  656. emily

    I love thyme…it works with so many things.

    7:47 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  657. Erica

    I am really loving cumin right now, my husband and I are experimenting with coriander and tumeric as well!

    7:55 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  658. Erica

    I follow you on facebook

    8:02 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  659. stacey

    garlic, definitely garlic!!

    8:14 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
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    8:15 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
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    8:18 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  662. Lucy Janney

    I like you on Facebook already, love your comments!!

    8:21 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  663. Lucy Janney

    I love to use the cinnamon in my coffee grounds while it is brewing, gives coffee a great subtle taste and takes away the bitterness.

    8:23 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  664. Jeannie

    cardamom, I love how it makes everything taste so exotic

    9:36 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  665. Shannon

    garlic powder for sure! on anything potatoes 🙂

    9:51 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  666. Shannon

    I follow you on twitter! – shan2218

    9:52 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  667. Shannon

    Also follow on facebook =)

    9:52 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  668. Ginger

    I love Smoked Paprika. I just discovered it about a year ago, and use it on everything. It makes anything taste like bacon.

    10:08 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  669. Ginger

    And I just followed you on Twitter!

    10:09 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  670. Katherine

    I love smoked paprika! It’s great in veggie chilis and other bean dishes, on scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes – just about everything. I’m a vegetarian, and it gives an awesome depth of flavors to vegetarian and vegan dishes.

    10:09 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  671. Ginger

    And now on Facebook too! Can’t wait to see more of what you’ve got for us to “spice” up!

    10:10 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  672. Khanhvy

    Love all herbs. I like to use them in pasta, pizza, and in pastry doughs just to up the flavor.

    10:19 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  673. Khanhvy

    And I follow you on facebook.

    10:20 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  674. Wendryn

    I think my favorite is bay. I was making stock today and the smell of the bay leaves was just perfect.

    11:23 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
  675. Wendryn

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    11:25 pm  Apr 30th, 2011
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  677. Dwayne

    Garlic Powder, it goes great with every thing.

    1:24 am  May 1st, 2011
  678. Dwayne

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    1:29 am  May 1st, 2011
  679. Adrienne

    We would starve without garlic powder – or Rosemary – wait, or cumin – or thyme….oh well, I need them all!

    4:34 am  May 1st, 2011
  680. Kim

    I couldn’t possibly choose my favorite! I have so many.

    4:46 am  May 1st, 2011
  681. Kim

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    4:46 am  May 1st, 2011
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  683. Karen

    Basil on everything!

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  686. Elizabeth

    Rosemary is my favorite herb. I love using it on chicken to give it some great flavor!

    5:46 am  May 1st, 2011
  687. Elizabeth

    I just followed you on Facebook!

    5:46 am  May 1st, 2011
  688. Jennifer W

    I LOVE rosemary, especially in fresh baked sourdough bread.

    6:03 am  May 1st, 2011
  689. thomas

    smoke paprika! i use it almost every time I cook pasta and on burgers.

    6:07 am  May 1st, 2011
  690. Emberly

    Now that I think about it, I probably use cumin the most. Adds dimension to anything! But I love experimenting with spices!

    6:24 am  May 1st, 2011
  691. Mary Anne

    My niece shared your site with me – love love love it. My husband loves McCormick’s Montreal Steak spice – it’s his secret ingredient for his bbq tri-tip. I would say cumin is my fave.

    6:42 am  May 1st, 2011
  692. Mary Anne

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    6:47 am  May 1st, 2011
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    6:48 am  May 1st, 2011
  694. Cheryl

    I really like cumin. It spices up everything from salsa to tortilla soup. I follow you on facebook and twitter!

    7:44 am  May 1st, 2011
  695. Elizabeth

    I have recently discovered McCormick’s Smoked Paprika!!!! I live rural Georgia, so we have the basics only….so I had to order it online! It makes AMAZING deviled eggs- a staple around here. People are always asking me what I do differently, as they are FABULOUS!!!

    8:00 am  May 1st, 2011
  696. Kate

    it’s a tie for me between cumin, cinnamon, and garlic. my husband puts garlic on everything, i put cinnamon in everything sweet, and since we have mexican food at least once a week, cumin gets a workout in my kitchen!

    8:00 am  May 1st, 2011
  697. Elizabeth

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    8:01 am  May 1st, 2011
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    8:02 am  May 1st, 2011
  699. Haley J.

    I’d say going by the rate of usage, my favorite would have to be either cumin or chili powder. I run through those pretty quickly!

    8:05 am  May 1st, 2011
  700. Haley J.

    I follow you on Twitter. 🙂

    8:07 am  May 1st, 2011
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  702. Bethany

    I love cumin!

    8:12 am  May 1st, 2011
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    8:42 am  May 1st, 2011
  704. Debbie

    second comment, I do folloow u on twitter and fb!!!

    9:01 am  May 1st, 2011
  705. Natalie M.

    I love a general blend of Italian Herbs, because it can be used on everything, from pasta to chicken to fish!

    9:13 am  May 1st, 2011
  706. Jordan P

    I’d have to say my favorite would be oregano. I like to put it with roasted veggies and especially on pizza!!

    9:14 am  May 1st, 2011
  707. Alicia B

    Garlic powder and sea salt!

    9:28 am  May 1st, 2011
  708. Heather VZ

    And following you on FB 🙂

    9:32 am  May 1st, 2011
  709. Kristy Lynn

    My favorite dried spice is whole coriander seeds! I love to smash em up with some salt, cumin seeds, almonds, and a little lemon zest and dump the lot of em over some cauliflower and roast till golden… Yum!

    10:03 am  May 1st, 2011
  710. Kristy Lynn

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    10:03 am  May 1st, 2011
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    10:04 am  May 1st, 2011
  712. Emily

    I have been putting smoked paprika on everything lately!

    10:19 am  May 1st, 2011
  713. Liz

    Cayenne pepper, because everything needs a little HEAT!!

    10:27 am  May 1st, 2011
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  716. Sarah

    My favorite spices are cumin and cinnamon. Cumin for that earthy, rich flavor and cinnamon because it is sweet (and sometimes spicy). I eat cinnamon in my yogurt too.

    I love that McCormick Gourmet has preroasted version of their spices. Removing that step would certainly simplify life at times.

    10:33 am  May 1st, 2011
  717. Sarah

    I also just liked you on facebook. It looks like you post extra pictures there, so they will be fun to check out!

    10:34 am  May 1st, 2011
  718. Jule

    I’ll have to go with caraway. I don’t know if it qualifies as a dried herb.. But I like it in everything – bread, stews, carrot salads… Anything!

    10:42 am  May 1st, 2011
  719. Jule

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    10:43 am  May 1st, 2011
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    10:43 am  May 1st, 2011
  721. caitlin h.

    I use red pepper flakes a lot… and I also love garam masala for indian dishes!

    11:29 am  May 1st, 2011
  722. Jackie

    Chili powder! I use a little of it in almost everything!

    12:18 pm  May 1st, 2011
  723. Helen

    I love the cocoa chili blend. It’s great in stews and chili.

    1:24 pm  May 1st, 2011
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  726. Beth G

    I love cinnamon. I feel like I add it to just about everything, sweet or savory!

    1:33 pm  May 1st, 2011
  727. Andy B

    I’m with you on the smoked paprika….I like to make a simple white sauce with smoked paprika to go with mashed potatoes.

    1:38 pm  May 1st, 2011
  728. Andy B

    Now I follow you on facebook too!

    1:40 pm  May 1st, 2011
  729. Shana M.

    garlic powder; I use it on many things, from chicken to green beans.

    2:22 pm  May 1st, 2011
  730. Shana M.

    I don’t do twitter.

    2:23 pm  May 1st, 2011
  731. Carol-Ann

    I LOVE Mexican Chili Powder. It has transformed my chili from so-so to yum-oh! (sorry!). I also add cayenne to my chili – so they both kinda work together to make it fantastic.

    2:36 pm  May 1st, 2011
  732. Sara

    Cinnamon, by far. I use it in both sweet and savory dishes, so I feel like I’m buying it almost monthly!

    2:52 pm  May 1st, 2011
  733. carriem

    I like the ground ginger!

    3:03 pm  May 1st, 2011
  734. Barb

    Has to be cinnamon. I eat it in my oatmeal every morning.

    3:10 pm  May 1st, 2011
  735. Barb

    I follow you on Facebook.

    3:12 pm  May 1st, 2011
  736. Carrie Nichols

    Its a tossup between cumin and oregano! I use cumin in almost all of my mexican-influcenced dishes, especially fajitas etc. Oregano for homemade tomato sauce!

    3:28 pm  May 1st, 2011
  737. Carrie Nichols

    Twitter- followed.

    3:28 pm  May 1st, 2011
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    3:29 pm  May 1st, 2011
  739. megan

    I use smoked paprika a lot….i sprinkle it on top of homemade hummus with olive oil, i have a great smoked paprika chicken dish that also includes roasted chickpeas and tomatoes, and i also use it in potato salad or for deviled eggs 🙂

    3:44 pm  May 1st, 2011
  740. Emily

    It seems like these days, I’m reaching for thyme first (after salt & pepper, of course!). I use it in soups I’m throwing together, and I also love it in tuna.

    3:44 pm  May 1st, 2011
  741. Amy

    I love using cumin in everything, chili, beans, etc. It adds such a smoky flavor, yummy!

    3:59 pm  May 1st, 2011
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  744. Louise

    Oh, I hope I’m not too late to enter!

    My favorite… probably cinnamon. No, gumbo filé. No, basil. I can’t decide!

    4:32 pm  May 1st, 2011
  745. Louise

    Also following you on Twitter (@looloolooweez).

    4:33 pm  May 1st, 2011
  746. Joanna from Colorado

    I’d say my favorite is sweet basil. I use it in everything from omelets to chili, to spaghetti sauce, and when baking fish!
    This is a great giveaway!

    4:45 pm  May 1st, 2011
  747. Randi Lynne

    Cumin is one of my favorite spices, whole or ground. Love it in soups, enchiladas, chili, etc.

    4:59 pm  May 1st, 2011
  748. Esther K

    Definitely cinnamon. I think I put it in almost everything. I bake a lot of cupcakes, so they all have a little cinnamon kick in it even if the recipe doesn’t call for it 😛

    And this giveaway is AWESOMEEEEE!!! 😀

    5:01 pm  May 1st, 2011
  749. Esther K

    I now follow you on Facebook as well 🙂

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  750. Theresa S.

    Cinnamon-I use it on everything!

    5:41 pm  May 1st, 2011
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    5:41 pm  May 1st, 2011
  752. sarah

    Turmeric 🙂

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  755. Venessa

    I really like cumin and I would Love to win all these spices! How fun!! Thank you!

    5:54 pm  May 1st, 2011
  756. Mubeena

    I love Chipotle powder!

    6:07 pm  May 1st, 2011
  757. Meg L.

    My husband and I use italian seasoning on everything!

    6:12 pm  May 1st, 2011
  758. Jessica Greco

    I’m a HUGE fan of fall flavors and fall desserts, so to me, nothing beats cinnamon.

    6:39 pm  May 1st, 2011
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    6:40 pm  May 1st, 2011
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  761. Arlene

    Ground cinnamon! You can’t make desserts without it

    6:50 pm  May 1st, 2011
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    6:52 pm  May 1st, 2011
  763. Andrea W

    i love cinnamon!

    6:58 pm  May 1st, 2011
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    6:59 pm  May 1st, 2011
  765. Mo

    My favorite dried spice is probably cumin; I put TONS of it in my chili and in pretty much any savory dish.

    7:29 pm  May 1st, 2011
  766. Sandra

    Oh my, you want me to pick one spice! I love and use so many! However, I think smoked paprika has to be one of my favorites. Roasted potatoes with smoked paprika are terrific. It is also good mixed into spice blends rubbed on meat to grill.

    8:37 pm  May 1st, 2011
  767. Brandy

    My favorite by far is garlic powder. Nothing beats the real deal but when I’m in too big a hurry to chop it myself garlic powder is my life saver!

    8:45 pm  May 1st, 2011
  768. Brandy

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    8:46 pm  May 1st, 2011