My Latest Obsession: Pickled Okra

Well, it’s not really an obsession. But last time I was home, my Dad had a jar of pickled okra at his house and as we sat out on his front porch eating it, I fell in love with the stuff! I’ve never really eaten much okra but the few times I’ve tried it, either deep-fried or in gumbo, I thought it was okay. It seems that most people either love it or hate it. I just never had strong feelings one way or another. That was until I had it pickled! Ok, I admit that I love just about anything pickled. But there’s just something about pickled okra.

Ok, so the reason I’m writing about this is because I happened to see a jar of pickled okra at our grocery store on the military base the other day. Of course I bought it! I haven’t stopped thinking about it since last fall when I ate it at my Dad’s house. So now I’ve already eaten half the jar. The thing is, this stuff isn’t nearly as good as what I had before. So, I’ve been online this morning searching for jars of pickled okra that can be shipped to an overseas military address. I think I’ve decided on this Hot Pickled Okra. Has anyone tried this brand? Any other suggestions? Anyone else out there love pickled okra?

  1. Curt

    To me, there are only 2 ways to eat okra… deep fried or pickled. It can be ok in gumbo, too, but, in a lot of applications, it turns into a vegetable version of snot. 🙂

    1:41 pm  Jun 18th, 2007
  2. Emon

    I love Okra! My Mom cooks them with different dishes but I’ve never eaten them pickled.

    2:30 pm  Jun 18th, 2007
  3. Renee

    I’ve never heard of Tiffe’s but here in South Carolina we like Talk O’ Texas. If you can get okra, it’s a snap to do it yourself, though.

    4:41 pm  Jun 18th, 2007
  4. Nicole

    Curt: I like it in gumbo…I don’t really mind the snot-like texture 😉 But, like anything, it’s really good deep-fried!

    Emon: I’ve never actually bought fresh okra and therefore haven’t cooked with it. I’ve used frozen before for gumbo but that’s the only thing I’ve cooked with okra

    Renee: I haven’t seen fresh okra here but when I get back to the states I’m definitely going to be making it myself! That, and my other favorite, pickled green beans! 🙂 Can’t get fresh dill here either 🙁

    6:07 pm  Jun 18th, 2007
  5. Ruby Berry

    I bought a huge jar of pickled green beans at the Castroville artichoke festival. They were super duper yummy! They never even made it to the fridge..
    I had some people over for Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) last February and I made gumbo and it called for okra, I liked it! 🙂

    6:49 pm  Jun 18th, 2007
  6. Kristen

    I’m a fried okra kind of gal. I’ll have to give pickled okra a try sometime!

    6:56 pm  Jun 18th, 2007
  7. Nicole

    Ruby: Pickled green beans are soooooo good!

    Kristen: I love pretty much all fried things 😉 You should try pickled okra if you run across some.

    8:30 pm  Jun 18th, 2007
  8. Deborah

    My mom and grandmother always pickled their own okra when I was growing up. I’ve never had it store bought before, just home pickled – and I’ve always been a fan!! I always liked it pickled first, fried second.

    9:28 pm  Jun 18th, 2007
  9. Steph

    Hey Nicole,
    I am liking pickled anything these days. Pickled okra sounds great–pickled asparagas is also good. And I am sure like Ruby said–the pickled green beans are awesome. This is a great topic for me right now in my pregnancy–hehehhee.
    Have to say–love the new look of your site again–Nicolea cha-cha-cha!
    Take care,

    9:53 pm  Jun 18th, 2007
  10. amanda

    oh my god, i can eat pickled okra by the jar-full. actually okra is one of my favorite veggies, we just can’t seem to find any fresh here in so cal. 🙁 they are great just roasted whole with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. mmm. curse you nicole! now i’m going to have to go buy a jar of pickled okra! 🙂

    1:00 am  Jun 19th, 2007
  11. Cynthia

    It’s one of my favourite vegetables and I have 2 lbs sitting in my fridge right now 🙂 I’ve had okra in a variety of ways but never pickled. Sorry I can’t help. What does it taste like pickled?

    2:51 am  Jun 19th, 2007
  12. Angela

    Hello Nicolea,

    I’m your girl! It’s been about a year since you posted your search for good pickled okra. I hope you are as psyched about it now as you were then. I own a small pickling business, Angela’s Pepper-Pickled Foods, Inc., in Wilmington, NC & my most popular item is pickled okra! I do it in three degrees of heat (mild, getting hotter, hot) and two different recipes. I sell my products at the local Farmers’ Markets here.

    Don’t start drooling yet. This year I am improving my business by using only North Carolina vegetables. Problem with that is okra season doesn’t begin here until July. So in July I will begin processing okra non-stop until the season ends.

    I have a website that gives you information about my company & products ( I will open up the shopping cart on the website once I have enough inventory of fill orders. Note: I have replaced the pickled greenbeans with my newest recipe, pickled Carolina Collard Greens. The collard greens are in a white balsamic & apple cider vinegar blend with cardimon seed, black peppercorns, sweet onions, garlic and mustard seed.

    I currently have pickled collards, seasoned peppers & yellow squash available. If either of those interest you while you are waiting on the okra give me a call 910-616-4454 or send an email

    Take care

    5:41 pm  May 7th, 2008
  13. Lisa


    I’d be willing to bet that the okra you had was Talk O’ Texas Hot Crisp Okra Pickles! You won’t find any other that even comes close!

    Good Luck!

    2:21 pm  May 19th, 2008
  14. Barbara

    Angela’s Pepper Pickled Foods “Getting Hotter” Gumbo pickled okra is the best thing ever ! They are located in Wilmington NC 910 343-8103 I know you can order them by phone and I think she will ship anywhere . Also try the Carolina pickled collards they are good as well .

    3:44 pm  Dec 11th, 2008
  15. Margie Staggs

    There is no pickled okra anywhere to compare with Taste of Texas. It is WONDERFUL.

    10:52 am  Jun 29th, 2009
  16. Margie Staggs

    Woops, I meant Talk of Texas

    10:53 am  Jun 29th, 2009
  17. derf

    check out:
    for an easy and delicious pickled okra recipe and places to buy it ready-made.

    6:57 am  Jul 7th, 2009
  18. Warren Scott

    I got an invalid address on previous comment

    9:09 pm  Mar 21st, 2013
  19. Dev

    Tried my first pickled okra at WCC(West Coast Crafts) in SF – omg.. one of the best things I’ve tasted. So smokey from paprika with just the right amount of tang. Ordered a few jars for Xmas gifts. Check out

    1:41 pm  Dec 11th, 2014
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