Whole Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes

Whole Grain Pumpkin Pancakes

Who says a pancake breakfast can’t be tasty and healthy? Whip up a batch of these Whole Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes and indulge your fall cravings for foods that are warm, spicy and sweet. Your house will smell like pumpkin pie, your taste buds will think you’re eating something sinful, and your body will thank you for filling it with a wholesome meal!

I had been planning on making french toast for our Sunday morning breakfast. I had baked some really good buttermilk bread the other day and the last half a loaf is at that ‘too stale for cold sandwiches but perfect for french toast’ stage.

So what is that photo of whole wheat pumpkin pancakes doing up there? Well, this morning I did what I do best. I changed my mind. Just as I was pulling out the milk and eggs for french toast, I had a vision of pumpkin pancakes. This was odd because I’ve never even tasted pumpkin pancakes, much less made them!

Pumpkin Pancake Batter

But once the idea was in my head, I couldn’t let it go. I announced to my husband that breakfast plans had changed and that he would be eating pumpkin pancakes as soon as I figured out a recipe. He gave me an uncertain look that said he was hungry and worried that my ‘pancake experiment’ would delay breakfast for quite some time. But he knew it was useless to protest and muttered something like, “That sounds good” and went back to playing his latest PS3 game.

I was hungry too, but confident enough in my pancake-making ability to take the chance. I had a feeling I could throw something together pretty quick and on the off chance it turned out to be a disaster, french toast was still an option!

Ladleful of Batter

When I was a kid, I hated whole wheat pancakes. I thought it was bad enough that we were only allowed to eat whole wheat bread when all the other ‘lucky kids’ at school got to eat sandwiches made with Wonder bread. I didn’t think the dreaded whole wheat flour had any place in my breakfast pancakes!

Pancakes and waffles were one thing that my parents made with white flour and therefore they were just like the pancakes my friends ate and just like the pancakes I could order at a restaurant. And that’s the way I liked it. We didn’t eat pancakes at home very often but they were (and are) a breakfast staple up at the cabin. Plain pancakes, banana pancakes, blueberry pancakes, gooseberry pancakes, and even corn pancakes. But never whole wheat!

Uncooked Pumpkin Pancakes

The few times I had to eat whole wheat pancakes growing up, I thought they were absolutely terrible! Maybe they were, they certainly can be if you use the wrong recipe. But I think it was probably all in my head.

My views on whole wheat bread changed over the years as did my views on whole wheat pancakes. I’ve learned that many types of whole wheat pancakes actually taste much better than regular ones. So, even though I’ll always love a stack of good old white flour buttermilk pancakes, I find myself experimenting more often with different types of whole grain pancakes.

Cooked Pumpkin Pancakes

Pumpkin pancakes seemed like the perfect vehicle for whole grain flour so that’s what I used in this recipe. I added a little bit of cake flour to lighten them up a bit but feel free to try the recipe with 100% whole wheat flour if that’s what you prefer.

This recipe will use about half a can of pumpkin puree. If you have a large family, double the recipe and use the entire can. One can is just under two cups of pumpkin but don’t worry too much about not having enough pumpkin. Just use one can and add a bit more buttermilk if the batter is too thick. If you aren’t going to make a double batch, use that extra half can of pumpkin to whip up some pumpkin muffins!

Pumpkin Pancakes on Plate

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes
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1 cup whole wheat flour

1/2 cup cake flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

2 teaspoons baking powder

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon ground ginger

1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg

1 cup buttermilk

1 cup canned pumpkin puree

2 eggs

2 tablespoons oil

1 teaspoon vanilla

2 tablespoons dark brown sugar


1. In a large bowl, whisk together the first eight ingredients (whole wheat flour through nutmeg). In a separate bowl, whisk together the last six ingredients (buttermilk through brown sugar).

2. Pour wet ingredients into dry ingredients and blend together with a wooden spoon until just combined. Lumps are ok, just make sure all the flour on the bottom of the bowl is mixed in. If batter seems too thick to pour, you can gently stir in a little more buttermilk.

3. Drop pancakes by ladleful onto a medium-hot griddle. Pancakes are ready to turn when the edges start to look a little dry and you can see small bubbles forming on the surface.


You may substitute all-purpose flour for the cake flour. You may also use only whole wheat flour, just increase whole wheat to 1 1/2 cups and omit cake flour; pancakes will be a bit heavier. Light brown sugar or white sugar may be substituted for dark brown sugar. If you have it on hand, 2 teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice can be used in place of the cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.


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  1. shivapriya

    Hey Nicole
    How was ur vacation? Looks like you had loads of fun:). Pumpkin Pancakes looks nice…. I cannot take anything sweet:( You know how I eat pancakes..with spicy home made Indian pickle. I know that sounds weired but it taste really good with buttermilk pancakes:D.

    5:37 pm  Oct 14th, 2007
  2. Jason

    Pumpkin? That’s all you got? I’m still waiting for the Peanut Butter Crunch Pancakes.

    7:30 pm  Oct 14th, 2007
  3. Corinne

    This sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving morning breakfast!

    8:47 pm  Oct 14th, 2007
  4. Ruby

    Mmm, I love anything pumpkin! These look great, I may subsitute the whole wheat flour for white flour cause you know me, hate healthy stuff! lol, I suppose thats why I look so healthy huh?haha

    8:56 pm  Oct 14th, 2007
  5. Karen

    WOW!!! We will have to try those as soon as possible! My oldest son is crazy about pancakes AND pumpkin pie, so I am sure these will go over well in our house! Thanks!

    11:54 pm  Oct 14th, 2007
  6. JEP

    These do sound very good! No oil or butter in recipe?

    12:26 am  Oct 15th, 2007
  7. Evie

    Great! Another use for the ginormous jug of buttermilk I’m forced to buy at the store! I’ll be making these this week for sure!


    1:03 am  Oct 15th, 2007
  8. Jack

    Wow these look absolutely AMAZING! I just finished dinner (homemade pizza using your wholewheat rosemary dough recipe, LOVE IT! I’ve made it like 5x now and each time the pizza disappears quickly before it has a chance to cool down). I was living in Norway but now back in Canada. Thanks for this pumpking recipe…will have to try it someday..

    1:28 am  Oct 15th, 2007
  9. Marie

    I will be making these. I love all things pumpkin!

    2:42 am  Oct 15th, 2007
  10. Nicole

    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick notice! As JEP pointed out, there was no oil or butter listed for this recipe. Well, that was my mistake! As you probably know, I never leave the fat completely out of a recipe 😉

    I have edited the recipe to include the 2 tablespoons of oil that I used when I made them. They would probably be ok without but I loved these pancakes so much, I wouldn’t change a thing! Sorry for that!

    7:39 am  Oct 15th, 2007
  11. Nicole

    Padmaja: Hi there! I know that you prefer savory pancakes over sweet ones and I like them too! But I grew up eating sweet things like this for breakfast so I will always love them 🙂

    Jason: Hmmmmm…you might be waiting a while. Although some Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch sounds good right now!

    Corinne: Yes, it would be good for Thanksgiving but they’re pretty filling so it might not be the best idea depending on what time you eat Thanksgiving dinner! The only thing I like to eat for breakfast on Thanksgiving are the sweet rolls that Nana heats up in the oven!

    Ruby: I knew you would say that! Hahahaha! Try them with whole wheat, they actually taste better I think. Believe me, these aren’t ‘healthy tasting’ at all! Promise 🙂

    Karen: Yes, I think kids will love these pancakes! Let me know if you try them!

    Evie: Hahahaha! There are lots of recipes on here that use buttermilk if you still have some left over after this one!

    Jack: It’s great to get more feedback about the pizza dough! We eat pizza using that recipe all the time, too! It’s very addictive 🙂

    Marie: Great! Let me know how they turn out!

    7:46 am  Oct 15th, 2007
  12. Laurie Kendrick


    This is my first time here. I was shown the way via Emon’s blog. I must say that your site is absolutely lovely!! Sift proud, sister!! It’s truly a thing of beauty and the pictures of your food are so tasteful–and I mean that in more ways than one!

    Your feta cheese dressing is fantastic. I’d been looking for a good Tzatziki sauce recipe (pardon my spelling..the word really IS Greek to me) and yours looks perfect. I can’t to try it.

    Congratulations on a blog well done, Nicole. It’s sublime.

    I’ll be back.


    You deserve Best Food Blog in the Weblog pantheon! I’m voting for you!

    12:46 pm  Oct 15th, 2007
  13. Curt

    Nicole, lovely views as expected. I HATE pumpkin pie, but it’s strictly a texture thing for me. I do love pumpkin flavor, though, and these pancakes may have to be tried very soon.

    Now, did you make the pumpkin puree, or was it canned? 🙂

    2:04 pm  Oct 15th, 2007
  14. Kalyn

    Sounds very tasty, and I could easily make this SB diet friendly too! Great idea!

    2:08 pm  Oct 15th, 2007
  15. Cara

    Yum! I have to try these!

    2:27 pm  Oct 15th, 2007
  16. Nicole

    Laurie: Thanks for stopping by and for all the wonderful compliments! You should definitely try the tzatziki, it’s really good! I found you through Emon’s blog, too 🙂

    Curt: I’ll admit that Pumpkin Pie isn’t my favorite. I will always go for the Apple Pie after Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner! But I do love leftover pumpkin pie for breakfast the morning after. I don’t know why, but it somehow tastes better in the morning! 🙂

    Kalyn: Yes, I thought this might be something that could be South Beach friendly with a few adjustments. I think it could turn into a great vegan recipe, I was thinking about asking Susan from Fatfree Vegan Kitchen to give it a try 🙂

    Cara: Thanks, I hope you do!

    3:11 pm  Oct 15th, 2007
  17. Dani

    Oh yum!!! I love anything pumpkin…I am actually on the east coast right now enjoying the fall weather and have been going pumpkin crazy!!! I am going to have to try these for breakfast!

    4:21 pm  Oct 15th, 2007
  18. Deborah

    I keep meaning to add more whole wheat into my diet, and this sounds like the perfect recipe to start with!

    4:52 pm  Oct 15th, 2007
  19. Jenni

    Wow, these pumpkin pancakes look absolutely delicious!! I love your site, you’ve done a great job. If you are interested, I am a writer for a food site called http://www.foodsqueeze.com and I have a great recipe for Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes, http://food.gearlive.com/food/article/q307-whole-wheat-blueberry-pancake-recipe/ as well as some other fun whole wheat recipes. Stop by if you are interested. Thanks!


    5:30 pm  Oct 15th, 2007
  20. brilynn

    This is such a comforting fall recipe! Perfect to take the chill off a day like today.

    5:33 pm  Oct 15th, 2007
  21. Patricia Scarpin

    Nic, these are wonderful!

    5:53 pm  Oct 15th, 2007
  22. Dana

    These are SO right up my alley. How am I only just now coming across your blog? It’s great!

    6:23 pm  Oct 15th, 2007
  23. Claire

    Hi Nicole – these look delightful. And since pumpkin and maple are a perfect combination anyway (after having pumpkin bread spread with maple butter I’ve never gone back) it’s the next logical step in breakfast food. I can’t wait to try them.

    6:58 pm  Oct 15th, 2007
  24. Nicole

    Dani: Oh, it must be so nice to enjoy a “real fall!” It’s still too warm here in Sicily to really feel like fall. Transylvania was nice because we got to see fall colors and bundle up a bit during the chilly evenings. But now I’m back to t-shirts!

    Deborah: Pancakes and muffins are the perfect way to start adding more whole grains into your diet…I especially like pumpkin and banana breads and muffins with whole wheat flour.

    Jenni: Thanks for the links, I’ll check them out! I have some whole wheat blueberry pancakes on this site that might interest you, too 🙂

    Brilynn: Exactly! They are very comforting…has something to do with the smells of nutmeg and cinnamon while they are on the griddle!

    Patricia: Thanks! 🙂

    Dana: Thanks! I’m glad you stopped by, now I’ve checked out your blog and subscribed, too! 🙂

    Claire: Hi!! Great to ‘see’ you! Yes, pumpkin and maple go very well together (although I have to admit that I used Mrs. Butterworth’s on my pancakes because we’re out of real maple syrup). I haven’t tried maple butter but now I’m really wishing I had some to go on the pumpkin muffins I just baked!

    7:36 pm  Oct 15th, 2007
  25. Erin

    Sounds delicious. I love pumpkins – AND I love pancakes! Found your blog through: http://beautifulbeta.blogspot.com/2006/10/designing-templates-tutorial.html , although not sure how your site apples there anymore since I believe it’s wordpress. No matter, the design is incredible, look forward to visiting more often =)

    7:47 pm  Oct 15th, 2007
  26. Karen

    Fantastic looking pancakes – I’m going to try them out soon!
    I love the contrast between the ochre-colored pancakes and black griddle in the photos. Very nice….

    8:48 pm  Oct 15th, 2007
  27. Deborah

    I’m having four out of town guests for a weekend in November, and this looks like the perfect breakfast recipe. But maybe I should try them out a few times before then? You know, just to get the hang of it. 🙂

    10:43 pm  Oct 15th, 2007
  28. Kevin

    Pumpkin pancakes sound good! And they are also whole wheat making them a bit healthier.

    12:44 am  Oct 16th, 2007
  29. Nicole

    Erin: Thanks for stopping by!

    Karen: Thanks! I liked the way the photos turned out also. The color of these pancakes is really great, I was surprised that they were so orange.

    Deborah: I think these would be a nice treat for your guests but I agree you should try them out ahead of time…at least 3 or 4 times 😉

    Kevin: Yep, good and healthy…what a concept! 🙂

    1:30 pm  Oct 16th, 2007
  30. Cynthia

    Oh, oh, oh, I’ve just got to try these! Thanks Nicole.

    1:43 pm  Oct 16th, 2007
  31. Caroline in DC

    Last Sunday I had a hankering for pancakes– which I’ll eat once a year at most– and decided to go with the whole wheat version in Joy of Cooking. They were SO much tastier than regular pancakes! I was even thinking about making half the batch pumpkin (my girlfriend doesn’t like it) but I wanted to keep things simple and traditional since I probably wouldn’t be making pancakes for another year. I might have to try these though.

    6:47 pm  Oct 16th, 2007
  32. Nabeela

    wow! just wow!
    I’m amazed at how easy it was for you to come up with a recipe so quickly!

    3:53 am  Oct 17th, 2007
  33. Charbarred

    And for those of you who don’t live in the US where pumpkin purees grow on trees, we made ours with apple puree and it’s delicious. Yeah, it’s not very Halloweeny, but still tasty. Thank you Nicole!

    11:05 am  Oct 20th, 2007
  34. Nicole

    Cynthia: You’re welcome! Hope you get a chance to try them sometime!

    Caroline: Well, even if you wait til next year, I hope you give these a try!

    Nabeela: The recipe came together quickly because I’ve experimented with different pancakes a lot over the last year 🙂

    Charbarred: I’m glad you tried this with apple, I was wondering how it would taste! Thanks for the suggestion, it’s easy for me to forget that grocery stores in other countries don’t stock the same things 😉

    11:58 am  Oct 20th, 2007
  35. Laura

    These sound wonderful! I can’t wait to try them!

    1:46 pm  Oct 24th, 2007
  36. Nicole

    Laura: Thanks for stopping by!

    3:28 pm  Oct 24th, 2007
  37. Paula

    I just made these pancakes and they rock! They were a delicious pre-halloween treat! They would be great all year around too! Thanks!

    4:24 pm  Oct 28th, 2007
  38. Sarena

    I made these this weekend and they were amazing! Exactly what we were looking for. Thanks for the great recipe! I can assure you that I will be making these again in the near future!

    12:34 am  Nov 15th, 2007
  39. Janet

    Hello! I made these pancakes for breakfast this morning, and I thought that they were great! I can’t wait to try it out on my other family members.

    10:00 am  Nov 18th, 2007
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  41. Laura

    These pancakes are fantastic! I made them for my 2 year old a few weeks ago, and we are already on our 3rd batch. They are now the only thing he will eat for breakfast, and he often wants them for dinner too! I followed the recipe exactly, but II added around 1/4 cup wheat germ and an extra 1/2 cup milk cause we’re trying to add extra iron into my little one’s diet.

    Thanks for the recipe!

    6:31 pm  Nov 24th, 2007
  42. Bonnie

    Delicious! They make hearty, delicious waffles and taste great with some maple syrup.

    11:23 pm  Nov 26th, 2007
  43. Janet

    I stumbled on these while doing a google search for whole wheat pumpkin pancakes.

    WOW!! These are wonderful. I am always looking for new pancake recipes, as pancakes are the fav breakfast of my two girls. They gobbled them up and asked for seconds.
    I always use the whole wheat pastry flour in my recipes (it is very finely ground), as it does not have that grainy texture of the regular whole wheat flour and my kids never even notice the difference.
    I can’t wait to try some of your other recipes!!!

    8:19 am  Dec 2nd, 2007
  44. Nicole

    It’s great to hear that so many of you are making these pancakes and loving them as much as I do! Also good to know that they’re kid friendly! I thought that kids would probably like them but hadn’t tested out my theory yet 🙂

    1:37 pm  Dec 2nd, 2007
  45. Diana

    Just wanted to let you know I made these for Christmas Day brunch along with your bran muffins. Both recipes are great. I love whole wheat pancakes and these were so good. I wished no one else had made food so I could’ve had room for more. My grandma even asked for the recipe. I made 3 batches of muffins. I made a batch of cranberry orange with regular craisins. I didn’t care for the flavor of the trader joe’s orange cranberries. To get more orange flavor, I soaked my cranberries in warm orange juice. The blueberry batch was delicious. The best blueberry muffin I’ve ever had. I also make a batch with dried cherries and pistachios which went over really well. Now I am going to go scrounge to see if we can’t have punkin pancakes for breakfast today! p.s. the kids all loved the pancakes, all 5 of them from 21months to almost 7 years old.

    8:15 am  Dec 29th, 2007
  46. Rudi

    These are great! I make pumpkin waffles often but didn’t feel like it today. We had them with pear maple sauce and they were fantastic. I’m looking forward to trying more of your recipes.


    10:59 pm  Jan 4th, 2008
  47. Cheryl

    Brings back memories of when I improvised a pumpkin pancake recipe for my kids about 20 years ago. I will try your whole grain version as it sounds delicious. I may even add some wheat germ as we are always looking for ways to incorporate more fiber into our diet. Great blog!

    9:21 am  Jan 21st, 2008
  48. Connie

    I wanted to have a pancake dinner for Fat Tuesday and I came across your recipe. My family and I agree, we could eat these all day! I used 100% hard white wheat and the pancakes turned out great. Thanks!

    6:49 am  Feb 6th, 2008
  49. Nicole

    I love that so many of you are trying this recipe!

    Diana: it’s very flattering to hear that your grandmother asked for the recipe! All the muffins you made sound great!!
    Rudi: I’ve never made pumpkin waffles but I think it’s something I want to try soon. I have some extra pumpkin in the pantry that I picked up on sale after the holidays. Waffles sound like a great way to use it up!
    Cheryl: Thanks! Hope you enjoy the whole grain version!
    Connie: I’m so glad that your family enjoyed these. I love pancakes for dinner! 🙂

    11:32 am  Feb 7th, 2008
  50. Ian

    1 can pumpkin? What size can?

    5:57 am  Feb 23rd, 2008
  51. Ian

    D’oh, never mind…I just re-read…1 C(up)

    6:13 am  Feb 23rd, 2008
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  55. April

    This was a great recipe! Thanks for sharing it! I added a tablespoon more sugar and walnuts to the batter – so good. And by the way, when I was looking for a pumpkin pancake recipe I found a bunch, but yours was the only one with a decent amount of actual pumpkin in it. One recipe had 1/2 cup MORE flour but only 3 tablespoons of pumpkin!

    7:30 am  Sep 28th, 2008
  56. Fit Bottomed Girls

    I just tried these tonight (I was a little slow in making them. lol.), and I LOVE them!!! So good and filling!

    6:30 pm  Oct 12th, 2008
  57. Brandie

    I LOVE pumpkin pancakes (and the pumpkin cream cheese spread recipe, too!). I use WW pastry flour in a lot of stuff, including pie crust. Somehow it makes me feel better about making cakes, muffins, etc. I’ve even been known to substitute pumpkin puree for butter or oil in baked goods. 🙂

    10:33 pm  Oct 12th, 2008
  58. CC

    First of all this recipe looks delicious!
    I do not see anywhere on this recipe how many people it serves? We are trying to make a healthy breakfast for roughly 150 people, can you advise as to how many servings?


    8:07 am  Oct 17th, 2008
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  60. ECB

    My father, who doesn’t really care for the pumpkin spice flavor profile, declared these pancakes “not good, but great. A fantastic pancake.” Thanks for the recipe!

    11:20 am  Oct 25th, 2008
  61. Olivia

    Exactly what I was looking for! I added blueberries and pecans (sprinkle a few on each pancake when you first put it in the pan to cook) and the flavor was great together. I also substituted sorghum molasses for the brown sugar since I was out of brown and wanted that deep flavor – worked perfectly.

    Thanks for the great recipe!

    6:10 am  Oct 26th, 2008
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  63. Karen B.

    I made your pancakes today and they were fantastic! It was just me for breakfast so I made a dozen muffins with the leftover batter. I used white spelt flour and added an additional 1/4 cup of buttermilk. Oh and I used agave nectar in place of the sugar.

    9:53 am  Dec 3rd, 2008
  64. kristen

    Pumpkin is just about my favorite thing during the holidays along with all the warm aromatic spices. I made your pumpkin pancakes with my fiancee this past weekend and we absolutely LOVED them. This is one of the best pumpkin pancake recipes I’ve had. Most of them never have enough cinnamon flavor or don’t puff up moist and fluffy. These were great and will be a breakfast favorite even after the holidays!

    Thank you, I really enjoy your blog and can’t wait for new recipes to be posted 🙂


    12:13 pm  Dec 23rd, 2008
  65. kristen

    Instead of maple syrup we like to dip them in pumpkin butter whipped into low-fat greek yogurt, or for a real treat whipped cream.

    12:15 pm  Dec 23rd, 2008
  66. cranberry

    I’m making these for Shrove Tuesday again this year!

    5:53 pm  Feb 21st, 2009
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    4:26 pm  Mar 3rd, 2009
  68. troy

    I really like that you point out subbing in more whole wheat vs. processed or other. Doctor grandmas delight is my favorite sugar substitute. It bakes really well too. I thought of that because they do whole wheat pancakes and other whole wheat products. I bet they wouldn’t be happy about your competition here with a great recipe! Hey…by the way…a nice oil to use would be a light and buttery evoo(extra virgin olive oil) if you want to stay on the healthy side of things;) Thanks for the great post!

    4:53 pm  May 11th, 2009
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  70. 9loosfranl

    Eat these pumpkin waffles, too – http://pumpkinwaffles.wordpress.com/ultimate-pumpkin-waffle-recipe/

    4:17 pm  Aug 24th, 2009
  71. Sara

    This is fantastic! I will try when i’ve given up and accepted summer is gone for 2009….

    12:12 pm  Sep 2nd, 2009
  72. Reneé

    So this morning I got up early to bake a cake for my best friend’s birthday that we are celebrating tonight… and it called for 1.25 c of pumpkin. As I was putting everything away, I realized that I could use that left over pumpkin, plus some leftover buttermilk from last week to make some pumpkin buttermilk pancakes… I hopped online to look for a recipe and found this one… Started making them at 8:37, was eating by 8:50 and now at 9, I’m about to go meet some friends for breakfast… HA!

    But I know that I have eaten healthier than I could ever get at a restaurant, it’s cheaper this way, products in my kitchen didn’t go to waste, AND I get to play with their kiddos while they eat… I think I consider this a win-win-win-win!

    Thanks for the great recipe!

    7:02 am  Sep 5th, 2009
  73. beatrice

    Wow, made these today for Rosh Hashanah breakfast. YUMMY! Not too sweet. Really nice pumpkin flavor. My 9 month old baby and hubby loved these. Keep these recipes coming!

    5:40 pm  Sep 19th, 2009
  74. Amber @ Classic Housewife

    Oh these were so good!! I subbed part of the flour with oats and flax. (3/4 c wheat flour, 1/4c flax, 1/4c oats, 1/2c white.) This is a quarter cup more total that what your recipe used but I was making waffles so it was okay that it was a bit thicker. =) I used everything else from your recipe as it was called for and they turned out so well! The kids loved them and even asked for seconds! =)

    7:54 am  Sep 23rd, 2009
  75. That Fedora Guy

    These were great! Add in some crushed Pecans for Pumpkin Pecan Pancakes! Also, You can start with a fresh pumpkin by just making puree in the blender with the required amount of milk and pumpkin… Thanks for a great recipe!

    6:05 am  Sep 28th, 2009
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  79. Calla

    These were SO good! I made them with my boyfriend this morning and they hit the spot! After the always ugly first bath we added a bit more cinnamon and nutmeg and more salt. But great recipe! Thank you so much.

    1:49 pm  Oct 14th, 2009
  80. BonNette

    I had a partial can of pumpkin in the fridge left over from making pumpkin cookies and got a hankerin’ for pumpkin pancakes… I found your recipe which sounded the most like a regular pancake recipe and not some crazy gourmet thing, which I’m not necessarily opposed to but it wasn’t what I wanted today. They were very yummy!! I had to add a bit more milk only because the batter was super thick but it was all good. Thanks for sharing 😀 Oh, and by the way a friend asked for the recipe and I posted the link on my facebook page.

    10:26 am  Oct 18th, 2009
  81. Whole Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes | The Kitchen Of A Runner

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    5:48 am  Oct 24th, 2009
  82. Pumpkin Pancakes « Mozzarella & Merlot

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    6:06 am  Nov 12th, 2009
  83. Healthy Recipe Thursday! Apple Cinnamon Buttermilk Cake | Zero Cellulite

    […] Check below for a link to a gluten-free alternative.  And check Nicole’s blog for more yummy recipes.  It’s full of them, including these great-looking Pumpkin Whole Wheat Pancakes. […]

    6:30 am  Nov 12th, 2009
  84. Steph

    These are great! I tryed making them with zucchini instead of pumpkin(I had lots of zucchini coming out of the garden), and they were delicious. I’m making them for this Thanksgiving breakfast.

    6:58 am  Nov 26th, 2009
  85. What is White Whole Wheat Flour? Delicious. — Pinch My Salt

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    3:01 pm  Jan 21st, 2010
  86. Passion for Pumpkin « More Than Mary

    […] Make pumpkin pancakes/waffles by adding it to batter (whole wheat batter, of course). […]

    6:53 pm  Feb 2nd, 2010
  87. Melanie M

    We just finished eating these pancakes – outta sight!

    I was surprised how well (and quickly) the pumpkin cooked through; and maple syrup seemed to bring all the spices forward. Wonderful!

    I didn’t have dried ginger, so I used a big nub of fresh ginger root, peeled and then pulverized in the Cuisinart. (I also tripled the cinnamon and added clove and allspice. I’m a sucker for the Thanksgiving spices, even – or especially – in February.)

    I’m adding these to my pancake repertoire, and I’m adding you to my blogroll, if you don’t mind, Nicole. Fantastic site!

    9:24 am  Feb 17th, 2010
  88. Lucky pumpkin pancakes « Mouthful

    […] Ready for the recipe? Click here. […]

    11:20 pm  Feb 17th, 2010
  89. Marie

    Wow! These were awesome! There was a favorite recipe we used to use from allrecipes but once we started eating healthier and tried whole wheat it just wasn’t as good. I just googled it and saw your recipe. I used all whole wheat and it still puffed up so nicely. The kids and hubby love it!

    4:51 pm  Mar 2nd, 2010
  90. Jasmine

    I made this in a waffle iron and they turned out great! Thanks for sharing!

    7:15 am  May 23rd, 2010
  91. Sara

    HELP! I was so excited to make this and they were a terrible disappointment. May be several reasons for this: I used the all-purpose instead of cake flour–sifted 4x; I used soured milk-by adding lemon instead of buttermilk; my canned pumpkin may be different than yours; pie spice instead of individual spices. Now, have you made this with the all-purpose? Does your cake flour have rising ingredients in it? What is the consistency of your pumpkin puree? Mine was very very dense-holds the shape of the measuring cup. The batter was extremely thick. I had to almost double the liquid. They came out doughy, not the light fluffy ones in your pics and bland.
    Also, I notice a lot of people commenting before actually trying these. Can we get more feedback from those of you who have actually tried these? What is your experience and did you vary the recipe at all?
    I really want these to work next time. Thanks!

    7:32 am  Jul 15th, 2010
  92. Mark

    I just made these for Sun breakfast exactly as written except with just plain all purpose flour. The batter is very thick and fluffy. I cooked slowly and they turned out with very good restaurant-like consistency. My pumpkin puree from a can was moderately fluffy. I couldn’t dump it onto a plate and have it hold its shape, but it would still stay in a lump. My guess would be the combination of too dense pumpkin and too much milk would make them doughy. So these were quite good. A mild spiciness that didnt overpower the pumpkin. My only desire would be to be able to use 1 egg and 1 egg white instead of two eggs to cut cholesterol and fat. I’ll try that next time. After that, Ill try low-fat milk with some vinegar instead of buttermilk to also cut fat, but my guess is this will change the taste and perhaps consistency with less fat.

    12:28 pm  Aug 29th, 2010
  93. Jimmie

    Just wanted to say thanks. This recipe is a WINNER! I cooked some fresh pumpkin last night and let it drain overnight. This morning I made your delicious whole wheat pancakes. I used bread flour instead of cake flour, added a pinch of cloves, and used a mixture of yogurt + milk for buttermilk.

    7:16 pm  Sep 1st, 2010
  94. Andyra

    Oh my, I am most definitely making these in the morning! Thanks, Nicole!

    1:42 pm  Sep 18th, 2010
  95. Valerie

    I made these this morning. Needed to make them dairy free, so used coconut milk instead. I did add a little extra to thin the batter. I also used turbinado sugar instead of brown sugar. They were delicious… the 100% maple syrup made them perfect.

    7:13 am  Sep 19th, 2010
  96. Lindsey

    Just discovered your blog and made these this morning. I added 1/4 cup flax seed for a little extra nutritional value and some nutty flavor. Super delicious! Have already added you to my favorites! Can’t wait to check out more of your recipes. Thanks!!

    11:52 am  Sep 24th, 2010
  97. All Things Pumpkin! « FOX News Health Blog « FOXNews.com

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    10:02 am  Oct 11th, 2010
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    11:25 am  Oct 14th, 2010
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    4:07 pm  Oct 18th, 2010
  101. pumpkin « eatlessFEEDMORE

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    12:10 pm  Oct 23rd, 2010
  102. Zach

    This recipe was absolutely fabulous. Adding extra buttermilk was definitely the key!

    8:30 am  Oct 24th, 2010
  103. Erin

    These were delicious!! And best of all…I had leftover punkin-poop for pumpkin pie oatmeal the next day. 🙂

    5:44 am  Oct 25th, 2010
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  106. Tammy

    These were delicious! I even used all whole wheat flour (the regular kind, not the white whole wheat) and they weren’t dense or anything. Absolutely delicious! How many was this supposed to make, though? I think I got six large and thick pancakes out of it!

    10:12 am  Nov 3rd, 2010
  107. EmilyC

    I just made these with my two year old’s help. We made it with all whole wheat (and chocolate chips). They were very light and fluffy despite the extra whole wheat and extra 2 year old stirring. My husband gobbled them up even though he hates pancakes and my son loved them too. I love them because they have more nutrients than standard pancakes and not too much sugar AND the fam eats them! Thank you for making nutrient rich cooking fun and yummy.

    8:36 am  Nov 6th, 2010
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  109. Roberta

    I made these this morning. My family gobbled them up. I used all whole wheat that I ground myself. I also added more buttermilk and used sucanat instead of brown sugar. they were light and delicious! This recipe made 22 smaller pancakes.

    7:57 am  Nov 17th, 2010
  110. Malissa’s Meal Planning – Sept 15th « Building Blocks Show

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    7:17 pm  Nov 20th, 2010
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  113. Black Friday, November 26, 2010 « I AM WHAT I EAT?!?

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    7:17 am  Nov 29th, 2010
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    1:45 pm  Jan 15th, 2011
  115. Vanessa

    My friends and I had to get up very early this morning to get set up to run a workshop. I wanted to make them something special before our big day, and I just happened to have about a cup of cooked butternut squash in the fridge, so I decided to make these. They were absolutely delicious! I left out the brown sugar (sort of forgot, to be honest), added a little less squash/pumpkin (I simply ran out), and a little extra buttermilk (my batter was a bit thick). I made them entirely whole wheat, and they went like hot cakes! Went wonderfully with some fresh brewed espresso and homemade pure maple syrup on top. YUM! Will absolutely be making again!!

    3:35 pm  Feb 24th, 2011
  116. Dirt Candy: Pumpkin – For More Than Just Pie | One Smart Brownie

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    7:51 pm  Feb 27th, 2011
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    8:42 am  Mar 13th, 2011
  118. kim

    Looking for a whole wheat pumpkin pancake recipe and stumbled across here. Had these over the weekend and they were PERFECT! The only thing I changed was adding chopped pecans, and since I didn’t have buttermilk, I used skim milk with a little lemon juice. If I had more than two thumbs, they’d get four thumbs up. Thanks!

    7:40 am  Mar 14th, 2011
  119. Kate

    After using this recipe for my whole-wheat pumpkin pancakes many times, I finally realized I’ve been missing out by not adding this blog to my RSS feed. Thanks for your posts!

    6:55 am  Jun 19th, 2011
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    10:43 am  Aug 28th, 2011
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  123. Have Pumpkin, Will Pancake | RouxBarb

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    8:22 am  Sep 5th, 2011
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    8:43 am  Sep 26th, 2011
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    […] first recipe that popped up was Whole Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes from Pinch My Salt . They were delightful, lightly sweet and warmly spiced. The only changes I made […]

    5:56 pm  Oct 3rd, 2011
  127. Justine

    Thanks for your recipe! I adapted it a bit and linked to it on my blog: http://fullbellysisters.blogspot.com/2011/10/pumpkin-pancakes-aka-lessons-learned.html

    5:41 am  Oct 12th, 2011
  128. Sandi

    Found your website when I googled healthy pumpkin pancakes, and boy am I happy I did! These pancakes were fabulous, used all-purpose flour instead of cake flour, and had to substitute sour milk for the buttermilk, but turned out wonderfully! I think these are my new favorite pancakes. Looking forward to checking out some of your other wonderful looking recipes.

    7:34 am  Oct 14th, 2011
  129. Buttermilk Pumpkin Pancakes with Maple-Ginger Whipped Cream «

    […] from Pinch My Salt’s Whole Wheat Pumpkin […]

    9:03 am  Nov 1st, 2011
  130. Erin

    I stumbled on your recipe, and I loved it so much I did a version for Hodgson Mill blog. I wanted to thank you for the inspiration! Your site is fantastic. Recipes, photos . . .everything. Thank you!

    7:50 am  Nov 3rd, 2011
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  132. Sam Treat Breakfast Trifecta « Yum Train

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    3:55 pm  Nov 6th, 2011
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  134. Cherish

    Really good, thanks for getting distracted from your French toast!

    9:22 am  Nov 27th, 2011
  135. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes « Between Your Ears

    […] this past Sunday morning, but I always have the ingredients for pancakes on hand. I bookmarked this recipe from Nicole a few months ago and decided they would be the perfect start to a cool November morning. I tried […]

    2:26 pm  Dec 8th, 2011
  136. Pumpkin-Apple Pancakes with Apple Cider Syrup Recipe - Back to the Cutting Board

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    12:14 pm  Dec 31st, 2011
  137. Dawn

    I’m on the weight watchers diet so having the nutritional information for a recipe is a great help. Can you add the nutritional information?

    8:41 am  Jan 28th, 2012
  138. Meghan

    My parents are coming to visit this weekend and I am really looking forward to making this pumpkin pancake recipe! I know you said to double the canned pumpkin if you have a large family, but I was wondering approximately how many pancakes the original recipe makes? I’ll be cooking for four. Thank you!

    6:40 am  Feb 10th, 2012
  139. Carrie

    We just made pumpkin pancakes too.. you might like our version it has rolled oats! You can find it here: http://thedealgirls.com/?p=6755

    Thanks for sharing!

    4:07 pm  Mar 22nd, 2012
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    10:35 pm  Sep 20th, 2012
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    12:18 pm  Oct 14th, 2012
  142. Bella-Genvieve

    I found a recipe better then this one on a website called: New South Food Company.

    I have tried it and it is AWESOME! I use whole cracked white wheat that I buy at the local food CO-OP in bulk, 40 lbs. I grind it myself. This recipe looks pretty good, but I just don’t know if it will beat the other one… will have to find out! Thanks for sharing!


    9:14 am  Nov 6th, 2012
  143. Jen

    These are so delicious!! I completely forgot to add the oil and they were still perfect! I added about 2 tablespoons of flaxseed and all whole wheat flour. These are great!

    9:22 am  Dec 8th, 2012
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