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Throwback Thursday: Pumpkin Roll Revisited

Pumpkin Roll

I decided to reach way back into the archives today and pull up a favorite recipe from November of 2006 – Pumpkin Roll!  I’m sure most of you have tasted some version of this delightful Autumn creation, but if not, you’re in for a treat.  Pumpkin Roll is a spiced pumpkin sponge cake that is spread with sweetened cream cheese and rolled up into a pinwheel.  It’s fairly easy to make, impressive-looking when sliced, and absolutely delicious.  But you’ll have to travel way back to 2006 if you want to learn how to make it:  Pumpkin Roll Recipe

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Wordless Wednesday: Kale, Butternut Squash, and Chickpeas

Butternut Squash and Kale

Looking through some old photos, I ran across this bowl filled with Fall colors and flavors.  I developed this recipe for Clean Eating magazine a few years back and it can still be found online.  Follow this link for the recipe: Ginger Lime Kale with Squash and Chickpeas at Clean Eating.

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A Peek Inside Our CSA Box

November CSA Box

We joined our local CSA last Spring and although I don’t always make it through all of the lettuce and I occasionally lose some vegetables in the back of the fridge when it gets full and we’re busy and I’m not cooking as much I’d like, we’ve really enjoyed picking up our weekly box of goodies and I’m happy to support our local organic farm, T&D Willey Farms, here in Madera, California. Continue reading →

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Learning to Use a Mobile Phone

Baby with Cell Phone

I’ve had a busy day but very little of it was spent in the kitchen, so instead of talking about food I thought I’d share a little part of my afternoon with you instead.  I spent a couple hours babysitting my little cousin Ava who will be turning a year old next month.  Her recent accomplishments include picking up phones and saying hi, calling all animals (and everything else) “Coco”, and giving high fives.  We had quite an afternoon! Continue reading →

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The Finished Kitchen

Kitchen Remodel

I just realized that I never really posted any “after” photos of the remodel of our kitchen.  So here’s a quick peek into the kitchen as it exists today, along with a reminder of where we started.  If you look closely, you’ll see my Boston Terrier (above) standing outside the kitchen door and my cat Thumbelina (below) hanging out on in her favorite spot. Continue reading →

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Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Bread with Pecans and Tart Cherries

Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Bread with Pecans and Cherries

I love quick breads.  They’re easy to make, the recipes can easily be changed up to fit your mood, and pretty much everyone loves them.  I know I haven’t met a quick bread I didn’t like.  So when I saw a recipe for a Sweet Potato Cranberry Quick Bread pop up on Facebook yesterday from a new-to-me food blog called Beard & Bonnet, I had to investigate a little further. Continue reading →

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Cookbooks on the Couch

The Southern Slow Cooker

I’ve loved cookbooks for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until I was first married that I really started reading them.  I received Cookwise by Shirley O. Corriher as a wedding gift and although I probably tried a recipe or two from the book, what I really enjoyed was sitting down and actually reading through it and learning about how recipes work and why recipes work.  After that book, I started to really enjoy reading recipes.  Not just the head notes and stories that accompanied them, but the actual recipes.  I love reading through ingredient lists and instructions, imagining the process and seeing the food come together in my mind.  I learn from recipes, even if I don’t always follow them.  I pick up new shortcuts, flavor combinations, and techniques.  I learn that there can be more than one “right way” to do something.  I learn that it’s okay to experiment because almost every single recipe published is simply a variation of an older recipe.  And that’s okay.  That’s what cooking is. Continue reading →

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Fall Harvest: Persimmons, Feijoas, and Meyer Lemons

Fall Fruit

My kitchen counter is filled with slightly unusual fruit this morning.  While persimmons and Meyer lemons are common and popular here, they aren’t as familiar or easy to come by in other parts of the country.  I had never even heard of a Pineapple Guava, also known as Feijoa, before we bought this house and noticed the egg-shaped fruit dropping like crazy from the two large tree-like shrubs bordering our courtyard.  I have a feeling that many of you haven’t heard of or tasted a pineapple guava either.  You should, they’re delicious!  The persimmons aren’t actually from my yard – my cousin Cristin has a tree and delivered a bag full of them.  I just thought I’d highlight some of what’s currently ripening in the backyards of Central Californians right now.

We’ve been living in this house for close to 10 months now and we have really enjoyed seeing what surprises our mature backyard has to offer with each new season. In the early spring, we had two big patches of Lady Jane tulips pop up followed by a surprise (huge) lilac that had been somewhat hidden behind and inside a huge Myrtle. Continue reading →

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