Peter Reinhart on Bread

  1. Kary Gonyer

    Oh..thank you so much for that. It really did make my day. What a wonderful man..and I learned so much in 15 minutes..not to even mention INSPIRING…

    So, with that, I am up off the couch and am making a biga….


    4:17 pm  Aug 24th, 2009
  2. Nicole

    I’m really glad you enjoyed the video, Kary! I thought it was wonderful!

    6:34 pm  Aug 24th, 2009
  3. Hilda

    Thank you for sharing with us. This really shows his love for what he does. He seems to see his baking from many different angles. That was very interesting.

    8:50 pm  Aug 24th, 2009
  4. Inmaculada (Adi)

    Many thanks, this was an amazing way of starting my day.
    Best regards from Spain.

    10:44 pm  Aug 24th, 2009
  5. Joey D

    Awesome… thanks for sharing. Reminded me in a sense of lectures on bread as meditation from Fr. Dominic (Bake and Be Blessed). Perfect mid-Challenge reflection on our baking. =)

    12:43 am  Aug 25th, 2009
  6. YNPGal

    Thanks! That was AWESOME! I’m feeling very beer bread…need to go make some!

    6:23 am  Aug 25th, 2009
  7. Hélène

    So interesting, thanks so much. That start my day very well 🙂

    11:34 am  Aug 25th, 2009
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