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Please Accept My Apology

Some of you might have noticed that the last eleven days worth of blog posts/recipes have completely disappeared from Pinch My Salt.  Due to human error at my web hosting provider, the last eleven days of my blog have been completely erased.  I will obviously be switching to a new provider soon, please let me know if you have any recommendations.

My apologies to those of you who entered the knife giveaway contest, I am going to have to start the contest over again because the post and all the comments have disappeared.  So, for the next few hours, I will be working to restore what has been lost.  I have copies of all of the recipes/photos/writing, it’s just a matter of getting them back into the blog.

I’ll keep you posted about the new knife contest deadlines.  Unfortunately, I’m going to have to ask you to leave your comments again once I get the post back up!

Wish me luck!

UPDATE: I’ve restored more than half of the posts and I need to take a break!  Still to come: Persimmon Cookies, Buttermilk Cranberry Scones, Tabbouleh with Persimmons and Almonds, and Sourdough Stuffing with Apples and Bacon.  They will be back up by the end of the night.  Thanks for your patience!

UPDATE #2: I think I have everything restored now.  Please check out the post about the Knife Giveaway and leave a new comment if you would like to enter!