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How to Make the Best Buttermilk Biscuits from Scratch

Biscuits with Butter and Honey

Canned biscuits caused our ruination!

That was the subject of an e-mail I received after my last biscuit post. Who knew biscuits could stir such passion! Apparently, when canned biscuits made their debut, many women quit making them from scratch, even in the southern states.

Even in Tennessee where I’m from, when canned biscuits came out, women quit making homemade ones except for my grandmother who is 90 years old and still going strong. We live in Texas now and it amazes me how many people have never had a great homemade biscuit.

Carmen, the reader who sent the e-mail, went on to explain to me some of the real secrets of making great homemade biscuits and I am now forever in her debt! Continue reading →

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Mark Bittman’s Favorite Vegetarian Paella

I’ve never really eaten a paella because I’m just not much of a seafood eater. But I just watched the latest Mark Bittman video over at the New York Times and I’ve just become a paella convert.

Bittman suggests a much simpler version of the famously extravagant meat and fish-laden rice dish. His is Paella with Tomatoes. I am already a huge fan of tomato-based rice dishes but this paella, rich with saffron and smoked paprika and topped with lightly seasoned fresh tomatoes, looks absolutely amazing. Continue reading →

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Find Your Inner Bumblebee!

Nicole’s Inner Bumblebee

Like most of you, I read a lot of food blogs. It’s getting to the point now where you can find out just about anything you need to know about any kind of food just by searching food blogs alone.

But I’ve also come to realize that there are a lot of great blogs out there that have nothing to do with food. In fact, I am sometimes overwhelmed by the sheer amount of good, entertaining writing floating around, free for the taking, on the web (I will get to the bumble bee part soon!). Continue reading →

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Early Morning Manhattan and Ten Reasons to Buy Local Food

Early Morning Manhattan

I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Union Square Greenmarket on my very first morning in New York City. As I was jet-lagged and on a crazy sleeping schedule, I was up and out walking in midtown Manhattan at 5:30 a.m. It was a beautiful morning and the only people out were those with running shoes on their feet or dog leashes in hand. I had no idea where I was headed but sometimes there is nothing better than just wandering around a new city alone, absorbing the sights, sounds, and smells. Continue reading →

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Quick Tip: Freeze those Roasted Peppers

Just found an interesting tip over at Kalofagas. Roast a big batch of peppers during the summer and freeze them for year-round use. Visit Kalofagas for instructions and while you’re there, check out Peter’s recipe for Htipiti dip – a Greek roasted red pepper dip.

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The Most Important Ingredient? Music.

One thing that I don’t talk enough about on this blog is music. But wait, you say. This a food blog, right? Yes, yes, I know. But ask me what the most important appliance in my kitchen is and I’ll tell you without hesitation that it’s my CD player. To me, a kitchen without music is a kitchen without life. Cooking is fun. But dancing around the kitchen with your favorite song turned up? That is living.

Speaking of favorite songs, I was recently asked to be a “Song of the Week” contributor over at The Plugg, one of my favorite entertainment blogs. Once a week, The Plugg writers offer up their favorite song picks, and it’s always a great and eclectic mix. But this week they decided to take a break and let some other bloggers contribute their favorites. If you want to listen to my pick for song of the week as well as see what some other bloggers are listening to, head over and check out The Plugg’s Song of the Week – Blogger Special.

Terry over at Blue Kitchen has a page on his site dedicated to the music playing in his kitchen. He calls it ‘What’s on the kitchen boombox?’, and I plan on copying his idea sometime soon (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?). But until I get my own music page set up, I’ll be filling you in a little more often on what I’m listening to in the kitchen. Hopefully, you’ll do the same! Today I’ve been listening to Rodrigo y Gabriela on my kitchen boombox, what are you listening to?

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Fries with Feta!

Just a quick note!  Peter over at Kalofagas got creative with my Creamy Feta Dressing and made his own version of it to be eaten with some really yummy looking fries!  According to Peter, Greeks like to eat their fries with feta and, after seeing the photo and reading his post, I’m convinced that this will be one of my new favorite combinations!  Go check out Feta Frites at Kalofagas now!

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Egg Salad Gets a Makeover

I am pleased to announce that one of my recipes has been featured in a cooking video over at Rub My Chicken, the improvisational cooking video site formerly known as Collective Kitchen. Jonathan, an American living in Denmark and star of Rub My Chicken, chose to feature my very own Easy Egg Salad in his latest video adventure. Although his version of egg salad is based on my recipe, he gives it a bit of a face lift by making his own flavored mayonnaise and grinding the mustard seeds by hand.  YUM!

While you’re over there checking out the egg salad, make sure to browse through some of the earlier episodes as well.  Just a quick warning, Jonathan is very, um, passionate about his cooking and his colorful use of language reflects that. So, if you feel that there is no room for cursing in a cooking video, steer clear of Rub My Chicken. For those of you who can handle the salty language, head on over to Rub My Chicken for some great food and lots of laughs!

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