Wordless Wednesday: Smack Meets the New Neighbor

Smack Waiting at the Fence

  1. Kristen

    That is too cute!

    2:08 pm  Nov 14th, 2012
  2. Gretchen

    So cute! I love the difference in their sizes too!

    3:10 pm  Nov 14th, 2012
  3. Rebecca

    Oh my word! I love them both! What cuties!!

    3:56 pm  Nov 14th, 2012
  4. Carla

    Looks like a new pair of BFF’s is well on its way to being formed. 🙂

    4:09 pm  Nov 14th, 2012
  5. Kate

    I can’t stop giggling about this! 🙂

    8:51 pm  Nov 14th, 2012
  6. amanda

    LOVE this series! could it get cuter?

    9:25 am  Nov 15th, 2012
  7. Erin

    This is such a ridiculously cute picture. How did I miss it?! Very Mr. Wilson meets Tim “the tool man” Taylor 😉 I think my NaBloPoMo posts this week and pretty much just going to be shots of things I ate and cats. Ha ha …

    9:51 am  Nov 19th, 2012
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