Spring Cleaning in January?


Today’s forecast:
Sunday in Catania, Sicily, Italy
Sunny and Pleasantly warm, 74¬?F/23¬?C
Wind WSW, 6mph

This is no joke, it is warm outside! Although we call this place Sunny Sicily, this is not normal weather for the end of January! But, as you can see in the photo, everything is green and the wildflowers are blooming everywhere. It feels and looks like spring here. The windows in my house have been open every day (much to the delight of my cat) and I actually have had the urge to do some spring-like cleaning around my house (that’s more unusual than this weather). Well, this morning I have also done some much needed cleaning around this blog.

The links on my sidebar have been multiplying and taking over and I don’t know about you, but it’s been driving me crazy! My solution to this problem? I created a page specifically dedicated to all the supercool Web sites I want to share with you. The page is easily accessed by clicking on the Recommended Sites link at the top of this page on the far right. I’ve also added descriptions to some of the sites and I’ll be adding more in the future. So, it’s a work in progress but I think overall it’s a big improvement.

I’ll try to have some new recipes soon but it’s too nice a day to stay inside my kitchen! In the meantime, check out some of the recommended sites.

Ciao for now!

  1. Alicat

    You go girl! Cleaning can be so hard to psych yourself up for. I am preparing myself for one huuuge day of cleaning. Bah! Don’t likie. 🙂

    Thank you for including me on your list of favorite blogs. It is a honor to be listed as one! You are definitely one of my favorites as well.

    5:14 pm  Jan 21st, 2007
  2. Amanda P

    It is freezing here today perhaps about 10 degrees out side but I still had to clean. We have two simeese cats that love to shed and I have hard wood floors so I am always sweeping! Thank you again for your wonderful photos!

    11:32 pm  Jan 21st, 2007
  3. Nic

    Here in the Netherlands it’s warm too.

    11:37 pm  Jan 21st, 2007
  4. Ruby

    It’s still fairly cold here in Central California, and it really should’t be. I feel bad for the citrus farmers around here. Anyhow, beautiful picture Nicole, makes me want spring to come sooner! 🙂

    1:08 am  Jan 22nd, 2007
  5. Patricia Scarpin

    Dear Nicole,

    I did a different kind of cleaning today – my kitchen was the target! 😀
    I had so many recipe prints around they would take over the apartment any minute.

    These sites you recommend are so nice – I’ll be checking them out, and the food photos will be the first.

    I would also like to thank you for the link to my blog – I’ve been a fan of “Pinch my Salt” for quite a while and having a link here is the icing on the cake.

    Tks, dear!

    1:59 am  Jan 22nd, 2007
  6. Scott

    The weather just turned from unseasonably warm to about what we’d be expecting this time of the year (cold temps, but still lacking much in the way of snowfall) for New England anyway…

    Great set of links you have… always finding something new (and totally worth visiting) on your site… so many blogs, so little time!

    2:23 am  Jan 22nd, 2007
  7. coffeepot

    Cold with sleet and snow here today.

    3:20 am  Jan 22nd, 2007
  8. madchilli

    Enjoy it while it lasts Nicole. I made quite a number of trips to Catania when I lived in Italy and remember the glorious winter days, crisp and sunny.

    3:29 am  Jan 22nd, 2007
  9. Abby

    Thanks for the link of even MORE food blogs to check out! I’m always a fan of more to read.

    4:24 am  Jan 22nd, 2007
  10. Nicole

    Ali: Good luck with the cleaning! And of course you’re on my list…Something So Clever has been one of my favorites since I first learned about food blogs!

    Amanda: I have all tile floors and I know what you mean about animal fur! Between my dog and cat, it seems like the floors are dirty no matter what (so I just don’t worry about it too much).

    Nic: Well I hope you’ve been out enjoying the weather too then!

    Patricia: I should have had a link to your blog sooner because it’s been one of my favorites for a long time!

    Scott: So many blogs, so little time…so true!

    Coffeepot: I imagine winter will be arriving here sometime soon!

    Madchilli: Yes, I’m really trying to enjoy it because I know it could be changing soon!

    Abby: You’re welcome! I know I’ll be addding new sites all the time and adding better descriptions of the ones I have listed. There are just so many talented, interesting, creative people out there!

    10:01 am  Jan 22nd, 2007
  11. Kristen

    I am so jealous. We just had several inches of snow dumped on us. Made for great snowman building though!

    8:29 pm  Jan 22nd, 2007
  12. Ruby

    So cold here, beautiful picture! Can’t wait for spring! 🙂

    6:16 am  Jan 23rd, 2007
  13. Aurie

    i wish i was there. its going to be around 27 degrees fahrenheit over here in the northeast US. Bummer!!

    6:51 am  Jan 23rd, 2007
  14. Fer

    In Santa Monica, California it has been cold! It snowed in Malibu last week! What’s up with that??

    8:43 am  Jan 23rd, 2007
  15. Nicole

    Kristen: I love to “visit” the snow but I’ve never really lived in it before. It would snow a couple times a year when I lived in Portland, Or but when that happens, the city basically shuts down 🙂

    Ruby: Well I’d like to experience a little bit of winter before spring gets here!

    Aurie: Well it’s not quite as nice now…the rain has started and it’s dropped down to the 60’s 😉

    Fer: Snow in Malibu!? What??

    9:23 am  Jan 23rd, 2007
  16. Ashley

    It was 70 in New York a few weeks ago, but the cold has moved in now, and that’s no fun!

    Great set of links! It’s always great to find new food blogs 🙂

    7:08 pm  Jan 23rd, 2007
  17. Sandy

    Good idea for the link page.
    Beware, we were 68¬? less than two weeks ago.
    19¬? right now, with snow.

    2:14 am  Jan 24th, 2007
  18. Susan at Food "Blogga"

    When you live in Southern California, it’s hard to be envious of many other places. Sicily, I’m discovering, is one of them! What a lovely picture to share.

    Also, thank you so much, Nicole, for listing my blog as one that you enjoy reading. I like to think of yours as a model.

    Banish the rubber gloves and enjoy the glorious weather!

    2:51 am  Jan 24th, 2007
  19. Zack Gonzales

    your link pg is the ultimate, thx!


    4:57 am  Jan 25th, 2007
  20. Michelle

    What a lot of blogs I’m now going to have to go through–I love yours (could Italy be more romantic??) and anyone you recommend is worth a look.

    8:12 am  Jan 25th, 2007
  21. Pearl

    That is fabulous temperature.

    2:44 am  Jan 26th, 2007
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