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Spring Fling: Artichokes

Welcome back to Spring Fling!  This week we’re celebrating artichokes and I decided to share some of my favorite artichoke recipes from the archives as well as some recipes from other food bloggers that I’m dying to try this season.  What’s your favorite way to eat artichokes?  Feel free to share links to your own favorite recipes and don’t forget to check out all the artichoke tips, tricks, and recipes from my Spring Fling pals at the end of this post. Continue reading →

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Strawberry-Rhubarb Fool

Fresh Rhubarb and Strawberries

It’s Spring Fling time again and this week we’re talking about rhubarb.  You may remember that I came to know rhubarb for the first time only a couple of years ago, but it’s been a love affair ever since.  I love its tart, astringent nature and while most people won’t eat it until it’s been cooked and sweetened, I love to pop a few pieces in my mouth while chopping it up for compote, or pie, or delicious Rhubarb Blueberry Turnovers.

To celebrate rhubarb this week, I decided to combine it with some of our extra-sweet local strawberries and a bit of local honey to make a compote.  I then layered the delicious compote with extra sliced berries and lightly sweetened whipped cream to make a wonderful new-to-me dessert called a fool.  I don’t know why it’s called a fool (although I’m sure Wikipedia does), but move over Strawberry Shortcake, this Strawberry Rhubarb Fool is now my favorite spring dessert! Continue reading →

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Spring Fling: Asparagus Gratin

Asparagus Gratin

Remember Summer Fest?  Well, spring has sprung and I’m once again getting together with a fantastic group of bloggers to celebrate some of the best of spring produce.  We’re calling it Spring Fling!  This week, asparagus is the guest of honor, so make sure to check out the links at the bottom of this post and see what the others have cooked up with this delicious spring veggie.  Click around and join the conversation by sharing your own tips, recipes, or links.

I used to hate asparagus.  After onions, it was the most-loathed vegetable of my childhood.  Unfortunately, my parents loved it, so I remember lots of asparagus stare-downs that sometimes landed me in my room directly after dinner.  On asparagus nights, my mom took pity on me and I was only required to eat two small spears, but even that was a struggle that included lots of whining, possibly a few tears, and most likely some dramatic gagging. Continue reading →

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