Spring Fling: Artichokes

Welcome back to Spring Fling!  This week we’re celebrating artichokes and I decided to share some of my favorite artichoke recipes from the archives as well as some recipes from other food bloggers that I’m dying to try this season.  What’s your favorite way to eat artichokes?  Feel free to share links to your own favorite recipes and don’t forget to check out all the artichoke tips, tricks, and recipes from my Spring Fling pals at the end of this post.

How to Roast Whole Artichokes

Artichoke Rice Salad with Homemade Curry Mayonnaise

Artichoke Hummus

Creamy Cauliflower and Artichoke Soup

Creamy Roasted Cauliflower and Artichoke Soup

More great Artichoke Recipes from around the web:

How to Participate in Spring Fling

Have a tip or recipe to share about artichokes, or one of the other spring farm- or garden-to-table crops on our Spring Fling lineup? Leave your tip or recipe in a comment on this post, and copy it onto the comments on all the participating blogs (listed below) so that the maximum number of people enjoy your idea. Links back to your own blog, or sites you love, are encouraged (older posts are fine). The more the better!

The schedule of weekly themes:

April 20: Asparagus
May 4: Rhubarb
May 18: Artichokes
June 1: Strawberries
June 15: Peas

Artichoke Tips, Tricks, and Recipes from my Spring Fling Friends:


  1. Averie (LoveVeggiesandYoga)

    everywhere I go, I am seeing artichokes…you, Gaby, Todd & Diane, Jaden…it makes me want to make, well, artichokes! Great recipe 🙂

    10:48 am  May 18th, 2011
  2. Fortycloves

    This year, I tried artichokes in a soup. It was velvety and delicate, and a departure from my usual ways of preparing them.
    Artichoke Soup:

    10:49 am  May 18th, 2011
  3. Gaby

    omg Artichoke Hummus is calling my name!! Totally going to make that this week 🙂

    11:54 am  May 18th, 2011
  4. Ranjani

    I just recently cooked fresh artichokes for the first time:
    Your artichoke recipes look delicious!

    12:42 pm  May 18th, 2011
  5. Kelly

    I made Roasted Asparagus with Goat Cheese, Toasted Walnuts and Balsamic Glaze for Easter dinner this year. Recipe is really easy and it’s delicious!


    2:19 pm  May 18th, 2011
  6. Caitlin

    Wow – that rice salad looks amazing. We love artichokes and I’m always looking for new things to try – thanks!

    4:16 pm  May 18th, 2011
  7. Amy

    I love artichokes and am hoping these all look great. I recently made some lemon and thyme braised baby artichokes for the first time. I enjoyed them a lot. http://savorymomentsblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/lemon-and-thyme-braised-baby-artichokes.html

    4:27 pm  May 18th, 2011
  8. Georgia @ The Comfort of Cooking

    Wow – the detail of that first photo and all of your other photos just knocked my socks off! You are a very talented photographer and cook – I’m loving all your recipes and your blog in general! So happy to have found you. I’ll be returning soon, that’s for sure. 🙂

    4:30 pm  May 18th, 2011
  9. Alex

    I have developed an obsession with artichoke hearts, so I have added them to pasta with some garlic, red pepper flakes and a dash of lemon! Perfect for a spring time dinner!


    6:06 pm  May 18th, 2011
  10. Kirsten

    I LOVE your Spring Fling idea! I’m going to the farmers market Sat and trying out a few of your recipes. Thanks for sharing!

    Would love to share some artichoke recipes with your wonderful readers….Check out:




    Hope your readers enjoy! I’m definitely returning for Strawberries….can’t wait.

    7:50 pm  May 18th, 2011
  11. Snippets of Thyme

    I think I put my artichoke recipe in the wrong comments post. So, I’ll put it over here with artichoke offerings! This was probably one of my favorite chicken dishes this spring so I am happy to share it with your readers. BTW, we always have hummus so I enjoy your artichoke hummus recipe. Right now we have roasted red pepper hummus. Here is the link for “Fennel and Artichoke Fricassee”

    4:36 am  May 19th, 2011
  12. Phil

    OOhhh I’m looking forward to the pea portion of Spring Fling!

    Also, I want to dip leaves from a grilled artichoke in your chipotle ranch. Just try to stop me – you can’t!

    6:29 am  May 19th, 2011
  13. Susie @ Return to Sunday Supper

    At our house we always have a “spring fling” with artichokes. Sadly, they are not as beautiful as they are straight from the farms of California, but we love them just the same.

    Here is a simple way to prepare/eat them.


    6:55 am  May 19th, 2011
  14. Anne Marie

    While fresh artichokes are a bit rare in MN, sometimes frozen and canned hearts can fill in, like in the Spinach and Artichoke dip I like to serve at parties ( http://themessyapron.blogspot.com/2010/12/party-dip.html ) and this salad ( http://themessyapron.blogspot.com/2010/03/three-grains-are-better.html ) with whole grains, white beans, and, of course, artichoke hearts. I’m sure fresh artichokes would be even better!

    7:56 am  May 19th, 2011
  15. Karen @ Forty Cloves

    Here’s another artichoke treat: Sicilian Stuffed Artichokes (my grandmother’s recipe) http://www.fortycloves.com/2011/03/stuffed-artichokes-.html

    12:46 pm  May 19th, 2011
  16. Rita Held Cartalano

    As a super practical cook, I enjoy the sweet flesh of artichokes the simplest way I can — steamed, with a yummy, easy dip: http://getcookingsimply.com/?p=2702
    Artichokes are plentiful here in coastal northern California. With our cool spring this year, they are still available at local farmers markets and grocery stores. Not all that common for late May.

    1:51 pm  May 19th, 2011
  17. Karen @ Forty Cloves

    And another artichoke treat: Artichoke Hearts Oreganata

    10:17 am  May 23rd, 2011
  18. Donna McNamara

    Great timing! Just bought some baby artichokes and was looking for something a little different to do with them. Thanks!!

    3:49 pm  May 25th, 2011
  19. Veresia

    Buy big globe artichokes and STEAM them! Medium sized ones usually take 30 minutes, and the great big ones take 45+. Prepare them just like that roasted artichoke is, and stick them on a steamer insert. I don’t usually let the hearts rest in the water because they get soggy.
    For extra flavor, drizzle on them a little white wine and some chopped bacon or prosciutto! The leaves are great plain, or with mayo, butter, or aioli! My personal favorite is kalamata olive aioli. And don’t forget to eat the heart! Steaming them give the heart the most flavor, in my opinion, and leave it nice and tender.

    2:09 am  Feb 13th, 2013
  20. Veresia

    Oh, I forgot to mention! If you see “frost kissed” artichokes at your super market, buy them! They’re just as tasty as any others, and I’ve seen them in a few not-California states that way, but people seem afraid of buying artichokes that look “weird.”

    They don’t need to be perfectly green and shiny (nor should they be!) and don’t be afraid to get ones with cracked leaves that are starting to pull away from the center. These ones are the ripe ones! Green and tight leaves are under ripe!

    2:15 am  Feb 13th, 2013
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