Summer Fest: Pickled Serrano Chile Peppers

Pickled Peppers in Jars

Surprise!  Summer Fest is still on!  Response and participation have been so great during the last five weeks, we decided to extend Summer Fest through mid-September and then roll right into a Fall Fest.  We’ll even have a fun new Fall Fest pumpkin badge thanks to Matt of Matt Bites! Visit Margaret at A Way to Garden for all the new details and schedule.

This week we’re celebrating peppers, both sweet and spicy.  I decided to try my hand at pickling some hot peppers since I happened to have a basket of serrano chiles sitting on the counter (I picked them up for a dollar at the Farmer’s Market last Saturday).  I love pickled jalapenos, but I always end up using the store-bought kind.  I thought it would be nice to have some home-pickled peppers on hand for once!  And since I won’t go through them very fast on my own, one basket of peppers seemed like the perfect amount to pickle.

Basket of Serrano Chiles

Since I’ve never pickled peppers before, I wanted to start with some sort of recipe.  I found a couple in books, and several online, but finally decided on Michael Symon’s recipe at Michael Ruhlman’s blog. It was simple and easy to adapt to my small amount of peppers.

First, I washed the peppers and poked each of them in a few places with a knife (the idea to pierce them with a knife came from David Lebovitz’s version).  Then I packed them into jars.  One basket of peppers (about half a pound) filled three half-pint jars.

Serrano Chiles in Jars

Next I made the brine.  I used equal parts white vinegar and water, sugar, salt, garlic, coriander, cumin, and black peppercorns.  I had planned on using bay leaves, but at the last minute, I couldn’t find mine!  Oh well, I continued without.  I boiled the liquid then let it simmer for ten minutes.

Pickling Brine for Peppers

While still hot, I poured the brine over the peppers, filling the jar completely with liquid.

Peppers in Brine

Next I put the lids on the jars, let them cool, then placed them in the fridge.  They should be ready in about a week, but will continue to improve as they sit.  From what I hear, they will last a very long time in the fridge.

Pickled Peppers

You’ll just have to wait to hear how they taste!  In the meantime, you should make some yourself.

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8/11: Herbs, Greens, and Beans
8/18: Stone Fruit – I missed this one!
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9/1: Sweet and Spicy Peppers
9/8: Garlic
9/15: White (or colorful “white”…but not sweet) Potatoes
9/22: Spinach
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  1. Kim @ Two Good Cookies

    Pickling is the best! And these peppers are beautiful. They will last months in the fridge and the best part is then you always have some peppers available for cooking! I hope you so enjoy them. Thanks for sharing!

    3:47 am  Sep 1st, 2010
  2. TheKitchenWitch

    I love pickled jalapenos! I’ve only made Bobby Flay’s version, but I’m intrigued by this recipe, and also with the idea of piercing them with a knife. David usually doesn’t steer you wrong, does he? May have to try!

    4:11 am  Sep 1st, 2010
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    6:08 am  Sep 1st, 2010
  4. The FN Dish » Archive » Throw a Pepper Fiesta with Chiles Rellenos

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    6:31 am  Sep 1st, 2010
  5. Sarah

    I love pickled anything – especially peppers! Yum!

    I’m so excited that summer turns into Fall Fest! We’re big pepper lovers in our home and are enjoying them fresh as well as canning them for fall and winter hamburgers, chilis, chile rellenos, soups and stews.

    After living in New Mexico for four years for college, I fell in love with Hatch Green Chile and in this post show you how to oven roast them as well as can them for the pantry (and directions for freezing are included as well)

    And one of our favorite condiments when we eat Mexican food is jalapenos en escabeche. I make mine lacto-fermented and raw and, in the fridge, they last forever! We’re finishing a jar that I made up last year! The carrots are my favorite while the jalapenos are my husband’s:

    Thank you for hosting Fall Fest! I can’t wait to read the other participants!


    6:37 am  Sep 1st, 2010
  6. Naseer

    Great idea for saving serranos! We didn’t consider this option. So far we’ve just been freezing ours.

    Here’s a Green Thumb Geeks recipe that we posted earlier when the pepper harvest was booming:

    Cheddar-Stuffed Jalapeno Burger

    6:43 am  Sep 1st, 2010
  7. Kate

    What a great idea! I love this concept of cooking and sharing virtually! Since I just found out about this today, I won’t be able to participate in the Sept. 1st event, but I will leave a link to my favorite pepper recipe: Rachael Ray’s Chicken Scarpariello. Equal parts sweet and spicy, utterly delicious.

    6:52 am  Sep 1st, 2010
  8. Amy @ Homestead Revival

    Those look beautiful whole in the jar like that. And I would not have thought to pierce them. Great idea. I pickled some this weekend, but I cut them up. The brine was very similar but without sugar or cumin. I think next time I’ll try the whole version!

    7:40 am  Sep 1st, 2010
  9. Christina

    I just recently did the same pickling process with banana and Hungarian hot peppers. It turned out fabulous! I plan to pickle my serranos soon, too. Here is my post on pickled peppers:

    7:54 am  Sep 1st, 2010
  10. HPD

    Love it! Got a bushel or so of peppers to go through … this will help a lot! Cheers!

    8:07 am  Sep 1st, 2010
  11. Prerna@IndianSimmer

    Wow, Just the mere heading of the post made me cringe! That is one HOT ecipe 🙂
    We also pickle the peppers in India although its way too spicy but pickled peppers?? Nothing beats that!
    Here’s something I did to my peppers

    8:54 am  Sep 1st, 2010
  12. Ranjani

    yay, so excited that summer fest will be continuing into fall fest! looking forward to joining you next week

    9:06 am  Sep 1st, 2010
  13. bergamot

    the bottle of pickled pepper look just great

    9:21 am  Sep 1st, 2010
  14. Chef Louise

    pickled peppers… I logged in too late to make a joke on facebook… it just so happens I have a garden of peppers growing myself, hadn’t though of pickling them, great idea. now to figure out how to post “easily” with all the links for summer fest. augh! my blogger growing pains –

    10:02 am  Sep 1st, 2010
  15. Kim

    I recently made two pepper-based sauces (one red, one green) over at Flexitarian Foodie–check it out…

    10:05 am  Sep 1st, 2010
  16. Nancy

    I am going to have to make some of these – so handy when you need some chili’s for a recipe and find you don’t have any!!! Brilliant!!! My contribution for the week is Texas Caviar

    Loving all these pepper recipes!

    10:13 am  Sep 1st, 2010
  17. Adrienne

    I’ve made that exact recipe before! Except I didn’t poke any holes, I’m glad you thought to do that, you’ll have a way more balanced pickle. Mine were good but not great. Anyway, I am totally psyched you decided to continue the Fest into the Fall! I made chili garlic hot sauce with garden sweet peppers and a dollar’s worth of habaneros from the farmer’s market 🙂

    11:40 am  Sep 1st, 2010
  18. Zom G.

    What!A!Simple!Lovely! way to pickle peppers! My own little garden is bursting with hotzies that could use some taming.

    These are super pretty to boot…

    For my three part pepper utilization plan:

    12:57 pm  Sep 1st, 2010
  19. dinners & dreams

    Beautiful pickles! I would eat them with every meal for a little zest!

    2:58 pm  Sep 1st, 2010
  20. napa farmhouse 1885/diane

    i love the idea of pickling my own peppers. can you water bath process to can?
    i posted a recipe for three chile & carrot salsa…and started a contest for a cookbook give away…

    3:00 pm  Sep 1st, 2010
  21. Kathleen

    I must try this, will be nice to have those in the fridge. I made some peppers and onions for a wonderful grilled tuna.

    3:32 pm  Sep 1st, 2010
  22. Charles G Thompson

    Love this post. Those peppers look spectacular. This is something I’ve been wanting to do but haven’t yet. Maybe I will now. Thanks!

    5:22 pm  Sep 1st, 2010
  23. Naseer @ GreenThumbGeeks

    One more contribution for Summer Fest on Green Thumb Geeks by my Emily: Jalapeno Poppers!

    5:50 pm  Sep 1st, 2010
  24. Leyla

    These w?ll be acet?c ac?d and sp?ce flavor ?nfused peppers. I prefer fermented p?ckles made by the help of fermentat?ve lact?c ac?d bacter?a (Lactobac?llus, Ped?ococcus and so on).

    To ferment vegetables, you just add br?ne over vegetables and keep them at a cool temperature. Depend?ng on the type of vegetable, pickles become ready to eat ?n around a month. The level of salt ?n the br?ne and temperature of fermentat?on are the cr?t?cal var?ables. They are set to a level to ?nh?b?t the growth of yeast and mold wh?ch may spo?l the vegetables.

    We ferment almost every k?nd of vegetable (unr?pe melons, unr?pe tomatoes, eggplants, green beans and so on). Garl?c ?s a must and we add a few garbanzo beans to each jar as a carbohydrate source for the bacter?a to speed up the fermentat?on. I was forgett?ng to say, I am Turk?sh and what I descr?bed above ?s how we p?ckle vegetables ?n Turkey.

    12:48 am  Sep 2nd, 2010
  25. Purple Cook

    Fall Fest:
    I made this pepper dish last week and dropped it on the floor and ruined it with shattered glass. And I was so looking forward to eating it. I tried again last night and really enjoyed my dinner.

    Pesto Sausage and Peppers with Cous Cous

    4:13 am  Sep 2nd, 2010
  26. One Hungry Mama

    Your Pickled Peppers look SO beautiful! And, how exciting that Summer (Fall!) Fest will live on through autumn. Great news.

    In the meantime, I thought it better late than never to share my round up of One Hungry Mama pepper recipes including a Red Pepper Walnut Dip, Grilled Tuna & Cubanelle Peppers w/ Olive & Caper Vinaigrette, Roasted Poblano Cream Sauce, and more!

    6:56 am  Sep 2nd, 2010
  27. WeightLossPlans

    Great Blog!

    I’m not a fan of chilies, but they can be great when treated and cooked properly!

    Check out my site to compare diet plans and if you want healthy weight loss tips, recipes, or nutrition information:

    1:26 pm  Sep 2nd, 2010
  28. Lana

    Nicole, those peppers look so delicious. Serranos pack some heat, and pickled heat is some serious yumminess. My hot pepper plants are not doing too well (maybe because my father decided to PRUNE then last winter???), And I miss out Ohio pick-your-own-peppers farm – $14.00 a bushel! Well, you have to pay the Piper somehow…
    I had a really hard time deciding what recipe to post – Serbians have a way with peppers:), but in the end I wrote about my Mother’s recipe for Stuffed Battered Red Peppers.

    6:40 pm  Sep 2nd, 2010
  29. Around the Internet Kitchen: Long Weekend | Macheesmo

    […] Pickled Serrano Peppers – I have a pickling problem right now.  And the problem is that I just can’t seem to around to pickling anything even though they tend to be my favorite foods.  Anyway, these look delicious. (@ Pinch My Salt) […]

    4:02 am  Sep 3rd, 2010
  30. Peggy

    I’ve convinced myself that pickling is a MUST for me next vegetable season. And this Summer/Fall Fest idea is really great! Hopefully I’ll get to join in on the action soon!

    7:00 am  Sep 4th, 2010
  31. Kate Park

    My best friend’s parents used to jar peppers they grew in their garden when I was a teenager. I hadn’t thought about that in years. You make it look simple and delicious. Thanks for the reminder.

    Great blog.

    8:01 pm  Sep 5th, 2010
  32. Summer Fest: Spicy Pickled Garlic — Pinch My Salt

    […] Sweet and Spicy Peppers 9/8: Garlic 9/15: White (or colorful “white”…but not sweet) Potatoes 9/22: Spinach 9/29: […]

    2:52 am  Sep 8th, 2010
  33. Jack

    Just a gentle note: Please quit using light colors on a light colored background. Can’t read it.
    Example: Don’t use medium yellow on light yellow. Or light yellow on beige. You lose your printed effectiveness.

    Do use contrasting colors.

    I hope you are listening.
    Jack C.

    6:20 am  Sep 17th, 2010
  34. Serrano Chili Peppers and such… « The Fairy Cafe

    […] So far…I’ve found lots of pickling recipes. I’m thinking of trying this one… Pickled Serrano Chile Peppers […]

    4:28 pm  Jul 8th, 2011
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    12:32 pm  Dec 6th, 2011
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