Super Soups Podcast

Just found this podcast interview with one of my favorite cookbook authors, Deborah Madison. Since I also just learned how to post audio on my blog, I thought I’d share it with you. Why all this new media on Pinch My Salt? The photography and written recipes are great but I’m learning (maybe a little late) that there are so many great ways to learn about food and cooking on the internet! Who knows, maybe there are even some Pinch My Salt videos and podcasts in the works 😉

Download Souper Soups with Deborah Madison from Seattle Post: On Food, courtesy of Odeo

Stay tuned!

Please let me know if you have any problems listening to the interview. Since this is my first time posting audio on my blog, I’m curious to know how it works for you.

  1. Mark

    No Spring in Sicily! Wha!?

    Thanks for reading! 🙂

    5:07 pm  Mar 23rd, 2007
  2. Emon

    Your decision to integrate new media is brilliant! Pinch My Salt originals are a must.

    5:56 pm  Mar 23rd, 2007
  3. Jason

    What about “taste-o-vision?” Can you install that?

    6:12 pm  Mar 23rd, 2007
  4. Nicole

    Mark: What I meant is that it’s felt like spring here for the last several months!

    Emon: Brilliant, huh? I could get used to that…keep the comments coming 😉

    Jason: I’ll get started on it now!

    6:18 pm  Mar 23rd, 2007
  5. At Home with kim vallee

    The Podcast was interesting and the sound was clear. I am scouring the Web for soup recipes.

    Tableware and how you serve the meal are two key elements of the way I eat and entertain at home. I am glad to have found your story. I will post something on my blog about your story later today.

    Nicole, I will be coming back for more!

    6:46 pm  Mar 23rd, 2007
  6. janelle

    What a hoot: worked great!

    8:45 pm  Mar 23rd, 2007
  7. Kathy

    I love soups and am always happy to hear about more possibilities…really enjoyed the podcast…thanks for sharing it.

    11:23 pm  Mar 23rd, 2007
  8. Kristen

    I agree with Jason. Taste o vision without the calories and fat, please!

    9:09 pm  Mar 26th, 2007
  9. David

    One of the few podcasts worth a listen, nice work.

    6:10 pm  Mar 27th, 2007
  10. misslionheart

    I’m dieting with Tesco

    The soups on my menu are so tasty and healthy. Miss the salt though!

    12:54 am  Mar 29th, 2007
  11. shivapriya

    hey Nicloe
    I was kind of busy with other stuff… so din’t get to check ur post will do it soon. Good to see u back.

    7:58 pm  Mar 30th, 2007
  12. amanda

    i’m digging the lemon header nicole! very fresh.

    8:05 am  Apr 1st, 2007
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