Bacon Brings the World Together

Open BLT

Actually, it’s twitter that brings the world closer together.  And it’s because of twitter that I got invited to eat bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches with friends from around the world today.  Virtually, of course.

It all started with a conversation about bacon between Cheryl in New York and Ellise in Paris.  Cheryl had bacon, but no lettuce and tomato.  Ellise had lettuce and tomato, but no bacon.  They joked about getting together for a BLT lunch.  Never one to miss out on a conversation about bacon, I chimed in that I had all the fixings for a BLT and had already planned on making one soon.  Next thing I knew, I had been invited to the virtual BLT Lunch on twitter! Continue reading →

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Holiday Recipes with a Twist: Sourdough Stuffing with Apples and Bacon

And here we are back to the holiday recipe series! Today we are focusing on one of my favorite parts of a Thanksgiving meal — the stuffing!!  Some people call it stuffing, some people call it dressing, I call it heaven on a plate!  But seriously, my family calls it stuffing regardless of whether it actually gets stuffed into a bird.

This Sourdough Stuffing with Apples and Bacon was not actually stuffed into a turkey, but feel free to do that if you want.  Keep in mind though, you’ll end up with a moister bird if you bake your stuffing/dressing outside the turkey because the breast meat starts to dry out before the stuffing reaches a safe temperature.  That being said, I still have a tendency to stuff a turkey because that’s just the way we’ve always done it in my family.  It just doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving without dry turkey and moist stuffing! Continue reading →

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Sweet Potato Biscuits with Bacon and Thyme Recipe

Before last night, I had never even tasted a sweet potato biscuit. But they’ve been on my list of new foods to try for a few months now. I’ve been collecting links to sweet potato biscuit recipes and have noticed that there is a pretty wide range of recipes.

Some people make a very sweet biscuit, using lots of mashed sweet potato and sugar.  My husband, who has a major sweet tooth, would love this version from Pots on the Stove. While others seem to prefer just a slightly sweet, buttery version, like these from Orangette. Continue reading →

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