Beef and Three Bean Chili Recipe

Beef and Three Bean Chili

I admit that I’m not much of a football fan, but all this talk about the Superbowl has been making me crave chili! Since I almost always have ingredients on hand to throw together a quick pot of chili beans, it was very easy to satisfy my craving last night.

Although I prefer to to use as many fresh ingredients in my cooking as possible, I always have a variety of canned beans and canned tomatoes on hand. Pair those two ingredients with some ground beef (or just skip the meat altogether), chopped fresh veggies, and some good quality chili powder and you’ve got an easy, healthy, hearty and inexpensive meal that just about everyone loves! Continue reading →

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Simple Side Dish: Black Beans and Corn with Green Chiles

Well, if you saw yesterday’s recipe, you know where the idea for this side dish came from.  I ended up with leftover mixture of beans, corn, and green chiles when I made the Southwestern Style Egg Muffins yesterday.  And it’s not like I’m gonna throw something like that away!

I ended up drizzling the mixture with a bit of olive oil, added some fresh chopped cilantro, and a pinch of salt and fresh ground black pepper.  The result?  A perfect side dish made almost entirely of things I found in my pantry.  Well, the corn came from the freezer, but you know what I’m saying. Continue reading →

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