Team NaBloPoMo 2013

One of the things I really love about participating in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) is that I usually have a few blogging friends who are crazy enough to join in as well.  This year I’m following seven other food bloggers and I’m trying my best to keep up with their daily posts this month.  It’s become my morning routine to sit down with a cup of coffee, open up my laptop, and check in to see what everyone has shared.  When I first started blogging, I had a similar routine.  I read several food blogs every day because it was how we all kept in touch back then.  We learned from each other, communicating mostly through comments on blog posts.  We shared ideas, riffed on each others recipes, and got to know each other through the stories that we shared.  I was learning to cook when I started blogging and a good chunk of my education came from food blogs like Simply Recipes, Blue Kitchen, Smitten Kitchen, Kalyn’s Kitchen, and What We’re Eating, rather than the Food Network.  I shared recipes and tips on my own blog because I was having so much fun learning new things that I couldn’t help but want to share with others.  Now we’re all on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and while I do have little brief connections with what feels like hundreds of other food bloggers every day, all this real-time connecting and sharing leaves me with no time to read actual blog posts anymore.  It’s all a bit exhausting, really.

But this month I am once again taking the time to make some real connections with my fellow NaBloPoMo participants.  I am reading posts, leaving comments, asking questions, and getting to know a bit more about these people who I constantly run into on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but don’t really get to know in those spaces.  Some of these blogs are fairly new to me and some I used to read regularly.  All of them are fun places to visit.  If you have a minute, stop by to see a few of them and cheer them on!

Team #NaBloPoMo 2013:

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  1. Winnie

    You are awesome for many reasons…this post is one of them. Thank you.

    10:12 am  Nov 10th, 2013
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