The Accidental Soup Recipe: Chick Peas, Ginger, and Coriander, Oh my!

Garbanzo Bean Soup

Although it started as an accident, this Chick Pea Soup with Ginger and Coriander has turned into a favorite in my kitchen. It’s simple, healthy and satisfying and can be on the table in about 10 minutes (ok, maybe 15).

First of all, let me tell you how this soup recipe came about. The truth is, the soup had it’s beginnings as a botched batch of hummus. I tend to use a lot of olive oil in my hummus (and in everything else) so I decided I would try to make a lighter version by blending in some of the liquid from the can of chick peas rather than using extra olive oil to thin it.

I think it was a good idea in theory. The problem was that I added way too much liquid! Ok, I’ll admit it, I just poured the whole can into my food processor. Guess what? That wasn’t a good idea. Yes, I do make mistakes in the kitchen. Often. I just don’t usually tell you about them πŸ˜‰

Since I hadn’t added any of the other hummus ingredients at that point, I decided to head in another direction and try making a soup from the thin chick pea puree. I checked the pantry and fridge and pulled out a few inredients I thought would compliment the accidental soup.

That first version was super simple with just a little fresh garlic and ginger, some ground coriander, crushed red pepper, salt and black pepper. Simple, but delicious! Not only that, it was extremely healthy and filling since chick peas are filled with protein and fiber.

I’ve never had an exact recipe for the soup because every time I’ve made it, the ingredients have varied slightly. It’s one of those things where the flavors can be as simple or complex as you want. I took these photos the last time I made it and they’ve been sitting on my computer for a couple of weeks. Of course I forgot to write down exact amounts so you’ll just have to check out the photos, read the method, and wing it. Why not? That’s how the soup happened in the first place πŸ™‚

Ingredients for Garbanzo Bean Soup

These are the ingredients I used: extra virgin olive oil, organic canned garbanzo beans (chick peas), ground cumin, ground coriander, half a seeded serrano chili, fresh garlic, fresh ginger, juice from a lime, and cilantro for the garnish.

Garbanzo Beans in Food Processor

Step One: Pour one can of organic garbanzo beans, liquid and all, into a food processor or blender.

Blending the Garbanzo Beans

Step 2: Blend the garbanzo beans into a smooth puree. As you can see, my mini food processor leaks a bit during this process but that doesn’t really matter πŸ™‚

Blended Garbanzo Beans in Processor

This is what the puree will look like. It will be fairly smooth but still a bit grainy in consistency, that’s fine.

Spices for Garbanzo Bean Soup

Step 3: Get your ingredients ready. Mince or press a couple cloves of garlic, grate a one-inch cube of fresh ginger, mince a chili if you want some heat (I used half a seeded serrano chili), measure out a teaspoon or two of ground coriander and half a teaspoon or so of ground cumin (the amounts are entirely up to you).

Olive Oil in Pot

Step 4: Heat a medium saucepan and add a tablespoon or so of olive oil

Garlic and Serrano Chili

Step 5: Add the garlic and chili and cook for a minute or so.

Garlic, Serrano Chili, and Ginger

Step 6: Throw in the grated ginger and cook for a minute or so longer.

Dry Spices Added to Pot

Step 7: Add the coriander and cumin and stir for about half a minute until the spices are fragrant.

Pouring in Bean Puree

Step 8: Stir in the chick pea puree. If you want, you can thin the soup with a little chicken broth, vegetable broth, or water. If you are in a hurry, just cook the soup until it’s heated through then taste and season with a bit of salt and pepper. If you have the time, cook the soup for a bit longer on medium-low heat to let the flavors intensify. If you decide to cook the soup longer, it’s best to thin it with the broth or water first because it will thicken again as it cooks and the liquid evaporates.

Garbanzo Bean Soup

Step 9: Garnish the soup with fresh chopped cilantro and a squeeze of lime juice (lemon would be fine if that’s what you have on hand).

Step 10: Eat.

So that’s it! Simple.

Recipe Notes: If you prefer not to use the liquid from the canned beans, you can drain and rinse them and then puree the beans with some chicken or vegetable broth or water. I’ve done it both ways and I actually liked the original version the best. I’ve been using the organic canned chick peas from Trader Joe’s that are just packed in water and sea salt. Another of my favorite brands of canned beans is Goya. But, use whatever you happen to like!

Beware of adding too much salt if you are using the bean liquid from the can. The beans are packed in salted water so you may not need to add any salt at all. Taste first, then season if necessary!

If you don’t have any fresh chilies but want to add a little heat to the soup, stir in a little crushed red chili. If you really want it spicy, try using both. If you prefer no heat, don’t add either. Feel free to use more garlic and/or ginger if those are flavors that you really like.

The soup is really great with a dollop of plain yogurt on top.Β  Sour cream would also work.

This recipe makes two small servings of soup or one large serving.

Hope you enjoy it!

  1. Randi

    this soup looks sooo good. i’ve been on a bit of a chickpea binge lately.. working the protein and fiber into the diet and i’m psyched to have a great new recipe to try!! thanks so much πŸ™‚

    5:04 pm  Feb 7th, 2008
  2. Nicole

    Randi: It’s definitely an easy way to get a good amount of fiber into one meal! I’m glad you’re excited about the recipe!

    5:51 pm  Feb 7th, 2008
  3. Kevin

    That is a pretty tasty looking soup. It is always nice to accidentally stumble across something good.

    5:55 pm  Feb 7th, 2008
  4. donna

    This looks delicious. I just took a cooking class recently where I learned a version of garbanzo bean soup and it was wonderful.

    6:40 pm  Feb 7th, 2008
  5. kathryn

    Excellent soup – and good recovery from your hummous experiment. I’ve never thought to use the liquid from the tin. Instead I always carefully pour it away and thoroughly wash the chick peas. I’m sure I’ve read the liquid didn’t taste very good. Hence the need to wash away every skerrick. But I’ve never tasted it and your soup sounds grand. Lovely picture too.

    7:43 pm  Feb 7th, 2008
  6. roni

    What a FABULOUS idea!
    Looks delicious!

    7:56 pm  Feb 7th, 2008
  7. Anali

    That looks great! I’m trying all sorts of soups lately. Maybe I’ll get some chick peas next time I’m in the store. Have a good weekend! ; )

    10:18 pm  Feb 7th, 2008
  8. Sid

    Hi Nicole – Great recipe!
    The quality of your pictures are stunning! I thought my pictures were good, but yours are off the charts. Which camera do you use? How do you manage lighting? Truly, I’m inspired now. πŸ™‚



    12:09 am  Feb 8th, 2008
  9. Susan

    I made this last night. I got home at 7:10 and had it on the table by 7:30. It was delicious garnshed with a dollop of plain yogurt. Thanks!

    5:58 am  Feb 8th, 2008
  10. Anticiplate

    I love making accidental recipes! They usually turn out amazing. This soup would probably be great with toasted pita triangles. Thanks for the ideas!

    6:56 am  Feb 8th, 2008
  11. Tempered Woman

    Too funny timing~ Cooks Illustrated just came in the mail last night and actually talked about to use or not to use the juice in the can with beans. Their recommendation was definitely NOT for simple things like hummus when you want the bean flavor bright but to use it for more complex dishes like chili. I’m glad you made the mistake tho~ I really love chickpeas! I’m thinking roasted red pepper might be a nice addition too~ YUM! Thanks

    7:08 am  Feb 8th, 2008
  12. Nicole

    Kevin: Thanks! It was a pleasant surprise πŸ™‚

    Donna: Cool! I just attended a vegetarian Indian cooking class the other night and it was so much fun. What ingredients went into your garbanzo bean soup?

    Kathryn: I used to be the same way about pouring the liquid and rinsing the beans. But I’ve seen so many people using that liquid that I decided there’s probably nothing wrong with it. It’s basically just salt water and I think that the liquid adds a nice consistency to the soup since it is thicker than water. The main reason someone might want to rinse away the canning liquid is if they are on a salt restricted diet. If that’s the case, rinsing away the water will really cut the amount of sodium.

    Roni: Thanks! πŸ™‚

    Anali: I haven’t been eating as many soups lately as I normally would this time of year. But I think I’m going to try out some new soup recipes this month. You should pick up some chick peas at the store, they’re great to have on hand.

    Sid: Thanks! For the food photos I am using a Canon EOS 30D. For photos of finished food, I only use natural light so I try to take photos near a window. For the step-by-step photos, I generally have to have the fluorescent lights in the kitchen turned on which is why they those photos always have a yellowish color cast. If I don’t have a lot of light to work with, I use a tripod to steady the camera so I can use a slower shutter speed. But basically I just experiment and see what works πŸ™‚ Feel free to e-mail me with specific questions if you want.

    Susan: Cool! I mentioned something about the soup being on the table in 10 minutes but I was totally guessing because I’ve never timed it. I really don’t have much concept of time once I enter the kitchen. But on the table 20 minutes after you got home sounds good to me! And you just reminded me that I served it with yogurt last time I made it, too! I might have to edit my post now to include the tip about serving with yogurt.

    Anticiplate: A lot of my recipes are accidental πŸ™‚ Yes, toasted pita would be great. I ate it with homemade whole wheat garlic croutons once and that was really good.

    Tempered Woman: That is funny! I think I let my Cook’s Illustrated subscription lapse so I haven’t seen that one. I’ve heard it both ways. But really, in this recipe, I don’t notice any ‘off’ flavor at all. But it’s definitely easy enough to rinse the beans and add another liquid. And also, if you do decide to use the liquid from the can, make sure there aren’t any strange ingredients listed. There are only three ingredients in my Trader Joe’s beans: organic garbanzo beans, water, and sea salt. Roasted red peppers would be so good! You could really take this soup in any direction you want!

    8:07 am  Feb 8th, 2008
  13. Lydia

    wow! That looks delicious! I’ll have to try it!!

    9:46 am  Feb 8th, 2008
  14. Nicole

    Lydia: Thanks, hope you enjoy it!

    10:15 am  Feb 8th, 2008
  15. Ruby

    Photos look great! Recipe is interesting, I’m not a hummus fan (which means it is probably healthy and good for me), but I’m willing to try new things! πŸ™‚

    11:24 am  Feb 8th, 2008
  16. Nicole

    Don’t worry, Ruby. The soup doesn’t taste like hummus πŸ™‚

    11:53 am  Feb 8th, 2008
  17. Chloe

    This recipe looks wonderful and good for a tiny budget. I would like it if you had the ingredients all in one paragraph, because I am afraid that I might omit something when they are in the copy. Thanks

    12:10 pm  Feb 8th, 2008
  18. Karen

    You’re a girl after my chickpea-loving heart!

    I love how you tapped into your creative side to come out with this soup.

    1:04 pm  Feb 8th, 2008
  19. TomC

    mmmmmmmmmm this sounds yummy.
    Think i’ll make it for lunch tomorrow

    1:33 pm  Feb 8th, 2008
  20. Nicole

    Chloe: Yes, it’s a very economical recipe. And if you happen to have the time to cook the garbanzo beans instead of using canned, it gets even cheaper. But that kind of defeats the purpose of this recipe which is supposed to be very quick! And you’re right, I should have just written out a standard recipe. But if you hit the ‘print this’ button down at the bottom, you’ll see a version without photos and it looks more like a regular recipe. I do have the ingredients listed towards the top, just not exact amounts. If you need something different, e-mail me and I’ll send you a better version πŸ™‚

    Karen: πŸ™‚

    TomC: Cool! Glad you like it πŸ™‚

    1:45 pm  Feb 8th, 2008
  21. Emily

    Hey Nicole, this soup looks amaaaazing!!! And thanks for commenting on my tzatziki blog. I was surprised to see a “stranger” find my blog, but I have now found a great new blog to add to my Google Reader. I think I may have to try this soup asap, especially if we actually have some colder weather around here.

    10:57 am  Feb 9th, 2008
  22. Laurie Kendrick

    This sounds delish.

    I love soup…I can eat soup all year long. And while y chick peas have been reserved for salads and hummus mainly, this sounds like something I shall try,.

    Loved the pics, too. They only enhanced everything.

    Hey Nicole—-would you ever put beer or a dash of mustard or mustard powder in your cheddar cheese soup?

    Just curious.

    12:32 pm  Feb 9th, 2008
  23. Jonathan

    I’m definitely trying this tomorrow. I LOVE chick peas, ginger AND cilantro!

    5:32 pm  Feb 9th, 2008
  24. Nicole

    Emily: Thanks! I’m glad you like the blog, I’ll check in on yours too from time to time πŸ™‚
    Laurie: Glad you like it! And yes to the beer and mustard powder! I love beer cheese soup and I think mustard powder is a great addition to anything with cheddar in it!
    Jonathan Cool! I thought the flavors might be right up your alley πŸ™‚

    5:36 pm  Feb 9th, 2008
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  26. Cee

    This is on the menu for this week.
    Thanks again for another inspiring recipe!

    12:02 pm  Feb 10th, 2008
  27. bad home cook

    Must. Not. Read. Food blogs. Before. Lunch…..
    I’m a chick-pea lover. This one sounds absolutely delish…and I think my kids might eat it, too, which is a special add-on bonus. I’ll give it a try and report back! Cross your fingers!!

    1:53 pm  Feb 11th, 2008
  28. Nicole

    Cee: You’re welcome! I’m glad one of my recipes is making on the menu πŸ™‚
    bad home cook: I totally understand about reading food blogs before mealtimes! It can be torture! Hope your kids like it. You could play around with the spices a bit to make it more kid friendly although I’m not exactly sure what to add or delete since I don’t cook for kids very often πŸ™‚

    4:06 pm  Feb 11th, 2008
  29. John

    Your honesty in this recipe is fresh and added to the humor. Just yesterday I bought 2 tins of chick peas, one went in my pumpkin, sweet potato & chick pea curry, the other ‘was’ for my dip, not now that I’ve seen this. Great stuff Nicole. Regards John

    2:49 am  Feb 12th, 2008
  30. Mark

    Thank you for two things. First, I’m always in the mood for a good soup recipe. This looks great. Second, the story of how this soup came to be is awesome. It’s nice to know that even great cooks make mistakes now and then like the rest of us. You turned yours into something really cool.

    6:06 am  Feb 12th, 2008
  31. Nicole

    John: The curry sounds so good! I’m going to make a cauliflower curry this afternoon and I can’t wait πŸ™‚

    Mark: You’re very welcome! I make mistakes all the time but since I rarely follow exact recipes anymore, the ‘mistakes’ usually become an inspiration for something new. But sometimes the mistakes just go in the garbage like the pot of beans I burned the other day that filled the whole kitchen with smoke πŸ˜‰

    7:47 am  Feb 12th, 2008
  32. TomC

    twas made for Sunday lunch and was as scrummy as the picture suggests

    12:14 pm  Feb 12th, 2008
  33. Toffeeapple

    Hi, I just found your blog and I have to say that I like what I’ve seen so far! I’ll be stopping by frequently. (As if I should spend more time on this computer!)

    11:30 am  Feb 15th, 2008
  34. Lisa

    oh, my. this looks so, so good. i will definitely be trying this soon. (found your blog through other Whipped.) thanks!

    2:36 pm  Feb 21st, 2008
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  36. Vegeyum

    Yum. What a really wonderful accident. Chickpeas and ginger are such a good combination.

    3:48 pm  Feb 22nd, 2008
  37. Emily

    Hey Nicole, I was wondering if you had any suggestions on a coriander substitute. I don’t have any coriander or cilantro, and I’m thinking about making this soup today.

    11:37 pm  Feb 22nd, 2008
  38. Sid

    Emily: Perhaps you could consider lemon and chives?

    8:28 am  Feb 23rd, 2008
  39. Nicole

    Emily: Just make the recipe without the coriander and add just a bit more cumin. It should be just fine πŸ™‚

    8:28 am  Feb 23rd, 2008
  40. Lisa

    I made it tonight and it was delicious. Yay for “accidents”!

    7:15 pm  Feb 23rd, 2008
  41. Tracey

    There ain’t nothing wrong with chick peas! Thanks for the recipe, dinner is served.

    5:24 am  Mar 11th, 2008
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  44. emiglia

    Wow… this was amazing. I made it for my dinner tonight and I’m having the leftovers tomorrow. This is probably the easiest soup I’ve ever made… and so much flavor! The only change I made was to boil the chickpeas whole with everything else and then combine everything with an immersion blender.

    11:09 am  Mar 30th, 2008
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  46. Robin

    I love this soup — as someone else said, it’s silly easy, and it tastes *so good. I’m not a fan of traditional breakfast food, so I’ve been making this for my breakfast. In fact, there’s a pot of it going right now. πŸ˜€

    7:54 am  Apr 22nd, 2008
  47. Nicole

    Robin: So glad you love the soup! I think it would be great for breakfast…I’m about to eat some black beans and couscous for breakfast myself πŸ™‚

    7:59 am  Apr 22nd, 2008
  48. Robin

    Hmmm, black beans and couscous, you say? Sounds like perfect breakfast food! lol.

    12:01 pm  Apr 22nd, 2008
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  50. jody

    Hi there!
    I really don’t know how I happened upon your website but I love it! I was intrigued by your Garbanzo Bean Soup and attempted making it myself and was blown away – it is sooooo good! And so easy! I normally am not really a soup person but I could eat this forever! Thanks so much for sharing!

    3:26 pm  Jun 18th, 2008
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  52. mahek

    I just love your blog and have subscribed to your blog too , so that i can know when you make a new posting.
    This seems to be a great great soup, i had seen such a soup (the consistency was different and ingredients a little different too) being made on a television program
    which was featuring MOROCCO so its a moroccan soup..
    you have illustrated it with such lovely pictures too, thanks a million.

    11:22 pm  Oct 18th, 2008
  53. mahek

    i would like to know how you link your previous related recipes do you go and find links for each one and add it

    11:23 pm  Oct 18th, 2008
  54. hillary_b

    i made this tonight- it was easy and delicious! I ate the whole thing (which wasn’t too much) and wasn’t hungry all night!

    Thanks for the recipe…

    12:23 am  Jan 6th, 2009
  55. Helen Hudson

    I made this soup as a starter for a dinner party last night. It looked and tasted just great and I’m sure they never guessed how easy it was to make. Many thanks.

    2:32 am  Jan 11th, 2009
  56. mahek

    i love the vessels used by you for this soup too!!!
    can you tell me which brand is best for a mini processor as in India we do get food processors but never heard of a mini food processor but i have my sis staying in the US and she could get one for me.
    I love the steel saucepan too very smart!!!

    8:23 am  Jan 11th, 2009
  57. Marcia

    love the accident! thanks. do you have any others?
    Best wishes,

    3:28 pm  Jan 20th, 2009
  58. Morgaine

    This sounds so yummy, but I would use my own ingredients, rather than any packaged. This past Thanksgiving, (2008) I bought the “Pacific Free Range Chicken Broth” and it wreaked of boullion and had a bright yellow color. I could smell it right away and threw it down the sink. Thank God, I had my own homemade stock in the freezer, otherwise my dinner would have been ruined. I complained to Whole Foods when returning it. When you see free range, it is easy to assume it is top quality. Will wing it here and use this offering as a base, for what sounds like an awesome soup. Thanks you. πŸ™‚

    12:08 pm  Jan 23rd, 2009
  59. beverly

    My son who broke his jaw in 3 places will be trying this tonight. I have been searching for healthy foods he can drink through a straw! So far he has only wanted cheese soup and I am worried about nutrition.

    8:23 pm  Mar 16th, 2009
  60. MrPalooza

    Amazing recipe and simple. Made it for the girlfriend last night and she thinks I’m just brilliant . SHhhhhh . Thanks

    11:32 pm  Apr 17th, 2009
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  63. justkrish

    Just made this soup and it was wonderful. It took exactly 10 minutes. I didn’t have fresh ginger so I used ginger powder, added about a cup of organic veg. broth so it could feed my husband with a big appetite. It had a wonderful flavor. He said it was still a little to “gritty” for him so I took the rest of the soup and threw it in the blender for a minute and now all the soup is gone. Thanks so much! Keep up the great work.

    3:37 pm  Jul 12th, 2009
  64. La Cheif

    Nicole – While I love the way that you give great photos for each step in the process, it makes for a bit of a chore when transcribing the recipes. Perhaps you would consider listing the recipe in a more traditional format at the bottom of the page for ease of copying. Thanks for all the recipes!

    4:06 pm  Apr 29th, 2010
  65. Nay

    Made this tonight, lovely! Was a bit uncertain about the lime but it gave a great kick, perfect finishing flavour. Have to agree that it would be useful to have the ingredients listed as well as the visual step-by-step guide. Thanks!

    2:18 pm  Sep 4th, 2010
  66. sabelmouse

    cool. i was looking for a way to use some slightly over the date hummus. perfect.

    8:12 am  Sep 10th, 2010
  67. Oswald Poole

    Emilee Groch

    3:27 pm  Jun 12th, 2011
  68. Arthur

    Wow! This is fantastic! The only thing I changes was I pureed only half of the can and left the other half to go in whole. Thank you so much this was so quick and so easy to make. I’m definitely coming back to this website.

    3:20 pm  Feb 27th, 2012
  69. JC

    This looks fantastic! I started soaking a bag of chick peas last night since I’m trying to cook from scratch more, so I’ll be making a batch of hummus and a batch of this later this evening. I love easy recipes like this!

    10:22 am  Mar 17th, 2012
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  71. Rachel

    Delicious recipe, thank you! I’ve used it twice this week already.
    I made a mistake the 2nd time and added extra liquid to the puree in the blender instead of little by little in the pot. Made it too liquidy.
    Definitely learned that a little extra liquid is needed over just the can liquid, to make it soupier and less dip-like. I’ve used different ingredients and spices both times.
    Very versatile, great easy recipe.

    5:06 pm  Jul 28th, 2014
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