What is Flickr and how do I use it?

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Flickr is an online photo storage and sharing site. It is completely free to join, although you can also pay for a Flickr Pro Account ($25/year) if you want unlimited storage and a few extra options. If you join Flickr for the purposes of participating in the BBA Challenge Group, the free account will work just fine!

Flickr allows you to upload your digital photos from your computer and share them with friends, family, and/or the entire world! You have the option to keep photos private or they can be visible to the public. You can even choose to share them only with specific people. I have used Flickr for a few years now and have made many friends through the site.

If you decide to join Flickr, you can share your bread baking photos with the rest of the group by joining The BBA Challenge Group on Flickr and adding your bread photos to the group. After you have joined Flickr, visit the The BBA Challenge Group and request to join the group by clicking on the 'join this group' link at the top of the page. Follow the instructions to send a request to join the group. After I have approved your membership, you will be able to post bread photos to the BBA Challenge Flickr group.

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