Why can’t I share the BBA recipes on my blog?

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I have asked that bloggers participating in the BBA Challenge do not reprint recipes directly from the book. I am not the blog police and I won't be checking up on you, but out of respect for Peter Reinhart and his wonderful book, I would prefer that we promote the book rather than giving the recipes away for free. I am not against posting cookbook recipes on blogs in general, and many of the recipes on Pinch My Salt were inspired by cookbook recipes. But for the purpose of this challenge, I am asking that you don't post the recipes.

That being said, there are many ways to share your BBA baking experiences on your blog in a valuable way without reprinting the recipes. I like to share tips and tricks I'm learning along the way and introduce my readers to new baking terms that I'm learning from the book. Step-by-step photos, while time consuming, are another great way to show your readers what you're learning and can often be helpful in helping people understand the bread baking process.