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The Last Meal

Some simple bruschetta to start.

Pizza Calabrese with spicy salami, hot peppers and capers.

And Justin’s favorite: pizza with french fries!

We decided to have our last meal at the very first pizzeria we tried four years ago on our first night in Sicily. It’s not the best pizza, but it’s pretty good. And it was fun to relive our first dining experience in Sicily. Afterwards we walked down the street to get some pastries for dessert.

As you can imagine, it took a while to choose one 🙂

Well, we are now officially back in the United States.

Although we won’t make it to San Diego until tomorrow morning, we arrived in Virginia this afternoon and have checked into our hotel. The animals survived the trip with absolutely no problems and we humans are doing fine despite the fact that we haven’t really slept in about 42 hours. Now as long as we can make it to the airport by 4 am tomorrow, everything should work out fine!

Off to sleep…more tomorrow!