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Although my Google Reader is bursting at the seams, I just subscribed to Mark Bittman’s new blog at The New York Times. It’s called Bitten. Cute, huh? I’m not a Bittman groupie, sometimes I like him, sometimes I don’t. But I generally enjoy his simple approach to food and I try to check out his weekly column from time to time (remember that wonderful Tomato Paella?). But now that he’s blogging, I think I’ll be paying closer attention. From what I’ve seen so far, the blog is informal, interactive and full of good information and recipes. It definitely meets my basic criteria for a worthy food blog.

I loved his recent post about why he refuses to buy vinaigrette.

On another note, I’ve really been enjoying Bittman’s latest cookbook, How To Cook Everything Vegetarian. The book is a great resource for anyone, vegetarian or not, who is interested in incorporating more vegetables and whole grains into their diet. But it’s not a book about health food. It’s filled with every meat-free recipe you can imagine. And it’s a huge book. I think it’s well worth the 2o bucks or so you’ll pay for it on Amazon. Don’t believe me? Go read Heidi’s review of the book on 101 Cookbooks.

So, go check out Bitten if you’re ready for a daily dose of Bittman. And if you’re ready for a great new cookbook (who isn’t?), pick up a copy of How to Cook Everything Vegetarian: Simple Meatless Recipes for Good Food.

  1. Scott

    I’m with you, Bittman is kind of hit or miss. He hits the mark often enough, though that I usually go straight to The Minimalist in the print version. He’s exactly right on vinaigrette. Once you get your proportions right, you’ll never go back to the bottled stuff…

    10:24 am  Feb 8th, 2008
  2. Erin

    Hey Nicole,

    I’ve actually never made any of his recipes, but I keep adding things he’s been posting to my delicious bookmarks. Did you see the quick macaroons from today? Those sounded like I’d probably happily stuff my face with a few dozen. Ha ha…

    11:09 am  Feb 8th, 2008
  3. Nicole

    Scott: I used to buy that Girard’s Champagne Vinaigrette but I’ve even moved away from that now. It’s so much more fun to make your own dressing and now I have more room for other condiments in the fridge 😉

    Erin: Yep, I did see those macaroons. I had to quickly look away 🙂

    11:33 am  Feb 8th, 2008
  4. janelle

    cool, thanks for the tip. I will head over there now…

    1:24 pm  Feb 8th, 2008
  5. Kalyn

    I keep reading people who say his recipes are hit and miss, but I’d say more hit than miss. I want that cookbook! I resisted buying it at Costco and now I regret it.

    8:34 pm  Feb 8th, 2008
  6. Nicole

    Janelle: You’re welcome 🙂

    Kalyn: I think the majority of his recipes are very good. When I said sometimes I like him, sometimes I don’t, it was more of a personality thing 🙂 But I definitely recommend the cookbook, it’s a great resource!

    8:58 am  Feb 9th, 2008
  7. Babeth

    Thanks for the tip! I’m gonna check this blog.

    9:00 am  Feb 9th, 2008
  8. Genie

    Nicole, I love the strawberry header! Great stuff — and it reminds me that I still have some frozen summer strawberries that need to be used. Thanks for pointing me in the Bitten direction — I do really like Mark Bittman’s recipes and writing, and agree with you — he has some great stuff in his cookbooks. How To Cook Everything ties with The Joy of Cooking as my go-to cooking Bible.

    2:48 pm  Feb 9th, 2008
  9. Jonathan

    I LOVE Mark Bittman. Although I began the Heady Pepper before discovering him, I feel that he and I share a similar style. Um…ok maybe just the fact that we’re both Jewish and balding. He’s famous (sorta) and I’m not. He’s got a production crew and a NYT blog and I’ve got…well…me and a hand full of fans. Thanks Nicole:)

    Anyway I’m excited about the blog too!

    5:28 pm  Feb 9th, 2008
  10. Nicole

    Babeth: You’re welcome!
    Genie: Thanks! That strawberry photo is one of my faves 🙂
    Jonathan: I do think you guys share a similar style. Kind of 🙂

    5:32 pm  Feb 9th, 2008
  11. Jonathan

    Yeah “kind of”. I guess I get a bit overly excited at times. He’s more mature…understated, yet has the humor and the finesse. I could learn a great deal from Hr. Bittman.

    5:36 pm  Feb 9th, 2008
  12. Nicole

    Jonathan–the excitement in your videos is what makes them so great. Maybe he could learn a few things from you 😉

    6:39 pm  Feb 9th, 2008
  13. Cee

    Love your blog!
    I’ve tried many of your recipes and have loved them.
    In addition to your great recipes, I’m so grateful to you as a great source of information.
    Many thanks for sharing so much with us, your loyal readers!

    8:57 pm  Feb 9th, 2008
  14. mommyknows

    Thanks for the link! I’ve been Bitten.


    10:15 pm  Feb 9th, 2008
  15. jessica

    your blog looks so chic these days! thanks for commenting on my blog. it’s nice when someone whose blog you admire visits you personally. one of my things was paring down the google reader. it really sucks because it feels like you are cheating on friends, but there were just so many that i was SKIMMING or opening and then saying “ok, this one later…” and doing that everyday. so there is an idea. scary idea. but an idea 🙂
    babysteps girlfriend!

    8:49 am  Feb 10th, 2008
  16. claudia at 'cook eat FRET'

    thanks for the heads up re: the blog
    i like bittman overall
    and yes, the tomato paella was KILLER
    made it – posted about it
    me and 20 others…!

    9:17 am  Feb 10th, 2008
  17. Nicole

    Cee: You don’t know how much your comment means to me! Thanks for taking the time to let me know that you’ve tried my recipes and that you’re a loyal reader. It really made my day!

    MommyKnows: That was cute 🙂

    Jessica: I know, I keep thinking I need to pare down the reader but instead I keep subscribing and subscribing 🙂 But I have a system. If it gets out of control and I haven’t looked through the feeds in a while, I just ‘mark all read’ and get on with my life. No more guilt about not reading everything.

    Claudia: Yes, the paella was definitely a hit among the food blogs…with good reason!

    9:30 am  Feb 10th, 2008
  18. kickpleat

    i thought you had disappeared, but in fact, it was that i had an older rss feed. i’ve now updated and so glad to catch up on all your posts! phew, that was a close one.

    11:49 am  Feb 10th, 2008
  19. Nicole

    kickpleat: I’m glad you found me again! 🙂

    4:02 pm  Feb 11th, 2008
  20. amanda

    i heard an npr interview with bittman about his new book. it really made me want to check it out. i can’t wait to see what comes from your photography class! i’ve fallen into anti-social blogger mode for oh… the past six months, but i still really wanna get together soon…. and let’s forgo the stone brewery. i’m sad to hear their food isn’t that great, but they still have me with their beer! 😉

    7:04 pm  Feb 11th, 2008
  21. swirlingnotions

    I just made the simplest ever vinaigrette this weekend, a recipe by Sally Schneider. Peel a clove of garlic, cut it in half and spear it with a fork. Then use it to whisk together equal parts meyer lemon and really good olive oil with a pinch of salt and fresh ground pepper. The garlic flavors it without being too overpowering and it ends up rich and emulsified and yummy. My new favorite vinaigrette!

    1:46 pm  Feb 21st, 2008
  22. Lisa (Homesick Texan)

    I’ve been loving this book as well. I bought it for a friend as a Christmas present but ended up giving her something else. Instead of returning the book, however, I decided to keep it. And boy am I glad I did! It’s brilliant–simple recipes that are full of flavor. It’s a wonderful addition to my cookbook collection–even if I do still eat meat.

    4:03 pm  Feb 24th, 2008
  23. Peeper

    He is hit-or-miss in terms of the recipes, but I have been finding him strangely humpable in those NYT videos…

    9:02 am  Mar 4th, 2008
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