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The Minimalist Blogs

Although my Google Reader is bursting at the seams, I just subscribed to Mark Bittman’s new blog at The New York Times. It’s called Bitten. Cute, huh? I’m not a Bittman groupie, sometimes I like him, sometimes I don’t. But I generally enjoy his simple approach to food and I try to check out his weekly column from time to time (remember that wonderful Tomato Paella?). But now that he’s blogging, I think I’ll be paying closer attention. From what I’ve seen so far, the blog is informal, interactive and full of good information and recipes. It definitely meets my basic criteria for a worthy food blog.

I loved his recent post about why he refuses to buy vinaigrette.

On another note, I’ve really been enjoying Bittman’s latest cookbook, How To Cook Everything Vegetarian. The book is a great resource for anyone, vegetarian or not, who is interested in incorporating more vegetables and whole grains into their diet. But it’s not a book about health food. It’s filled with every meat-free recipe you can imagine. And it’s a huge book. I think it’s well worth the 2o bucks or so you’ll pay for it on Amazon. Don’t believe me? Go read Heidi’s review of the book on 101 Cookbooks.

So, go check out Bitten if you’re ready for a daily dose of Bittman. And if you’re ready for a great new cookbook (who isn’t?), pick up a copy of How to Cook Everything Vegetarian: Simple Meatless Recipes for Good Food.