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The New Cat

It turns out that the new house comes with a cat.  There are actually a few stray cats that hang around the neighborhood, including my yard, but this long-haired calico is the only one who has decided to permanently adopt me, as well as the house.

My grandfather, who lives only a few blocks away, walks over to the house regularly to check on things and keep the yard watered.  He became attached to a grey cat who he noticed around the yard quite a bit and started feeding him.  The grey cat wants nothing much to do with my grandfather and nothing at all to do with me, but he does seem to like our yard, which is filled with trees and bird feeders – more so now that he’s being fed there.  But I’m pretty sure he’s being fed somewhere else, too.

One day when we were working at the house, I walked out into the front yard and this calico kind of jumped out from the bushes and meowed at me.  There are plenty of cats that wander the neighborhood but I had never seen this one before.  She was in pretty rough shape – skinny, matted fur, and not walking particularly well.  Unlike the grey cat, she was friendly and wanted attention.  She definitely needed to be fed, so I fed her.  And she stayed.  She’s been there every day now for a couple of weeks and my grandfather is now feeding both cats.  I stop by most days to give her some canned food because she seems to have a bit of trouble eating the dry food.  Once we’re moved in, I’ll be taking her to the vet, but for now she’s getting stronger and seems pretty content just hanging around and eating regularly.

There’s a chance that I might move back to my hometown and turn into a crazy cat lady and forget about food blogging altogether.  Just a warning.