Time for Blood Oranges?

Peeled Blood Orange

Not yet, unfortunately.

I am really going to miss Sicilian blood oranges! Driving around, I can see them turning orange on the trees but it’s just not quite time for them yet. It’s almost a crime to leave the island before getting to taste one last glass of blood orange juice…

Blood Orange Juice

Our time here is nearing an end and I can say now that we are officially homeless. After hours of move-out cleaning, we are now completely out of our house and into a hotel. We don’t leave the island until early Friday morning but there are a million last minute details to keep us busy in the meantime.

I do plan to keep posting for the next few days in order to keep up with National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), but you won’t be seeing much food since I don’t have a kitchen. And, as of tomorrow, I won’t even have a car to get to any Sicilian restaurants!

But, I might have a few recipes and photos tucked away. I’ll see what I can do!

  1. Nancy

    I guess you must have mixed feelings about leaving – good to get back but sad to be going. I hope the actual journey/move goes well for you.

    What will be your first foodie purchase or thing to cook when you get back, that you have not been able to get hold of or make in Sicily?

    Good wishes,

    5:31 pm  Nov 13th, 2007
  2. Anali

    Good luck with the move Nicole! You are a real trooper to keep posting through all of this. You must have such bittersweet feelings about leaving. I’ve always wanted to visit Sicily. It looks like a truly beautiful place.

    6:03 pm  Nov 13th, 2007
  3. Curt McAdams

    Nicole, this should have been for Halloween! Has panic set in yet that you’re actually leaving Sicily?

    I hope the move is easy… just try to enjoy a few days being homeless!

    6:28 pm  Nov 13th, 2007
  4. Ruby

    How sad that your leaving such a beautiful place Nicole 🙁
    I am however happy you will be closer to me so I can personally taste all of your blogged foods more often.
    I love blood oranges, my Mom has a beautiful tree and brings over baskets full of them. I personally like making Bloodtini’s, (when I’m not preggo)…mmmmmmm

    7:34 pm  Nov 13th, 2007
  5. Emon

    We’d love to hear from you even if you post couple of pictures. Have a safe trip back home!

    7:48 pm  Nov 13th, 2007
  6. Katie

    I love, love, love blood orange juice!

    9:02 pm  Nov 13th, 2007
  7. Jason

    Blood oranges are great. I don’t remember if I had them in Sicily or somewhere else though.

    9:12 pm  Nov 13th, 2007
  8. Amanda

    Good luck! Blow kisses into the island wind and know you’ll be back one day!

    9:16 pm  Nov 13th, 2007
  9. mystarbucks

    I saw those for the first time about 20 years ago when I was in Italy. They really kind of creeped me out. I guess I am too conditioned towards the food in the local grocery store.

    10:44 pm  Nov 13th, 2007
  10. Andrea

    That is just bizarre, I have never seen anything like that! Wish I could try it. I wish you well on your move!

    12:06 am  Nov 14th, 2007
  11. Cynthia

    Nicole, I’ve never had blood oranges. Does the juice taste different from regular oranges?

    12:38 am  Nov 14th, 2007
  12. Nicole

    Nancy: I’m not sure what my first purchase or meal will be when I get back. I honestly don’t feel like I’ve been missing out on much since we’ve been here. Since we’re on a military base, we have access to a fairly decent American grocery store and anything I can’t get here, I can usually order online (we also have access to an American post office so it’s not that expensive). I guess I’m probably looking forward to Mexican food more than anything! But it will definitely be nice to get back to the states and spend time with friends and family!

    Anali: Thanks! Even though it’s been a little difficult to keep posting, I’m glad that I signed up for NaBloPoMo. If I hadn’t, I would most likely be neglecting Pinch My Salt and it’s always hard to get started again after I take a break!

    Curt: You’re right, I didn’t even think about that! I was just browsing through some older photos yesterday and these jumped out at me.

    Ruby: I already have plans to try to get some of your mom’s blood oranges! Lucky for us, they do grow in the valley! Not sure about southern California, I’m sure I’ll be able to find some. The problem is that they are probably fairly expensive and I’m used to buying a crate of them for five bucks or so!

    Emon: Thanks!

    Katie: I love it too! In Italy, even the orange juice you buy in grocery stores is red most of the time because the Sicilian blood oranges are so popular.

    Jason: I can’t remember if we had them while you were here. We probably bought some at that little Farmer’s Market, that’s where I was buying them a lot last year.

    Amanda: I’ll try it! 🙂

    MyStarbucks: They are certainly startling if you’ve never seen them before. I had them occasionally growing up in California so I was already used to the look of them!

    Andrea: They do sell them in the United States but they are definitely harder to find!

    Cynthia: They don’t taste that much different than other types of oranges. And just like regular orange juice, it just depends on the oranges! But I haven’t had many bad oranges in Sicily!

    9:21 am  Nov 14th, 2007
  13. Dani

    Nicole – Good luck with your move!
    I love blood oranges and your photo is absolutely gorgeous!

    3:39 pm  Nov 14th, 2007
  14. shivapriya

    Good luck with ur move Nicole. So will you be moving back to US or other place?? I had Italian soda with blood orange ( traders joe). but never tried the fruit/juice.

    4:28 pm  Nov 14th, 2007
  15. clumsy

    The thing I was saddest about when leaving Italy was the blood oranges. They are still my most sentimental food! Good luck with your move!

    7:08 pm  Nov 16th, 2007
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