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Healthy Whole Wheat Orange Spice Muffins

Orange Spice Muffins

Filled with warm spices, walnuts, and a hint of orange, these fiber-filled Whole Wheat Orange Spice Muffins are both healthy and delicious.

I won’t bother apologizing for another extended absence. If you’ve been following my adventures at all, you know that I recently located back to the United States after four years in Sicily. If that’s not a reason to take a month off, I don’t know what is! Continue reading →

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I’m Back with a Tangerine and Jicama Salad Recipe!

Peeling a Tangerine

Sorry for the unannounced disappearance!

The move back to the states, living out of a small bedroom with two animals, and being without a steady means of transportation has made it difficult for me to concentrate on blogging! On top of that, all of my spare time lately has been spent house hunting and Christmas shopping.

Luckily, we did find a nice house, but for now it’s empty since our furniture is still on its way back from Sicily! But Smack and Thumbelina have moved into the new place and Justin has been sleeping there on an inflatable mattress so that his commute to work is shorter. The animals are happy to have the run of the house after being mostly confined to one room for the last month! I’ve been borrowing a car when I can and splitting my time between my sister’s place and the new house. Hopefully the furniture and my car will arrive sometime in January. Continue reading →

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Blue Cheese Burger Recipe

Ooozing Blue Cheese Burger

All the credit for these goes to my friend Ron. He’s famous throughout California’s central valley for his blue cheese burgers! I don’t have his recipe because even though I think I managed to pry it from him once, I never wrote it down. But I was craving a blue cheese burger today for lunch and since Ron and Ruby live in California and I’m still in Sicily, I had to come up with something myself! Continue reading →

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Simple Side Dish: Rice Pilaf with Raisins and Pine Nuts

Pilaf with Raisins and Pine Nuts

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a side dish recipe and since I’ve been making a lot of rice lately, I decided to share one of my recent favorites recipes with you. Continue reading →

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How to Cut an Onion with Fewer Tears: A Photo Tutorial

Onion and Knife

Notice I said ‘fewer tears’ rather than ‘no tears.’ The truth is that there is no practical way to completely eliminate eye irritation when you chop onions. But there are things you can do to drastically reduce it. I chop onions several times a week in my kitchen and I can only think of one time in the last couple of months that my eyes were affected enough to cause tears. It’s not that I am one of those people who seem to be immune to the onion’s noxious fumes. I used to cry just about every time I cut an onion. What changed? I started using a sharp knife and I learned the quickest most efficient way to chop an onion. Continue reading →

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A Recipe for Keeping Lettuce Fresh and Crisp

Salad Spinner

Good Intentions. I’m full of them! There are so many tips, tricks and recipes that I’ve been meaning to share with you. So many photos that have been sitting patiently on my hard drive, waiting to be paired with recipes, with stories, or at the very least a few words of explanation. So many recipes that have been written, tested, and tasted that are just waiting for that perfect photo.

I never write what I plan on writing when I plan on writing it. It just doesn’t work that way. I don’t work that way. I can tell myself that I want to share my mom’s Potato Leek Soup recipe, I can take photos of it, I can even begin to write about it. But it just won’t be posted until it’s ready to be posted! I really can’t even explain how my process works. Some days I just feel like writing about certain things. Continue reading →

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How to Make the Best Buttermilk Biscuits from Scratch

The BEST buttermilk biscuits from scratch recipe! | pinchmysalt.com

You’ll say goodbye to canned biscuits once you realize how easy it is to make this fluffy buttermilk biscuit recipe. These biscuits are made from butter not shortening so they are full of flavor and made from real, wholesome ingredients. This is a long post filled with details and tips for biscuit success. Scroll to the very bottom of the post to find the printable recipe.  Continue reading →

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Lemon Tips, Tricks and Recipes

Bowl of Lemons

If oranges are citrus symbol of winter, bright and sunny lemons are what we reach for during the summer! In Sicily, lemons star in refreshing summer treats such as lemon granita, sorbetto, and gelato, and who in the United States can imagine a summer without fresh-squeezed lemonade, or a cool glass of iced tea accompanied by slices of lemon? Continue reading →

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