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Another Coast, Another Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Market Arbor

I’m on the west coast now and I thought I would tempt you with some new farmer’s market photos! The Vineyard Farmer’s Market in Fresno, CA, gathers each Wednesday and Saturday under the cover of this beautiful greenery-draped arbor. My aunt and I woke up early and made it down to the market by around 8:00 a.m. on Saturday.

Farmer’s Market Carrots

Although I have yet to cook with them myself, I’m always drawn to these bunches of colorful carrots.

Fresno Farmer’s Market

Lots of beautiful grapes, peaches, and nectarines to be found here! Continue reading →

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Early Morning Manhattan and Ten Reasons to Buy Local Food

Early Morning Manhattan

I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Union Square Greenmarket on my very first morning in New York City. As I was jet-lagged and on a crazy sleeping schedule, I was up and out walking in midtown Manhattan at 5:30 a.m. It was a beautiful morning and the only people out were those with running shoes on their feet or dog leashes in hand. I had no idea where I was headed but sometimes there is nothing better than just wandering around a new city alone, absorbing the sights, sounds, and smells. Continue reading →

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New York, Chicago, New York?

Union Square Greenmarket

Sorry for the unannounced disappearance but I have been traveling like crazy! I’ve been New York, Baltimore, Chicago and now I’m back in New York! I was supposed to fly to San Francisco from Chicago but missed my flight (actually I missed the entire airport since I accidentally went to the wrong one!). I was going to be stuck in Chicago overnight because all the San Francisco flights were booked up so I hopped on a plane back to New York City instead! Might not make much sense to some but made perfect sense to me. I am now in New York and having a great time wandering the city alone once again! Did I mention I love this city??

The above photo was taken at the Union Square Greenmarket which I discovered on my very first day in New York. I will be writing more about the Greenmarket as well as all of the rest of my adventures (including the foodblogging class by Matt Armendariz and Blogher conference) in a series of posts starting soon. Once I get to California, I will have use of a kitchen again which means new recipes and food photos. Stay tuned!

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A New Toy!

Artichokes in Niscemi

I just got my first camcorder and had the opportunity to try it out in the town of Niscemi during the Feast of St. Joseph celebration or, La Festa di San Giuseppe, as it’s known here. I’ll have more photos and videos soon but I wanted to share a quick look at the grilled artichokes I got to eat for lunch!


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During our trip to Rome, Florence, Siena and Venice, we had the opportunity to sample many, many, many types of gelato. The combination of the miserable heat and abundance of gelato shops meant that we averaged 2 to 3 “gelato breaks” a day. At some point during the trip, I decided to start taking photographs in an attempt to document our favorite flavor combinations. The winner out of this set was the chocolate and coconut (above). Some of the other combinations we tried were: apricot /rice pudding, blueberry/yogurt, and chocolate/pistachio. The key to finding good gelato when traveling is to look for a sign that says “produzione propria,” meaning it’s made on the premises.

img_6380-1.JPGAlthough the gelato in Florence is supposed to be the best, I’ve found that the gelato in Sicily is just as good and in many cases better than the gelato up north (like many things here). One exception was the gelato we had at Vivoli in Florence. It might be overrated (all the guidbooks point tourists there), but the rice-flavored (riso) gelato that we all tried was an experience I’ll never forget! If you love rice pudding, this is the gelato for you! If not, stay away from it because it is actually filled with grains of rice, just like the pudding. It took a minute to get past the strange texture of frozen, cooked rice but once I did, I enjoyed it more than any other we tasted. I tried the riso with fragola (strawberry) at the suggestion of the woman behind the counter. It was good but I wish I had stuck with a full cup of riso (they don’t offer cones at Vivoli). I did see some “riso” flavored gelato when we were in Siena but it didn’t have rice in it and the flavor was horrible.

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A Day Filled with Cheese


Today I drove to the province of Ragusa to meet up with some friends at Cheese Art 2006. It was a day filled with sun (meaning it was miserably hot), adventure (meaning I got lost), and cheese (and I mean a LOT of cheese).

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