Wordless Wednesday: Aloof Animals at the San Diego Zoo

Aloof Animals

  1. Nicole

    I apologize for another wordless wednesday since I haven’t written anything since the last one. But, we’re in the middle of renovating the new house and packing the new house, and I haven’t had time for grocery shopping, much less cooking or blogging! I was, however, able to take a morning off this week for a trip to the zoo with my sister and Aunt. It was a nice break!

    12:59 pm  Jul 16th, 2008
  2. amanda

    i hope all of the animals weren’t as aloof as these two! otherwise i bet you saw a lot of animal bums. 🙂

    7:49 pm  Jul 16th, 2008
  3. melissa davis

    That bear is really too cute! I love the way he’s just hangin’ out…

    10:31 pm  Jul 16th, 2008
  4. Ruby

    I love the polar bear butt picture…hehe. Reminds of me Balou in The Jungle Book cartoon (one of Emma’s fav) singing “Bare Necessities” while scratching his back on a tree. Nice pics!
    Moving sucks! Good luck with that.

    10:25 am  Jul 17th, 2008
  5. katy

    hilarious! polar bears are so cute, even when only their backs are facing you. 🙂

    12:33 pm  Jul 18th, 2008
  6. Deviled

    Ha! Gotta love animals!

    9:24 pm  Jul 29th, 2008
  7. grace

    tell the analope nice buty. I jst love animals I ador them.

    11:15 am  Mar 26th, 2009
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