Wordless Wednesday: Cauliflower for Sale

Cauliflower for Sale in Randazzo, Sicily

  1. nicole

    Pretty purple cauliflower! I do love me some cauliflower 🙂

    8:45 am  Jun 24th, 2009
  2. The Italian Dish

    Oh, I so love stuff like this. Fresh homegrown vegetables from the back of someone’s car.

    9:29 am  Jun 24th, 2009
  3. Jumper

    The only way one gets heads that size is to grow them yourself … what I used to do. Beautiful color. The joy of personal gardening! Thanks for posting.

    10:40 am  Jun 24th, 2009
  4. Charles Thompson

    Great image. No words necessary. The image tells its own story. Thanks!

    12:02 pm  Jun 24th, 2009
  5. dina

    Totally reminds me of the open air markets in Spain – sigh… miss that!

    2:51 pm  Jun 24th, 2009
  6. MJ

    I love it! Looks like a deal going down to me…hey, you have brussel sprouts? I’ll trade you one head for a kilo. Final answer!

    I’m loving Wordless Wednesdays! When you are close to out of pics, time for a new trip!

    4:55 pm  Jun 24th, 2009
  7. Amy

    Oh my gosh! Buy it!!! Buy it all!!!!

    8:27 pm  Jun 24th, 2009
  8. Adriana

    That cauliflower looks delicious. And the gentleman next to it isn’t bad looking either! lol

    7:18 pm  Jul 9th, 2009
  9. John

    It’s like the Twilight Zone – Is that a leg and foot sticking out below the car?

    1:27 pm  Aug 23rd, 2009
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