Wordless Wednesday: I Miss Sicily

  1. Emon

    “Heart in a Cup”

    Postcard worthy!

    2:03 pm  Oct 8th, 2008
  2. May

    So pretty!

    2:23 pm  Oct 8th, 2008
  3. Coleen

    Me too!

    2:38 pm  Oct 8th, 2008
  4. Corinne

    I miss Sicily and I only visited once!

    6:59 pm  Oct 8th, 2008
  5. Kalyn

    Great photos! I must go there someday.

    8:43 pm  Oct 8th, 2008
  6. Allie

    Absolutely stunning photography. I just miss the whole country of Italy.

    9:28 pm  Oct 8th, 2008
  7. robin @ caviar and codfish

    How could you not?

    9:05 am  Oct 9th, 2008
  8. Cat Evans

    Your pictures are gorgeous. My daughter & son in law have been there for 2 years, out of Signella, and one more year to go. I have been twice with one more visit scheduled in primavera. Sicily will always be a part of you, how could it not seep into your soul.

    9:36 am  Oct 9th, 2008
  9. Becky

    Wow! So do I and I haven’t even been there. Great photos! I am enjoying “Pinch My salt.” Keep up the good work.

    1:01 pm  Oct 9th, 2008
  10. Katherine

    Beautiful! Your photos have me daydreaming about my next trip.

    9:03 pm  Oct 9th, 2008
  11. smithveg-kopitiam

    The second one is coffee? Love love. Perfect art!

    10:21 am  Oct 10th, 2008
  12. Meagan

    Sicily and your neighbors miss you too 🙂

    3:54 am  Oct 14th, 2008
  13. autumn dahlia

    I suddenly miss it too!! Gorgeous, gorgeous shots!

    7:06 am  Oct 15th, 2008
  14. Gwyn

    I miss all of my friends like you!

    4:09 pm  Oct 18th, 2008
  15. Justine

    I just stumbled over here from your other blog where you had listed Pistachio Cream Sauce. I live in Sicily and Just purchased a whole slew of Pistachio products to send in my Christmas packages to the states. Of course the Pistachio are from Bronte! Check out my blog, I have a slide show and a few photos within the blog that may remind you of Home.

    4:21 am  Oct 20th, 2008
  16. Nicole

    Gwyn: We miss you, too! We need to catch up soon!
    Justine: My husband’s really been craving pistacchio pasta lately. As much as I enjoy California pistachios, I wish I had some from Bronte!!

    9:47 am  Oct 20th, 2008
  17. Goyak

    We miss you at the office. No one brings baked good in for us any more. Well none that come close to yours.

    1:40 pm  Oct 23rd, 2008
  18. Aggie

    Wow, fantastic photos!! My family is from Sicily and I visited as a young child, your photos really brought back memories. I’m really enjoying your blog!

    6:51 am  Nov 2nd, 2008
  19. Justine

    I used to live in Sicily back in 1974 – 76 with my family. I really enjoyed the pictures. It brings back memories!

    9:38 pm  Apr 24th, 2009
  20. Arlene

    What great photos of Sicily… what kind of camera and setting are you using? Also, are you blogging on a Mac?

    I really enjoy Pinch My Salt.

    4:33 pm  Sep 10th, 2009
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