Wordless Wednesday: Waterfalls

Taughannock Falls

Taughannock State Park

Ithaca Falls

  1. DawnK

    Pretty! Where is that? We don’t have any waterfalls close-by. We have to go to northwest WI, or up the north shore of Minnesota, to see some! 5 years ago, we got to visit Niagara Falls. As we walked down by Niagara Falls, besides being able to hear the rushing water, we could feel the mist on our faces. You can’t get that from a picture!

    4:43 am  Jul 14th, 2010
  2. Ashley P

    beautiful! Is this in upstate NY?

    4:56 am  Jul 14th, 2010
  3. Nicole

    They are in and around Ithaca, NY. The area is filled with waterfalls and is absolutely beautiful!

    6:34 am  Jul 14th, 2010
  4. popcorn plays

    aww taughannock! this was my backyard for 7 years! the best swimming holes in north america.

    6:45 am  Jul 14th, 2010
  5. Ruby

    Did you swim??!?!

    9:17 am  Jul 14th, 2010
  6. popcorn plays

    two summers ago i made a resolution to swim every day after work. easiest resolution to keep ever! 😉

    9:30 am  Jul 14th, 2010
  7. Avanika (Yumsilicious Bakes)

    OMG that is stunning!!!!

    10:45 am  Jul 14th, 2010
  8. Emily

    So happy to see those pictures! I’m from Trumansburg NY and live close to the falls.

    12:00 pm  Jul 14th, 2010
  9. S.S.

    I lived in Ithaca to attend school there for 4 years, and read your blog for the entire time… I can’t believe I’m not in NY anymore only to find out that you are! I’ve been to these gorges and falls!! This is both disappointing and exciting…

    5:54 pm  Jul 14th, 2010
  10. Adriana

    I can’t believed you were here in Ithaca. It was a nice surprise to see pics of the falls in your blog. I live in Ithaca and love your blog.

    6:48 pm  Jul 14th, 2010
  11. Sarah

    Beautiful! I love waterfalls – there is something so peaceful about water, the sound, the look, the feel.

    9:53 pm  Jul 14th, 2010
  12. Soma

    Is that the Taughannock Falls in NY? I have been there once when we were visiting the Watkins Glens and the around the Fingerlakes .. beautiful!!

    1:42 pm  Jul 15th, 2010
  13. Caroline

    OMG it’s Taughannock! I recognized it immediately and it’s been 8 years since I’ve been in Ithaca. I went to college up there and your pics just made me very nostalgic!

    5:14 pm  Jul 15th, 2010
  14. Elin

    Awesome….thanks for sharing such beautiful waterfall 🙂

    5:53 am  Jul 16th, 2010
  15. Margo

    What an impressive spot! Those waterfalls would certainly beat the heat and make for an enjoyable afternoon outing.

    12:22 pm  Jul 16th, 2010
  16. evi

    Your blog is so lovely. What great taste you have.

    1:09 pm  Jul 16th, 2010
  17. debbie

    I live in Fresno and know you do to. So these falls must be from around here, right? Just which falls, I do not know.

    2:04 pm  Jul 25th, 2010
  18. andrea

    taughannock, buttermilk and fall creek… beautiful in any season, i’ll never forget them. ithaca is gorges.

    11:16 am  Jul 29th, 2010
  19. Dave here

    I worked the ticket booth every summer

    8:44 pm  Sep 4th, 2010
  20. Kendra

    Haha, I saw that first picture and definitely had a waitaminnit…” moment. I live in Ithaca, it’s so great seeing it’s beauty while I’m stuck in the city for college!

    11:39 pm  Feb 24th, 2011
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