An Exciting Knife Giveaway!

New West Knives

Well it’s been a while, hasn’t it?  We’re all settled in at the new house and although there’s still tons of work to do, it’s slowly shaping up and we are loving the new place more and more each day!

And now that I’m officially back to blogging, I thought I’d start things back up with a bang!  I have two gorgeous kitchen knives to give away thanks to the wonderful people at New West Knife Works.

As a food blogger, I am constantly bombarded with requests to write about new products.  For the most part, I kindly decline these offers.  But when I got an e-mail from New West Knife Works, I was instantly intrigued.

For one thing, I love knives.  A good knife is a cook’s best friend.  While I don’t generally accept expensive free products in exchange for a review, I did like the idea of accepting these quality knives to give away to a couple of readers.  I mean, you deserve it for putting up with my sporadic and infrequent posting!

New West Knife Works sent two different types of knives and they are both absolutely beautiful!  I have to tell you, it’s hard for me to give these things away!


The first one is the Fusionwood Chopper.  I love the colored wood handle and curved blade.  Here’s the description from the Web site:

Vegetables have nightmares about these pro quality kitchen knives. But for the slicing and chopping needs of your kitchen, this knife is a dream. The winner of the “New West Salsa Test”. The perfect knife for those who find a large chef knife unwieldy.


Just look at that beautiful blade! With a 5 1/2 inch blade, this knife is much smaller than what I am used to.  But it feels great in my hand and I am seriously thinking about adding the Fusionwood Chopper to my Christmas wish list!

The second knife is called the Petty and it is from their Phoenix collection. According to the Web site:

The Petty is the perfect peeling, paring, boning and carving knife for vegetables, fruits, herbs, and other delicate work. A traditional Japanese blade shape, the petty is becoming a must have for the American kitchen. The home user who finds a larger chef knife unwieldy will find the petty a suitable alternative as an everyday chef knife.


The Phoenix knives are made in Seki, Japan, a place known as The City of Swords. I love the delicate thin blade on this knife and it, too, might someday fit nicely in my own collection!

So, here’s how this will work.  In order to enter the contest, all you have to do is leave a comment and tell us why you would like a new kitchen knife.  If you already have a great set of knives, it would nice if you would sit this one out and give some others a chance.  But I’m not putting any restrictions on the contest.  If you would like to be considered, just leave a comment.

At the close of the contest, I will randomly select two people using a random number generator.  The contest will end on Thursday at 1pm (pst).  I will post the winners by the end of that day!

Good luck, everyone!

And thanks again to Corey and Michael at New West Knife Works for introducing us to their wonderful knives!

EDIT: The contest is over. Comments were closed at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 18

  1. Tim M

    I only own a paring knife and a small serrated knife, both of which I got in a survival kit from my mom when I was in college. I think 5 years later, maybe it’s time for an upgrade!

    1:15 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  2. Thaddius La Rue

    Wow, what nice knifes. I would really love to get a never everyday chefs knife to get me through the after-work cooking… my $30 one that I have from 4-years ago is in rough rough shape. Thanks, this is great!

    1:15 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  3. Mary

    I need a knife because my knives are depressingly terrible, and I am tired of having to use my fingers to tear peices of red pepper or jalepeno or tomato apart because my knives will only cut through the flesh, not the skin!! I am a poor law student…please oh please random number generator, smile kindly upon this woman who just wants to eat healthy food without knife rage.

    1:17 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  4. Mary

    I used to have great knives, but then my ex and I split up and somehow all the knives went with him. I’ve been trying to rebuild my collection one decent knife at a time.

    1:18 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  5. Maia

    Oohh…I need knives because I have none…I’m always stealing my roommates (totally inadequate) knives. These ones are so lovely.

    1:20 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  6. Barb

    Both beautiful knives, would love to have either in my collection! Thank you for the wonderful contest.

    1:21 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  7. Anne

    I have been using a four year old knife that came in one of those Ikea sets, and I am an adult with a dental plan and electricity bills so that is no longer acceptable.

    1:22 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  8. Jason T

    My fiance and I are avid cookers, but our knives are five years old and were hand-me-downs from my mom…so they’re older than that even. We’d definitely give those nice knives a happy home!

    1:22 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  9. Ben

    I’ve got one nice kitchen knife (A global), and it’s so used, and has that the blade is entirely nicked and uneven from hundreds of sharpenings, which means that whenn you’re cutting things with skin, a lot of the time pressing the knife all the way down doesn’t actually cut the skin, requiring some sawing. And so I think you should pick me! 🙂

    1:23 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  10. Erin R

    I need a new knife because I’ve just started to get into cooking, and the only knives we have are a $20 set of 4 from Sam’s Club and 10 year old Miracle Blades. It’s a pretty sad situation at our house….

    1:24 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  11. Avital

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. I surely do need a good set of kitchen knives, as I am tired of running through my finger tips while trying to butcher tomatoes with a blunt old knife.

    1:24 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  12. Jeff Crace

    What is a kitchen without a knife….and these two are amazing. They are beautiful and artistic but yet so functional. Either one of these knives would be put to good use in my kitchen. I have your standard block knives…..and one descent knife that has seen it’s day’s.

    1:24 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  13. Maureen "Hold The Gluten"

    …my hubby keeps complaining that the plastic knives break while he’s cutting his steak.

    In all seriousness, our knife set is 10 years old, kinda rusty, and squashes rather than cuts tomatoes and other random food items.

    Great contest!!! Love the updates on Twitter 🙂

    1:25 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  14. Christina

    I so need a new knife! Mine is just rediculous!

    1:26 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  15. Peter

    Excuse me while I pick myself off the floor (in shock that there’s a Nicole posting). 😉

    I should get the knives ’cause I’ll love’em, hold;em, take care of them, sharpen’em!

    1:27 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  16. Rayrena

    Wow, those are some seriously beautiful knives! I’d be hard-pressed to part them too 🙂 Well, I have a chef;s knife that I got about 10 years ago and I used to love it. Unfortunately, not everyone in the house adores it as though it were born from their own loins and it has tiny chunks missing from the blade. Hmmm, I wonder if any of them correspond to the chunk missing from the counter near the sink…

    At least if I’m not chosen, I now know of a new place to get a beautiful knife 🙂

    1:27 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  17. kellypea

    Happy new house to you! I know how much work that is. Those are gorgeous knives. I’m not familiar with the label. I started with a Cutco set years and years ago. Yep, the guy came to our house. But I had an issue with the handles and melting…So we tried Wustoff. I have steak knives that we’re disappointed in, but the three utility knives are nice. We bought a steel and keep them sharpened. And then my friend bought me a ceramic Kyocera paring knife for my birthday…Oh. My. Goodness….have you ever tried one? I’m completely amazed.

    1:28 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  18. corrin

    I’d love some new kitchen knives. I was young and dumb and put mine in the dish washer and now they are dull and rusted!

    1:28 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  19. Britney A.

    I love to cook and am learning as many new techniques as I can! Some sturdy, quality knives would be amazing, especially since I’ve just graduated from college and am moving into a new apartment soon.

    1:30 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  20. Amy C.

    I hope to win the new knives because I am trying to figure out my place in the food world. I started cooking seriously in 2004 and feel as if my skills improve with every meal (thanks to blogs like these which give me great recipes and ideas). Each time I add to my arsenal of tools and equipment I learn more and prepare better food. I have just one decent knife now, and it doesn’t look nearly as good as these. Someday I would like to work on a food website and consider myself a master home chef.

    1:30 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  21. Ryan G.

    I’d like new knives, because I don’t have any knives and have been wanting some good blade for awhile.

    1:32 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  22. Kelly B

    Still using the wedding present knives from 23 yrs ago….sad

    1:32 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  23. MegRuth

    I just got married and didn’t get any of the knives we registered for…We need knives!!!

    1:36 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  24. Lauren

    The only knives I have are the ones that came in a block I got for my wedding shower. Sometimes I can’t even get them to go through the skin of a tomato without putting all my strength into it! I would love the chance to win one of the knives you posted about!

    1:37 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  25. Kim

    My wedding knives are starting to look pretty sad. I’ve been looking at knives longingly but haven’t splurged yet–I’d love a sharp knife I can cut things with effortlessly!

    1:38 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  26. Carla

    Gorgeous knives! I have never heard of this company before and will be checking them out.

    1:38 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  27. Luke

    Those are some fine looking knives!

    1:39 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  28. Barbara Baker

    Those knives are absolutely beautiful….please count me in; this would be a superb gift for my husband on our 8th anniversary…He would love to receive such a gift…

    Those are so beautifully crafted!!!!

    1:41 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  29. Ron Merlin

    I would love new knives because i’ve been cooking and baking with the same one knife for 15 years.

    1:41 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  30. Barry

    I need new knives because I’m still using the set my folks gave me when I graduated from high school and set up house for myself. While they are good – nothing like these – and that was more than 35 years ago!

    1:43 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  31. Kim U

    I could definitely use a new sturdy knife, I really want to retire my old ones.

    1:44 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  32. Ann

    I am a young, aspiring home cook who was recently laid off and I have been dreaming of new knives for years. I have two, which were gifts from my sister (a chef) ten years ago, and I would love to upgrade! These knives are beautiful!

    1:46 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  33. michelle @ TNS

    i need a new knife because i’ve only just come around to loving fresh, garden-grown tomatoes, and my crappy old knives don’t so much “slice” the tomatoes as much as “mash them to a pulp.”

    that, and these knives are sex-ay. bowm-chicka-bowm-bowm.

    1:47 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  34. pg

    those knives are quite beautiful, especially the second one with the wood bark pattern on the blade itself. i would love to have these knives and put them to work on all the wonderful produce i have discovered in my new apartment in san francisco!

    1:47 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  35. ttfn300

    Glad your settling in to the new home! Gorgeous knives!! Since I pretty recently got into cooking, I only have hand-me-down knives. I would *love* to start my own collection! Maybe it would provide the inspiration to create some of my own recipes 😉

    1:48 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  36. Kaye

    I absolutely LOVE those knives…they are BEAUTIFUL!! I want them because I have none save the cheap knives you get at Wal-Mart because I am POOR, trying desperately to pay off credit card debt and entering school (AGAIN!!). I love to cook and would love to use one of those knives. I’m so glad you are back to blogging because I miss your blogs! Thanks for being so generous and sharing 🙂

    1:48 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  37. Jamie

    I have some good knives from culinary school, but my sister (who just bought her own house), could definitely use a decent knife and one of these would make a great housewarming gift!

    1:48 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  38. ePhrog

    My god, those knives are gorgeous. I have one decent knife I got as a Christmas present in college, the rest are cheapo crappy knives w/ slightly serrated edges that bend if you look at them cross-eyed. No chef’s knife should be bendy. I’d love these!

    1:52 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  39. Emon

    Hmm…I’d like to cut some cans.

    Well, I’d probably hold on to them until I move to my own place. Thinly sliced onion rings is all I ever wanted.

    Finally… 🙂

    1:52 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  40. Alejandra

    What a great giveaway! I have the lamest knives ever. It’s almost embarrassing actually. Would love to win these!

    1:52 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  41. Luke

    because poor college students love nice knives!

    1:54 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  42. emily ecklund

    Great knives are one of those things that we should spring for, as we use them daily, but we are still using thrifty ones. Would love some REAL knives!

    1:57 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  43. Elizabeth

    I actually do have a great knife set, but my mom has the worst set of knives (if you can even call a random assortment of 20 year old knives that can barely cut a set). She was just saying how she wished she had a set, or even one good knife. So I am commenting for her… I would love to give her a couple new knives!

    2:08 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  44. Mellie

    Would love to have those knives. We only have the blunt cheapo Ikea ones and I have always dreamed about owning reliable and shhaaarrrppp knives.

    2:09 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  45. Dianne

    Those knives look fabulous!

    2:10 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  46. Amber

    I cherish the one good chef’s knife that I have — regularly honing, etc. The problem is that I’ve recently gotten my husband interested in helping me out in the kitchen, and he keeps swiping my knife. My antique steak knives really are not a suitable replacement.

    2:11 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  47. Julie

    Those knives look fabulous! I would LOVE to have them…

    2:12 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  48. RosieTulips

    I would love to win one of those knives because mine…suck! They were cheap and now they’re not sharp.

    2:12 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  49. Peggy

    Oh how I need some new knives! My knives are from my wedding shower which was 18 years ago. Love your blog!

    2:20 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  50. kickpleat

    Oooh, I’d love those knives! My knives are pretty horrible and these are so sexy looking. Yes, I’d love to win 🙂

    2:20 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  51. kit

    Beautiful Knives. I need sharp, pretty knives…

    2:26 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  52. Amy

    Wow! Those handles are enough to make me want the knifes! That would look awesome on my hanging knife magnet doo-hickey in my kitchen! My knives were a set for like 25 bucks. Needless to say… they aren’t great knives.

    2:28 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  53. Jennifer

    I lived in Japan for two years and had the opportunity to buy a nice, Japanese knife. My husband, who loves showing off his knives, decided to do the toss a piece of fruit in the air and slice it trick, only using a peach instead of a banana. Our only nice knife now has a nice divot missing from the blade.

    2:28 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  54. _ts of [eatingclub] vancouver

    OMG — we SO need new knives! The ones we have are horrible! Well, we do have 1 “good” one (in quotations). But, there’s at least 2 people cooking. Sometimes there’s be 3 or 4 of us!

    2:35 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  55. Corey

    I would like a new kitchen knife so that I can chop an onion without having to physically separate the pieces by hand! My current knives — bless each of their dull little hearts — really do try, but there is only so much you can expect from a mismatched set of thirty-year-old knives. They have sentimental value in their own way (they were the “starter” knives my mother used when she moved out on her own in the late 1970s – before she married and got a set of “real” knives) and I don’t think I’d get rid of them, but I must say that sentimental value is surprisingly poor at cutting things. It might be nice to use a new knife for once and give the “vintage” knifes a much deserved break.

    Besides, since I have no chance of getting fancy new knives through a traditional channel like a wedding (even my mother now believes that big weddings with fancy gifts are old fashioned – ha!), why not try through a totally non-traditional channel like a blog contest?

    2:35 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  56. Rhonda

    Those are really gorgeous. I have one good Chef’s knife but it is just too big for all jobs, these look much more manageable. Also, did I mention they are gorgeous??

    2:43 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  57. Jess

    i need new knives because my roommate is moving out and taking his good knives with him. leaving me with Ikea grade knives. yikes.

    2:46 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  58. Jamie Gates

    I could use a new knife. My knives are hand-me downs from my grandma, they may be older than me 🙂

    2:47 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  59. Dawn

    You are so right!! A good knife is heaven to a cook! My husband absolutely adores cooking and I would so loved to be entered into the giveaway….maybe I can win him one!!! He would just LOVE that! Thanks so much, Dawn

    2:49 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  60. Jane

    I keep cutting myself when my dull knives slide off the food I cut 🙁

    2:58 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  61. Francesca

    I would love to get a better knife than what I’m using now. I am in culinary school and the knives that came with my school kit don’t work too well for me. Both the chef’s knife and the santoku knives are too large for my hands. From the description in your post, it looks like either one of the New West knives would fit my hand size better.

    3:06 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  62. Garrett

    I’d really like a new knife, because our current knives are so frustrating–I’d be better off trying to cut my food with a butter knife.

    3:14 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  63. Monica Mubaraki

    I would love to have a new knife. My hubby bought a set of knives at the Del Mar Fair this summer because they’re “guaranteed for life,” but those are already dull. I really need something that will last!

    3:16 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  64. Kim

    Would you believe I melted my ‘good’ knife in the oven after I left it on a pan? I only have one paring knife, and just don’t have much of anything to cut/chop with. I’d love these great knives!!!

    3:18 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  65. Lindsay

    I have very small hands, and the prospect of a smaller alternative to a large chef’s knife sounds divine! I was planning on asking for a good knife as my Christmas present this year… but who knows, if I get lucky I may just be able to ask for something else. 🙂 *crossing my fingers!*

    3:19 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  66. Pat

    WOW! As you probably imagined, there are a lot of people that would love these either of these knives. I’m thinking they would work really good for me; then I could give my favorite knife to my daughter who loves to cook but doesn’t have a clue what a good knife is! But, she is a great cook.
    What a lovely couple of knives!

    3:22 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  67. Genie

    I have three good knives, but no great ones, and now that I have a relatively new and gorgeous kitchen, a gorgeous knife would go perfectly with it! Glad to see you posting again, Nicole — I missed your blog updates!

    3:33 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  68. Teresa

    Beautiful knives! 🙂 I’d love to have a good knife. I’ve been slowly trying to replace my cheap, old kitchen tools that I had back when I didn’t cook with new, quality things.

    3:38 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  69. Sherry

    Wow, those knives are magnificent and I promise to give one a good home! Thanks for the opportunity.

    3:39 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  70. Chrissy

    These knives are much nicer than the ones I use now and would make prepping food so much easier. Thanks for a chance to win!

    3:40 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  71. Beverly

    Those are gorgeous! I really need good knives because I am tired of having to saw with mine!

    3:41 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  72. TheBon

    Those look so nice! I have inexpensive knives and I’d love to upgrade to a nicer set since I spend a lot of time in the kitchen!

    3:45 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  73. Yvonne C

    Wow…are these to sue or admire…what craftsmanship!! I bet they hold an edge like you would not believe.

    3:46 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  74. Ryan

    What hot knives! I have a small collection of blunt objects that resemble knives. They were all abandond by past roomates, or picked up for pennies at the Goodwill. I would love to have a quality knife. Zucchini beware there is a killer on the prowl!

    3:48 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  75. Karly

    Ooh, I totally need some new knives. I’m just way too cheap to buy them for myself. Maybe I’ll win these…otherwise I’m going to have to ask for some for Christmas! 🙂

    3:53 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  76. Laura

    Oh, those are absolutely beautiful. I’d love to have one in my kitchen! I’m kind of going crazy trying to make it work with the cheaper knives that I’ve acquired out of necessity, but it would be fantastic to have such a quality knife to, erm, “play” with.

    3:55 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  77. Sofia

    These are gorgeous! I’m moving next month, and I’d love to have some new knives to use in my lovely new kitchen.

    3:55 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  78. Kelly

    My knives are all just the cheapest ones I can find at Food Emporium or Whole Foods, but I would really love to get one of these for my mother, who toils in the kitchen day in and day out but would never spend a great deal on a knife. I would also love to be able to use said knife whenever I was visiting my parents.

    4:00 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  79. Anne

    Oooh! Beautiful knives! I’m still using the knives my parents gave me when I graduated from college 23 years ago! The handles are wood and are worn and cracked. I’ve never owned a fancy knife but this year I went into a cooking store with a wide variety of knives and I was completely overwhelmed with the choices so I ended up buying nothing. I would like some store to do a knife rent to own program so I could give a knife a good test run before buying.

    4:00 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  80. Pica

    My super-great boyfriend needs knives. He has a crummy set that he’s had since college days. He deserves something new.

    4:03 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  81. Maura

    I so need a new set of knives so that when I’m chopping my knife won’t slip on the veggies and cut me instead of them!

    4:06 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  82. Ramon

    I definitely have kitchen utensil envy now. 🙂

    4:10 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  83. maggie

    I need a new knife because my knife set is a $25 set from Target 🙂

    4:13 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  84. dayna

    I like to chop.
    & that fusionwood is gore – geee – us.

    4:17 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  85. Kyle

    Those knives are beautiful. As a recent college grad, stocking a new kitchen is a task and a nice knife would go a long way. Also, as a PR pro I respect a good product placement and seeiong a blogger acting so generously.

    4:22 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  86. Matthew

    What beautiful knives!
    I’ve always wanted a good kitchen knife, but being a grad student means all I can afford right now is a dull WalMart-issue blade.

    From where I’m standing any knife would be better, but one of these would be a dream.

    4:24 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  87. Sarah Marie

    Oooooo! So gorgeous–these knives would get me to eat more vegetables, just for the fun of using them.

    I have a big chopping knife but, alas, nothing suitable for small jobs.

    4:31 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  88. Crystal Hogan

    Wow, knives for people with smaller hands, like me! These would be great, you wouldn’t believe some of the strange contortions I have to use with ‘average’ size chef’s knives!

    4:38 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  89. Honey

    I’m still using the knives I got as a wedding gift ten years ago. They are part of a Farberware Knife and Tool kit that came in a cool black, plastic carousel from Target…retail value

    4:53 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  90. Lyra

    My kitchen would be thrilled to have a new knife! I like to cook, but my kitchen is very sad. My husband and I didn’t have a bridal shower before we were married, and we had a short engagement. Therefore, we received nothing for our kitchen and my kitchen was pretty pitiful when we got married. Thanks for this chance!

    4:57 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  91. Tracy

    I bought a knife set from the Betty Crocker mail order catalog a few years ago and when it came I immediately opened it up with my son watching very closely and proceeded to cut my finger…my son immediately left the room. On a side note, your Smack looks very similar to my Ozzie. Boston’s are the BEST pet every, period.

    4:58 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  92. danielo

    I desperately need something in my kitchen that didn’t come from a dollar store! Dollar store knives are surprisingly LOUSY……….

    4:59 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  93. Carla

    I have a set of mediocre knives and one pretty good one – this set would be a godsend for me!

    5:00 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  94. Dario

    The only thing I can say is that I really don’t know what it means to cut a tomato without squeezing it.

    5:06 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  95. Jessie Brown

    I need knives because I am the wife of a Seminary Grad school student and we are dirt poor! I make everything from scratch to save us money and that means I’m doing a lot of chopping and dicing to save us those pennies…I need some knives that will save me some much needed time in this overworked, under-paid kitchen of mine!

    5:08 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  96. Jen

    I would love a new knife because I’m trying to slowly build up a nice, long-lasting kitchen one high-quality piece at a time — quality over quantity! I’m partway there, but still have a long way to go!

    The chopper handle is *so* beautiful!!

    5:20 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  97. Rod Weston

    My son gave me a very nice knife set for Christmas last year, but these knives are so beautiful… I would love to have one – especially the Fusionwood Chopper! These are very exciting knives – I’m going to have to check out New West Knife Works and see what else they offer!

    5:28 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  98. Jeff

    oooo what it would be like to have a knife that can cut tomatoes without having to work at cutting.

    5:36 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  99. Penny

    Wow – Those are some AWESOME knives! My husband and I got married last year and didn’t get any knives for the wedding and could really use them – Thanks!

    5:39 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  100. katrina

    Sweet! I’m embarressed to say I do not own a good knife except for the 8″ all purpose knife I was given by a very dear monk at his Carmelite yard sale. I’ve bought some from various places, never worked very well, so it’s always Father Paul’s yard sale knife that gets grabbed for business in the kitchen!

    5:43 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  101. Cecily T

    Wow. They are so pretty. We have one workhorse knife that we use for everything, and a bunch of lousy ones that I ought to just throw away b/c we never use them, even though the ‘workhorse’ isn’t always the right knife for the job. Thanks for the contest!

    I’m so glad to hear you are moved in and getting settled.

    5:43 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  102. kayceebeebee

    New knives are really needed in my kitchen! I have an old mismatched set from garage sales and some extra knives my brother gave me many many years ago. I’ve sharpened them and sharpened them. New knives please!

    5:46 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  103. Joe Sherwin

    I want the knives to make my foodie friends jealous!!!

    5:48 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  104. Michelle

    I would love the knives since mine are old and dull!!

    5:55 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  105. Dawn

    Wow. Wow. Beeeeeautiful. I’m lusting after these beautiful knives to go into my 1950’s totally ungourmet kitchen that the previous owners painted yellow. And I do mean yellow. The cabinets, doors, walls, even part of the floor! If I win these knives at least I will have the begining (sp?) of a new kitchen!

    6:01 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  106. robin

    I’d love a good knife because I’ve been saving up for one for a while now, and if I won it, I could spend that money on a pair of shoes! 😉

    6:05 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  107. Vicki

    You can never have too many good knives, count me in!

    6:14 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  108. Emily

    I am a college student who LOOOOOVES to cook, and as of right now, I’m working with a cheap knife that pisses me off more than it actually cuts. Either of these knives would please me tremendously and I would hold on to them for many years to come. 🙂

    6:17 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  109. Wendy

    The only knives I own are the crummy ones my MIL gave us for our wedding 10 years ago. Oh, and a Martha Stewart chef’s knife that came from K-Mart. We consider that one to be the crowning glory of our knife collection . . . So lame!

    6:21 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  110. Barbara

    Wow pretty, i love the multi-colored wood!

    6:33 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  111. julo

    I would be ecstatic to own a good quality knife because I’m currently going through kitchen remodeling hell and it would be just the thing to cheer me up and help me get back in to cooking when it’s all done. It’s been almost 3 months now of having no kitchen…practically no appliances. I’ve been eating out for every meal (except breakfast) for over 2 months. I didn’t miss cooking much until the option was taken away from me. Now I spend all day perusing food blogs (that’s how I found yours!) and dreaming of trying out the recipe myself. Many of them from this site!

    6:35 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  112. Laura

    I’m using my roommate’s very dull knives and am finding it excruciating.

    6:41 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  113. Kelly Brzozowski

    Those are so beautiful! I need a new knife because most of mine are hand-me downs still…mostly the kind that a well meaning friend of your Grandmother’s gives you because she doesn’t want them in her house any more 🙂

    6:48 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  114. emielli

    I have no knives, well, any decent ones. I`d love a new one because I`m getting ready to graduate from college, and I want some more adult kitchen appliances to go with a more adult life. Plus, I love cooking and my boyfriend loves to chop.

    6:51 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  115. amanda

    Oh I am in desperate need of a new knife. I have never gotten around to sharpening the ones I do own (it’s intimidating) and they’re sadly suffering (a tomato could beat them up). To be a winner in this contest would rock.

    7:07 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  116. Andrew

    Having just partnered with a local farmer to buy a lot of live chickens, I need some new hardware to trim and quarter my fridge full of organic poultry! Fantastic blog, thanks! — A

    7:07 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  117. Melody

    Two words: Chef Tony. Suckered by those Miracle Blade infomercials and regretting it every day in the six long years since. Ugh.

    7:08 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  118. Krystal

    I just stumbled upon your blog, and I like what I see. Those are beautiful knives. I’m desperately in need of a good knife!

    7:12 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  119. joanna

    I’d love a new knife to replace the rusty dull one i’m currently stuck with.

    7:13 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  120. Elizabeth M.

    My hubby and daughter are constantly scolding me on my knife cutting techniques. They worry I’m going to injure myself and granted, they’re right, I am quite prone to injury in all areas of life. However, in regard to knives it’s just that the blades are dull and the knives are bad so I tend to push harder or use the other hand too close to the blade as a helper. I am fully aware that if I had the proper tools I would have a much safer kitchen experience. And so that’s where you come in…..

    7:36 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  121. Mallory

    I would love a nice knife, especially that one made in Japan. As a lefty I’ve often been told they are the best kind!

    7:39 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  122. Anne

    My Sears knives purchased on sale in 1996 would cower in the utility drawer next to one of these bad boys!

    7:46 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  123. Mohana

    I would love any good knife i can get. I have one that I normally use but it is way too big.

    7:47 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  124. Avi Flamholz

    My only sharp knife is a machete that I bought in Thailand that rusts more quickly than a penny in water.

    8:02 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  125. Andrew Browne

    I would love one of those. Miracle Blade’s only work for so long …

    8:03 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  126. Hannah

    I can’t even tell you how much I’d like new knives- My current set has become so dull, that my dad often absent-mindedly raps them on his arms while he’s in the middle of kitchen tasks! That might become a problem if we got decent ones… But I would definitely love a knife that actually cuts food (imagine that!)

    8:09 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  127. Carolyn

    I’m so tired of “sawing” through my tomatoes! By the time I’m through, they’re mush!

    8:18 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  128. Todd

    I’d love a knife set because one of the things that get’s me through some personally hellish times lately is creating culinary delights for my kids. I’d rather be challegnged to make something that is both creative and will be eaten by the kids rather than challenged to create it with dollar store knives.

    8:18 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  129. Becky

    I’ve been using my sister’s old knives from the 80s, so I’m definitely in need of some good quality knives to use. Those look lovely! :o)

    8:21 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  130. Susan

    These are beauties! I would love a new knife to replace the generic set of knives-in-a-block my mom gave me 20 years ago. 🙂 Thanks for giving these away to your readers!

    8:24 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  131. Steph

    I need these! I just started to love cooking. While I received the knife in a block knives from our registry, they don’t do the job at all. When I try to cut tomatoes they bend the fruit.
    Perhaps I could finally chop basil, instead of tearing it because my crappy knives suck.
    With these knives I could make some good stir fry, caprese pizza and salsa. And my husband could chop the onions 😉

    8:44 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  132. raidar

    Well, I would love a good quality knife. Why? Life has me moving all over for different jobs, and the costs add up. Combine that with a newish cooking habit and I’m getting by with just some basic old knives. What a great contest.

    8:46 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  133. Ruby

    #1 I’m one of your best friends so I should get one!!! LOL
    #2 I went to the knife class with you and actually enjoyed it!
    #3 My knives are a wedding gift and I put them in the dishwasher (more then once) so
    they are starting to suck!
    #4 When you come over and we cook, you can use them!

    #5 I love cooking almost as much as you do, so I think I deserve one!

    8:49 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  134. Claudia

    I would love either one of these beautiful knives! I am a university student and I always seem to run over my budget on… food, of course. Which means there is no room in the budget for knives. If I were to win these knives I promise to share them with my foodie roommates and we would all be forever grateful and have celebration meals in their honor!

    8:50 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  135. Neon

    Because there are so many tomatoes to cut up!

    8:51 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  136. Amy

    I’m in college using my great grandmother’s knives from her younger days. That’s right great grandma — the one born in 1918.. Needless to say, cutting anything is indeed a long, drawn-out event. With a new knife I may actually be able to chop an onion without taking all day (or taking any fingers!)! 🙂

    8:58 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  137. Tara

    I just found your blog!! I love it and can’t wait to explore it more. I would absolutely LOVE some new knives. I’ve been using a set bought from a big chain store that stores in a wooden block for 11 years. It was a wedding gift. Time to update!

    9:01 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  138. Katie Ann

    I have a rusty old knife set hand-me-down-ed from my in-laws, and mostly use one of my (fairly decent) steak knives when I need to chop something. *tear* So either of these would be an amazing improvement from what I’ve currently got.

    9:05 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  139. amanda

    i’d kill a bitch for a nice knife!

    9:21 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  140. Todd

    A new knife set would be so great. I use cooking for my kids as a form of therapy to get me though the crap in life. I like the challenge of being creative and yet still having something they’re willing to eat. I hate the challenge of trying to do it with dollar store knives though.

    9:21 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  141. Michelle Mitchell

    I’d love this set–my old one has never done the job properly and I love those colors!

    9:42 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  142. Miss Five

    These are beautiful! I need an elegant knife – as I’ve really only got a Cutco paring knife. Sad.

    9:43 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  143. leanne

    I would love a new knife. I try to sharpen my chef’s knife but it never holds an edge. It ends up smushing through bananas! Let’s not even talk about how my paring knife scares me.

    9:50 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  144. Margaret

    With only two knives that we received for our wedding, my husband and I could really go for a new one right now. Please pick me!

    10:13 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  145. Cyndi

    I bought a really nice Global chef’s knife a few years back BEFORE I learned how to actually care for a knife of that status. Let’s just say Mr. Global has seen one too many places in his lifetime: thrown in the drawer with the other silverware, the inside and bottom of the dishwasher, the bottom of the sink, and even the oven to help him speed dry. So ya, I have learned the hard way that a knife, much like a woman, needs to be cared for and loved daily.

    10:32 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  146. Maria

    Absolutely beautiful knifes! I mostly use a knife that my grams gave me it is wicked old (about 50 years old!). I do love it but these a dream addition to the kitchen.

    10:38 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  147. T-Anonymous

    I’ve never had a knife. Honestly. I’ve always used my roommate’s. Ever since my roommate moved out I’ve been using a spork. Unacceptable. Those knives look awesome!! Drool…

    10:43 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  148. Roger

    Holy cow those are BEAUTIFUL blades. Glad you guys are happy with the new house!

    10:46 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  149. Jenni

    Would LOVE to have a good knife! I’ve been married for 7 years now and have never really had a good knife, come to think of it, if I don’t get one of these I might just have to ask for one for Christmas 🙂 Thanks for the contest!

    10:51 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  150. jkim

    Those knives are pieces of art, and deserve to be treated with respect. Cooking and food are my passion. I am a self taught chef, and I am very sad to say that I can no longer afford to cook professionally. I cook every day, and would love a professional knife that would make me feel like a pro chef again.

    10:55 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  151. JanScholl

    I am not sure if I would know a good knife from a bad knife other than price. I ca’t imagine paying more than 20 dollars or so for one-and I have a couple of what I call nice Kitchen Aid ones. But a lot would skoff at that. If I should be lucky enougt to win, I will share with my daughter who knows more about knives and cookware than a normal person should. But I would be happy to win one if you want to split them up. Thanks.

    10:57 pm  Sep 16th, 2008
  152. Veronica

    Welcome back! If you ever wade through all the comments to here 🙂

    What beautiful knives … My carbon steel chef’s knife is 25 years old and still going strong with regular sharpening (looks more like a filleting knife now…). My smaller knives have shorter lifespans because my husband uses them for DIY 🙁 The last (expensive Wusthoff) one died that way, and a ceramic knife was very short-lived (blade came away from handle before it was even used for DIY). No-one gave me a longed-for Global chopper for Christmas. So please, random number generator, give me one of these wonderful knives, for they are the wrong shape for using as a screwdriver 🙂

    12:25 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  153. Laney

    That Japanese knife is gorgeous!! The other is beautiful too. Treasurable tools! Happy slicing and chopping!

    12:46 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  154. Laney

    OK, ooops! They are both Japanese! But the one with the wavey or layer-y pattern on it is either the real thing or made to look like a particular kind of Japanese steel, which is made with 2 (or more) kinds of metal and the layers are folded over on themselves and the metal beaten out flat again and that wavey pattern is the result. Very gorgeous. A good knife is the cook’s most important tool. 🙂

    12:52 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  155. Lisa

    Well….I do have a good knife. And when I say “a” I mean one. As in I have only one knife. Kitchen helpers, and when I say helpers I mean children, are forced to cut vegetables with a spork. It isn’t pretty.

    1:23 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  156. Daisy

    I’d love a new kitchen knife. It would make prepwork so much more pleasurable.

    1:42 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  157. Ryan

    Well … jeesh i hope your random number generator goes for really large numbers as it seems many others have beaten me to the jump!

    They are truly amazing looking knives! I have just thrown out my set of “if you call now” knives that could apparently cut everything and anything but in reality could barely peal an apple! So I am now in need of new knives and what better way to start my collection ….

    1:49 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  158. m

    I never touch any fancy knife…. Mine are very old…
    I’ll eat more veggie, I promise!

    2:38 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  159. Stephanie

    I would love to have them. All my knives are el-cheapo’s. They break constantly!

    3:13 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  160. Liz

    I’d love to get these wonderful knives -they would be treasured. I still use my mom’s
    and I had them many many years.

    3:29 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  161. andy

    they look like fantastic knives, im very passionate about cooking but have found it very difficult to find a good quality knife in the past. funny enough the best knife i found was in a 100Yen shop in japan but was not able to bring it home with me 🙁 so to get my hands on those magnificent knives would make my slicing and dicing my seafood and meats a real treat!

    3:38 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  162. Crabhands

    Truly impressive looking knives. But, could they stand up to my $5 Marshalls knife? I’m willing to find out.

    5:44 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  163. Tatiana

    I could definitely use a new knife in my kitchen. The knife I have now is very old and the handle is very slippery. They really are beautiful knives!

    6:01 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  164. Kevin

    I’ve been using the same two knives for everything for the past 8 years and could really use a new high quality knife to replace them. Thanks for the chance at a new knife – very much appreciated! 🙂

    6:16 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  165. Ariel

    Oo! Oo! Oo! I’d love a new knife. I have three more weeks left in my farm share CSA, which means tons of chopping, peeling, and mincing. And I have but two old, low quality knives to do it with. Thanks for the opportunity to win an upgrade!

    6:19 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  166. Courtney

    I currently have one excellent knife, a Global. I bought it because a reviewer said it was perfect for small hands, like mine. Now I crave more Japanese steel. Its light, stays sharp and really is an ideal fit in my grip.
    The rest of my knives are mediocre at best. One now has a little curl at the point after my boyfriend tried to use it to open a security box from BestBuy. Can’t use that one for much anymore!

    6:21 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  167. toontz

    I would love a REAL knife. I have only cheap imitations…doing their best to fool me into thinking they can do the job. *SIGH*

    6:25 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  168. Kam A

    I have been using knives that used to be my parent’s knives when they were first married – I desperately need new ones and these look wonderful!!

    6:35 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  169. Whitney B

    Oh, my gosh! You have SO many readers! Kudos to you.

    Of all the knives I’ve tried, I don’t have one that has a a serious blade with good rocking action for mincing things like garlic or cilantro. I’ve got my eye on that Fusionwood for sure.

    Thanks for the opportunity, and keep blogging!


    6:47 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  170. Gretchen Noelle

    I would like a great kitchen knife simply because I don’t have one! These look beautiful!

    6:49 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  171. Julie C

    Oh, for the love of a sharp knife!

    My kitchen knives are an embarrassment. They were cheap when they were given to me when I got my first apartment, and now they’re cheap and dull. As a mother of two little kids, food prep time is vital — but with the knives I have, I dread chopping a carrot, or anything else for that matter. Really, all my cheap-o’s do is assist in breaking the food. “Julienne” is a joke in my kitchen.

    So why haven’t I just dropped the cash and made the investment in an Iron Chef-quality tool? … Have I mentioned I have two little kids? Socks and other necessities usually cut my “wants” out of the budget.

    So, please, in the words of my two-yr-old: “Pick ME! Pick ME!” 🙂


    6:53 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  172. margot

    My household has been in need of new knives for quite a while. I’ve been looking but am totally intimidated the cost of investing in quality knives and trying to determine what my needs realistically are. Overall I have found that there isn’t a lot of information out there for your “basic mom/cook” that doesn’t sound like merely a sales pitch.

    7:07 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  173. Al

    We will give either of these knives a loving and safe home. They will have the opportunity to teach our current sad lot a thing or two about pride and function…

    7:08 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  174. Erin

    Why me? I’ve actually LOST the knife I loved best… how in the world does one lose a knife? I have NO idea but I’ve managed to do it!

    7:08 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  175. Megan

    I’m a poor student who wants to have nice knives (for cooking, of course).

    7:10 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  176. Melanie

    Glad you are settling into your new home and you are happy!!!!
    These knives are gorgeous!!!!

    7:15 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  177. MissKrys

    Wow – the fusion wood knife is gorgeous! I am giong to be setting up my own kitchen soon (moving out of my parents house) and would love to add these into the mix.

    7:17 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  178. S

    Those knives look wonderful!

    7:24 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  179. Ian

    I just found your blog and could definitely use a nice knife for my kitchen

    7:24 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  180. Betsy Shilling

    Ooo, a knife give away! That is the best kind – I am desperate for knives that I can use without fear of losing a finger!!

    7:29 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  181. Stephanie

    I’m in desperate need of a good chef knife!!!

    7:38 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  182. Mo

    I’m embarrassed that despite my devotion to cooking with high-quality, fresh/local ingredients, my knives are still the mediocre set I got free in a grocery store promotion several years ago. I’d love to have a higher-quality knife to get me back on track!

    7:41 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  183. Jason

    My girlfriend’s kitchen completely lacks any good cutting knives and I’m tired of bringing over my good knives every time I want to cook her a delicious meal.

    7:47 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  184. Stef

    My chef’s knife (I have two old knives, but seldom use the smaller one) is about six years old. Bought cheaply but taken care of (honed regularly until this past year when it just started refusing to take an edge) and so “well loved” in fact that water has started to get in the join between blade and handle upon washing. The best way to get it out, in order to dry the piece completely?

    Shaking it vigorously.

    It’s an hilarious and/or tragic episode waiting to happen.

    7:56 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  185. Leona

    These are absolutely beautiful. I have worn my wusthof’s to a nub. I’ll have to have a look at that website. THX

    8:09 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  186. kitchngodess

    i have a rag-tag assortment of knives, most of which were picked up at yard sales. they are decent and can hold an edge for about 3-1/2 minutes, but none in the collection are befitting a ‘kitchngodess’ =) My favorite knife disappeared from a cooking and wine pairing event i hosted last month, hopefully the culinary equivalent of the ‘baby being tossed out with the bathwater!’ plus, the green handled one matches my eyes….lol

    8:13 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  187. Ashley Mackay

    Well, to start I have never had a good set of knives or a REAL knife at all. I got married 2 years ago and my husband and I have been using one knife since we got married and are usually finding the most creative ways to chop, slice and dice. We both LOVE to cook, especially for each other, and may finally feel that our kitchen is complete if we were to get such a lovely and quality knife! Oh you are so wonderful for having this contest! Thanks for your fun blog too! I am an avid reader!

    8:16 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  188. Nathan

    Those knives are absolutely gorgeous! My last decent knife ended up in the dishwasher (not by me but my roommate) and though it was clean it would never cut straight ever again and after the last time I tried to cut my hand (not my food) I decided it was not worth it. So, I got a cheap knife till I could scrape together cash for a new and I keep putting it off. Oh Culinary Gods grant me the power of the magic random number!

    8:16 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  189. Tony Vincent

    spectacular! i tell ya, those kids in japan know what’s goin’ on!
    if it’s true what they say… “that a good knife is a cook’s best friend”… i’m looking for a new best friend! my go-to kitchen knife is no longer a go-to…

    8:17 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  190. jeremy.

    i’m about to move into my first solo apartment (all the way from korea) and have nothing to show for it; a new and brilliant knife would be brilliant!


    8:19 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  191. jody

    I am an artist without a painbrush- better yet, a cook without a good knife. Looking forward to making many fabulous dishes with the help of these beautiful tools. peace to all- jody

    8:21 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  192. haley

    I’m a budding cook. I just moved in with my fiance, and out of a house that was stocked with all sorts of kitchen supplies. We are seriously lacking in kitchen utensils, especially knives. Pick me!

    8:23 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  193. Christine

    ooohhhhhh…..a good knife is better than……….your favorite mediative activity (you thought I was going to get racey!).

    I love good working utensils…………the best I have right now is my “use in all temperatures” rubber spatula.


    8:23 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  194. Stefanie

    I have one okay knife that I got on sale five years ago – it has a hard time with most veggies and I am always nervous that I am going to get my fingers on accident!

    8:23 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  195. Rivka

    I have a crummy knife set and would love to add a nicer knife to the mix! One of these days I’ll have to bite the bullet but for now, I’ll cross my fingers and hope i win this contest 🙂

    8:25 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  196. sharane

    i think these knives are great. i just moved into my own place in sept. i am a widow of one year and we had to live with our children because of finacial difficulities i am 61 yrs old and never lived by myself and i am gathering things that i need and i think these knives would be a nice addition to my kitchen

    8:25 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  197. Amy

    Hey Nicole,
    I have enjoyed being subscribed to your website. I would love to have these knives. I love to cook and the knives I have are mostly hand-me-downs. I’m on a strict budget. It would be a blessing to have a couple of high-quality new knives to cook with.
    Thank you!

    8:27 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  198. Adel

    Those are gorgeous! A knife set I bought turned out not so great– I only use the paring knife. I could use one of these beauties!

    8:31 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  199. Judy B

    I would love to have the knives because my kids (7 and 9) are wanting to help cook in the kitchen and our 15 yr old knives are too dangerous and heavy for them to use as their starters.

    8:34 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  200. Melanie

    I am glad that you are enjoying your new home. I have missed your blogging and your beautiful photos. Glad you’re are back!

    8:36 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  201. carmen

    These knives are inspiring so many cooks, and after reading some of the comments I hope the two most deserving people win them. I expect they will be a huge hit and perhaps Santa will surprise me with them. Thanks Nicole!

    8:39 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  202. Shae

    Those knives are so beautiful! Over the last couple of years, I’ve really discovered a passion for cooking in myself that I never thought could have existed. I’m slowly adding to my kitchen inventory, with a little purchase here and there. I almost splurged last Christmas on a brand new set of expensive knives, but in the end I just couldn’t do it. I do have a couple of multi-purpose knives that I use, but I’m afraid they aren’t very good quality. It would be great to have such an addition, especially as knives are such an important asset to any good kitchen. Anyone reading this post is no doubt seriously coveting those knives so I can only hope that whoever receives them will gratefully take proper care of such a treasure.

    8:46 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  203. luz

    my kitchen is my third place, and i often purposely choose/make recipes that involve a lot of chopped veggies because it’s one of my favorite activities! sadly, being a starving artist, my knife budget has been spartan for some time. it would be a lovely treat to finally have a quality knife to develop more kitchen creations.

    8:46 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  204. Rain

    Those knives are beautiful! I’m desperately in need of knives ‘-)

    8:51 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  205. JWalk

    I’d love one of those knives because they are works of art and they’d be well loved and put to good use in our busy kitchen.

    8:53 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  206. Chloe Tuttle

    I was married to a great gourmet chef. During our time together I gave him some stellar knives; and, of course, he tooke them with him. Now ten years later I am still trying to cook with Dime Store knives. So I could really use these gorgeous knives!

    8:57 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  207. Lara Harris

    My husband and I recently moved back to the US from Australia and somehow my husband’s good kitchen knives seemed to have disappeared along the way. He took a number of cooking courses in Australia as he is from Sydney, so I know he would truly appreciate these knives! God bless!

    9:02 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  208. Heather

    My husband bought me a beautiful Henckels 6 inch chef knife about 6 years ago and I loved it…until I had it repeatedly sharpened by someone who really doesn’t know what they’re doing. Now the knife is pretty much useless unless I have it ground down into a paring knife with a really long handle.

    9:08 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  209. Corey

    These knives are beautiful. I’m pretty sure our current knives would be classified under sorta sharp spoons. These would be a huge upgrade!

    This is a great contest, and love the new site!

    9:19 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  210. Rebecca C

    Those knives are awesome! I have part of a $20 special set. Somehow half of them disappeared in the move. 🙁 What a great giveaway! Even if I don’t win, its still exciting.

    9:19 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  211. Holly Cummings

    I have recently discovered the comfort and relaxation I experience chopping vegetables but wonder how much better it would be with a good knife…great stress reliever!!!!!

    9:20 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  212. Kathy

    okay, you have seen and used my knives so I don’t have to tell you about them. AND if I get these knives I will leave them to you in my will. Can relatives win ?

    9:20 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  213. Jan

    These are the prettiest knives I’ve ever seen. Thank you for introducing us to them. I have basic knives and a large family. I’ve always heard that a good knife is a dear friend to the cook. Love reading your blog and learning so much from you!

    9:31 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  214. Holly

    I cook homemade for my family everyday & have never bought really nice knives. One of these knives would be put to great use in my kitchen!

    9:38 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  215. Michele Pineda

    I hate to admit it, but my knives come from the dollar store. There is nothing worse than going to cut the meat and the whole handle comes off…leaving just the blade. Had a few close calls that way. Thing is, the knives from the dollar store get dull so quickly (if they aren’t already dull!) that I just can’t do a great job peeling, cutting, paring or slicing anything!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

    9:41 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  216. jennifer

    i need some good knives! i love to cook. i cook dinner for my family from scratch almost every night. i have the same crappy knives that i got second hand from a friend almost 5 years ago. i have NO quality kitchen equipment, save my kitchenaid mixer.

    9:44 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  217. Melanie

    Hello! These are nice! I’m sure there are many deserving folks. I would love to be considered. I basically cut everything with a steak knife because I don’t have any good cutting knives. One of these knives would bless our family of six. I love to cook for them. Thank you for this opportunity!

    9:47 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  218. Chef Terrell Garrett

    I am a professional chef, new to the profession, and am in the process of putting together a good knife set. Either of these knives would be a wonderful addition to my meager collection.

    9:48 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  219. Heather

    oh, i would love one of these! i’ve only got one really nice knife, and am on a mission to build up my collection. glad you’re settled into your new home!!

    9:52 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  220. Elise

    Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I have been in danger of dicing my fingertips for some time now, as my knives are cheap and dull thanks to no sharpener (I am a college student, after all). As someone who loves to cook, this would be the ultimate gift! Thanks for the opportunity.

    9:53 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  221. Erica

    Wow…beautiful! I just moved into a *furnished* apartment and the knives here are kind of lacking. I never got around to buying myself a nice knife after college (when it became apparent that my crappy all-purpose knife wasn’t cutting it), so this would be GREAT.

    9:55 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  222. Steven M

    Those are incredible looking knives! Maybe if I had a new set of knives I’d update my blog??? I am in need of something new, right now I have some Cutco knives that I’m not too happy with.



    10:00 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  223. Carrie

    I would LOVE a new NICE knife. My husband doesn’t see why in the world someone would spend such money on a knife when the ones we have from Ikea “cut just fine” I dream of one day having a knife like this…but that might be after we hit the lottery, because I don’t see him letting me buy one, EVER. 🙁

    10:07 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  224. Phong

    Wow! These are super nice looking knives. I would love to own a set of these.

    10:13 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  225. Kelli

    A new knife would be put to great use in our home- I have 16 month old triplets so I spend a large amount of time cutting foods into tiny squares!

    10:13 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  226. Konna

    What beautiful knives! I would love a new knife because the ones I have now never seem to stay sharp, no matter how often I sharpen them! The blade on the Fusionwood Chopper reminds me of the Alaskan Ulu I have in a box somewhere that I would love to get out some day!

    10:15 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  227. -dsr-

    beautiful clean edge
    damascus I can’t afford
    will it fit my hand?

    10:15 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  228. Merryann Palmer

    Just beautiful!! I don’t think I’ve seen this brand before, but they look like something I’ll definately be investigating. I live in an RV, so my selection of knives is somewhat limited. As a result, I am very picky about what I get and these may just make the cut!!

    10:25 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  229. Ilissa H.

    Honestly, I have a horrible set of knives. I have a hard time cutting almost everything. Thanks for the chance. These are beutiful!

    10:27 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  230. Doug

    Wow! What a couple of great looking knives.

    I too, would like that short bladed chopper. Like you, I like the colorful wood handle.

    Please enter me in the contest.

    10:30 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  231. Kathy

    I would love a great knife, my current knife is a left over from my parents knife set. It is from an infomercial, the miracle blade, there is nothing miracle about it!

    10:32 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  232. Bob

    We’ve been together for over 30 years now and yes we still have the original wedding knife set. I always try and keep our knives sharp so I don’t have to fight the vegetable skins or hack up a good piece of meat. I’d love to have the Petty knife.
    I’ll bet you’re glad you went with the random number generator idea, because if you’ve read this far, you truly deserve sainthood.

    10:38 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  233. Jess

    Those are gorgeous! I love to cook, but don’t own any decent knives (just one of those college faberware knife block things). I’ve been wanting to invest in some good knives soon, and these would be a great way to start!

    10:47 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  234. Joan

    oooo! I am so excited! We have been looking for a new set of knives since ours barely cut bananas anymore (ok, it’s not that bad, but it’s close). These look lovely and sound wonderful! I’ve never heard of these knives but I’m off to check out their website. Thanks for the heads up!

    10:55 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  235. April

    If this gets posted twice I am sorry, I looked and did not see my post…but hey will I have double the chance. just kidding.
    Well I have been married for over 27 years and have never had a nice knife set. Not only do I cook for my large family I also do the cooking for all the church banquets and for those who are sick in our church. I also forgot to add to my first, (hey I need a nice knife) I also feed the college kids who are away from their family and have no one around. We have them over on Sundays. The knives I have are so bad that when I try to cut into something most of the time it slips and my thumb nail has been very kind and stopped it, but there have been a few times where my index finger wanted in on the action and has been cut. Not fun when you are trying to cook.

    10:56 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  236. Maryh

    Wow – these are gorgeous knives. We recently redid our kitchen and added a really nice looking magnetic knive rack in the wall. These would look incredible – like artwork. However they would get used a lot also by a very talented cook (my husband).

    10:58 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  237. Arlene

    I would love a new knife because I just moved into my own place with only a cheap knife handy!

    10:59 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  238. emily

    Functional and beautiful. What’s not to love?

    11:17 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  239. Melissa

    I’ll be honest, I’m cheap and don’t like to spend a lot of money on kitchen tools, but love to cook! I have a “Miracle Blade” knife set, and another knife from Walmart that I use, but they are difficult to work with. My meals are not the prettiest, but they do taste good!

    11:18 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  240. Laura

    My sister so needs a new knife! She cooks all the time but has a cheap knife block set. One of these would be the perfect Christmas present for her… she has small hands like me and would be more comfortable with small knives like these.

    11:21 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  241. Shana/cm

    Would love the small chef’s knife. It needs to live at my house.

    11:26 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  242. Debbie

    My knives are old and dull, kinda like me. I need a new, sharp, pretty one.

    11:37 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  243. Bonnie L.

    I’ve been buying band-aids instead of condiments. Neosporin instead of cookware. Why? Because dull, poorly made knives slide right off the tomato and it seems the only things they DO cut are your fingers. I would love to have a knife that I could covet, treasure and actually prep with, in an unmolested manner. If you recommend it, I know it’s good. I’ve just taken your advice on storing lettuce to keep it fresh- and THAT worked!

    11:47 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  244. Jennifer P.

    Why would I like a new knife,
    So that I can chop vegetables with precision and not cut off my fingers!

    11:49 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  245. Mary Ann

    I would love some new knives. thanks for the contest, maybe I’ll win, love your blog

    11:52 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  246. Pam

    I wish I owned a nice knife set, mine are as dull as spoons. Lots of sawing back and forth to get any cutting done. Please pick me!!! I’d love a new knife.

    11:54 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  247. Dave Bullock

    I would love a new knife. Our current knives are just plain run of the mill knives. A high end custom knife would make me very happy and improve our cooking experience. Plus I’ll blog about the whole thing! =]

    11:56 am  Sep 17th, 2008
  248. Dana

    These knives are amazing. I am excited about the thought of making soup ALL winter long using one of these!

    12:01 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  249. Vincent Basehart

    I love knives and have only one really good one, a Henckels which my mother-in-law passed on to me before she died. It’s lovely but it’s old and just doesn’t handle all of the necessary chopping and so forth in the kitchen. I need to round out my collection. I do have other knives, but they’re Walmart specials. I need something classy that I can then pass on to my children.

    12:05 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  250. Terry

    I will be 60 years old on Thursday (18th) and I have only ever owned knives I found at flea markets and thrift stores. I don’t think I will ever own a really good knife.

    12:07 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  251. Colette

    I use my 30 year old well-worn kitchen knives when teaching clients how to prepare healthy, delicous and quick meals. I keep them sharp but would love to own a new set to demonstrate what a fabulous knife can do! 😉 What inspiration!
    Thank you!

    12:19 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  252. David

    I got a bunch of cheap knives. I could use some good ones.

    12:24 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  253. gala1

    Because dull knives are almost as tiresome as dull people

    12:33 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  254. Cindy

    Yay–I’d love a good knife! Most of mine are hand-me-downs or Target specials–I might become a gourmet cook if I actually had a nice knife!

    12:54 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  255. Darcie

    I have one good knife and the rest are crap left over from wedding gifts, etc.
    I would really love to win this!

    1:02 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  256. Yvonne

    I have been looking into the whole Japan Knife line and they are so much money. Too high for me, that’s for sure. I try my best to cook a lot at home for the family but with things the way they are with the economy, it gets hard to cook such good foods as seen on here and most all the food networks and blogs. I try my best to use what i have to make the best dinner I can. So, It would be very nice to have a good quality knife around. Thanks!

    1:12 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  257. Tanya

    I actually would love these knives to give to my girlfriend. She’s not great at cooking, let alone chopping anything however I think she’s finally starting to enjoy cooking. What better way than to start her off with an amazing set of knives.

    1:15 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  258. The Secret Ingredient/Season to Taste

    I teach cooking classes out of my house and only have one really good knife to share with my students (who are always looking for knife buying recommendations!). It would be great to have another great knife demonstrate in classes!

    1:17 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  259. ashley

    my current knives are pitiful. thanks for the chance to play!

    1:26 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  260. nibowl

    I’ve been getting into cooking a lot since I moved in with my girlfriend and her two kids and have been looking at various knives trying to decide what to get. I’d love to bypass the expense and win a knife or two. Hope I win.

    1:28 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  261. CindyK

    I love cooking; I love playing with food, smelling food, touching food, eating food and over the years I’ve become quite adept at cutting food, all food, with one of two knives: a 2 inch veggie knife and a 7 inch chef’s knife. All my cutting, paring, dicing, chopping, julienning, filleting, etc. must be accomplished with one of these two knives. I’ve had other knives, sure, but they were cheapies bought to fill in the void between the paring knife and the chef’s knife and sadly meet their demise before I know it. I am SO longing to have at least that sweet little chopper- another deserving foodie is welcome to have the larger knife, but I am sure hoping that random number happens to fall on me!!!!!

    1:45 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  262. Zolrath

    I just moved out from my parents place and no longer have access to their excellent collection of knives. High rent in Los Angeles means no money for nice knives. You have nice knives. Can I have some nice knives?

    1:46 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  263. DivaLinda

    Knife lust! I cleaned up my eating habits and went vegetarian last year – dropped 110 pounds so far and feel fantastic. But my knives have been so abused over the years – hatching meat, getting dull in the dishwasher. Preparing veggies for salsa or a mirepoix can be a downright dangerous task. I’d love to be rewarded with some new knives to celebrate my healthy lifestyle. (I promise no more dishwasher….)

    1:55 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  264. Brittany

    Those knives have such cooking potential!
    I just moved to a new apartment with a farmer’s market down the street twice a week. Lots of fresh veggies to chop! Oh and also, the only knives i have either came from Ikea, or as a freebie with a mail order set of steaks.

    2:03 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  265. Kelly

    I’ve been using the same $10 Target special for longer than I can recall, a new knife would make me a lot more excited about chopping up and usiing all my CSA produce.

    2:11 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  266. Terry B

    Hi, Nicole! I’m not throwing my name in the fishbowl for the knives. Just wanted to say welcome back. We’ve missed you.

    2:36 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  267. SCB

    Hi Nicole! Glad to have you back in the blogosphere. I’m dropping my name in the bowl because it would be very inspirational to own one of these beauties! If not for winning a contest or receiving a gift, would a non-pro ever have something this awesome?!? 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity.

    3:08 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  268. Brittany R.

    I would like a new knife because I am a poor college student who loves to cook. I have came to the realization that using a butter knife to cut through a steak won’t last very long. I love creating new dishes for me and my roommates and would LOVE to use one of these knives. Thanks!!

    3:41 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  269. Mark

    I could definitely use a knife because I like to cut food. And I dont have a good knife because I am really cheap. 🙂

    3:49 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  270. Kevin

    I’d like an awesome knife b/c I am a divorced foather of a 7 y.o. little girl who I am trying to tech good knife skills to – and these look like they are much better than the current “store bought” forever-dull yuck-o’s I have left after the divorce – someone else got the “good uns”!

    3:53 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  271. Rob T.

    My wife and I have been using the same set of knives since we married 29 years ago. Since then, we’ve raised three wonderful daughters, moved 5 times, changed careers several times and have been putting off getting the “good stuff” to sacrifice for our kids. Our baby just started college & with 3 tuitions to worry about now, we are going to have to sacrifice a bit longer. A beautiful quality knife would sure start us off in the right direction!
    P.S. It’s great to have you back!

    3:56 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  272. Ginny B

    These look amazing! They are art and function–I would like to try them out right now!

    3:57 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  273. Rhonda Mason

    My knives have fed a family of 8 for 40 years…now that the kids are all gone I think its time I had some new ones! 😉 They are beautiful…thanks for sharing!
    hondaray6 at hotmail dot com

    4:08 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  274. Robin Pinti

    I would very much like to be picked to win one of your knives as my son has recently graduated from the York Culinary Institute and is looking for a job as a Chef. I would like to give him the knife as a gift to celebrate his graduation into the wide, wide world of cooking. The Japanese one is especially beautiful with its marbling effect that is created when the knife was made.

    5:49 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  275. Michelle Poon

    i think i should upgrade from cheap ikea knives. not only the fact that each time i use them, i am highly concerned about the safety of nearby fingers and since said knife is of such shoddy quality, slicing a single carrot amounts to a sizeable chore (sorry ikea).

    but also, the New West ones are just so BEAUTIFUL……..

    5:55 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  276. Barb B.

    I would love to have a new knife-what a treat! They are beautiful.

    6:06 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  277. Dutchess

    I’ve had my knives for more than 28 years and they are pretty worn out–like me! I would love a new knife!

    6:27 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  278. Virginia

    I have never had an expensive knife. Either of these knives would be a joy to use. If I had one of them I know I would use it at every opportunity.

    6:54 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  279. Dan

    My only knife dulls every time it even slices an apple. I really could use a great knife as I love to cook and having to sharpen the knives every couple of minutes makes preparation take forever.

    7:08 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  280. Julie

    After having two babies (now 3 years and 8 months, respectively), my body is desperately out of shape in all areas including my wrists. I developed carpal tunnel with my first son and #2 is already 19lbs3oz and not even crawling yet. I’ve found that everything–lifting groceries, working on the computer, and even cooking which I love–puts strain on them. I have a Henckels 5-star chef’s knife which I received as a wedding gift but would love to try out something a little lighter.

    7:22 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  281. Laura

    I would adore a new kitchen knife, having never actually owned one that is *nice* and cuts well. I would chop and dice all manner of things! Mmm…

    7:27 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  282. Molly

    I would love this set of knives! I just graduated from college and I am starting to really get into cooking. A great set of knives would be a great tool in the kitchen

    8:11 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  283. Jenn

    I need a new knife because I’ve cut back on teaching from 5 days a week to 2 days a week. The other three days I get to stay home and actually cook! My husband just graduated from law school – home cooked meals were few and far between for him while he was in school because I was busy putting him through! It’d be great to have a new knife to make food prep easier 🙂

    8:45 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  284. Saundra Scarce

    Wow, those look nice. I’ve never been able to afford a really nice knife. I use my Kiwi’s every day, but they don’t have the heft of a high quality knife.

    8:53 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  285. Mike Gallagher

    I am about to move into my very first apartment, but still have no knives! I would love to avoid inheriting my mom’s old ones…

    8:59 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  286. Janna

    Those are beautiful! We could definitely use one of those babies!

    9:20 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  287. Cindi H

    My husband loves cooking knives and I’d love to be in your drawing!

    9:44 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  288. Jordan

    I’ve been using the same 10″ chef’s knife since I was in college (10 years ago now?), and its been becoming more problematic as I’ve been trying to cook more of late. I’ve been needing to get some new knives, and these look great.

    9:48 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  289. Aaron

    Because I have a Chinese made set of knifes from Costco that I’m afraid will poison or mutilate me.

    9:49 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  290. Michelle Summers

    Beautiful knives! I would appreciate a new knife because after nearly 11 years of marriage, 4 years of cooking for 6 people, cooking 3 (sometimes 2) times a day , countless meals my knives have become extremely dull, lost or the handles have broken. Thanks for your consideration. Michelle

    9:52 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  291. jh

    I have spent too much money on cheap knives that only seem to disappoint. These knives are gorgeous!

    9:53 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  292. Jonathan

    Hi! It’s me! I do…have one good knife that I enjoy, but feel deprived of a set with varying blade sizes *sob*. Won’t you please consider me? Thanks Nicole. I realize it’s a random number consideration, but I know you’ll be rooting for me;)

    Jonathan a.k.a. The Heady Pepper!

    10:09 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  293. claudia (cook eat FRET)

    i would love one of these beautiful knives because 1/ they are works of art and i really do appreciate all of the thoughtful and well executed elements that went into making them and 2/because i recently bought a japanese knife and a dear friend of mine dropped it and took a big chink out of the blade. it was hard to smile through that, but i did.

    anyway, i’d love and honor a knife like that…

    10:37 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  294. Christie

    I think I really need a new knife because I haven’t gotten a new one since I got married and we are coming up on our 2 year anniversary. That’s a long time to go with out buying any new kitchen gadgets! 🙂

    11:13 pm  Sep 17th, 2008
  295. Judy

    What a beautiful pair of knives. Either one would look and work beautifully in my kitchen. Thanks for the contest and the great blog!

    2:48 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  296. Huguette E.

    Great knives, I need one because mine are all dull.

    4:50 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  297. Susan

    Beautiful knives. I would give them to my daughter who actually came to my house to slice fruit for a party because she had no good knives.

    5:54 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  298. Jen @ J&J Acres

    I’m trying to start cooking more and a good knife is always a great kitchen gadget to have!! Those are beautiful knives! 🙂

    6:01 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  299. Jessica

    Oooo… would love to try that Chopper and see if I could make some tasty salsa. mmm… Love the description, I imagine I could bend quite a few veggies to my will with it. 😉

    6:04 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  300. Bas


    I would like to win a knife because I still haven’t found the perfect one that suits my needs.. Great Description!

    6:15 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  301. John

    Being able to slice up a tomato without turning it into mush would be really nice, but I’d need a great knife to do that. These qualify, please pick me!

    6:35 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  302. Eric

    Perhaps I would be more motivated to cook in the kitchen with some decent knives to use! Btw – Love your site!

    6:43 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  303. Elizabeth

    What a great idea in this giveaway. Never done anything like this, but here it goes. I would love to be the recipeient of one of your knives (they ARE beautiful by the way) because the knives I own are, well, less then stellar. I am somone who up until a few years ago could make mac & cheese – from a box – but that was about it. I’ve been working for a chef/writer in her home office and have learned a great deal about cooking from her. One of the most important things is that sometimes it is the equiptment you use – though not always. Let me tell you about my knives at home. I got them at the dollar store. I know, pretty silly place to get a knife, but as a single mom there isn’t always room in the budget for qualtiy household items. Needless to say I would very much like to advantage of a quality knife.

    Oh, and by the way, I discovered your blog this past April and have loved reading your posts. I really enjoy your food photography – a dabble a little myself. Oh and your deviled egg recipe that you post in June was a big hit this summer for my family!

    6:55 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  304. Kara

    I need a new knife because I still have a set of Target knives! I put new ones on my Crhistmas list every year, but for some reason no one evers buys them for me.

    7:48 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  305. nicole

    I am in desparate need of a proper knife. Both of those knives sound wonderful. I use a set of steak knives for pretty much everything because I cannot afford anything proper. These knives look like they will last a lifetime

    7:51 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  306. Jay

    Such beautiful knives! Mine survived the breakup of my first marriage…..36 years ago! Either of these knives would handily replace the chef’s knife I’ve been using all this time. I do like the idea of a smaller, equally functional knife. Keeping my fingers & toes crossed!

    8:56 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  307. Teri

    About five years ago, my brother gave me an old set of steak knives for which I was very greateful. The steak knives generally do the job (except for cutting squash) and someday I’d like to upgrade to something nicer. I’ve never even held a knive as pretty as these but I would sure like to give one a home. I bet they could make slicing veggies fun =)

    8:58 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  308. Lawrence


    I live in a small viking village without knives you see. People cut with their hands or with sharpened sticks. The sticks are sharpened with stones or ram skulls. Hands to cut with are poised not unlike a James Bond karate chop. It’s quite sad. If I win these knives I can lobby for more for our village. Once the elders see how useful cutting with sharp blades instead of blunt edges of palms they will surely order more.

    I thank you for your time and consideration. You are most generous. Tak skal du have!

    9:07 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  309. Julianne

    I now have knife envy. I need the knives. I want the knives. I will love the knives. I could go into a long (and true) story of how much I REALLY DO NEED the knives, but it’s random, right? If I win, and anyone is even remotely interested, I’ll be happy to express gratitude and show everyone why the knives will now have a happy home.

    9:13 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  310. JenC

    Wow, those knives are AMAZING! I would be forced to up my game in the kitchen if I had one of those babies. Guess for now I’ll have to be content with sharpening and resharpening my Target versions. 🙁

    9:29 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  311. Suzanne R.

    I am in need of a new set of knives. I just finally purchased a real set of pots and pans, and now I am looking for just the right brand to replace my current mismatched, inexpensive, old and dull “collection”. These look remarkably well made and beautifully crafted. This could be the fabulous start of my new collection-

    9:30 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  312. Terri-Lynn

    I need these knives! I have no great knives, just cheap dull things. Please pick me random integer gods.

    9:54 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  313. kelley

    oooh, because i haven’t ever had the money to buy knives to replace the kershaw set that my grandmother bought me when i was 20?

    9:59 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  314. Lisa L.

    VERY nice knives. I am still using knife hand-me-downs from my mother, and the blades on these cheapies waver!! Scary. I don’t have the money right now to properly replace them. My family eats a lot of salad and vegetables, and I could really put these quality knives to good use! I’m really hoping!!

    10:06 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  315. Joanna

    Those knives are gorgeous! I need some good quality knives for my kitchen!

    10:31 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  316. Dave

    I am a pastry chef with lacking knive for my precise cutting, these would help me out greatly as I would use them on a daily basis…

    10:54 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  317. Lady Rogue

    Our underground supperclub here in Atlanta, Georgia could certainly use the equipment – we are bare bones!

    11:06 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  318. Erin

    My knife block has one or two empty slots…

    11:07 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  319. Coleen

    Because I need new knives big time and because I’ve never ever won anything. Except for $25 on a scratch ticket once and you would have thought I won a million.

    11:34 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  320. Alexis Ellis

    Great looking knives! I have to agree that a good set of knives is essential to good cooking. Would love to have a chance to try these out.
    Glad you are back to blogging as I really enjoy your site!

    11:40 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  321. Kat

    I am usually a big loser at these contests, but what the heck – may as well try to win anyway! My current set (and by “set” I mean a 7” chef’s knife and a pairing knife) is Shun, and although I love them, they need to be sent back for sharpening. I keep putting it off because I don’t know what I would do without them!

    11:47 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  322. Stacey

    That’s the one thing we didn’t get when we got married…. and still don’t have

    11:50 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  323. tomc

    can you send these through the post 🙂

    11:54 am  Sep 18th, 2008
  324. Joyce

    I desperately need a new knife. I’m still using the cheapo knives that my parents gave me when I moved away from home…in 1989. The blades have been breaking out of the plastic handles for the last five years. I’m now down to one steak knife and one all-purpose chopping knife.

    12:11 pm  Sep 18th, 2008
  325. Melissa

    Wow! What a dream! My knives are giving me carpal tunnel. My husband and I switch off using the knife blocks we both brought into the relationship. Sometimes I don’t think they cost us more than $50 total. I promise to not cut off a finger on a real knife! II am getting really tired of having to turn to kitchen scissors (that were really started as ribbon scissors) for anything from tomatoes to chicken fat. Help!
    If nothing else, thanks for giving us two good recommendations. I was at Linens and Things looking this morning and was too overwhelmed and didn’t think I could wait for the Christmas morning knife package!

    12:21 pm  Sep 18th, 2008
  326. Melissa

    Ooooooh, I want a pretty knife. They’re absolutely gorgeous!

    Thanks for the contest!

    12:37 pm  Sep 18th, 2008
  327. mothermai

    I could use a new knife. I’ve started cooking at home, but my parents only have their old ones that are getting dull. Hands are a bit cramped from last night chopping because I had to do the chopping instead of the knife. Love the website, and glad you are back posting

    12:41 pm  Sep 18th, 2008
  328. Julie

    I need a new chef’s knife, my old one has a huge chip in the blade by tha handle.

    Thanks for the contest, glad you are back.

    12:51 pm  Sep 18th, 2008
  329. Rachelle

    I have been looking for a new knife lately, those are beautiful!

    12:53 pm  Sep 18th, 2008
  330. JAPANESE COOKS KNIFE | Kitchen Appliances & Accessories

    […] japanese cooks knife […]

    7:16 pm  Jul 17th, 2011