Calorie-free Cheesecakes!


I am one of those people whose refrigerator is completely covered with magnets, photos, etc. I’ve been this way for as long as I’ve had my own kitchen and I’ll probably never change. In fact, I had my first refrigerator magnet before I even moved into my first apartment. I moved to Oregon with my friend Stephanie when I was 19 years old. We packed up three vehicles and drove up to Portland from California. Stephanie drove her truck, I drove my Oldsmobile, and my parents drove my mom’s little Toyota pickup. On the way up, we stopped off in Corning, CA at a place called The Olive Pit for lunch. Actually, Steph and I ate at Burger King next door because at the time, the idea of an “olive burger” didn’t sound too appealing to us. By my mom and dad went to the Olive Pit and most likely had a much better lunch than we did! My mom also made a secret purchase in there and when we got to the new apartment in Portland later that night, I was given my first refrigerator magnet, a souvenir from Corning featuring a little mouse hugging a huge olive that said, “Olive you.”


The magnet is old, stained, and chipped now but here it is 13 years later and it’s still on my fridge, and it’s still my favorite! Looking at this magnet instantly brings back all the memories of moving out on my own for the first time: the excitement, the fear and the sadness that goes along with moving so far away from everyone you love and everything you know.

Pretty much all of the magnets on my fridge come with some sort of story or memory. Many have been given to me as gifts. Some of them I’ve purchased for myself just because I think they’re funny, some of them were picked up as souvenirs of our travels through Europe, and some of them came from my mom’s refrigerator when she died. Someday maybe I’ll write more about them because in a way, they tell the story of the last 13 years of my life. But today, I am only going to talk about one more thing…my latest magnet purchase that has moved up into second place in my long list of favorites!


Yes, I’m finally getting to those delicious-looking little cheesecakes that made you start reading this post in the first place! These beautiful, tiny, delectable cheesecake magnets were custom-made by a very talented artist who just so happens to sell all kinds of miniature, calorie-free food creations online at her etsy shop. I sent her a photo of my own mini cherry cheesecakes and a couple of days later she had handcrafted these beautiful little magnets for me. I ordered five of them but I can’t help giving them away to friends and family so I will have to order more soon. I can’t say enough about the quality of her work and the wonderful customer service! So, next time you need to buy a gift for your favorite foodie, head over to Aoi’s Art and pick out one of her original creations or let her create a custom piece just for you.

  1. Patricia Scarpin


    Your magnets are so cute!
    I don’t have as many as you do, but the ones I have are important: they’re the ones holding the printed recipes while I cook!

    2:15 pm  Jan 16th, 2007
  2. Lisa (Homesick Texan)

    That headline hooked me (I must admit), but your great story was much more fulfilling than any no-calorie cheesecake recipe!

    4:11 pm  Jan 16th, 2007
  3. FoodieBride

    What a fun post!

    4:12 pm  Jan 16th, 2007
  4. Curt

    Nicole, I see a humor theme starting! I’m not into magnets much, but it’s cool to have some made from your own cheesecakes. I actually thought the David magnet with the briefs was quite funny. I wonder, though, if fridge magnets are one of those gender things… My wife has a few; I prefer none, especially when we get our new stainless fridge.

    4:35 pm  Jan 16th, 2007
  5. Brilynn

    Those are awesome! I wish more people would appreciate them as much as I would… crazy non foodloving people…

    4:49 pm  Jan 16th, 2007
  6. Ruby Berry

    I really enjoyed this blog Nicole, I recognize the David magnet on the one picture…very well! 🙂

    6:41 pm  Jan 16th, 2007
  7. Nic

    Pretty magnets! And great story, thanks for sharing that!

    7:59 pm  Jan 16th, 2007
  8. aoi

    Nicole, thank you for writing about the miniature cheescakes! Creating them have been easy because the subject was the cutest! 🙂 I like that “olive you” magnet, surely it’s very important to you and it has such a sweet story behind!

    8:22 pm  Jan 16th, 2007
  9. Coleen

    You tricked me! I thought you really invented a calorie free cheesecake. The non edible magnet kind are so cute though and I loved reading this post.

    8:51 pm  Jan 16th, 2007
  10. sarah

    those are awesome magnets! they look so real! when i saw the pic at the top, i thought, “how did she get the cherries to be perfectly centered on all of those little cheesecakes?” 🙂 what a great gift idea, too!

    oh, i’m trying some Triple Threat Chocolate Chip Cookies this weekend. i’m pretty sure i got the recipe from someone on your “funky food blogs” list. they sound delish!

    9:05 pm  Jan 16th, 2007
  11. Nicole

    Patricia: I don’t have any room for recipes on my fridge…too many magnets and photos 😉

    misslionheart: I know, they look so real!

    Lisa: Glad you weren’t too disappointed 😉

    FoodieBride: Thanks!

    Curt: Yeah, I suppose more women are into “fridge art” than men but there’s gotta be some men out there who like magnets! Yeah, I like David in his briefs and bow tie too except sometimes my husband’s friend takes the underwear magnet off David and puts it on a photo of me (on my head) and then I don’t notice for a few days.

    Brilynn: Maybe you should order some 😉

    Ruby: Yeah, I thought you might recognize some things in the photo (David, Let’s Go Bowling). I’m waiting for Steph to see this post and then come leave a long, sappy comment! I should e-mail it to her.

    Nic: Thanks!

    aoi: Thank you again for the magnets! My aunt received hers and loves it!

    Coleen: Sorry 🙂 Glad you liked the story though!

    sarah: Hope the cookies turn out well! But with a name like that, I imagine they’ll be pretty good!

    9:32 pm  Jan 16th, 2007
  12. Corinne

    I love the magnets! So did my mom! It’s so that you had one of your creations made into a magnet!

    10:52 pm  Jan 16th, 2007
  13. scott

    very cool, those cheesecakes certainly look good enough to eat!

    11:24 pm  Jan 16th, 2007
  14. misslionheart

    Those are so cute! They look edible….

    3:17 pm  Jan 16th, 2007
  15. Ren

    Just wanted to say congrats on the award and on the Grub Street mention (

    I’m new to your site, but really glad to have found it.

    12:35 am  Jan 17th, 2007
  16. Anne

    The magnet-cheesecakes are adorable enough to eat. But I have to admit I like the magnet of David, too, even though I’ve seen it before. I think I’d like the outside of your fridge as much as the inside.

    1:01 am  Jan 17th, 2007
  17. Kristen

    Too cute! Your title definitely got my attention…

    1:24 am  Jan 17th, 2007
  18. Abby

    I LOVE magnets, too! I tried my hand at making some after reading directions on notmartha. I have one from every place my husband and I have traveled to!

    2:57 am  Jan 17th, 2007
  19. madchilli

    They are so cute! Ummmm, interesting statue of David there… 🙂

    3:33 am  Jan 17th, 2007
  20. Mary

    Those are fabulous magnets! Maybe I’ll buy myself something pretty from Aoi’s Art.

    4:14 am  Jan 17th, 2007
  21. Steph

    Ok Nicole, you know me too well. I was going to leave a sappy message…but read that you were expecting it. Never thought the topic of magnets would bring tears to my eyes…just so many unforgettable memories. And the Lets Go Bowling magnet stood out to me first…lots of good times. Keep going strong w/your blog..we are so freakin proud of you!!! Message is still a bit sappy, oh well thats me:)

    4:23 am  Jan 17th, 2007
  22. Amanda

    nicole, you really are a great writer (along with all your other fabulous traits!). i just stopped in to congratulate you on the NY Magazine praise, but i got so wrapped up reading the post, and wanting to see more magnets and hear their stories, that i went to leave this message and just wanted to gush. this is a truly endearing post! and congratulations, hope all is well in italy and that your citrus hasn’t frozen like most of our crop in southern california has!

    10:01 am  Jan 17th, 2007
  23. Nicole

    Corinne: When I order some more, I’ll send you one to put on the side of your fridge! Did Nana get hers yet?

    Scott: Yes, when I see the photo, I forget that they aren’t my real mini cheesecakes!

    Ren: Thanks so much! I’m so excited about that Grub Street thing!

    Anne: Thanks! Yes, David has been around for quite some time but I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of him 😉

    Kristen: Good! It worked 😉

    Abby: I have quite a few from my travels also but I try not to buy as many now.

    madchili: Thanks for stopping by again!

    Mary: I hope you do! She’s so great!

    Steph: Hahaha…I was waiting 🙂

    Amanda: Thanks so much! You and Tyler are my blog heroes so it means a lot to hear that from you 😉

    3:57 pm  Jan 17th, 2007
  24. melora

    NICE I would totally eat it…it sounds so GOOD!:-)mmmmmmmm,CHEESECAKEyum

    5:18 pm  Jan 17th, 2007
  25. lili63

    It’s so lovely and so cute .
    i like also too much the magnets !!

    8:54 am  Feb 9th, 2007
  26. googoo

    Ha Ha Ha , >: )
    Your A LIER

    3:29 am  Feb 17th, 2007
  27. retete culinare

    muffin magnets, cute. makes you wanna open the fridge and start eating 😀

    5:20 pm  Mar 15th, 2007
  28. Elisa

    Yes those are the cutest magnet ever! everytime i look at them .. it makes my mouth watering !! and think at your delicious cheescake that you make ! they’re all good !and wow this is my first comment here!! I actually thought this was the recipy for your cheescake hehe.. not the story of your magnet refrigerator.. but it’s of course good to know since the last we had dinner at your house.. I started to look more at your magnets hehe.. oh and by the way I love your picture of the magnets!! so when can I come over and steal some of your magnificient pictures from your computer? especially the ones of Italy ! I need to make an album of Sicily before we leave! I have to show off about my hometown hehe.. oh and by the way can you order for me 5 of those magnet for me too!! i need to get 2 for my mom since she’s a collector and 3 for us so we’ll always remember of your fabolous cheescakes!!

    7:39 am  Mar 26th, 2007
  29. Brian

    You lived in Portland too? Awesome! 🙂

    I’ll bet those magnets do have calories… but I’m not about to eat one to prove it! 😈

    3:51 pm  Jul 11th, 2007
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